By Muscle Wimp

Norris noticed Tim looking at him in the shower, he turned and glared. "Oh no!" thought Tim, "he's noticed!" They had been kept late at the gym by coach cleaning up equipment, since they both had study hall next. Coach had left them, against the rules, alone in the showers.

Even though Norris was now glaring at him Tim couldn't help but stare at Norris. He was the most muscular ninth grader at 6' and 185lbs he wasn't the biggest, but he had defined chiseled muscles. And he was only fourteen! Tim wondered what he would look like as a senior. Norris' shelf like pecs, flaring thighs, bulging biceps, and ridged six pack, all drove Tim crazy, so he continued to stare. Norris handsome face with his short curly brown hair and puppy dog brown eyes even made his hostile glare appealing.

Norris was really mad now, why the shrimp was still staring! Norris glared with a strong jock's contempt at tiny Tim. He really was tiny at 5'6" and 100lbs, his pale skin and blond hair made him look even more feeble. "This wimp needs to be taught a lesson!" Norris thought. Norris was no bully, that was why Tim had the nerve in the first place to stare. Norris decided to joke around with Tim, show him that Norris' muscles were too much for a little guy like him.

Norris stepped up to Tim, backing him up against the wall of the showers, away from the stream of water. "Uh oh!" Tim thought, "he's gonna kill me!" But Norris smiled and said, "You like my muscles, Tim?" Tim hesitated, staring at Norris' chiseled pecs, highlighted by just the right amount of brown chest hair. He decided honesty was the best policy, especially if he was about to die. "Uh, yeah, Norris, I do." Norris grunted, then he flexed his pecs and said, "It's MR NORRIS to you! Let's see how much you really like it!"

Norris stepped one step closer and suddenly Tim was pressed between the wall and Norris' muscled body. Tim face was turned against Norris' chest, facing his muscled right arm, he could feel Norris' dick against his stomach and his muscled thigh between Tim's legs trapped Tim's dick against it. Norris raised his right arm and flexed his perfect 16" bicep. "Feel it!" he ordered, and Tim caressed it with his left hand, marvelling at the rock hard power and pulsing veins of the peaked muscle. Tim let out a groan of pleasure.

"You can't handle it, can you Tim?!" Norris was thrilled he got a groan out of Tim. He'd always liked it when the girls he'd laid had worshiped his muscles but none had ever got totally into them like Tim. Tim's reply confirmed this, "Oh no, MASTER NORRIS, I could never be worthy of such perfect muscle!" Norris then felt Tim's dick stir against his thigh.

Norris then realized he'd never felt so powerful, so totally in control, so dominating, this little worthless wimp was totally in his power! He'd even called him Master! Norris' dick stirred, unlike most guys he was totally confident of his maleness, being turned on by another guy did not freak him out. He remembered what his father said, "A real man can screw anything!"

"Lick it!" he ordered. Tim couldn't believe it! This guy wanted him to worship his muscle just like he'd always dreamed! He got to work, licking the hard muscle as he grunted and groaned. Norris began to really get turned on "Look at him!" he thought, "He's totally in my power now!" His seven incher began to grow to its full height, his left arm circled around Tim pressing his dick more firmly into Tim's stomach and rubbing it against Norris' own hard six pack. Norris pressed his thigh firmly against Tim's dick, flexing it. They both began spurting precum.

Norris began to lose control, it just felt so good! He lowered his right arm and firmly but gently pushed his face down to his chiseled chest. "PECS!" he grunted. Tim understood, he just licked and licked while Norris flexed and relaxed those studly muscles. Tim was almost in a frenzy, he couldn't believe this was happening, wept tears of joy, licking and rubbing them into Norris' manly pecmeat. "That's right, wimp! Snivel over my muscles, you're weak, I'm strong, you have to worship my muscles!" Norris grunted.

Tim licked in between Norris' pecs and he flexed them, trapping Tim's face in two grinding plates of muscle! "This is it!" Tim thought. "He's going to crush my skull like a grape!" He could have too, but just at the moment Norris relaxed the flex Tim realized. "He won't hurt me! Norris loves this as much as I do!" Norris finally realized the same thing when Tim began sucking one pec nipple and tugging on the other, alternating the actions between the two. "HOLY ----! This is ------- great! He'll do this whenever I want! And I do want it!!"

Norris almost went over the edge then, but he wanted to show he was still dominant, still in control, and hold the climax off a little bit. Norris lifted Tim off the ground in a muscular embrace, face to face, his muscular chest against Tim's scrawny one. "Tell me what it's like Tim! Tell me what my muscles are like!" He stared with his brown eyes into Tim's pale blue eyes that were full of worship.

"You're so strong Master! You have unstoppable power! Your strength is unbelievable, no one in this school could stand against your flexing power. And you'll grow, getting stronger and more powerful, and I'll always be your slave! My muscle master, muscle stud, my MUSCLE GOD!"

Norris had never felt so strong, so powerful, so dominant. He realized that Tim was right. With this wimp worshiping every muscle bulge on his body he would work out better and grow bigger and stronger than any teen ever at this school. NO! Than any teen ever in the history of the world.

Norris kissed Tim, his tongue muscle raping his mouth. He ground their dicks together against his ridged stomach. They both came powerfully. Tim couldn't believe the power of this embrace, his orgasm subsided. Norris gently lowered Tim to the tiled floor. Tim looked on, astonished, Norris was still cuming! His dick pulsed with dry heaves as he flexed a double bi and then a most muscular for Tim. Norris' dick finally relaxed.

They didn't say much after that, just knowing that a bond of need for muscle worship had been built between them and that they'd do this again. "High school's going to be great!" thought Tim. How right he was!! •

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