Two plus One equals Three

By Musclebuff

Guys, this is not a growth story - at least not in the usual sense - but as at least two of the three men involved have already GROWN I hope you will read on and enjoy. Especially as this is a true story. If not............

Tian simply gives me the best nights of my life. At the time of our first meeting I had abjured casual sex for three or four years in favor of contest training, but, on a visit to San Francisco, I saw his picture on the back cover of the local gay paper: huge, ripped to the bone, made straight after his win of the USA the year before. He was advertising his wares, so how could I resist?

I rang the bell of his duplex and he opened it from above. He was standing at the top of the stairs, all six foot two of him, stark naked, muscles bulging, dick semi-tumescent. (In fact, through all the years I have known him, that dick has never been less than semi-tumescent.) I staggered up the stairs into his warmly embracing, massively bulging arms. He more or less carried me into his "work" room and shoved me on to a floor mattress. "Strip off, man!" So I did.

That was the first time of several that visit. We got real stoned and I pulled those 250 pounds on top of me and came immediately. So much for self control. He laughed hugely and jerked off on my chest in about two minutes flat. So much for first visit. Subsequently he worked out with me, introduced me to the "stuff" and I started to grow, even in those few weeks.

Then I left for other places and he moved to the hot part of the East coast and we lost touch until, two years later, I saw him being discussed on Muscle Service Station and got his e-mail address. I internetted him and got an invitation to visit him in his new pad for a few days. Actually we met at a convenient and plushy motel that he used for his out-of-town clients. Tian was still married and kept this kind of rendezvous away from home. His wife, however, enjoyed a trio arrangement whereby her husband fucked her while he was being fucked by another guy. This was not to be one of those occasions.

He arrived at about five p.m., bigger than ever. The years since his USA win had not deteriorated his form, not one striation. Even though he had given up competition in favor of more profitable porn, he had kept his amazing hugeness in perfect condition - in fact he had pushed those fat muscle bellies out quite considerably. But before he stripped out of his jeans and red plaid shirt he made me show him what I ha dmade of myself since San Francisco. He grunted approvingly and lit up a good toke. We shot the breeze for a while, smoking as we discussed the usual disgusting state of politics, and getting real high and horny.

Then he opened his fly and out exploded his enormous fat nightstick already fully grown. "Down, boy! Service please," he pointed. "Not till that shirt comes off." I ripped the cut-off plaid from his torso, exposing his huge, lightly- haired pecs. The nips were as erect as his dick. I knelt between the thick thighs, gripped the bulk of the pecs in both hands and devoured the dick. My tongue ran round the huge head and my cheeks sucked out the pre-cum weeping from the hole I was tonguing. He started to groan and thrust his fuckpole down my throat

Even as he did this, he pulled me up onto the couch beside him, yanked my open-flyed quads up so that I was sucking him upside down with his head between my legs sucking my weeping dick. At the same time he dug his thumb and at least one finger up my butt and began to torture my prostate. We had always been pretty acrobatic with our love-making.

He pushed me off. "That's it - bed!" Tearing at our remaining garments we stripped to the buff. He pulled me to him and shoved his tongue, musky with my own butt-juice, down my throat in a soul kiss. I was happy to respond to this giant who towered over me by a few inches.

"Fuck time!"

This was it. This was the night of nights. He threw me a small bottle of lube and an extra-large Max condom. He liked me to lube it inside, unroll it onto to his towering fuckpole and lube it from outside with several powerful strokes of my fist. Then he pushed me back, pulled my butt to the edge of the bed and threw my legs over his shoulders.

In went that huge club without mercy - "Don't tighten up!" - to the root. He sighed as the head of his tool found its home deep in my inner being. Leaving it there, he pushed at my butt with his hips, squirming from side to side until I started to groan. Once got that reaction he started to fuck.

Slowly, full stroke, right out, right in again, popping the gate of my hole each time and making it spasm round his crown, then getting faster - faster - till it became a full power-fuck, pistoning in and out of my hard raised butt. No one, but no one fucks like him.

And there's a reason. Tian, huge great musclegod Tian, likes to be fucked himself - especially when he's fucking someone else - so he has a lot of experience on the other side: he kniws what feels good, better, best to the fuckee. And that really turns him on.

When the piston is at maximum speed, he stands up and pulls me with him, still impaled on the master-dick. MY legs go round his waist as he bounces me up and down and he careers, galloping and whooping all over the room. When he gets tired of this he falls back on the bed, me still impaled. Now it's my job to activate the piston-effect with the strength of my flexing quads.

I'm about to cum and tell him so - he pushes me back again and goes into final fuck mode. This is hot, violent, noisy and endless. And wonderful. My stoned head whirls round and round as he ecstacises me with his morphuck.

"Cum now! Clench your prostate against my dick! Harder! Yeah!"

I spasm into cumming, my insides squeezing his dick in a cunt-vice. "Harder! Squeeze me harder! Yea-a-a-a-H!"

He starts to yell - hits a most muscular in my face while he's in major overdrive - or overfuck - the yelling gets louder - he hits a double bicep....

"Bite my nips!" I lean forward and grab his thickly spread lats to pull myself up. I latch my lips and teeth on that already overblown nip and bite. "Harder, fuck you! Harder!" So, though I am already streaming cum all over him myself, I munch down hard. The roar becomes a bull-roar loud enough to shake the foundations of the universe as he pumps all that stuff into the condom in my insides. The roar and the cumming thrusts go on for ?several minutes, then his full 260 pounds collapses on top of me. I wrap my arms and legs round that mighty bulk and work my still-hard dick against his eight-pack abs, well-lubed with my own cum..

It only takes him a few moments to revive when he flips me on to my face and starts to fuck me again. By now my head has practically taken me out of it and I just let him get on with it. Not that I didn't enjoy it......... His head was urging him on to greater and greater things and he proceeded to fuck me head and tail in enough different positions to fill Scheherazade's Thousand and One Nights - and then some.

Drunk with paradisical sex and whatever, we clean each other up and he goes home to his wife. Next morning, when I am still eating a sleepy breakfast, he arrives, far too full of grins and energies, pulls away my shredded wheat and eats it while he tells me to get shaved. When I come out of the bathroom, he's sitting and grinning in an armchair with his fuckpole climbing to the ceiling like Jack and the Beanstalk.

"Haven't got my load off this morning yet so get to it!" He beckoned me over with his dick to his chair where I knelt and finished my Hi-protein breakfast. No time to recover for we were off to the gym for a gruelling workout during which he tells me all the things I'n doing wrong with my form and puts me right. An hour and a half later we are eating a massive steak and salad in his favorite restaurant. Then I'm driven back to the motel "to rest up". He turns up on the dot of five p.m. and we start all over again.

An amazing three days - especially that first night.

* * * * * * * * *

Cob, an Italian bodybuilder I had got to know while working out on a job in the North-east, was as big as Tian, though he had never competed in a contest. One of the nicest and most generous guys I have ever know, he too had his set of problems. He too was bi. You'd think a guy like him, six foot two of Italian beefcake and looks to die for - as well as a full ten inches - would have no trouble in finding the girl he wanted - or the guy. But a guy would also have to be bi, and the girl would have to be able to accept his rather unconventional way of life. Most of the suitable guys were 100% straight and most of the promising female candidates either could not comply with his conditions or were actually frightened off by his, huge, overpowering (beautiful) muscles. Fools, fools, all of them. I would have made him happy for ever, but I was gay, and only gay, and that didn't fit in with his life-programme.

So we passed many hours with me getting very satisfactorily fucked by all that muscle, or with me happily servicing the monster stallion dick, or with me acting as tame shrink, trying to answer his problems and allay his fears.

Shortly after a weekend with Tian, I realized that a conjunction between him and Cob might be ideal for both of them - even if only temporarily. So, after a deal of heavy persuasion and quite a lot of financial outlay, I persuaded Cob to visit the hot South-East with me to meet up with Tian.

I needn't have worried. The moment Tian stepped into that motel room and the two of them sized each other up like a couple of horny bulls - you could feel the electricity sparking between them - the fire was struck. Clothes were ripped off, giant muscles exposed, pec to pec, bicep to bicep, lat spread, most muscular, and they were in each others arms with tongues down each others throats. The sight of those too-bicepped arms wrapped round each other's spread lats - in the flesh and not on a porn video - was just too much for me and I came in my pants on the spot.

At last I was the proverbial fly on the wall and I meant to profit by it.

This was the cue to strip off and dive between their legs, grab two pairs of bull-balls, and service two hard, weeping fuckrods. I had to push their pelvises apart to unglue the dicks from the eight-packs, but they seemed willing enough to let me gobble each in turn. They half-unlaced each other's arms and stepped back a bit to let me swallow one dick while jacking off the other. They were both so hard, they didn't need suckign to get them there. Tian picked me up and shoved me at Cob, who bent me iover and stuffed his (now) 13 and a half inches up my butt. Lucky I knew them both so well or I might have screamed Protection!

Cob bent me over and fucked me with huge, stabbing thrusts and yelled at Tian to fuck my mouth. I had been waiting for something like this for years and took full advantage of the situation with mouth and throat. I knew Cob liked just the end of his dick to be serviced at full suck, but every niow and then I plunged the whole Italian salami right down my greedy gullet.

"If he goes on like this, Tian, I'll cum too soon!"

"Don;t do that - you've gotta fuck me first!"

So I was thrown on the end of the bed, my legs over Tian's huge shoulders, and I was blessed at once with his thick club invading my muscle-pussy. While he was getting going with his piston-fuck, Cob rolled an outsize condom on his swollen fuck-stick and stuck it into Tian without ceremony or grace. Tian yelled in ecstacy and Cob proceeded to fuck him real hard. Tian echoed his merciless thrusts inside me - after all, this is what we had come here for!

"Cob, his butthole is big enough for an army! Let's get in together!"

He threw himself (and me) down on the bed so that I was sitting in his lap, deeply impaled on his fuckpole. The piston fuck got going again as I rose blissfully up and down on him, but Cob wasn't going to wait around. He pulled off the condom and shoved his meat up my ass over Tian's thrusting boner. I felt as if two express trains had gotten into my tunnel at the same time, but they went crazy with the sensation of having their two dicks pressed together in my fuck-chute.

We were all yelling as I wept gallons of cum all over Tian's flexed pecs: the joy of their double invasion filling my very soul was too much for my libido and it had to let off.

"Shit, man! He's cum already!"

Cob's answer was to pull out of me, push me forward so that Tian and I, still joined in fuck, had our butts forced into the air. I squinted over my shoulder to see Cob shoving his dick into Tian's ass underneath me. Now Tian was im heaven - the groans began and the double-fuck went on and on and on until they both yelled in monstrous orgasm. My only regret was that Cob couldn't go on fucking me with Tian at the same time as he fucked Tian!

Next morning I had them both for breakfast and off we went to the gym where I had the pleasure of seeing those mighty muscles flexing and straining. Their double act as they worked out was almost like a sexual rite in itself.

That night I went to the movies, while they went home to service Tian's lusty wife. You and I can imagine exactly what went on and, needless to say I pumped Cob for the complete info on the plane the next day. Tian came to drive us to the airport: he left plenty of time for a reprise instead of breakfast. The only person who went without his protein delivery at that meal was Cob.

We were both sad to leave Tian at the gate, and I think he wished we were staying for a month, but Cob went home a much happier man - and we had all arranged to meet a few weeks later when the Olympia was to take place in N.Y. It wasn't exactly Happily Ever After, but at least both guys knew where to look when they got bored or neurotic! They both made the effort to support me in my home state a while later when I did my first contest. Can you imagine having two gods like that covering you with Protan before they fucked each other?

So you see, as for me, Mr. Matchmaker, I have continued to profit from the situation at every possible opportunity. •

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