Magic Punchbowl

By Mango Deville

I don't know why I came. I don't even know why I was invited. I couldn't feel more out of place here amongst these people if I was from Mars! Here they are, a more normal looking bunch of guys and gals as you could ever find, "in smart casual attire" you might say, and here I am dressed in my shiny black leatherman's outfit. At least we were all a mixture of ages; from what could almost have been teenagers up to old codgers like me. Okay calling myself an old codger might be a bit harsh, but at 40, greying and a little receding and decidedly out of condition I knew that I had passed my prime. And there was always the sneaking thought in the back of my mind that my recent interest in the gay macho leather scene was a way of making up for the fact I was not as young as I used to be. Older guys needing props to get their kicks, I'd said years ago before I'd know I'd need them myself! I'd even shaved my head into a mohawk for a while a few months ago to add to the image - but caved in to the demands of the office environment in which I worked and it had reverted to a more acceptable buzz cut (though really it had been my own decision, every-one had been amazed at my courage to do it in the first place).

I guess these less than scintillating thoughts that had been dwelling in my mind for at least a few days had come from watching a video tape of a friend's 30th Birthday party, taken now a little over 8 years ago, and seeing myself at the age of 32, fit, slim, full of energy and joie de vivre. My hair had been brown then, except for the occasional bleach job, done for fun. Talk about ironic, taking colour out in those days. Now I had given up trying to put colour back in and resigned myself that grey was macho!

Another friend had talked me into coming to this party, but he hadn't shown; however, he'd promised me that I wouldn't regret it. At the moment I was not sure at all, though in a little way I was enjoying the effect that my "different" attire was having on the others in the room, especially a cute younger guy dressed in jeans and a long sleeved T. He seemed to be giving me the once-over more often than I expected from someone maybe 10 years or more younger than myself. But he'd not made a move to come over nor indicate that I should. Oh well, if things didn't happen here I could always make a break for the leather bars early rather than later, I told myself.

And then the host gathered us together and I positioned myself directly across from the cute guy. He really was a hottie, and in the right clothes he would make a great sidekick for me, I thought, and struggled to concentrate on what the host was saying and doing. Then I saw that the hefty punchbowl was being placed into the middle of us and a cup handed to us all. I heard the host say "Okay those who are ready, go for it!" and I saw another guest dip his cup in the bowl and drink some of the odd coloured liquid. Never one to knock back a drink I followed suit (though. I noticed the cute guy had held back). It tasted funny but after the second mouthful it didn't matter what the taste was, I was feeling it's warming effect all through my body. Suddenly I felt the desire to take a piss real bad and I broke away from the circle and headed for the bathroom. But the other guy who'd drunk some so eagerly had beaten me to it, and the host called to me to use the one off the main bedroom. I started to stumble through it past the pile of coats on the bed and made it just in time to release a stream of strangely glowing green piss into the bowl. And that's when I noticed the change!

In the mirror over the basin I could see my reflection but my hair was different, darker perhaps and shinier . And as I watched, the dark circles under my eyes faded and the skin on my face grew tauter and healthier looking. As the piss still flowed I started to realise that the face I could see now was more like that of the younger me I seen on the videotape! And my jacket and pants felt looser and under my T the bulge of my stomach had noticeably flattened. My dick jerked slightly in my hand as the piss began to dwindle in volume and I realised it seemed bigger; with the excess weight I had started to carry of late as my fitness faded it had seemed my dick had shrivelled too. But here it was thicker and lengthening back to the slightly larger than average size it had been before.

The piss having stopped I moved to stand straight on to the mirror, fly open with my now hardening dick pointing out over the basin. I had to see more and slipped off first my jacket and then the T. Sure enough there was a flat stomach with just the tiniest sign of washboard undulations. The not enough to be worthwhile hair on my chest had all but disappeared but those even more annoying ones on my stomach had receded to the "treasure trail" that my lovers years ago had found so sexy! This was unreal! My waist too seemed to have shrunk back to the 33 incher I had had 8 years ago (from a size 36, no wonder the leather jeans felt slack) and there was just the hint of a taper from shoulders to waist. I also felt lighter and peeling down the jeans and leaning down to undo the zips at the bottom and unzipping my boots came with more ease than I could have imagined, having become a little arthritic in recent years.

It was then that I heard a "Wow!" from behind me and spun around to see the hot young guy standing there staring at me with wide open eyes. "Gees, man, you were hot before but now you are amazing!" he said with awe in his voice. And from the bulge in his pants, lust in his mind.

I motioned to him to come over and he did and with one hand I massaged that bulge till he moaned loudly. The other hand I slipped under his arms and grabbed him by his tit through his T so I was all but holding him up by it (I was quite amazed that I could do this as I had never been especially strong, I thought). Our mouths locked and tongues intermingled, with the pleasure of it all being felt quite obviously in my lower quarters, to say the least. He must have been feeling it too as one of his hands reached down to hold my now throbbing hardon and the other to release his own from its confines in his jeans. It sprang out and hardened to its full length; though slightly smaller than average it was a nice dick with round hair covered balls hanging below. He was now facing away from me and hi head was turned to maintain contact with mine but he managed to slip my dick in between his legs and was obviously enjoying the sensation as much as I was. Swaying backwards and forwards he was massaging the length of my dick with his inner thighs and before I knew it I was moving in rhythm with him. I could feel the pressure in my balls rising and aching for release and his low moaning and shortening breaths indicated he was close too. His tongue's insistent massaging of mine was too much and with a cry my dick exploded and coated his lower body with thick gooey cum as his twitching hardon sprayed the tiled floor for a distance of several feet away from of us in all directions.

He sank back into my arms and our breathing normalised. I kissed him playfully and saw my own loving look reflected in his smiling eyes. This was going to be the start of something good!


""Maybe I will have some of that punch after all" I said to him as I stood enjoying the feeling of his arms around me.

"I don't understand?" he replied.

"The punch, the magic punch that allows you to become your secret fantasy."

"So that's what did it" he said as though he had no idea.

"Yes. What did you think it was?"

"Truly. I had no idea why it happened. Is that what our host was saying before? I didn't really listen".

"Yeah. I thought you must have been really keen to be one of the first to try it."

"So you haven't had any? I haven't seen any changes in you - not that they're needed".

"No but now that I see that it's okay I will go get some".

He tried to ask what I wanted to change and I wondered if I should tell him how, after years of being "young trade" I'd felt myself being overlooked all the time. Younger guys were always in demand and I was scared I'd lost my appeal. On my last birthday, my 29th, I'd hid in my darkened bedroom and cried my heart out at the prospect of turning 30 next year. Okay, I'd come to terms with it in the months since but now that I had my chance to change things "forever" maybe I should take it. I decided to skip the long drawn out story and just say "I'm 29 going on 30 now. I wanna be 19 again, or 22, or at most 25 and this way I can be that age forever". And I added "And that could fit quite nicely with a certain perpetually 30 something leatherman I know" I added cheekily.

That seemed to satisfy him for the moment and I disentangled myself from him, squeezed my dick dry with my fingers and washed them under the tap. Pulling up my pants I said to him "Don't go away, please. I want you to be with me when it happens" and with his assurance I raced off back to the main room; grabbed a glass of punch and brought it back with me to the bedroom. By now he was sitting on the bed having pushed the coats aside and I stood between him and the bathroom and grinning widely proceeded to drink the cupful in one go.

"Steady goes matey, that's mighty powerful stuff!" he called to me but it was too late.

I felt the tingling all through my body and closed my eyes, concentrating in my mind's eye on what I looked like 7 years ago, updated of course for a modern haircut and clothes. And then something else caused me to open my eyes with a jolt.

"Cripes. My bladder suddenly feels like it's gonna burst! Is this why you got up so fast before?".

"Yeah it is, don't worry just get rid of it and you'll feel fine" he said, moving up to me and unzipping my fly. My dick came out easily in his experienced hands and he led me by it to the bathroom where I let it fly. It was green! And glowing! But he told me the same thing had happened to him.

Meanwhile I looked in the mirror for any changes and sure enough I could see some things had changed.

My skin which had hardened over the years appeared softer and more supple. My hair too seemed to have more shine and fullness, but my facial hair had become wispier and a little patchier. I remembered now that in my late teens I had only needed to shave about once a week until I was in my mid twenties and I looked forward to no longer requiring to go through that daily ritual in future.

The flow of green fluid having stopped now I whipped off my T-shirt and jeans to check out the rest of me. A wisp of hair on my otherwise super smooth chest pleased me as did the sparse ones running from my navel down into my crotch. The roll of skin that had seemed to gather around my tummy and "love handles" was now gone but the surface of my entire body had the feel of youth as though the fat has redistributed itself in a thin layer around it. Puppy fat perhaps? Whatever it was I decided it gave pleasing contours to my body and my tits particularly where the once slightly sagging muscles also bulged in a more upward and outward direction. The whole thing was turning me on and my dick was rising to the occasion, amazing since it was less than 15 minutes since I had just come spectacularly strongly.

The leatherman noticed it too and he couldn't resist getting down on his knees and placing his mouth around it. In a way though I was slightly disappointed that it had not increased in size at all, but closed my eyes and a fantasy came to me of my dick increasing in size until he gagged as he sucked it. I heard him choke and opened my eyes to see the fantasy had come true and my dick had easily doubled in both length and girth. My balls hung down fuller and rounder too against his chin. He pulled off it completely and exclaimed "Wow! How did that happen?". I told him I had just thought about it and "kapow" it had happened! "I wonder if it'd work for me too" he said and closed his eyes tightly and screwed his face up as he thought really hard. Then he relaxed and looked down to his own crotch, but his face dropped a little as he realised it had had no effect.

"Maybe you need another cup of punch?" I ventured. At this his face brightened again and he stood up, grabbed his pants and stepping into them, pulled the belt tight so they ballooned a little from the waist (I remembered them as being pleasantly tight before). Throwing his jacket over his bare shoulders he said "I'll be back" in an imitation of Schwarzeneggar in "The Terminator" and smiled widely at me.

In no time at all he was back holding the prize of half a cup of punch. "This is all our host would let me take - he said a second go was not normally allowed but since it turned out to be a mild batch it was alright this time. If you want any more you could have a little too. If this is mild I'd hate to see full strength!". With a laugh he downed the cup and stood next to me by the mirror. This time it was my turn to watch and he, recognising the signs, undid his belt and fly and pulled out his dick. After a few moments he swung around and the green glowing fluid erupted from his dick but somehow it seemed weaker this time. As it ebbed and dried up he swung back to me and closed his eyes, cupping his dick and balls with both hands. Sure enough like a baby bird pushing out of its shell his hands were forced apart and shaken free his dick hang about half as long and thick again as before and his balls had swollen in size proportionally too.

"Kewl!" I pronounced, "we're both equally big-dicked studs now!" and he laughed again.

"I hadn't realised there was so much potential to this stuff" he said, "I wanna try something else!" and with that he closed his eyes again.

I watched excitedly the jacket started to tighten somewhat as his chest seemed to grow deeper and his shoulders were pulling further apart. At the same time his waist seemed to tighten even more and the previously just visible ridges of his ab muscles hardened and deepened into a stunning washboard. Looking further down I saw that the thighs of his leather jeans were now full and filling to almost overflowing as his legs fleshed out.

Through the open front of his jacket I could see that his pecs had also expanded into large slabs of muscle and I realised he was a little taller than before; he had had about 3 inches over me before but now it was more like 6. It seemed to have been added proportionally though as his leather jeans only rode a small amount higher above his feet than before. Finally I thought his skin had darkened just a little to give a mid-summer tan coloration to it.

With his leathers and his now stunning physique his "I'll be back" comment haunted me and I could see his body was now a close copy of Arnie's in the movie!

"Have a look at yourself" I cried. "You are totally awesome!" and he opened his eyes and they he took in the image of himself. Pushing back his jacket on his shoulders a bit he exposed his now massive chest.

"Oh baby, you're right" he groaned and his voice seemed deeper than before.

I reached down and stroked his immensely solid thighs through the leather. At this his huge dick pushed out of the fly of his leather jeans all by itself and his hand automatically went to it as it reached the zenith of its climb. With only a few quick manipulations he cried out and erupted with milky white fluid which spattered me on the face and chest and stomach. My own frantically twitching dick was seemingly impossibly harder than before and without touching myself I felt the rush of heat accompanying a total body release, spraying him, myself and the floor with fast-flowing cum. With the last throes of our orgasms making our bodies tremble we looked at each other and said together "I want it to be like this forever!" •

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