Institute, The

By FanTCMan

The best feature of the secret and reclusive campus and the small town it supported was how completely it remained hidden. More technical marvels had sprung from its vast financial and intellectual resources than the public would ever dream. Much of medicine and biophysics had become obsolete because of advances springing from the brilliant minds of the extremely rich and powerful team of men who had founded and who still ran the institute.

Organ transplants had been replaced by organ regeneration. Missing arms and legs were a thing of the past. Cosmetic surgery no longer existed as it had been. With the application of recombinant gene therapy, the wealthy had indulged themselves wildly in eliminating signs of aging, changing their eye color, altering facial features or body shape, whatever they wished, and had made the young men who had discovered such blessings more wealthy than the emperors of old.

The very isolation of the place had created, in effect, however, a protected fiefdom, protected from outside influence or the prying eyes of the public. A mystique grew up around it, unfettered by the harsh eye of the camera. No one really knew what existed in the small, protected community, and so the stories, the flights of fancy written about it, grew and tantalized.

After days of hiking, following secret leads and clues, through the hilly, forested backcountry, Tad Wilkinson, hot young reporter for a small newspaper, and photographer Barry Crane came upon the small, gleaming white ultra modern village in a clearing. It appeared unprotected, and from their vantage point close by they could see into the streets. Many people were walking around, and they quietly got as close as possible to take pictures of what they saw. The day was hot and humid, and they had both taken off their shirts so that they were wearing only shorts and hiking boots, their t-shirts stuck into their belts, and sweat ran down their tight, chiseled torsos. Whispering, they voiced their surprise at seeing an almost entirely male population. Though they had expected to find that whoever lived in the secret compound would be fine specimens of humanity, they were not expecting to find a population of men that could all be stars on the daytime soaps. There was not one that did not have the kind of physical beauty that the rich and famous were paying dearly to achieve. Every man could be a model for a bodybuilding magazine, with faces that matched in handsomeness what their bodies displayed in muscular perfection. If anything, there seemed to be almost too much of a good thing. Every man displayed the plumage of masculine sexuality in an abundance of perfectly patterned body hair, and each one had an equal display of masculine sexuality in the oversized bulges that they carried proudly at their groins in the skin-tight shorts that appeared to be the uniform of choice. The only exceptions were a few men, walking in pairs, appearing to oversee the activities of the others, and these differed from the rest only in their considerably more advanced musculature and the equally more advanced development of their organs, displayed in bikini trunks.

"Jesus, Crane," Tad said, "This looks like some kind of gay theme park. Or gay fantasyland. Look at those guys."

"No shit," Crane said. "Except, look, there are some women, too."

"Yeah, I see about four, and they're all pregnant."

"Well, they must must be some of the most satisfied women in the world, from the looks of those guys."

"Actually, they're just breeding mares."

The deep voice came from behind them. Crane nearly dropped his camera as they spun around to face two of the big men they had seen, the ones wearing only the minuscule bikinis. Up close, they did look rather menacing, and each of them held some kind of gun-like weapon. Tad and

Crane could see that neither fight nor flight was an option.

"You tripped the perimeter beam. The boss will want to see you two. Come with us."

Forced ahead by the two guards, Tad and Crane walked through the streets until the came to the largest of the buildings, obviously the nerve center of this bizarre outpost. Inside, they walked down several hallways. The only people they saw in here were guards like the two that had discovered them, immensely muscular and immensely endowed, wearing only bikini briefs and displaying their manhood in all its overdeveloped glory. When they reached their destination, they found themselves in a large office, modern, nearly empty except for a desk and a few chairs, all very clean and futuristic looking, like they had stepped into a science fiction world. Behind the desk sat the man they called boss, and next to him stood another man, silent, watching, his hand on the boss' shoulder. These two were the handsomest and most muscular of all the men they had seen, fully ripe with masculine sexuality, their body hair thick and perfect, their bodies dense and hard and packed with muscle. And they could only see the one from the waist down, since he was standing, but he displayed in his skin tight shorts an endowment that made Tad and Crane gulp with disbelief. It looked like he had two oranges stuffed in them accompanied by a sausage so thick and long that it could easily serve dinner for four hungry men. And by the way it lay sideways, close to his thigh, they could tell it wasn't even hard.

"So, you thought you could snoop around here and get the story that no one has been able to get, huh?" The boss laughed, and the man standing behind him laughed, too. "Well, you're two brave men. Two rather good looking brave men at that. Don't you think so, Dennis?"

"For civilians," the man behind him answered. "They could be better."

"We'll just have to see to that. I think they're perfect for the body guards we've been talking about, though, don't you?"

"Oh, Karl," Dennis said, "you're good. I didn't think of that."

"Well, we can't have them going back out there to tell about our little place here without getting the story first hand, now can we."

The two men laughed again, pleased with the thought. Behind Tad and Crane, the two guards laughed, too. Tad and Crane looked at each other and their fear was evident in both their eyes.

"Oh, now look. They're afraid," Karl said.

"If you have a problem with us doing a story on you, we can just report want you want us to," Tad said.

"Yeah, or nothing at all. We don't have to say anything," Crane offered.

"But you're here now," Karl said, "and you've come just at the right time. We thought we were going to have to use two of our other men, but they all have their assignments, and we have worked up a formula that needs to be tested. Now if we told you that we wanted to make you into the most advanced specimens we have produced yet, you certainly couldn't refuse, could you? And you will be treated well, don't worry. No one is going to hurt you. Dennis and I will see to that, personally. Very personally. Now, take off your clothes. We don't want you trying to bolt on us."

"You want me to go get the formula?" Dennis asked.

"No, I don't think so. Now that I'm looking at these two, I think we might make a few adjustments. Let's take them into the lab."

So the two were escorted into another room, a very clinical looking laboratory, where they were confronted by tables of computers hooked up to tubes and vials, like Frankenstein's lab for the twenty-first century. They stood, uncomfortably naked, the guards behind them, as the boss and his sidekick sat at a computer and brought something up on the screen.

"What do you think?" Karl said, as he typed in something on the keyboard and they both watched the screen.

"No, more," Dennis said as he watched the screen. "Do more. Yeah, like that. Yeah, that's good, too. Now make them bigger."

"Like that?" Karl laughed.

"Yeah, that, too. Yeah, that's great. Oh, man, Karl, we'll have to make some adjustments on ourselves."

"Don't worry, little Dennis. I already took that into account. you'll be able to handle it."

"You guys are gonna be blown away," Dennis said. "This is fucking unreal."

"That's what we strive for." Karl grinned. "Beyond perfection. So. Let's do it."

Karl pressed a key, and the tubes started to bubble with a fluid that dripped into a vial connected to them that already had about a pint of clear liquid in it.

"There. That should do it."

He took the vial from its place and poured the contents into two small beakers, handing one to Tad and one to Crane.

"Thanks, but I don't think . . ." Tad started to decline, but Karl interrupted him.

"Don't think. It wouldn't be in your best interest. We already have men assigned to thinking. Now, drink it, both of you."

"Please," Crane said, "I don't . . ."

"I said, drink it!"

So they did as they were told.

"There now. Wasn't that easy? Like a nice glass of water.

Now, why don't we show you around a little bit while that is working."

With the guards always behind them, Karl and Dennis showed Tad and Crane around the complex. As soon as they stepped outside, they could tell from the stares and laughs of the others in the village that it was clear that they were the experiments of the day. It must have been particularly obvious, since they were the only completely naked men in the village. Karl said he would make sure they had something appropriate to wear, but they would wait until the process was complete so they could judge just what they would need and in what size. Karl and Dennis became friendlier. The guards didn't speak much at all. They were showed the various houses, dormitories, laboratories, and recreational facilities, gym, pool, playing field.

Once on the inside of the village, Tad and Crane were surprised to see that they hadn't been far from wrong about their observation that it had appeared like a gay theme park. Wherever men were not actively involved in their work, whether it be construction or lab research, they were having sex with each other. Not discretely or behind closed doors, but in the open, everywhere. They walked around with erections, they jacked off while others watched, there were couples and groups and everywhere they went, everywhere they looked, if the men weren't jacking off, they were sucking each other off or fucking each other, sometimes many at the same time. Tad and Crane were embarrassed and very nervous.

But soon, strange feelings began to overtake them. It was impossible to separate what was physical and what was mental. They felt energized, almost hyper. They felt impossibly good, euphoric even, and they found themselves focusing more and more attention on their bodies. Their nakedness began to feel good. They began to find themselves, even while their minds tried to rebel, to fight it as hard as they could, feeling excited by all the sexual activity taking place around them, gay or not. They were horny, so horny that any kind of sex would be okay. And then, completely surprised, they both realized their dicks had sprung to full erection. Karl and Dennis pointed it out and everyone had a laugh, this time including Tad and Crane.

"If you guys want to jack those things, go ahead. We'll wait and watch," Karl told them.

When he said it, it was as though Tad and Crane could not resist the suggestion. It was too powerful. They stopped where they were, walking by the pool, with many guys around watching, and started to jack their hard dicks. It felt good. Not just to touch themselves.

That was hotter and more sexual than they could have dreamed. But also to be watched while they did it. They found themselves touching their bodies while they stroked their dicks, and it dawned on them that they were changing. Their dicks were bigger, their muscles had grown thicker and harder, and they both found soft, short hair under their hands, all over their chests and stomachs.

Suddenly, they could think of nothing but their bodies. Theirs and those of the other men around them. Would they become as handsome as these guys, as big, as hairy? Maybe that wouldn't be so bad. The tour continued, and as they walked, the two young men felt the changes happening faster and faster. They could feel their balls growing heavier, hitting their legs lower and lower as they walked, their dicks growing steadily heavier, thicker, and longer. So much longer. It was weird, but it felt so incredibly sexual that they more they grew the more they liked the feeling of having such exaggerated manhood. They felt their legs thicken and force their stance wide.

Their torsos grew denser and fuller, muscle bulging hard under their skin, filling up, growing. Their arms grew massive and heavy, felt so hot, so incredibly hot, and their body hair grew into hot patterns of short dark hair that felt like pure male sex under their hands. They began to lose focus on what was around them. Only their bodies and the bodies of the other men. Those bodies. The muscles. So hot.

They began to need the feeling of fucking, of sticking their huge and growing cocks into those hard, masculine butts. They wanted to feel their own big, hard butts filled with the manhood of these godlike men. When their cocks were hard, which was most of the time, they stood hard and stiff, their weight and length pulling on their groins, reminding them of their masculine sexual power. And these two gods, Karl and Dennis, had done this to them, given them this. They would protect them with all their strength, They would do anything for them, anything they wanted.

"Look at that." They heard Dennis' voice. They stopped walking for a minute. Now they were somewhere in front of a crowd. Their dicks were soft, which they realized when Dennis said, "Down to their knees.

Soft and all the way down to their knees. Yes. That's great, man. Let's go inside now and have them to ourselves for a while."

"Men," Karl said, talking to the crowd, "Observe the perfect bodyguards. Bodyguards and pleasure boys."

Now Tad and Crane were aware that the crowd was admiring them, and they felt the automatic response of their cocks, so incredibly big and heavy, growing stiff and hard.

"Gentlemen," Karl said, this time to them, "Would you please tell these men your names?"

Tad and Crane tried to remember, but the thought was just beyond reach. Their names? Well, so what if they couldn't remember right now. It would come back to them. Meanwhile, they could only think about the muscular gods that wanted to take them inside and use their huge, musclebulging, hulking bodies for the pleasure that they had been created for. •

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