Bellman, The

I'm in sales. I like it, I'm good at it, and I've been at it for quite a while. The travel, the schmoozing, the bullshit, I don't mind it.

Trade shows? No, trade shows I do not like, and this week I was headed to Vegas for a big one. I don't even like traveling to trade shows, and especially this one, because I got stuck lugging 3 big ass cases of samples with me, 85 pounds each! I never, ever check bags at the airport, and these were all overweight, excess baggage...wait at the counter, pay for the excess, what a fucking pain in the ass!

We landed that night in Vegas at about 7:30, and guess who's bags were the very last onto the carousel? Good guess, so anyway, between my sample bags and the cab driver's back it's about 9:00 before I get to the hotel. I'm grinding my teeth.

The hotel's actually okay, as these things go, kinda old-style, classy. The Bellboy's got this goofy costume like in some forties movie, you know, short-waisted red tunic with rows of brass buttons up the front, little pill-box hat with a chin strap. Actually, that's not what caught my eye though, he was really built, and that uniform did wonders for his little bubble-butt. Not only that, but the desk clerk gave me an upgrade to what she described as "our deluxe suite", some frequent traveler thing I guess, but anyway, things seemed to be looking up somewhat.

"Need help with your bags, sir?" Well, that was a definite yes, but to my amazement, Mr. Bellperson just picked those suckers up off the cart like they were nothing and headed to the bank of elevators. "Uh, you sure you wanna do that?" I asked. "Oh, don't worry sir, if you'll just follow me." He was really very cute, maybe 20 years old, with a great smile.

As I followed him, I was just amazed -- he had one of these 85lb. monsters in each hand and the third one tucked up under his left arm, that's like 250 pounds, but he was moving through the lobby so gracefully, and from behind I had the greatest view not only of that fine ass but the whole package. He had this V-shape that wouldn't quit, a tiny waist, broad back and wonderful wide shoulders!

When we got into the elevator, he put the case in his right hand down and pushed the button for the 18th floor -- then picked the case back up! "I know everybody thinks I'm nuts, but I'm in a competition in less than a week, and I'm takin' every chance I can to get a pump." With that, he gave me a big smile and began slowly doing curls with the case in his right hand! He was just so open, and friendly and corn-fed. And when he said that business about getting pumped, I realized I already had about a half a hard-on myself.

"What sort of competition is that?", I asked innocently. "Oh, you know, bodybuilding. It's just a state contest but if I win my weight class I'll be eligible for the Junior Nationals."

"I guess I should have realized that, you do seem very sturdy. But, aren't you a little young to be winning contests?"

"Well maybe a little, but I'm really into it, I've been lifting since I was 12. People tell me I've really got the aptitude for it, you know like genes and stuff..."

We got to our floor, and he led the way again. When we got to the room he let me go ahead to slide the pass card through the lock, which amazingly, actually worked, and I went on in. Now "deluxe" is a word which I don't personally put a great deal of stock in, but this room was astonishing, it was huge!

"Where would you like these bags, sir?"

"Oh, I've got to take them down to the Convention Center first thing tomorrow, just leave 'em near the door."

"I'm back on duty at 6am tomorrow sir, please call down if I can give you a hand, ask for Brad." As he said it he flexed his arm jokingly and gave another one of those great smiles. "Yeah thanks, Brad, I will." I knew I'd be thinking about him all night anyway.

Young Brad proceeded to show me some the highlights of this way-cool "deluxe" suite: there was the hot tub-spa with floor to ceiling windows on two sides offering a swell view of the strip, a wet bar, natch, there was a big fireplace controlled by a wireless remote. That was really a only-in-Vegas touch, it's 120° degrees outside, air conditioned down to about 65°, with a nice roaring blaze to take the chill off. The bed was pure Hefner-esque, big, round, with a mirror above it, and I think it rotated.

"So when's this contest you're getting ready for, Brad?"

"It's Friday, at the Sands, you oughta come."

"Yeah, I'd really like to, I've never seen one of those things live, except I'll be working all week."

"Well, you should try and make it, the audience really gets off on it big time" I was getting off just thinking about seeing this hunky kid strutting his stuff. Anyway, I gave him a real nice tip, I mean, not only was he so damn cute, but this room went way, way beyond any courtesy upgrade I'd ever seen.

"Gee, thanks mister, remember to call in the morning if I can give ya a's Brad" Actually, I was getting set to give myself a hand big time as he turned toward the door, then he turned back. "You know, I go off shift in a couple minutes, ya' wanta see a little taste of my posing routine? It might change your mind about the show."

Whoa, I was dreaming right? "Sure Brad, I'd love that!"

"Really?, great!" He began loosening the buttons at the neck of his tunic, then reached for a zipper that ran from the waist up to his underarm. I was kind of relieved, if I had to watch him undo all those brass buttons running up his chest I probably would have cum in my pants.

"I had to have this thing custom-tailored"

"I'll bet you did." I was afraid that if I said any more I might start drooling, but as he pulled his top off revealing his upper body my knees just went weak. Never in my life had I ever seen such an awesome example manly perfection. His skin was flawlessly smooth, tanned to a golden glow, and the muscles beneath so full, so perfectly formed, so cleanly separated from one to the next, I was literally speechless, my mouth just hung open.

"Nice, huh? I thought you'd like it." Still looking right into my eyes, he raised his right arm and flexed his bicep, "Here, come on, just feel this." He reached down with his free hand and lifted my hand to the magnificently swollen mound of muscle bulging from his upper arm. My hand was trembling as I felt his beautiful bicep, it was the size of as softball, but hard as granite.

"My God, Brad, my GOD…you, your body is the most incredible thing I've ever seen. Your so perfect, beyond perfect!" Without even realizing it, I'd moved both my hands onto his broad powerful shoulders. His deltoids were like two cantaloupes. Still quivering, my hands seemed to be independent of any conscious direction, as they moved down slowly toward Brad's magnificent, classically sculpted chest. He moved his hands to his waist and flexed again, flaring his lats out wide and bringing his rippling abs into sharp relief, all the while intently watching me in my helpless rapture. Clearly he was enjoying this experience almost as much as I was, "Oh hey, you gotta see my legs!"

He stepped back a half step and quickly peeled off his pants kicking his loafers to the side. His legs were as breathtaking as the rest of this amazing young man. Each of his exceptionally developed thighs looked as big around as his phenomenally small waist, I'd never seen calves so perfectly proportioned, his knees and ankles were so small next to his perfectly developed muscles -- even his feet were beautiful. He put one foot slightly forward, and looking down at his thigh muscles, swung his leg side to side slightly, allowing the heavy musculature to sway on the bone, then suddenly flexed, freezing his thigh into an incredible image rock-hard muscle glistening with the textures of striations, and separated by cuts so deep they seemed to penetrate inches into his flesh. Again he looked up and smiled, obviously pleased by the reaction he was having on me.

I sat back onto Hugh Hefner's bed in a belated attempt to hide the raging hard-on I'd developed. When I did, I noticed the white brief-style underwear Brad was wearing. Against his great tan they seemed exceptionally white, even the cotton seemed particularly soft and luxurious, probably the $18 designer models, I thought. More to the point though, it was clear also that my young dream-boy was very very nicely endowed. Noticing my stare he said, "I gotta have my posing trucks custom-made too." Suddenly I felt inspired about a whole new career direction for myself.

"Here check this out." He turned his back to me, raised both arms, arched his back a bit and extended one leg slightly back, pointing his toe. It was another fabulously heroic pose, beautifully displaying his wide thickly muscled back and arms, narrow waist, powerful hamstrings...and that ass! His butt was just beyond beautiful, beyond ripe…I heard myself let out a gasp, "Oh Brad!" I wanted to bite it, to lick it, to give him a 5-hour rim-job.

He turned back around and kind of relaxed, rubbing his hand up and down over the perfectly symetrical, sharplydefined 6-pack formed by his tight abdominals. "I've been on this super-strict diet for 8-weeks now. See, the idea is to time it perfectly for the contest, lose every bit of fat off the body while still maintaining your muscle size and density." Whatever he was doing, it sure worked, his body was so much more taut, athletic and graceful than the typical weightlifter's.

"Brad, would you mind if I felt something else?" "Sure, what?" I slid forward off the bed onto my knees in front of him. It struck me then how much things had changed over the last few minutes, when we walked in here he was the servant and I was the "man". Now, on my knees, I was literally ready to worship at Brad's feet, his physical dominance was obvious, but I realized it was his sheer erotic power that now had me enslaved.

"Please Brad, I have to feel that ass of yours. I've never seen anything so beautiful in all my life."

"Hey, knock yourself out."

I reached around with both hands and grapped his hot, ripe ass. It was so firm, so round, so perfect. As I felt them, he flexed his gluts. It felt like I was holding two cannonballs, as they clinched together squeezing my fingertips in his ass crack, his crotch pushed an inch or two closer to my face. I just couldn't help it. I closed my eyes, my lips fell open, and I softly leaned forward and kissed Brad's big meaty cock through the soft white fabric of his briefs.

"Well, you really are into it, aren't you?" He put his hand gently against the back of my head and neck, urging me on.

It occurred to me then that Brad might just have easily have twisted my head right off my shoulders, but feeling encouraged, I continued my adoration of this beautiful boy's manhood, softly nibbling with my lips and licking at his swelling rod through the thin cotton. His cockhead soon pushed up past the elastic on his waistband as I continued my ardent admirations. Like all of the rest of him, his cock was absolutely beautiful, thick, straight and big! As it swelled and lengthened and hardened it reached up well above his bellybutton, its head looking like a big luciously ripe summer plum.

Taking my head gently in both his hands, Brad pulled me up to my feet. Dazed by my lust, I felt him wrap both his powerful arms around me and pull me to him. He kissed me long and hard, and then looking into my eyes, he said, "I saw the way you were looking at me down in the lobby, you know. I was the one who got Tina to switch you to this suite. Let's get you outta those clothes, I got a few ideas on how we're going to make your stay in Las Vegas a lot more pleasurable."

Hey, this was one party I was definite not going to be fashionably late for. I was out of my suit, tie, shirt, shoes, underwear, everthing in about 15 seconds. Meanwhile Brad had slipped off his briefs and was standing there in all his glory, and his big hard dick and low-slung balls seemed to be staring at me as intently as he was. "You know you could hurt somebody with that thing."

"Hey, don't worry, it's customer appreciation day...I mean, well, it's not everyday the bellboy gives you a big tip, now is it?" He bent down slightly and just scooped my legs out from under me, lifting me easily to chest level in his muscular arms. Held there tightly against his bulging biceps and hard sculpted pecs, I felt so safe, so calm. Also helpless, but I mean resistance wasn't really an option, now was it? With his characteristic grace he carried me easily to the bed, and kneeling of its edge with one knee, placed me at its center flat on my back.

"Now you just wait right there for a second, 'cause if you like big hard muscles, I'm going give you something that'll make you one slap-happy little camper." Standing back up, Brad retrieved the wireless remote, and with a few expert button pushes dimmed the lights, started the fire along with a little soft music, and set the bed slowly rotating. Stepping over to where his pants were laying on the floor, he retrived a big tube of KY Jelly and headed back for the spinning bed, his monster cock wagging heavily between his thick, muscular thighs as he walked.

"My friends say with this dick of mine, I should be the official KY Poster-boy."

"You really are incredible, Brad, you're so fucking hot, I feel like I need to pinch myself to be sure I'm not just dreaming you."

"Oh, I got got something much better than pinching..." He reached for me and pulled me close to his body. Our mouths locked together in a passionate embrace. Tongues deep together. Reaching around his back with one hand and holding his head with the other I kissed him hard as I felt the incredible strength of his lats. The stubble on his face was rough against mine and turned me on that much more. I took Brad's thick shoulders in both hands and massaged firmly, then felt down his arms lingering on his biceps. It was my turn now, and he knew I wanted to give him all the pleasure I could because his body was giving me so much, so close. Brad brought both arms up putting his hands behind his head. I traced my fingers over his underarms then kissed his biceps and shoulders. His chest was so awesome, I squeezed his nipples between my fingers. Each side of his chest was a rippling slab of power that I massaged with passion. I've never been so turned on by a man's body. Licking his nipples they turn firm in my mouth and Brad flexed his pecs hard with the feeling. God I love his abs, nothing is more beautiful. I got on my knees so I could tongue his stomach and massage each muscle as I admired the perfection of its form.

Moving slowly lower, my lips kissed the thickness of his cock's base. It's so wide. Now slowly, my lips traced the length of his penis as I discovered every inch of his manhood. It's so long and thick, the vains stick out like rope and he're not yet even totally hard. It's truly a work of art. Pulse by pulse it rises higher as my lips surround the head. My cock is harder than it has even been, but I'm willing to wait until I can show my appreciation... I pulled Brad's pevis to my face with both hands and he turned around to straddle my face with his dick in my mouth. I suck gently at first, working on the head, licking it around and around with my tongue. Opening my mouth wide, getting as much in as I possibly can. Now taking him into my throat and just holding it there while tonguing the length. Both my hands are now around his penis pumping my Bellboy into pure pleasure with my lips sucking the head. He tasted like nector. I wanted more, I want his cum. My fingers found his balls and lightly rolled them around and around. They seemed so heavy. I pulled them closer and took each one into my mouth and felt the heat from them. They contract and relax as I work more aggressively or lighten my touch. We rolled over with Brad on his back so that I could work him all over.

Holding the base of his cock with one hand, massaging his balls with the other, my mouth covered the huge head of his penis. Then, looking at me, he said, "Come on baby, make me cum. I wanta cum in your mouth."

Brad pulled himself up on his elbows so that his abs were flexed hard. My hand touched his abs, pinched his nipples then grasped his cock all same the time I was taking him as deep into my throat as I could, in and out again and again. I reached for his thighs, caressing the backs of his knees, sending pleasure throughout his body. His head arched back and he groaned with delight. I rubbed his huge penis all over my face so that I was covered with his pre-cum. His balls tightened up against his body and his penis thicken even more and I knew the time is right. With one hand cupping his big balls, one hand grasping the base of his cock and my lips locked over the head, I pumped his shaft harder and harder as I felt him start to climax. His body was a rock, jerking his penis nearly all the way down my throat, uncontrolably. His balls tensed against his body and he let out the roar like a lion, fucking my mouth powerfully, wildly, his jerking penis spurting against the back of my throat, filling my mouth. I swallowed once and continue to suck and pump his cock as again and again he ejaculated into my mouth. I swallowed again without taking my mouth and lips from his penis. The sensation was overpowering. I was crazy with energy, nuts with passion. He pulled me to him and kissed the sticky juice from my mouth rolling on top of me as we embrace in each others arms. His cock was still remarkably firm pressed together with my rock hard penis between our stomachs.

The sensation of his hard, sweaty body pressing down on me, his body enveloping mine, skin to skin, was such an increbible turn-on. Feverishly, I ran my hands all over his torso, pinching his nipples, massaging his lats, feeling his huge biceps as he flexed them at my touch. "Please Brad, please, I don't want this night to ever end, no one has ever made my feel like this."

"Oh, hey, I know something I bet you'll like." To my chagrin, Brad rolled off of me, and bounded to his feet beside the bed. "Ever heard of a 'muscle fuck'?" With that he got down on the floor and started doing push-ups!

"Brad, I know you said you take every chance to get pumped, but..."

"Get on my back, I'll show you. You're going to be one of my weights."

Well, what the fuck? I straddled Brad's hard, tapered back and climbed on, hooking my feet over his calves as he continued to pump out push-up after push-up.

"I want you to feel my pecs while I exercise." Leaning forward, I reached around his flaring lats and took two handfulls of the flexing mounds muscle, the smooth skin drawing taut as his pecs stretched. At the bottom of the rep my knuckles grazed the carpeting and then tightened as he pushed up, apparently totally uneffected by my added weight on his back. I felt those tight, shapely pecs flex bigger and bigger, threatening to burst the thin layer of skin.

It was just SO hot! I sat back up straddling Brad's waist, my dick fitting snugly into the deep crevass between the heavy ridges of muscle running up his spine like a jockey atop his stud. Looking admiring down on his broad back, I still couldn't believe the narrowness of that waist, that perfectly shaped ass under me, the thickness and width of his lats, the way his traps bulged into mountains with each push up. I reached down and started massaging his oversized swelling traps and delts, kneading those thick lats that tapered from Brad's wide shoulders to his narrow waist. I was in total heaven, riding that incredible, hard ass of his, "Ok, now slide back a bit."

I pushed my hands against his rippling back muscles, sliding back over his hard ass. As I did my aching hard cock slipped into the crack between his wonderfully muscled cheeks. "Oh my GOD!" With each rep he clenched that gloriously hot ass around my raging cock. "Oh Brad, stop please I'm going to cum!" Literally trapped in his love grip, I fell face forward onto his back exploding with wave after wave of powerful, mind-blowing orgasms, as I writhed uncontrollably against the rippling, flexing mountain of young muscle rhythmically working below me. "OH God!, Brad! OH MY GOD Brad, Brad!"

I must have fallen onto the floor, because the next thing I remember, Brad was scooping me up again in his arms and plopping us both back down on the big round bed. After that incredible 'muscle fuck', Brad's complete pleasure would be my goal, my hands leaving no area untouched. I began with silent kisses at the back of his neck and trailing down to those gorgeously smooth ass cheeks. Sensing no resistance, I parted his incredible legs, lightly kissing and licking Brad's muscular inner thighs. With a broad tongue I wet the entire surface of his buttcheeks until they sparkled with moisture. Enjoying my attention, Brad spead his powerful legs as I licked up his crack, his beautifully smooth hole completely exposed and quivering with anticipation of my oral attention. Brad thrust back his ass just as my tongue made contact with the sweet button of his hole. "Oh, honey!" he gasped, and started to move with my tongue as I kissed my way to heaven, my tongue would gently, yet firmly entered him.

His soft ass lips offered slight resistance to my probing tongue, as my hard, wet tongue entered, Brad let out a soft sigh of contentment and spread his massive legs wider still, affording me greater access to his inner sanctum. I can't even begin to describe the incredible feelings in my tongue as it pushed in and out of his beautiful, tight hole -- but I know how he felt, as his sighs turned louder, more demanding...he wanted it rougher! I grabbed his firm, hot butt cheeks in each hand and pushed them apart, I wanted complete and unobstructed use of his boycunt. My tongue began its invasion at a much faster pace, in and out, in and out...deeper and deeper. My mouth was pressed fully up against his hole, my lips locked on his. I began sucking while I tongue fucked the world's most perfect ass. Brad grabbed the sheets and moaned loud and deep. I reached between his legs and felt his huge, hard cock swollen and wet, dripping profusely with precome.

"Please, Brad, sit on my face!" I laid back, and the sight of his gorgeous ass closing in on my face just made me breathless. I could only lay there in mute appreciation as I watched his pink butthole automatically open up in anticipation of more oral attention. My tongue found his hot hole just as he sat, and it slid hotly inside, deeper than before. Brad let out a cry of sheer ectasy. I pushed my tongue deep inside, he was so aroused I could feel Brad's legs quiver involuntarily. He began bouncing up and down, really riding my tongue hard. I reached up to grab his taut, muscular midsection just to hold on, and that only heightened his arousal even more.

"Ok, that's enough forplay, let's get serious." He spun around over me on the bed and grabbing his tube of KY, squeezed a huge gob onto his fingers. He took one of my legs with his other hand, hoisted my ass right up off the bed and start to work my ass hole with two KY-covered fingers. When I'd loosened up, he aimed the head of that big dick and started to guide it in, it was so big that I tensed up from the shear excitement of it.

Then, grabbing my other leg, he lifted both my legs up over his shoulders, and pushing into my tight lips I screamed from of the sheer girth of his cock. The sensations were incredible of having something so large, yet so perfectly shaped in my tight hole. His cock was so fucking hard! The burn I felt was exquisite as inch by wonderful inch Brad slid his big stiff tool into my ass -- every inch of his huge cock touching every possible surface of my ass lips and inside...deep inside. As Brad gently began to gyrate his powerful hips, working his cock deeper and deeper into my boycunt, I noticed the mirror on the ceiling above the bed.

I had this look, not pain really, but like I'd just swallowed a whole cantaloupe or something. Brad was workin' it nice and slow, in and out and in a little more, and as I look up at the mirror above us, his back was spread wide like some manta-ray over me, his muscles moving and gleaming and his ass squeezing and flexing with each thrust -- I'm kinda glazed watching it, I guess I liked the view. It was almost like a out-of-body experience because I could hear myself moaning and cooing in time with his fucking me. He had this angle going so his dick head was plowing into my prostate every time he pushed in and then rubbing it again as he pulled back, so I just sat there riding that in total bliss, as he slid in and out just an inch or two with each stroke. But before long I was getting so hot I'm goin' nuts. I could hear myself doing this mantra thing, "Ooh, Brad, yeah, uooh, Brad, yes, fuck me, fuck me, ooo!" just kinda vocalizing non-stop while I'm still staring up at the mirror, like you're watching yourself on TV getting royally reamed by this hot, horny young muscle-head.

"Oh Brad, Please don't stop, never stop!" But he doesn't miss a beat, his cock slipping in and out of my hot hungry ass, his strong body pumping me so effortlessly I think he really can ride me forever.

He just kept up that incredible short-strokin' action, but then he slides his hands down under the small of my back, pulling me up tighter against him so my quivering hot dick was sliding wedged up hard between Brad's rock-hard oily abs and my own sweaty stomach. With that, I was just singing out of control, like some deranged audition for the Metropolitan opera. I was cumming continuously, all the while running my hands wildly all over Brad's glistening chest muscles. And all of that kind of made Brad pretty much forget about the slow and tender approach.

Grabbing me by both ankles, Brad twisted me around onto my stomach, literally screwing me around on his big cock, then shoving me down firmly, pushing my face into the pillow, reaching down and pulling me up onto my knees, my ass in the air with his hungry cock snaking inside me once more, mounting me like a dog, he continued to power fuck me. In and out my young stallion assaulted my hole, his huge cock showing me no mercy, his animal-like cries being returned by my own screams of absolute crazed ecstacy. As if he were bionic, Brad's well-developed legs continued to work his cock deep within my hole...pushing all the way in, then gently, teasingly, pulling out, leaving only the huge head in...then slamming the monster back into the cave, all the way down to my cum-spewing balls. He was fucking me so hard and so well that I had no choice but to continue cumming and cumming. For what seemed like an eternity we were one, when I begin to feel Brad's giant dick wrench and explode inside I screamed out, his cock plunges deep inside, as if trying to milk out every last drop of my cock is shooting splash after splash, uncontrollably spilling my hot manseed in every direction...when I finally stop panting and my juices stop flowing you gently pull out and whisper that there's something different you would like to try...

"Brad, that was SO WONDERFUL"... I knew it was going to be quite a week . •

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