Jimmy Olsen has always been envious of Superman. His Super strength, hissuper hearing, his exray vision, and his Super body. Being a close friend ofthe Man-of Steel, is very hard for Jimmy, it took him back to his childhoodwhere his two older bothers were always much bigger and popular than he. Evennow they are naturally big and powerful men each going well over 6 feet andeach weighing in the vicinity of 230 pounds...mostly muscle. What he wouldn'tgive to be well built and athletic... He has thought for years of joining agym and building himself up ....but having two naturally well built brothersaround has made it almost impossible for him to even think of bodybuilding...Hell those brothers would have just belittled him even more,saying that Jimmy loved looking at himself and other Muscleboys and that they(the brothers) didn't need a set of weights to make them big andstrong...they were men without all that!!!Once, one his brothers found a Muscle Magazine under Jimmy's bed and heteased Jimmy about it for weeks calling him a pervert, he even went so far asto cut out several of the pictures from the magazine of bodybuilders posingand attached Jimmy's head to them then plastered them all over his bedroomdoor with a big sign saying" I WANT TO SUCK MR. AMERICA!"Jimmy had been practicing his photographic skills at the Daily Planet forabout three years now and while on an assignment involving taking photos atthe scene of the murder of a very prominent business tycoon, he snapped ashot which when developed showed a person removing key evidence in thebackground. It turned out to be the murderer himself... and subsiquently hisphoto was the determining proof of quilt to convict him. The widow of theslain millionare was so greatful that she personally wrote out a check toJimmy for $100,000.00!!! He now decided that it was time for him to finallymake something of himself and the money gave him the confidence to make thecommittment to become the man he always wished to be.The very next day he went to a new gym call "THE HOUSE OF SUPER STRENGTH"which was part of a small chain owned by LexCorporation. One of the sellingfeatures displayed prominently in their advertising was the the fact thatLexcorp had been studying new developments in strength training andsupplementation and lured new members by implying that if you trained at HOSSyou could acquire super-strength.When Jimmy went in to inquire about a membership he soon was told this clubwas very exclusiver that he would have to invest a lot of his time andsubstantial cash into a long-term Super-program that would help him acchievehis goal of strength and fitness... The first outlay of cash was theinitiation fee of a whopping $50,000.00!! This is to insure that the memberhas the $$ to complete the program and it also includes the cost of medicallypreparing the body for the added size and strength..... So, what did he haveto loose??? So what if there were no guarantees or proof that anyone had everacquired added strength from this program??? JImmy was young and eager... Themoney was an unexpected god-send ...he decided that he would be bold onetime in his llife and signed up that day and was given his appointment forthe next day for his medical proceedure... it also gave them time to makesure his check was good..He was then given a tour of the training facility which was a set of 6 smallrooms each containing a few pieces of weight equipment and several differentlength bars. He was told that each member would work by himself at his ownpace and be trained by a central computer that would monitor each membersprogress and adjust his training as needed. There were no weight plates orstacks of weight anywhere... the way it worked was that the person trainingwould go into one of these rooms and begin to train a bodypart...say chestfor that day. THey would then pick up one of the bars that would allow themto space their hands the proper width and then begin to press. The computerwould immediately evaluate the amount of stress on the pectorial muscles andthe would turn on electro magnets beneath the metal floor. The magnetic pullwould then attract the metal bar being held by the trainee and in this wayincrease and decease of electricity to the magnets and the amount of weightbeing used. The weight could be adjusted from "0" to several hundred poundsand the computer was so sensitive that it could keep maximum stress on themuscle being works by constantly ajusting to the trainees strength. The onetime ititiation fee was also explained to him. It included a one time prepwhich involved injecting a solution developed by LEXCORP into each insertionpoint of each major muscle to thicken and harden the attachments to supportadded strength.Also discussed were the exclusive Super-Sessions which wouldcost the memeber $1000.00 each time they used one.. This involved lying in alead lined coffin-like box whose inside had been impregnated with thousandsof tiny glowing red/purple meteorites.... said to be violet Krytonite..the"supposed" sourse of Superman's Super strength.Jimmy went home with stars inhis eyes!...He was sore for several days following the injections making him feel asempty as his dwindling bank account but Jimmy was glad he was finally doingsomething for himself. The first couple of workouts had been ackward but hewas getting the hang of using the steel bars and working with the computers'electromagnets. After several weeks of training he was ready for his firstSuper-session. The inside of the box was ventolated but hard anduncomfortable and his first hour inside almost made him scream... but to hissurprise the very next day when he returned to the training room his maximumpoundages had gone up almost double of what they had been before. Suddenly itdawned on him that perhaps he might be one of the few that would repond tothis kind of therapy and he was immediately estatic!!!Over the next couple months Jimmy had three more Super-sessions interspersedwith his magnetic training ..each time nearly doubling his previousstrength.. he was now quite a powerful young man and people were starting tonotice his new bulging muscles. Although the change was gradual to those whosaw him each day,,, for somone new he was "The Hunk with all the muscles".Yes he was growing every day... perhaps he had those same genetics as his twobrothers after all. The mirror certainly told him so.. he would stand forhours and flex before going to bed each night, often running home from thegym to remove his clothes and play with his new muscular body..often flexingand masterbating for hours at a time. He would flex his huge arms and hiscock would get bigger and harder with each contraction. An added bonus wasthat his internal muscles were getting stronger also and when he had workedhimself up to a frensy from posing and stroking his big dick he would cum atsuch a force as to crack one of the mirror once when it hit.It had now been several months since jimmy had started his training, and nowafter several Super Sessions his bank account was nearly empty... but he nowwas well on his way to Supermandome and he couldn't possibly give up hisSuper sessions nor the feeling of added strength each time he had one.. Onenight while passing through the underground parking lot on the way to the GymJimmy noticed Lois Lane at her car which was resting against the wall of thegarage.. Obviously she had had a flat and had tried to jack up the car, thejack must have slipped pinning the car against the wall. JImmy, gym bound andin a workout tank went over to her lifted the car from against the wall andheld it there instructing her to continue to change the tire. Lois wastotally blown away, not only by the tremendous power he possesed but by hismassive muscular arms and chest which till this point she had not seenunclothed and she guessed they had to be 23 and 60 inches respectively. Sheasked him what he had been doing to get so huge and strong and he patientlytold his story. Afterward he picked up the steel tire iron and bent it like apretzel just to watch her mouth drop open all over again!"You are just like Superman!" she said..... He had a hard on that nearlyripped through his sweat pants!!It had been two weeks since Jimmy's last Super-session and he was aching toadd some more strength to his powerful physique...he had also noticed thatbefore he lifted Lois' car that night he had actually seen the tire iron inthe trunk even though the trunk lid was closed! He was slowly developing Xrayvision..something that would help him in the months to come.Jimmy realized that without money he would not be able to have any moreSuper-sessions . He needed them badly now, craving more size and strengthwith each one. He couldn't borrow the money and he certainly wasn't makingthat kind of money at the Planet and stealing was against his morals. Butstealing from evil people was somthing different.. he wouldn't mind stealingfrom a bad person as long as in the end it would be used for noble (strengthproducing) purposes. Jimmy gave notice to the Planet. It was his last day. Jimmy began spending his time on the west side of Metropolis where all thedrug deals went down and where the city police were afraid to go. He woulddress all in black and watch drug dealers from a distance until they had soldall their shit and then would follow them at a respectable distance to eitherthere drop off connection or home. If they went to a drop off connection hewould then follow that person until the money he was carrying was at itsfinal destination. After it was dropped, Jimmy would use his new vision powerto find the location of the stash and then his termendous power to break intowhatever protection the money was hidden in. One good score and he was backgetting a Super-session the next day... This continued for nearly two months.Jimmy was on easy street now, He had all the money he needed with moreavailable any time he was low. He liked showing off his phenomenal physiquewhich now out shinned any Pro Bodybuilder on the circuit.With a 65+ chestdropping to a 30 inch waist, arms 24 inches cold and 36 inch thighs he waseasily the biggest man for his height that had ever lived and he was thestrongest too! His abs looked like the tops of 8 small loaves of bread, 4 oneach side with a 3 inch crevice in between... His veins were clearly visibleeverywhere and the feeling of power came from just looking at his granitehard, perfectly shaped musclesl He loved to drop by regular Gyms to watch allthe guys drool over his body and marvel over his super-strength!!! One ofhis favorite tricks was to load up the bar on the squat rack with 7 or 845lb- plates on each side and then instead of getting under it and squatting,he would lift it off the rack and do bicep curls untill his guns were pumpedto over 25 inches of rock hard ,vein exploding muscle mass!!! Then he wouldlet all the pretty boys oggle and compliment him, answering all their musclebuilding questions and letting them feel his hard flesh . Most times he wouldleave with a goodlooking, built guy and he would take him back to his placefor Master-muscle worship and dick pumping. He had grown enormously in thatdepartment too. Often making one of his" afternoon delights" gasp when heunveiled his huge tool!Yes life was good, but Jimmy still was not happy, he missed the Planet, ClarkKent, Lois and even Perry White but mostly he missed working and photography.To compensate he made himself believe that money would make him happy and hebegan to stalk the drug dealers even when he didn't need a Super the way each session was becoming less and less productive and Jimmyfeared that he was rapidly approaching his peak as far as size and strength.His Xray vision had become somewhat stronger but not nearly enough topenetrate steel plating or even a thick stone wall. No other Super powersever surfaced...his super dense musculature gave him the appearance ofinvulnerability and for sure a bullet would be impeded by it but he still wasvery much mortal and felt pain just as he always did. He had also hoped thatone day he would be able to fly just like Superman...but again, that seemeddestined to be only a dream. So he stalked and pillaged...and even venturinginto the realm of the Drug Lords themselves... making two major strikes thatgrossed him over 3 million dollars!One night, dressed in black and watching a particular drug dealer work thecorner of Sycamore and Ellsworth Jimmy was not aware of several other pairsof eyes watching the same Dude. It was a stakeout and Jimmy had no clue whatwas going down. He waited patiently as always and when the dealer was aboutto pass off his cash to another dealer Jimmy made his move knocking out thedealer and his drop with one easy blow and then grabbing the cash.Sirens were everywhere, bullets began to fly and JImmy realized what he haddone. He looked down at those 36 inch quads and said "Com'mon brothers getme the Hell out of here!!!!! And he took off like a shot, runnning into astopped police cruser and over turning it, blocking the street and making itimpossible for the other police cars to make chace! Those quads were pumpinfaster and faster and when he turned his head to see who was following himthere was no one in sight... He had gotten away!!!Oh Shit!! ...Oh no, OH SHIT!!! Jimmy heard that sound.... the sound of human flesh slicing through the nightsky..... it was coming closer........HE was coming closer! Jimmy ducked inside an abandoned concrete plant into a large vacant room withthree foot thick concrete walls and several thick pillars supporting thesteel beamed, now extinct ceiling. The moon shonw bright making trellesspatterns on the concrete floor below it. Jimmy spied a second low wall whichwas once a loading platform and hid his considerable bulk behindit!.......... the sound was nearly overhead..........................then itstopped!Superman appeared, standing with his hands on his hips in the doorway of thelarge room! "Come out Big Man!" ....."You know I can see you with my Xray vision" "Come out!"Jimmy knew he was caught so he stepped out into the room."JIMMY!!! MY GOD!!! YOU!" "Look at You! You're enormous! Sorry, but I amgoing to have to turn you in to the police. Do you have anything to say foryourself?"Jimmy threw the bag of cash to the middle of the room, stripped down to apair of bikini breifs and said'.."Only if you can get the money before I do!"He was standing there with the moonlight streaming down on his magnificentbody. The light hitting the tops of his massive pecs and shadows showing hisdeeply etched abs and cut quads. Superman was stunned, not believing theshear size and beauty of his one time little friend. Then Jimmy dove for thecash!...Superman did the same..each reaching the bundle at the same moment,but Superman gathering it up with super speed. He raised his mighty arm toblock JImmy but JImmy caught it in mid air, stopping it like a brick wall.Arm to arm Jimmy looked at Superman then himself...".My arms are bigger thanyours Superman...MUCH Bigger" , Jimmy pulling Superman's arm down." Look atme! I have more muscle than you!!! In fact I am probably STRONGER thanyou!!!" With that he grabbed The Man of Steel in a bear hug and threw him tothe floor causing several cracks in the concrete. Now in arm to arm battleJimmy's 25 inch guns overpowered Superman. "I AM!!!"I AM STRONGER THAN YOU, SUPERMAN!!! LOOK AT THESE SUPER MUSCLES, I AM GOINGTO CRUSH YOU BETWEEN MY THIGHS LIKE A GRAPE!!!!At that Superman bolted... but Jimmy threw a right hitting the big man sqaureon the jaw and knocking him out cold!"I CAN'T BELIEVE IT, I JUST KNOCKED OUT SUPERMAN!!! I AM THE STONGEST MAN INTHE ENTIRE WORLD! " I can do anything I want with you now!""" And Jimmybegan to tear at The blue and red suit, ripping off the cape then grabbingSuperman by his Huge chest and ripping the shirt off holding on to the big"S" until his torso was bare! Superman looked a lot better without his suit,His muscles were Big and very very tight, toughing his heaving chest Jimmyran his hands over the hugh mounds of muscle on his pecs slipping his handdeep into the cavern between them then feeling his way down over his tightlybunched abs. Giving them a punch that still left Jimmy's hand hurting."OK, Big Man" "Lets see the rest of you!" with that he yanked down Superman'stights and pulled them over his massive thighs , down his ankles and off likea pair of women's pantyhose. There lay The Man Of Steel, Naked in all his glory and cold-cocked by a youngphotographer from the Daily Planet!!!!!! He began to stir!Still somewhat groogy Superman shook the cobwebs out of the head and realizedthat he was naked and at Jimmy Olson's mercy. Jimmy was definitely strongerthan he... just then Jimmy removed his breifs and stood before him his dickbeginning to swell. Superman could not believe the beauty of Jimmy'smassive, Super-strong body, being overpowered my another man was a newexperience and he was shocked to discover his own huge member growing hard.Suddenly Jimmy was on top of him pinning his muscular weight so that Supermancould not move against him. Jimmy smiled and started pounding on his ownchest just like King Kong in the movies!Sitting there on top of Superman looking down at his big powerful muscles andknowing he had beaten him made his cock swell bigger and bigger as Supermanwatched in amasement. Then Jimmy felt it, hard like a huge steel bar touchingthe crack of his buttocks!! Super had a hard on too. Jimmy look around, HEWAS HUGE!!! Then Superman lunged forward sort of sitting upright and grabbingJimmy around his tiny wasp waist and rolling him over pinning him down withtheir pecs heaving against each other. Superman flexed... Jimmy Flexed...each hugging the other as hard as they could to gain the advantage. Over andover they rolled..Jimmy managing to get to his feet first, standing erectwith his big, thick, pony dick pointing to the sky. Superman was next to rise, Yes, he difinitely was Superman, He was humongousand the veins in his body were pulsing faster and faster and Jimmy couldalmost hear Superman's balls filling with cum. Jimmy couldn't resist any longer. He reach over and held his opponents dicknot able to get around the entire circumference with just one hand!! Hesqeezed hard. ....Superman felt it!!! his eye were beginning to glaze over inecstacy as Jimmy pumped back and forth all the while feeling his own cumbuilding deep in his groin! Superman was now tensing his massive muscles andthey rippled from his sernum to his calves like giant steel cables under histight skin. Jimmy began flexing with his free arm makeing his biceps jump andmove and become bigger and bigger till they dwafed those of Superman. JImmystepped closer...pec to pec...pecker to pecker ... feeling Superman gettingcloser and closer to climax as his sqeezed hard and pump back and forth onthe huge Steel rod..Suddenly Jimmy felt the pressure wihin himself building to the unbearablepoint and just as suddenly Superman reached down and took Jimmy's dick intohis hand and he too began to pump back and forth. It was most than Jimmycould stand!The two most massive, muscular men in the Universe were standing, wobbllykneed, stroking each other, flexing and tensing till Jimmy could not bear thepressure any longer. He felt as though a baseball was passing through hispenis ..closer and closer to the head until!!!!!He shot his load, shooting cum up over Superman's head and chest, sprayingover his abs and across the room! The intensity of his climax had caused himto clutch Superman's dick with all his strength and having seen another mancum for the first time caused the buildup in the Big Man to do the very samething!Jimmy watched as load after load of cum shot from the Man of Steel's Rod!Pumping, Pulsing, still Cumming , load after load, shooting up to the I-beamsoverhead... and who knows? maybe to the shinning moon itself!..... StillPumping, again and again, a groin coming from deep inside him like nothingJImmy ever heard before.Finally it was over.Jimmy, was slummed to one knee and covered with shinny cum from head to foot,panting and trying to catch his breath while Superman stood erect, smilingand thumping on his chest in triumph. He took Jimmy by the arm and helped himto his feet. Something was wrong, Jimmy suddenly felt very weak, like the release of hiscum had drained every ounce of strength from his body. He was still SuperMuscular but even his muscles felt as though they were shrinking. His tricepswere sagging slightly and so were his massive pecs. The cuts in his quads haddisappeared.... What was happening???Superman gathered up his clothing, lifted Jimmy and took off towards themoon. He had Jimmy back to his apartment in a matter of moments. Jimmyimmediately took a hot shower then laid down on his bed exhausted. He feltvery very weak and told Superman about his quest to become a Superman andhow he had trained and paid for his Super-Sessions. That was it! Superman asked Jimmy if the kryptonite was a violet color? Whenhe heard the answer "Yes!" he told JImmy that the form of Kryptonite he wasexposed too is neutralized when it comes in contact with him... much like hisstrength is neutralized by green Kryptonite! Superman had unknowingly drainedJimmy's strength from him slowly while they were in close contact with eachother. But what CONTACT they had... one that nether would ever forget.. even in themonths to come as Jimmy would loose most of his muscle mass and return to thePlanet, being a staff photographer and occassional weekend guest at theFortress of Solitude! •

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