Sacred Band Saga, The

Flights of Flexing Passions


By Frklvr

NEW THEBES Several hours later

Tate woke to the sound of jet engines. Sitting up, Tate found that Josh was still out cold lying on a couch on the other side of the plane. Looking out the window, Tate saw that the plane was descending into a mountain valley. Tate shook Josh awake.

"Josh, wake up." Tate said, "We're landing."

"Where are we?" Asked Josh waking up.

"In the Appalachians, I think." Answered Tate.

Josh nodded. They waited as the plane landed. When the plane came to a stop, the outer door opened. Josh and Tate walked forward. Josh tried the cockpit door but found it locked. Tate tapped on Josh's shoulder and pointed to the black HumVee driving towards the plane. The HumVee came to a stop at the plane's door. A large muscular man in a very tight black uniform stepped out of the vehicle. They both noted that he had a very large package bulging at his crotch.

"Lts. Mayer and Stanton?" Said the big man; "I'm Sgt Walker."

Josh and Tate stepped out of the plane. As they walked over to the HumVee, they saw that Sgt. Walker was rather blatantly looking them up and down. They shook hands with Sgt. Walker and he motioned for them to get in the HumVee.

"Welcome to New Thebes." Said Sgt. Walker as got in the HumVee; "We'll be at the Orientation Building in a few moments. All of your questions will be answered in orientation."

As they were driven to the Orientation Building, Josh and Tate looked into the hangers along the airstrip. They saw that there several very modern combat copters and stealth fighters. They drove off the airstrip and into the base proper. They saw that most of the buildings dated back to the fifties. Sgt. Walker stopped the HumVee in front of the Orientation Building.

The Sgt. Led them inside the building As they walked down the hall, they noticed that the Sgt.'s uniform pants were so tight that they seemed to be painted on. 'This guy has an ass made to be fucked' Josh thought to himself. While Tate thought, 'I wonder how BIG his cock really is? Would he let me suck it?' Josh and Tate were ushered into the office at the end of the hallway. The Captain sitting there handed them both a stack of forms to fill out.

"Just answer them honestly. Don't worry about anything the forms ask." Sgt. Walker told them, "All of the information stays in the unit. I'll see the two of you after Orientation."

They watched the Sgt. Leave through the other door to the office. Josh scanned through the forms while Tate began to fill out his stack. Josh looked long and hard at the last form in his stack. 'Are they joking?!' Josh thought, 'They can't ask this.' Josh looked over at Tate and saw that he was about halfway through with his stack of forms. 'Better start filling these out.' Josh thought, 'I'll worry about the last one later.' Josh began filling out the forms. Tate was nearly finished with his forms when he read through the last one. 'Answer this honestly and I'm out of the service.' Tate thought, 'But the Sgt. Said that the information stays in the unit. Why would they want to know if I'm gay or not?' While Tate pondered over the last form, Josh finished completing all of the others.

"Tate, what do think of this one?" Josh asked showing Tate the last form.

"I was just wondering about that one myself." Tate answered, "Could it be a trick?"

"I don't know." Josh replied, "It's pretty lame if it is."

"Sgt. Walker said to answer the questions honestly." Tate said, "And that the information stays in the unit. I wonder if he was referring to this one."

"He might have. He's in the unit already so he probably had to fill out all these forms too." Josh reasoned, "Maybe there's some special reason they want to know if a guy's gay."

"So, how should we answer it?" Tate asked.

"I'm not sure." Josh answered, "If it is a trick, we'll be out of the service. I know we've talked about this before but do you think we could make it if we got kicked out of the service?"

"Well, we could do the rodeo circuits or become private courier pilots." Tate thought aloud, "Let's answer it truthfully. I'm tired of hiding our relationship. If they don't like it, fuck 'em."

"Right! Let's do it." Josh said.

Josh and Tate filled out the last form stating that they were gay men. They handed the stack of forms to the Captain. The Captain placed the forms into folders and put the folders into a cabinet. The Captain got up and motioned for Josh and Tate to follow him. Josh and Tate followed the Captain out the door the Sgt. Had gone out of. Down the hallway they walked, passing classrooms, offices, and exam rooms. At the end of the hall was a large security door. The Captain pulled out a keycard and ran it through the electronic lock. The door opened and the Captain motioned them to enter. Josh and Tate walked through the door and into an auditorium. As soon as they were in the room, the door closed behind them. Tate saw that the door had no handle or knob.

"Josh, I think we were just locked in." Tate said pointing to the door.

"Damn! It was a trick." Josh swore.

"No. It was not a trick." A deep voice reverberated around the room, "If you two would take a seat, we'll begin the orientation."

Josh and Tate took a seat. They looked at each other wondering what was next. The lights dimmed in the room. On the screen in front of them, a film started. The film was entitled "The Herakles Project." They watched the film showing some scientists and an Army Major in a lab. In the film, the scientists pumped some strange fluids into the Major. Josh and Tate watched as the Major's muscles began to grow in the film. The film went dark as the Major stood up. It ended with one of the scientists saying that the project should be shelved.

"Do you think that was real?" Tate asked.

"I don't know." Josh answered; "You always hear rumors of the Army doing experiments like that."

"But to make a guy grow that big, that fast? It can't be real." Tate replied.

"It is real." The deep voice told them, "That was last year. The following examples were done within the last month."

The screen showed them more films. The first showed two men in the same auditorium that they were in. One of the men was dressed in street clothes while the other was dressed in a prison jumpsuit. They introduced themselves to the other. Sgt. Westfalien was the one dressed in street clothes and Pvt. Walker was the one in the prison jumpsuit. 'Pvt. Walker? His face does look similar to Sgt. Walker's. Could they be the same guy?' Josh thought, 'If it is, then that first film wasn't a hoax.' Tate was thinking similar thoughts. Josh and Tate watched as the two on the screen watched the same film that they had finished watching. After the two on the screen finished watching the film, they were joined by a massively muscled giant. The giant introduced himself as the Major from the film and he proceeded to have the two men undress. The giant Major told the Sgt in his hands and used him as a set of weights, curling him up to his face where he sucked on the Sgt.'s hard cock. The Pvt. Began playing with the Major cock's, Josh and Tate watched in amazement as the Major's cock grew to almost three feet in length and was as think as a bodybuilder's forearm. The film continued to show the Major using one or both men for a set of weights. The Major finally led the two men to the back of the auditorium. The film changed scenes. It now showed a room with a doctor's exam table. In the room were the Major and the Sgt. The Sgt was strapped to the table. The scientist from the first film walked into the room. The Sgt. Had tubes inserted into his arms. As the scientist talked, the Sgt. Got more and more agitated. The scientist started the same strange fluids flowing into the Sgt. Josh and Tate watched as the Sgt.'s muscles grew massive and he grew taller. The Sgt. Suddenly sat up on the table, looking around. The Sgt. Effortlessly broke free of the straps and tackled the Major. The Sgt. Was sucking the Major's cock like a madman, which the Major seemed to enjoy. When the Sgt. Was finished sucking the Major's cock, they both stood up. Josh and Tate saw that the Sgt. Was almost as big as the Major was. The film faded out. When the film faded back in, they saw that the Pvt. Was now strapped to table with the tubes in his arms. They watched as the strange fluids flowed into the Pvt. The Pvt.'s muscles grew larger and he grew taller but he didn't grow as big as the Sgt. Or the Major. When he stopped growing, he sat up. The Pvt. Had try harder than the Sgt. To break free of the straps. Once free of the straps, the Pvt. Began sucking on the Sgt.'s cock, just as the Sgt. Had done to the Major. The Pvt. Finished sucking the Sgt.'s cock and they stood up. With the Major standing to the other side, the Pvt. Looked over his new muscular body, which could have easily won any pro bodybuilding competitions as long as the men standing beside him didn't enter. The film went on to show the three men having sex with each other. The film suddenly cut off.

"I guess we know why they want to know if we're gay or not." Tate thought aloud as he rubbed his swelling crotch.

"That's one or the reasons." A deep voice said from behind them.

Josh and Tate turned around and nearly went into shock as four massively muscled giants walked towards them. They recognized the Major immediately. The Major introduced Josh and Tate to the others.

"This is Warrant Officer Ryan Westfalien, our Communications Officer." Said the Major.

"How's it going'?" Said Ryan; "I understand that the two of you are into rodeos."

"Yes." Josh answered; "My event is calf roping. Tate's a bull rider."

"Well, after you're inducted, you might think about starting a new event. Bull wrestling." Ryan replied.

"You can talk later." The Major interrupted; "This is Captain John Szczepanski, our Transportation Officer and your boss."

"Just call me Ski." Ski said; "So, you're our new pilots."

"Sir?" Tate began.

"You don't need to call me 'Sir', just yet." Ski told them; "We're pretty informal around here."

"You can explain all that to them later, Ski." The Major interrupted again; "This is Dr. Max Manfeld, unit physician."

"Gentlemen, I'll be giving you your physicals after your induction." Said Dr. Max; "It'll be somewhat useless to do them now, no matter how enjoyable they'll be."

"Dr. Max is getting horny again." Josh overheard Ryan whisper to Ski.

"That'll be all, Doctor." Said the Major; "Are either of you familiar with the legend of the Sacred Band?"

"No." Answered Tate.

"Never heard of it." Josh answered.

"Ryan, why don't you explain who the Sacred Band was and who they are now." Said the Major.

Ryan looked hard at the Major.

After a few seconds, Ryan said; "Ski, why don't you and Dr. Max help the Major with his -ah- sandwich."

Josh saw Ski look at the Major's crotch and he followed the gaze. Josh saw that the Major's cock was growing harder and longer. When he looked back at Ski, he saw that Ski had a wicked little grin on his face. The Major, Dr. Max, and Ski walked to the back of the auditorium.

"Since the Major has so expertly dumped your orientation into my lap, we might as well continue." Ryan said getting Josh's attention.

"Where are they going?" Tate asked.

"I'll tell you later." Ryan answered; "Now, the Sacred Band was a unit of men in Ancient Greece. The Sacred Band was reputed to have suffered only one defeat. Rather than suffer the disgrace of their defeat the Sacred Band committed suicide."

"That's a little extreme, isn't it?" Josh asked.

"You have to realize that the Band prided themselves on the fact that they were undefeated. In their minds, they could not return home to their lovers having been defeated. To them, it was better to die, whether in battle or not, than to return to Thebes as defeated men." Ryan answered Josh.

"You said their lovers, not their wives." Tate pointed out.

"That's correct." Ryan replied; "The Sacred Band was a military unit of gay men."

"So, what did the Major mean when he said who they are now?" Josh asked.

"When the Major underwent the Project, his genetic predisposition for homosexuality became dominant." Ryan explain; "Rather than being discharged from the service, the Major proposed that the Project be used to create a unit of men like himself. The Major had a lot of opposition to his idea but he also had a lot of political connections. To make the story short, the Major was given permission to create this unit which he named the Sacred Band after the legendary Band. All the men that are to be inducted into the unit are either actively gay, like yourselves and me, or have a genetic predisposition to be gay, like the Major and Dr. Max."

"How do you know we're gay?" Tate asked.

"I was watching as you filled out the forms in the office out front." Ryan answered; "Before you explode about being spied on, let me explain. We watch everyone who fills out the forms to see who might have a problem adjusting to being part of the unit."

"What do you mean?" Tate asked.

"Think about it this way." Ryan explained; "You've lived your whole life so far as a normal straight man. Follow me so far? Now, you're inducted into this unit. You suddenly are massively muscled and are taller than you were before. Still following? On top of all that, you are also suddenly attracted to the other men here. So, you see, when a man is inducted into the unit, he is changed both physically and mentally."

"I see." Josh said; "You're looking for the guys who think they're straight and would have a problem being gay."

"Not only them but also the gay men who are still in the closet." Ryan replied; "Those men have been in the closet so long that they'd be inhibited here and that would affect the performance of their duties."

"So you saw that we said we were gay, how do you know that we didn't lie?" Tate asked.

"We've done discrete background checks on the two of you." Ryan answered; "A Chet Masterson informed the investigator that the two of you were lovers, he was very smug about it."

"That bastard!" Josh exclaimed.

"He's gay also. Will he part of the unit?" Tate asked.

"No. He doesn't have the necessary qualifications." Ryan answered; "We have men from all of the Armed Forces being brought into the unit so only those who meet all the qualifications are transferred to the unit."

"So what happens now?" Josh asked.

"I have a question for the two of you." Ryan answered as he stripped off his uniform shirt.

"And what would that be?" Josh asked as he stared at the mountainous muscles before him.

"Just this," Ryan replied as he removed his pants, "Do you want a body like mine?"

Both Josh and Tate were speechless. They looked Ryan up and down as they imagined themselves as big and muscled as Ryan. Tate's gaze fixed on Ryan's cock and balls.

"Will we as big as you?" Tate asked.

"That all depends," Ryan answered noting where Tate was looking, "on how well your body responds to the treatment. You might even be bigger. But you don't have to take the full treatment."

"What 's the difference?" Asked Tate.

"Sgt. Walker took the partial treatment. So, your choices are the full treatment, the partial treatment, or to decline joining the unit. What shall it be, gentlemen?" Ryan stated.

Josh and Tate looked at each other for several seconds. Each would occasionally look Ryan over again. They looked each other in the eye and with a slight nod of their heads, they decided.

"We're in." Josh stated.

"So the question is now: the full treatment," Ryan said as he flexed his mammoth bicep, "or the partial?"

"The full treatment." Tate said.

"Then, if would follow me, we'll begin your inductions." Ryan said.

"One question, first." Tate asked, "Where did the Major and the others go?"

"Ah, well, since you've agreed to join us, I don't think letting you know will do any harm." Ryan answered mysteriously.

Josh and Tate saw Ryan's face go blank for a moment. Ryan then directed their attention back to the screen. Ryan opened a panel next to the screen and he punched a couple of buttons. The screen came to life, showing the Major, Ski, and Dr. Max were sexually engaged. Their boss, Ski, was riding the Major's gigantic cock while the doctor was busy banging the Major's ass.

"What you are seeing, gentlemen, is what is referred to around here as a 'Major sandwich'. You might as well know now, once you've undergone the treatment your sex drive is dramatically increased. But there is one rule that must be adhered to, you must never force sex on another member of the Band if they truly do not want it. A Sacred Bander never rapes. Playing sex games is fine; S&M, B&D are okay so long as no one is seriously hurt or maimed. You may receive an invitation to be part of a 'Major sandwich', one or both of you, but you do not have to accept if you do not want to. Sex here is to be enjoyed. You might even be shocked, at first, by how frequently the men here are engaged in sex but you'll soon adjust." Ryan explained; "Now it's time to begin your inductions."

Ryan led Josh and Tate to the back of the auditorium. When they were standing in the proper places, Ryan pressed one of the wall tiles. The three men descended below the floor on the lift. AS the lift stopped at a door, Ryan chuckled. Instead of answering their questioning look, Ryan motioned them through the door. Josh and Tate found themselves in what appeared to be a waiting room. The door in the opposite wall opened and Sgt. Walker stepped in.

"Ryan, you're evil, waiting until you were outside the room before telling the Major." Jason chuckled.

"Hey. He dumped most of the orientation in my lap so he could have his 'sandwich'." Ryan said smugly, "How'd he take it?"

"It was hilarious to see them running into the room, naked with their hard-ons bouncing all over the place." Jason laughed, he looked at Josh and Tate suddenly.

"Don't worry. They already know about the Major and his 'sandwiches'." Ryan chuckled.

"So, they're joining the team?" Jason said, "Full or partial?"

"Sorry, Jace. You're still the only little guy." Ryan replied, "They're ready."

Josh and Tate looked at the two men questioningly.

"There are still a few secrets that have to wait until after your inductions." Ryan advised them.

"I'll take Josh, here, down to room #2 where Dr. Max is." Jason said.

"They finally got it working?" Ryan asked.

"The simulation ran fine a few minutes ago." Jason answered as he ushered Josh through the door.

Josh followed Jason down the short hallway. They went through the door at the end of the hall and into a large room with a doctor's exam table in the center. Dr. Max entered the room through the other door. Josh's eyes bugged out when he saw the size of Dr. Max's hard-on, almost two and half feet long and nearly as thick as Josh's thigh. Jason casually walked over to Dr. Max and began stroking that huge hard-on. Josh watched as Dr. Max pulled out Jason's cock and balls. To Josh's amazement, Jason's grew to over twenty inches long and was as thick as Josh's arm. Dr. Max then slid his huge cock into Jason's ass while Jason moaned in pleasure.

"You might as well strip." Dr. Max told Josh as his ground his hips into Jason; "They won't fit in a few minutes anyway."

Numb from watching this giant muscleman fuck Jason, Josh stripped mindlessly. Dr. Max wrapped his arm around Jason's waist and carried him over to the exam table. Dr. Max indicated to Josh to get on the table. Josh walked over to the table, as his own cock grew hard from the smell of sex in the air. Josh got on the table and Dr. Max had him lay down. Dr. Max, with his cock still buried deep in Jason's ass, grabbed the tubes of the computer stations. As Dr. Max inserted the tubes into Josh's arms, Jason strapped Josh to the table. Dr. Max threw the switches at the computer stations and walked back out to the center of the room where he and Jason continued to fuck. The white and blue fluids flowed through the tubes and into Josh's arm. A brief gasp from Josh indicated that the change had begun.

Josh felt the cold fluid flow into his arms and spread throughout his body. As the cold spread, Josh's muscles flexed at once. After Josh's flexed hard, they relaxed and warm waves rolled through his body. Josh looked up and saw that a large mirror was fixed to the ceiling. Josh watched as his muscles flexed and swelled larger and larger. Josh's arms began as sleek and defined but soon his biceps grew to the size of baseballs, then to softballs, and finally to basketballs. His triceps grew as rapidly as his biceps, slowly pushing his arm outward and upward until it appeared as if he had hams tucked under his arms. His forearms swelled with size into striated and corded mass of crushing muscles. Josh's arms were further pushed to the side as his lats grew in width. His torso lifted as his back thickened. His traps bulged above his shoulders like corded steel merging with a thick muscular neck. His delts grew to mammoth size like gigantic melons perched on top of his arms. Josh's pecs swelled with size and strength and grew into great shelves of striated muscle like carved granite. The crease between his pecs deepened with every flex until a normal man could hide his entire hand inside it. His nipples grew to a half-inch in thickness and to an inch and half in length as rotate to point towards his legs as his pecs continued to swell in thickness.

Josh watched as his abs become thick, hard, super-defined bricks. His intercostals and serratus swelled into two-inch thick cables of powerful muscles. Josh felt his hips rise as his glutes grew into large, powerful muscular globes. Josh felt his legs being pushed farther and farther apart as his thighs grew to incredible thickness. His thighs looked like they were carved columns from some ancient temple. The valleys between the muscles became great rifts. As Josh looked down the length of his leg, he realizes that his lower leg is bent under the table. With this realization, Josh further realizes that he's has grown taller. As Josh's eyes follow his massively muscled leg upwards, his eyes widen when he sees the new size of his cock and balls. His cock looks more like a gnarled python slithering down his leg towards his knee. His balls were the size of two softballs and slowly grew to the size of bowling balls.

A wide-eyed Josh gazed over his huge body. He lovingly observed every massively muscular bugle that now covered his body. As he watched his huge muscles flex and relax, Josh felt a strange urge begin. He tried to ignore the urge as he continued to look his body over again. The urge grew stronger until Josh finally sat up. Josh casually shrugged his shoulders and the straps restraining his arms snapped. Josh swiveled around to sit on the side of the table and the leg restraints snapped as well.

Josh looked around the room. Josh saw that Dr. Max was still fucking Jason. Observing the two, Josh knew that the urge involved sex. Seeing Jason's hard cock bobbing between his legs, Josh knew he needed a cock in him. 'Where's Tate?' Josh thought vaguely. The urge finally overcame Josh and his focus narrowed down to the bobbing hard cock of Jason. Josh moved towards the two men. He kneeled in front of Jason. Grabbing Jason's cock in one hand and his balls in the other, Josh inhaled Jason's cock. As Dr. Max fucked Jason, Jason's hips were thrust forward driving his cock deeper into Josh's mouth. Josh milked Jason's balls with his hand. Being both sucked and fucked soon had Jason cumming. Jason's orgasm triggered Dr. Max's. Josh began squeezing Jason's balls with increasing strength. Jason emptied his balls and shot the rest of his cum into Josh's mouth. Josh let Jason's cock slip from his mouth and stood up. Dr. Max pulled his own cock out of Jason's ass with a 'pop.' The three men stood in front of the mirrored wall. Josh flexed his now gigantic biceps.

"Where's Tate? I'm feeling really horny." Josh now deep rumbled as he stroked his massive cock. •

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