Getting' Big 'N Strong

By Scott Walker

Shit, I better get goin'. The guys'll rag on my ass if I'm late. Ler's see, have I got everything? Belt, towel, change of shirt, sweats. Better grab some liquid on the way out. What's this at the bottom of the gym bag? Oh shit, the darts. The old lady'd go ballistic if she found those. I better get some scatch so I can get some more Deca too. Getting big 'n buff 's got its price.

Let's see if I can find where the old man keeps his cash these days. Shit, my back looks harsh wide in this mirror; too bad 'bout those fuckin' zits though . Man, check out these guns! Lookit the peak on those things; solid like a fuckin' rock. Man, those assholes at school better shit themselves when they see me next week. They won't even recognise me. Shit, only 20 bucks. Oh well, the old man won't miss it. Like what's he gonna do 'bout it if he does? Ground me? Take away the car keys. I don't think so.

Shit, I'm glad its so sunny and warm today. Give me a chance to strut my shit on the way. Maybe some chick'll stop and ask me to flex my bi for her just like last time. Fuck, that was great. I bet I left her wetter 'n spring. Too bad those fickle bitches didn't pay no attention to me when I was a skinny little nothin'. Now that I've got some size, I can pick n choose who I want. Weird thing is, even though I'm getting' fuckin' huge, my nuts are shrinkin'; what's up wit' that? But it still don't stop me from getting' off two times a day. Yeah, it used ta be three or four when I first started getting' muscle, but all's I gotta do is hit a double bi or bounce the pecs and I'm comin' like there's no fuckin' tomorrow.

Damn, these new Nikes feel good. Third pair this year and these are the best ones yet. Man, I better pick up the pace. These quads are startin' ta look great.

Can't wait to get them 'round the neck of that prick from school last year, the one who knocked out a couple of teeth and bloodied my nose after I told him to 'fuck off' when he wanted me to give him head.

Shit, I bet that fucker'd be beggin' me not to hurt him if he saw me now. I'd find him in the brush with his other loser buds. I'd dress real nerdy, you know, oversized sweats, old pair of cheap sneaks and really big glasses. I'd wait until he started getting' physical, you know like when he goes to shove me and I don't even fuckin' budge. Then he'd prob'ly do it again, 'cause his brain's too fried from all that shit he's been smokin' and still I don't move. Then he'd take a swing at me. I'd block it and punch him right in his fuckin' mouth. Then while he's shakin' loose what happened, I tear off the sweats and give the guy my best most-muscular. Then I'd get him on the ground, wrap these fuckin' tree-trunks around his gut and squeeze three days of food outta him before makin' him wish he never saw me. Man, that's gonna be great.

Man, have I got big since last year. Lookit those veins runnin' up my arms. Shit, I can almost see the blood pumpin' through 'em; maybe I should give 'em names. Gonna get the guns pumped to the max today.

Gonna make 'em scream for mercy as I torture these fuckers and make 'em grow. Gonna fill 'em so full of blood, it'll look like I stuck an airhose in 'em and filled 'em. Gonna get 'em up to 17 inches before school starts or die tryin'.

Shit, I know that kid in the tattoo place from school; even the wimpy shits are getting' tats. A couple of the guys keep raggin' me to get some like them but I don't know. Greg's always tryin' to get me to compete and the judges might not like 'em. He's says I'd prob'ly do real good, but getting' up there in a pair of really short nutchokers and showin' off my muscles to music sounds kinda gay to me. I mean I don't mind showin' what I got but I kinda like to know who I'm showin' it to. 'Sides, what if I give myself a hard-on while I'm up there? I have all these fags hangin' around wantin' to get wit' me. Hey, then maybe I could charge em just like that big fucker who lifted up the back end of that car last week. That was the same dude who flipped out at the front desk the other day and started wreckin' the place. Threw like 50 pound bells at the mirrors and fuckin' near killed that manager guy when he grabbed him by the neck. Took five really big fuckers to hold 'em down 'til he chilled out. Shit, wish I'd a been there ta see that.

Fuck, lookit those pecs, man. I love makin' 'em bounce and dance, that is so hot. I freaked out those chicks last week at the beach doin' it. They sure didn't like it when I harsh punched-out that asshole for callin' 'em tits. Shit, women have tits, not men.

That prick'll never make that mistake again. And what was that Rob said 'bout me havin' too much attitude?

Fuck, the prick's just jealous 'cause he's not gainin' as fast as me. Sure, I have attitude, why the fuck not? How many other 16 year olds have17 inch guns and bench 300 for reps? Not too fuckin' many. And I'd really like to meet the ones who can so we can have an all-out winner-take-all contest. Man, that'd be harsh.

Just think of all the fuckin' and scrappin' I'd get to do then. Yeah, Rob's just pissed 'cause he keeps sayin' he wants to get big 'natural' but that's bullshit 'cause it only means he doesn't have balls enough to do as much as the rest of us. He keeps that shit up and he's gonna get harsh punched out, friend or not.

"Yeah, fuck you pussy. C'mere 'n say that." What a bunch of fuckin' chickenshits; drive passed me yellin' "'roids" then taken off. Shit, I shoulda got their plates. Me 'n the guys'd make 'em sorry they ever opened their fuckin' mouths. 'Course it'd be hard to 'poligize when their lips bleedin', they got no fuckin' teeth left and they got Rich's size 12 cowboy boot kickin' the shit outta their ribs..

I hope Dave's there today. I get my best workouts done when he's around. That was so great the other day when him 'n me got into that posedown. Shit, half the gym was watchin', I was so jazzed, I bet some of 'em even had hard-ons. I mean here's a guy who's 'bout 25 with a pair of 21 inch guns on 'em getting' into it with a high school kid. It was so great to keep up with him pose for pose. Then he said that I looked better than he did at 19! Man, that made my fuckin' week. I was so stoked when all these gym dudes came up to me and started tellin' me how good I looked. That's when they gave me my new nickname: Young Poppa Pump. I remember how pissed Rob was 'cause they were all payin' attention to me. Shit, so what if he looks like Brad fuckin' Pitt's younger brother? No one's ever said I was good-lookin' but that don't stop me from puttin' my dick wherever I want it. Fuck, I had some forty year old queen suck me off last week in the sauna. I left him lickin' his lips and beggin' for more. Then makin' his friend come just by flexin' the 17 inchers and lettin' him cop a feel, that's fuckin' power.

There's that kid Jeff getting' off the bus. Man, he's doin' real good for 15; puttin' some major muscle on his bod. Maybe I should ask him back to the house later to hang out. Man, I wouldn't mind showin' him a thing or two, maybe get into our own little posedown.

I think he's got a girfriend, or maybe more 'an one, but I wouldn't mind getting' wit' him. Rick's got him on the program too and it sure shows. Shit, I'd sure like ta get Jeff ta meet my little smart-ass cousin.

He'd beat the shit outta the little prick and have him runnin' home to his fat bitch mommy. Kid thinks just 'cause he struts around in a leather jacket and boots, he's tough. Tough this, ya little shit.

"Hey Jeff. Wait up dude." bet he'll be glad I know his name. "What'ca workin' on today? I doin' back and bi's now and wheels later on. Hey, ya wanna hang out later, help with my posin'?.... •

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