Matt's Dream

By Anonymous

Steve is a massive bodybuilder. He loves being huge! He is the biggest bodybuilder at his gym by at least 20 lbs. His huge bulging chest, ripped abs, cut legs with huge quads all help make up his massive 190 lbs. body. His veins show thru his paper thin skin. It has been years since his arms were able to lie flat against his sides. Now his back flares out at inhuman angles giving him a massive tappered look. He is the perfect professional bodybuilder...he has the total package.

Steve loves showing off his muscles more than anything else. He is always looking for ways to better display his muscle mass. He started shaving his legs and arms several years ago. Now he shaves everything but the hair on his head! Having no body hair really shows off every subtile muscle definition on his ripped body. This summer he even started to trim back his pubic hair so he could wear micro-sized posing straps on the beach. Steve owns some suits that are more of a "lycra condom on a string" than a traditional swim suit. He spent hours on the beach this past summer, oiled up and tanning for all to see.Weather he wears his lycra thong or a tight posing suit to the beach he can always achieve his goal of showing off all 190 lbs. of his rock hard beef. With summer coming to an end he plans to put on even more muscle this winter. Steve is already considering a nude beach for the following summer.

Everywhere he goes, the beach, the food store, walking around town, men and women can't stop checking out his body. "Straight" boys can't keep their eyes off his pumped up hairless, hard, muscles. If not for a girl friend by their side Steve thinks the straight guys would be all over him wanting to touch and ask questions. The gay boys always flock around him asking if they can feel his huge body. All the attention makes Steve think abour getting even bigger! He wants even more muscle, smaller swim suits, and even more jeleous guys checking out his body.

Steve received an anonymous package delivered to his private gym, located in the basement of his house, last week. It contained a black rubber cock ring and a note, unsigned, explaining the ring's magical muscle growth properties. Steven tried it on, figuring he can always use a good jack off session but not thinking it would ever really work. Just him, his pumped ripped muscles, a cock ring, and some baby oil to enhance the look of his body. Stnading in the middle of his private gym surrounded by mirrors he started. "Fuck yeah" he moaned as he slide the ring around his cock and balls. "Shit, this ring feels nice.", he said softly to himself. It sliped on easily and the blood flow was restricted immediatly. Steven had been able to grow his body to freaky proportions but his 3" cock would always be just 3". His body was perfect but he hated that his dick couldn't even fill out the small triangle of lycra in his small speedos. Not even hard yet, Steven's dick started to grow. "This is so hot!" he yelled. "Finally a cock to match my muscles!" Still soft, his cock was slowly growing approaching 8". Being the exebitionist he is Steve couldn't keep this to himself. He quickly found the smallest tightest lycra workout shorts and string tank top he owned. While admiring his amazing body in the mirrors, he forced his newly expanded penis into the lycra shorts. The pressure of his giant cock was really testing the strenghth of the front seam on his lycra shorts. Just one more reason for the gym rats to want my body he thought.

He always has difficulty getting in a complete workout without a series of tiny guys coming up to him asking him to pose or take off his tank top for them. Now with Steven's big pumped up dick and his muscles still glistening from the baby oil the guys will go crazy for him. Arriving at the gym, Steven shouts loudly, "Get ready for a show boys. Check this out. My body is hotter than ever!!" Steven peels off his shorts and strips down to his mesh thong. "You'll never have a dick this long or muscles this big so just step to the side and make room!" Several gasps can be heard above the croud. Many guys know Steven wonder how his former stubby cock became such a muscle monster.

A few of the biggest bodybuilders in the gym quickly run over to check out Steven's package. He shakes hands with each of them and "flexes" his new cock for them. Each time, after he makes contact with another bodybuilder, he feels a surge of power and increased strength. Steven noticed a few of the bodybuilders shaking their heads after the hand shake. He recalled the so-called magic powers of the cock ring and wondered if it was true. After a quick scan of the gym it appeared that none of the bodybuilders that had greeted him were as pumped usual. He decided to test his theory. According to the gym's scale he was: 195 even, about 10 lbs. more than this morning! Steve walks up to Dave and slaps him on the back. "Hi Dave. Congratulations of placing first in your weight class last week." he says to the 250 lbs. shreeded bodybuilder. After a short conversation Steven weights himself again: 200 lbs. "Fuck yeah," he says, a little too loud attracting even more attention to himself.

Now that he realizes he can increase his muscle size by touching and draining other bodybuilders he decides to take advantage of the sea of bulging pecs and quads and ribbed abs surrounding him right now. A sea of testosterone for him to feed off!! Steven yells, "Time for a show muscle boys! I know you guys want to see my awsome body is action!" and starts flexing and posing right in the mniddle of the gym letting all the gawking onlookers come up to him and feel his muscles. Within a few minutes those guys closest to him start running off to the locker room feeling faint. This allows others to move in and feel Steven's muscle god body. The guys are so into Steven's body they don't appear to notice that he is growing. Steven's legs, arms, chest, back, and shoulders are all increasing in size. Maybe he is growing too fast even. He almost looks like his skin is ready to explode. Growing fuller and thicker. Steven's tank top is ripping along the seams and one of the guy guys grabs it and rips it off his body. His posing strap is bursting at the seams and look like his legs and cock are about to win out over the strained lycra. Steven starts feeling dizzy himself, perhaps too much muscle too quickly. As the threads of his strap start to tear he bolts for the lockerroom but not without one last comment to the group of guys remaining, "Shows over men. Think of me tonight when you all jerk off." He weighted himself on his way to the lockeroom: 250 lbs. Amazing! Time to show off again and get wet. The strap's center front seam finally tears completely just as he enters the lockroom. His now 9" thick pumped cock explodes out as whats remaining of the strap falls to his ankles.

He hesitates in the shower. It is packed with horney guys trying to see his muscles but they also see his black cock ring. He is experiencing a growing paranoia that some skinny guy desperate for freaky muscle growth and a huge cock might discover his secret and try to remove his muscle ring. But who could hurt a 250 lbs. bodybuilder. Especially one that will be 350 by tomorrow. Steven slowly relaxes and lets down his guard. His cock responds and inches out to 10" of soft muscle meat. The guys in the shower could not take it any longer. Those who were not already jerking off started when they saw Steven's long pumped up monster cock swaying in front of his inhuman quads. With so much attention his cock couldn't help but stiffen. Before long Steven's cock was hard and 15". It was now so thick and heavy now that it could no longer point up without Steven holding it. The weight of his own dick caused it to droop down. Steven swung his hips and allowed his meat to slap against each of his huge quads.

Matt, a skinny guy in his mid-twenties notices Steven's cock ring. He has seen Steven shower here many times and knows this is the first time Steven ever worn something like this in the showers. Matt is more skeptical than the other gym rats about Steven's amazing recent muscle growth. No amount of suppliments can work that well he thinks. "Hey man, can you show me some exercizies to bulk up?" Matt asks Steven. Taking pitty on the guy Steve says, "Sure. I've got a full gym in my basement. Swing by tonight and I'll show you some stuff." After his shower Steve worried a bit about inviting the little shower guy to his house. Something was wrong he thought. The little guy was the only one with a soft dick in the shower. He was the only one not getting off on my muscles. Steve liked a challenge and was sure he could give the guy an erection if he pumped up even more before their workout. "Great. My name is Matt. I'll swing by tonight." he says as leaving the shower area. •

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