Alt World


By Anonymous

Stan woke up in the strange room felling refreshed, but clueless. His dream was great, probably went all over himself, but he couldn't figure it all out. He got up and went to what looked to be a bathroom. He looked normal, but felt odd. He thought of the way he looked in the dream and the size of his cock. Instantly, he fells his pants get tighter.

He realized they were the same blue pants from the dream and his penis was growing out of his pants, and down his leg--almost to the floor. He then remembered his balls swelling so large that his pants burst at the seams. As before, his balls itched and blew up like a balloon. They got so big he fell forwards toward the sink to catch his balance. His pants were obviously useless now, but his balls wouldn't even fit in his pants now if he wanted them to. Then he remembered the stranger... the gift... the power!

He imagined his balls being half their new size so he could at least walk. They followed suit and got smaller. He then remembered he could be what ever he wants. He imagined having muscles, wearing a bulging Speedo, having flowing hair, and being hot. His body quickly complied and he was looking at his new body: massive, hung, great hair, tan skin, and he was wearing a Speedo like he dreamed. He ran to the bed to try out the power to jerk off, what else?

He jumped on the bed, and let his body turn him on. His balls grew large while his cock was a massive 18" long, bursting out of the Speedo, which strained to contain him. His cock went hard and he watched his nipples grow 2" erect. He sprayed cum every where, but he just imagined everything clean, and it evaporated away. Orgasm after orgasm, he yielded bigger cocks, balls that flopped off the bed, and muscles that made him nine times the size of his old, scrawny body. He figured jacking off was fun, but he could do more. He jumped out of bed to the full-body mirror and posed. He changed his underwear's color, size, elasticity, and especially tried to stretch them to their limits. When he soiled one pair, another appeared, gleaming and clean. After trying full body suits, it dawned on him, how about tits?

He cover himself in a tight body suit and smoothed all his male features, including his large dick. When he lost his male form, his chest tossed and bulged out of the suit. He grew huge tits at first. He fondled the new tight, bulbous breasts and played with the nipples.

He tried huge erect nipples, bikinis, sports bras, and then went nude to watch them bounce while jumped. The female form got boring, so watched as he went from a she to a superman.

The tits shrunk as his package grew back to grapefruit size. His arms, legs, and chest got lean and muscular. He stayed nude for his new fetish, creating a man to toy with. •

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