Mike Gets Huge


By Lucky

Mike walked into the gym and was ready to be admired. He couldn't help being noticed, not with the body he had. At 18 years old, he had carved out a physique that would make Hercules green with envy.

"Hey, bud," said Rob, the front desk clerk. "How big are those pythons these days?"

Mike grinned as he gave a quick flex of his powerful arms. "Just under 19, but always growing," he replied. He went into the locker room and changed into his favorite workout attire: a tight white T-shirt that left no ripple undetected, and a pair of thigh-hugging cut off sweats.

As he emerged from the locker room and strutted to the free weights, all heads turned in his direction. He knew they were in awe of someone so young who had gotten so BIG. But Mike wanted to get bigger. And not just a little, but a lot. Ever since he first started lifting for football, he knew it was size and strength he craved.

"Mike, think I could measure you before you work out?" asked Donny, a 16 year-old size junkie who desperately wanted to get as big as Mike.

"Sure thing, Donny, you know how I love to find out how much I've grown." As Donny readied the tape measure, Mike obliged with all the customary poses. He had a 50" chest, 18" neck, 19" arms, 32" waist, 29" thigh, and 19" calves.

"Damn, Mike, you get bigger every time you come in here," said Donny. "If you ever need a training partner, you just give me a call."

"I'll keep that in mind, Don, but I prefer to work out alone." Mike liked to act somewhat aloof at the gym, knowing that the mystery added to his attraction. And because of his popularity, he was never at a loss to find someone to spot him from time to time.

Mike began doing his favorite lifts, and the intensity made him sweat profusely. Although he was not allowed to work out with his shirt off, his sweat-drenched, skin-tight T-shirt was just as good. Everyone in the gym could get an eyeful of his bulging muscles. At one point during curls, his ever-growing biceps managed to slightly tear the sleeves of his shirt, which no doubt sent some of his admirers into ecstasy.

After he finished, Mike headed to the showers, followed by some of the guys who had stared at him lifting. He took off his shirt and his shorts and caught an eyeful of his hot body in the mirror. "Big," he thought, "but not big enough." He began to rub his pecs with his large callused hands, wishing they would grow into superhuman slabs of beef. He flexed his right bicep and felt the rock-hard softball-sized muscle that sprung up; only when it was three or four times larger would he be satisfied. He had to get huge!!

Mike wandered into the shower and began to lather up his monstrous physique. So hard and so pumped from his workout, his muscles began to make him horny. He began to fantasize about being a 350 pound muscleman instead of the 225 pounds he weighed now. In his dream, he could bench press 600 pounds and squat 1000. So big that nobody could resist him. Growing bigger, stronger, hotter every day!! This excitement was too much to handle, so Mike began rubbing his cock, which had already sprung to life. He rubbed it up and down as he dreamed about hulking out. After what seemed to be a only few seconds, he shot his load all over the shower wall. He didn't even seem to notice the 10 other guys in the shower watching him get off on himself and fantasizing right along with him.

When finished showering, Mike grabbed a towel and headed back to his locker. He put on his snug tank top and shorts, gazed at his hot body one more time, and went back to the main workout area. Feeling pumped from his hot jackoff session, he went to the chin-up stand and hopped up on the bar. He started doing chin-ups, grunting really loudly so all the other guys would hear. One, two, three eventually turned into ten, twenty, thirty, and Mike could feel his arms GROWING!! His veins came alive and began snaking across his arms as they were gorged with blood. The muscles were bulging under his skin, burning with every rep. After fifty, he let go and landed on the floor. "Donny, bring that tape measure over here!" he barked.

In a flash, Donny was by his side. Mike reached up and flexed his double-peaked right bicep, which was burning with power. Donny carefully put the tape around it and cried out "20 inches!" Mike, knowing that the whole gym was watching, focused all his power into that right bicep and squeezed it as high as it would go. As he knew it would, the muscle sprang to life like something out of the Incredible Hulk. As it bulged, it easily snapped Donny's tape, and Mike added, "looks more like 21!"

Donny stared open-mouthed at the bulging bicep, and a wet spot began to form in his workout shorts. Mike grinned and headed out into the parking lot.

The next day, Mike jogged down to the high school to talk to his football coach about the upcoming season. Although it was summer vacation, he knew the coach would be there working on some new plays, and as the star quarterback, he wanted to be the first to try them out. Plus, this way the coach would get to see the progress he had made on growing his muscles.

Mike was walking through the locker room when he heard the coach talking. "So you think you have what it takes to be our quarterback, huh?" Mike froze in his tracks. Someone was trying to muscle in on his position. How could any guy expect to be a better quarterback?

Mike walked up behind the locker nearest to the coach's office and peered through the office window. The coach was looking over the new player, but Mike couldn't see the guy's body because a filing cabinet was blocking his view. "Are you telling me somebody else has guns like these?" said the player. He pulled up his shirt, tossed it on the ground, and hit a pose. "23 inches, all muscle!"

The coach's eyes grew wide as he took in the kid's biceps. Mike desperately wanted to see if his claims were true, but he didn't dare bust in now. "Let's go up to the weight room and check your strength with those arms," said the coach. He left the office and headed toward the gym, with the kid following.

Mike could not believe what he saw when the kid came out of the office. He had to be at least 6'4", probably 260 or 270 pounds of muscle. He had short blond hair, blue eyes, and a deep tan across his torso. He had the same basic blocky shape that Mike did, but his muscles all bulged a little bigger and looked a lot harder. He was the muscular ideal Mike wanted to be.

He followed the two up to the weight room and secretly watched the stud lift. He could easily outdo Mike on every single lift, a fact which made Mike very horny. When he did chin-ups, he didn't have to stop at 50, but rather went to 80. He could do pushups by the hundreds. His bench press weight was a new school record. And by the time his massive thighs ripped open the seams of his shorts from doing several sets of punishing squats, Mike had cum all over his shorts.

Afterwards, the kid went outside and tossed the ball to the coach. As expected, he could pass, kick and punt farther than anyone else on the team. Mike knew his days as quarterback were numbered with this guy on the team, unless he got a lot bigger real fast. He cleaned himself up and headed back for home.

On the way, Mike took a side trip to a Pro Body, a small health food store, to check out the supplements. He figured it couldn't hurt to see what was new on the market. Upon entering, he walked over to the weight gain powders and started checking out the canisters. After a few minutes of browsing, he heard a voice behind him say, "Looking to get BIG?"

Mike spun around and faced the store clerk. He was a short, scrawny guy who looked to be in his mid-twenties, but obviously was turned on by Mike's size. His nametag said his name was Andy. "Yeah" Mike replied, "I need something that works well and works fast. I'm looking to make some massive gains."

"Well, you already look pretty big to me. But if you want something a little on the extreme side, you're looking in the wrong place."

"Nah, not the juice. I don't go for that crap."

"No, not steroids," answered Andy. "What I meant was, we keep the really good stuff in the back. Experimental weight gain powders I hand out only to special customers. Like you."

"What have you got?" Mike asked as he began flexing his pecs.

"Let me show you," he said as he dashed off into the back room. Andy couldn't believe his luck. All his life he dreamed of creating a magic muscle potion that would turn himself into a muscle god, and now after years of working on his formula, he had found the perfect candidate on which to test it. "If this guy grows bigger, I'll try it on myself next," he thought. Andy took a small vial of white powder out of his pocket and carefully poured it into a can of Monster Mass Formula. He stirred the contents and then replaced the lid.

"OK, here we go," he said as he walked back to Mike. "This stuff is experimental, but it should really pack the beef on a motivated lifter. There's only two things I have to mention: one is that it works with the food you eat. This stuff should amplify the vitamin and mineral content of your food, sending it straight to your muscles. So the more calories you ingest, the stronger you'll get and the more you're gonna grow. And second, your body will most likely permanently adapt to the chemicals in the powder after about a month, so it's only gonna work for that long. After you've been on it for 30 days, it probably won't work any more."

Mike stared at the can. "No problem about taking in more calories. I can eat anything I want, and my muscles can burn it off," he thought. "And I've only got a month before football practice starts anyway, so this is perfect." He looked back at the clerk and asked, "How much is it gonna be?"

"No charge. Our little secret. Just come back in a month and let me see the results," Andy replied.

"Almost too good to be true! How big do you think I can get?"

"That's part of why I'm testing it. Nobody has put any limits on it yet."

"Well, for free, I guess it can't hurt. Thanks, man. I'll see you in a month." Mike turned and headed out the door. He couldn't wait to get home to mix up a batch.

After arriving home, Mike quickly made himself a ham sandwich, and then mixed up some of his new formula in a tall glass of milk. Almost immediately after his meal, he could feel a new sensation in his body. A certain tingling that hadn't been there before. Was it the formula? Was he nervous about growing bigger? Or was he just still hungry?

Mike decided he just needed a little more food. He went back to the fridge and found some leftover pizza, which he chased down with a big bowl of ice cream. He continued to eat off and on during the day, even skipping his afternoon workout so he wouldn't be too far from the kitchen. By that night, the tingling sensation had waned and, feeling tired and sluggish, Mike turned in early.

He awoke late the next morning feeling completely refreshed. He headed into the bathroom and checked out his body. Was he any bigger? Mike hit a double bicep pose, not noticing any difference from before. Then he stepped onto his electronic scale, which flashed 230 pounds. "That's up 5 pounds from yesterday," he thought. "I must be growing!"

Mike went back into his bedroom and launched into a pushup marathon. His previous personal best was 105, but he managed to squeeze out 120 this time. "Hot damn, it's working!" he thought as he threw on some clothes and headed down for breakfast. After some eggs, toast, cereal, muffins, sausage, and another huge glass of milk mixed with the formula, he hopped in his car and went to the gym.

Mike surprised everyone at the gym with the fervor he attacked the weights. He was able to hit personal highs on every lift, sometimes even breaking the club record for teenagers. After his workout, Mike's muscles bulged like never before, and he was glad to put on a posing display for the other gym members.

On his way back home, he thought back to what the store clerk had said about the formula: "the more calories you ingest, the stronger you'll get and the more you're gonna grow." He needed more food. Lots more food. Mike decided not to go back to the gym for two or three days, but rather spend the time eating and (hopefully) growing even more. Then he would go back and really shock them with his strength.

The next three days seemed to go on forever, but Mike kept his promise to himself and stayed at home eating. Each day he stuffed himself until his belly could take no more, and he continued to drink the formula with each meal.

On the fourth day, Mike woke up and excitedly ran to his bathroom. Standing there naked, it was clear that he had gotten a lot bigger. He didn't look quite as defined as he once was, but the added bulk more than made up for that fact. He flexed his arms and chest and could definitely tell they had grown. He jumped onto his scale and the readout said 245 pounds. "Yes!" he exclaimed. "Twenty pounds in four days! Wait till the guys get a load of me now!"

Mike ate another hearty breakfast and sped to the gym. Donny was already there with his tape measure, so he went right up and ordered the boy to measure him. "No prob," said Donny, and he began to get the stats: Mike now had a 52.5" chest, 19" neck, 21" arms, 34" waist, 30" thigh, and 20.5" calves. "Holy cow! How'd you get so much bigger?"

Mike grinned, but said nothing. He just went over and began lifting heavier weights than he had ever used before. As with last time, he hit a personal best on every lift. He finished off his workout with another trip to the chin-up bar, this time making it up to 65 pulls. Only fifteen more and he'd have the strength of the stud that was trying to get his quarterbacking job. Mike was so excited, he couldn't resist pulling off his shirt and checking out his body right in the middle of the gym. "I'll be the biggest soon enough," he thought. On his way out, he told Donny, "Be sure to be at the gym exactly one week from now. You won't believe how big I'm gonna be then."

Mike holed up in his house for another week of eating. He knew he would miss spending time at the gym and the beach, but any time he took away from eating was time he wasn't growing. He continued to eat at a furious pace, but after a few days, he noticed a smoothness and roundness in his stomach where once his flat hard abs had been. "I gotta do a little cardio to burn some of this off," he thought. "And with my new and improved leg muscles, a 5 mile jog should be a piece of cake."

The jog didn't go quite as Mike had planned, however. About one mile into it, he noticed a convenience store up the road and decided to stop for some Gatorade. He was starving by the time he finished the drink, so he also got two corn-dogs, some Fritos, half a dozen donuts, and a package of cookies. He washed it all down with a gallon of whole milk and a pint of Ben & Jerry's Chunky Monkey. After walking back home with very full stomach, Mike decided he would jog in the opposite direction tomorrow.

But tomorrow came and went and Mike never got around to jogging. He simply continued to eat and eat and eat. And grow and grow and grow. By the time the week was over, Mike knew he had hit the big time. Every part of him was so much BIGGER than just a few weeks ago, and he felt so incredibly strong. Although his belly and ass had gotten fatter, his biceps, chest and thighs were so swollen with muscle that he hardly even noticed. When he stepped on the scale and it read "275," he knew he would have no problem getting his quarterback position. He put on the biggest shirt he could find, which by now was skin-tight against his growing muscles, and his best pair of workout shorts, and was ready to hit the gym.

Sure enough, Mike was the talk of the gym from the moment he pulled into the parking lot. Everybody was astounded at the gains that he had made and wanted to touch his muscles to make sure they weren't dreaming. Mike spent the first hour just being admired by the other members, trying to deflect their questions about how he got so huge. "Just plenty of good food," was all he would say.

Then he launched into his workout, with Donny recording all his lifts. Club records were falling left and right as Mike moved from the bench press to the squat rack to the dumbbells. In between sets, he would drink from his sports bottle (whole milk and the special formula) and gulp down tacos that Donny would bring him from the Taco Bell next door. With every lift and every bite, he became more and more pumped up, until rips began to appear in his shirt and shorts.

Mike finished off his workout at the chin-up bar. He jumped up and grabbed the bar, then began pumping out the reps. And although he had put on a ton of weight in the past two weeks, he had no problem doing 50, then 60, and then 70. After 100 pulls, he jumped down and began caressing his biceps.

"All right, Donny, get out the tape and follow me," said Mike. They walked into the locker room followed by a crowd of lifters. Mike hit a series of poses and his shirt begin to shred. A double bi, lat spread, and most muscular was all it took to completely tatter the remnants and send it to the floor.

The crowd gasped, and then began to murmur. "Where did his abs go?" "What has he been feeding that gut?" "Looks like flex has turned to flab!" Mike didn't care what they thought. He knew his eating had gotten a little out of control, but now he was stronger than them all. "It's a small price to pay when you have these," he said, flexing his monster guns. "Donny, if you please."

Donny walked over and began to measure Mike's stats: 60" chest, 21" neck, 24" arms, 40" waist, 33" thigh, and 23" calves. He was truly a muscle monster. It was almost impossible to drink him all in. "Can I get you anything else, Mike?" Donny asked nervously.

"Yeah, how about some more of those tacos. I'll meet you in the lobby when I'm done showering." Donny was off in a flash and Mike thundered over to the showers. The crowd lingered to get a good look at him lathering himself up, mostly wishing they could be his soap. Mike loved the feel of his new body, especially his growing gut. He knew that as it got bigger, then so did he. But he was already big enough to beat that other kid for the quarterback position. As he caressed his bulging belly, he knew that he had to have more. More size, more strength, more muscle, more fat. He began fantasizing again about growing to 350 pounds, wondering if it could be reality. He knew he had to try.

On his way out of the gym, he saw Donny with the tacos and it gave him an idea. "Thanks, man," Mike said. "Listen, I got one more thing I need from you. Are you busy the next two weeks?"

"Just spending time at the gym, trying to get bigger," Donny replied excitedly.

"Come with me then. I have something I think you'll like."

Mike took Donny home and began giving him the formula as well. In two short weeks of constant feeding, he became an almost mirror image of what Mike had been. He beefed up from 160 to 225 pounds, and couldn't get over the sight of himself. He spent all day flexing and posing and testing his strength.

But he was nothing compared to Mike, who went into a feeding overdrive. Whatever he could get his hands on went into his mouth. He grew to enormous proportions, so large that Donny had to get a bigger tape measure. On the morning football practice was to begin, he sauntered into the bathroom and looked himself over in the mirror. He rubbed his big beefy pecs and his cannonball biceps, then played with all the fat covering his stomach, which was as rock hard as the rest of his body.

Donny arrived at 8:30 with some new clothes for Mike from the Big & Tall Shop, then proceeded to measure the colossal hunk. His stats were incredible: 75" chest, 25" neck, 28" arms, 50" waist, 40" thigh, and 27" calves. He was one big stud! And when Mike stepped onto the scale, it flashed the number he'd been dreaming about: 350 pounds! He and Donny got so excited they both proceeded to jack off over their new physiques, and then showered together afterwards.

Donny drove Mike to football practice, and every head turned their way when they entered the locker room. Not only was Mike the largest boy the others had ever seen, but they were equally impressed with Donny's transformation from scrawny geek to brawny hunk. They began flexing for the other players, who were totally blown away by their size.

The coach then entered from his office with the new boy who had dreams of being quarterback. Even he got an erection when he saw what Mike had become. After sizing up the situation (and Mike's new body), the coach convinced Mike that he would make a better fit on the offensive line, now that he was the biggest thing in sight. Mike agreed, since he knew his size and strength would be most important there. The new boy, whose name was Kyle, would take over at quarterback. And after tryouts, even Donny made the team as a fullback.

A couple of days later, Donny drove to the Pro Body shop with the empty can of special formula. Wearing Mike's old baseball cap and clothes, he could have passed for his twin a couple of months ago. Donny entered the store and found Andy behind the counter. "Dude, this stuff didn't do a thing for me. I'm the same size I was a month ago."

Andy was disappointed. He had hoped the growth formula would work this time so that he could use it on himself. "I'm sorry about that. I guess that's why they call it 'experimental.' Thanks for letting me know." He grabbed the can from Donny and tossed it into the garbage. As Donny turned and left, Mike muttered "I guess it'll be a while before that one revolutionizes the market."

Donny strolled back to his car, hopped in, and headed to Mike's house. He honked twice after pulling up, and soon the behemoth came out the front door eating a Snickers bar. "Did the plan work?" Mike asked.

"Yeah, he bought it. I don't think we will have to worry about anyone finding out how we got huge for a little while. Now let's get to practice."

Mike opened the door and sat down in the front passenger seat, his huge gut spilling onto his lap. The drawstring on his shorts snapped under all the pressure. Donny laughed, and then put his hand on Mike's stomach. "I don't think even your super strength could have held together under the weight of this baby!"

Mike agreed. He began laughing, too, and would never wish to get any smaller. •

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