Sacred Band Saga, The

Flights of Flexing Passions


By Frklvr

Tate watched as Josh was led out of the room. When the door closed, Tate looked over at Ryan. Ryan was feeling himself up. Ryan looked at Tate lustily. While pinching his nipples, Ryan motioned Tate to come over to him.

"Why don't you lose the clothes and we'll have some fun." Ryan said suggestively.

Intrigued, Tate pulled off his clothes and walked over to Ryan. When Tate stood in front of him, Ryan took Tate's hand and placed it on his body. Tate ran his hands over Ryan's abs and leaned over and licks Ryan's cock. Ryan lifted Tate up to his nipples and Tate began to suck on them. Tate's hands roamed over Ryan's muscular body as he continued to suck on Ryan's nipples. After a few seconds of nipple sucking, Tate felt something large and long strike him in his back and up between his legs. Ryan lowered Tate down to rest on his engorged cock. Tate's cock was fully hard and rubbed along the ridges of Ryan's abs.

"Oh God, I'm gonna cum." Tate breathed heavily.

Ryan lifted Tate up and sucked Tate's cock into his mouth. Tate stiffened and shot his load deep into Ryan's mouth. Ryan swallowed Tate load without missing a drop. Setting Tate on the ground, Ryan led him out of the room. Tate followed but his eyes were glued to Ryan's huge hard-on. They crossed the hall and entered the induction room. Guiding Tate over to the table, Ryan casually stroked his cock. Ryan had Tate lay down on the table and then strapped him down. Ryan placed his huge cockhead on Tate's mouth. Tate began to lick up Ryan's pre-cum.

"Open up. Here's a little taste for now." Ryan said as he stroked his cock faster.

Tate lifted his head and engulfed Ryan's piss-slit. Grunting and panting, Ryan's hand flew along the length of his cock. Ryan gasped and gripped his cock tightly as he began to shoot his load. Tate's eyes widen as his mouth quickly filled with Ryan's cum. Despite swallowing as fast as he could, cum flowed from the corners of Tate's mouth. As Tate licked the last of Ryan's cum of his cock, he realized that tubes had been inserted into his arms.

*Time to get huge* Ryan's voice said in his mind.

Tate's shock was cut short as he felt cold flowing into his arms. The cold spread throughout Tate's body and his muscles began to flex. After flexing hard, his muscles began to relax and warmth spread through his body. Tate's muscles continued to flex and relax while waves of cold and warmth rolled through his body. Tate gasped as he saw how much had changed when he looked in the mirror above him. Tate's eyes were glued to the mirror as he watched his muscles grow.

Tate looked on as his skin stretched thin, as his arms grew larger and thicker. His biceps soon took on the appearance of having a watermelon under his skin. His forearms swelled with muscle to the size of huge hams. His delts expanded until they were like giant pumpkins. Tate's traps swelled thick and massive from his delts to his tree trunk like neck. His pecs grew and expanded like two hot water bottles being blown up. Deep striations etched their way across his pecs as his nipples rotated to point towards his feet. The separation between his pecs grew deeper and cavernous. His abs bulged with muscular power as they became deeply defined 8 packs. His lats burst forth with expanding width pressing his massive arms farther and farther from his body. His body was lifted upwards as his back and glutes swelled with incredible thickness. His thighs became redwoods of deeply etched and defined muscular size. Tate gasped again as he saw the mighty fire hose of a cock he now possessed His balls were of the size to make any bull envious and jealous.

As Tate lay on the table gazing in awe, he heard a door open and close followed by the sound of very heavy footsteps. Tate briefly wondered about Josh; what did josh look like now, would Josh still want him now he was this huge? Tate's pondering was cut short as a familiar hunger started growing in him. Tate knew he needed to have a cock to suck.

"Tate. Get your ass over here." A deep but oddly familiar voice commanded, "Suck on this hard-on."

Tate sat up so fast that he broke the restraints on his arms without thought. Tate looked around for the source of that voice. His eyes focus on the brown haired, brown-eyed muscle giant with the massive hard-on. Instinctively knowing that this giant was Josh, Tate vaulted off the table snapping his leg restraints in the process. Tate knelt at Josh's feet and inhaled his massive cock.

"Yeah, suck that big dick." Josh moaned, "Suck it good, 'cause it's going up your ass, hard and fast."

Tate increased the intensity of his sucking. Tate's hands roamed over Josh's gigantic thighs and calves. As Tate sucked on Josh's cock, his hands latched on to Josh's balls. Tate's expert ministrations had reduced Josh to grunts and bellows of pleasure. As Tate milked Josh's balls, Josh thrust his hips forcefully forward and fired off his huge load. Tate sucked and swallowed greedily, not missing a single drop of Josh's cum.

"On your back, I'm gonna fuck that muscle hole of yours." Josh commanded as his orgasm subsided.

"Fuck me good and hard." Tate replied as he flipped onto his back, "I need you in me."

Josh placed his cock at Tate's pucker and thrust forward. In one long stroke, Josh buried his massive cock deep into Tate's ass. Josh began to piston in and out of Tate's ass in long, hard thrusts. Tate's legs were wrapped around Josh, forcing him in deeper with each thrust. Their lust soon reduced them into rutting muscle beasts.

"I think I'll get to know my men a little better." Ski said as he walked to the two rutting muscle beasts.

The other men watched as Ski joined the two sex crazed pilots. Ski sat on Tate's face while he slipped his cock into Josh's mouth. The Major led the other men out of the room.

"Men. I need your help in scratching this rather insistence itch." The Major said as he hefted his huge musclecock. •

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