Alt World


By Anonymous

Stan was a "nobody" on summer vacation in South Beach, but he had diverse interests. Skinny, unpopular, and not yet tanned, he figured he might see some hung stud in a tiny swim suit, even though only married men, old couples, and kids went past him. All that was about to change around noon.

A tall man, well built, and hung came up from a distance. Stan saw he had on a tight bathing suit and had a bag, but he seemed to come straight for him. He walked up so close to Stan that his package was just feet from Stan's head.

"Hey, could I use your bathroom, my hotel's too far away."

"Sure, it's one story up."

They went up to Stan's hotel room while he continued to size the stranger up, and he was becoming aroused. The stranger just went about his business, while leaving the door open. Stan resisted watching, maybe he's straight. The stranger came out in a tight T-shirt and in blue lycra pants. He looked bigger, his muscles bulged out more, and his dick looked at least a foot long flaccid. He was even more amazing than when he went in, and Stan's eyes were glued. Then the stranger made his move:

"I know what you're looking at, and what you want."

"I wasn't looking..."

"It's alright, you did me a favor, contained yourself, and tried not to offend me-

You'll be well rewarded."

"But I did nothing.", Stan was puzzled and aroused.

"Here, but these on and follow me, you'll love this. Unless you don't want me.."

"I'll come!"

He was given a pair of blue spandex shorts and a lycra shirt, both of which hugged his body oddly, but felt great. Stan quickly followed the stranger for a second look.

They stepped out of Stan's room and went next store, to a closet, which seemed to have something bright behind it. They both went in, through the light, and into someone's house.

"Now, we're in my world, don't worry- you'll return at the time we left. Now for something more comfortable."

Stan watched as the stranger's body changed. His pecks got huge, his arms filled the short-sleeved shirt. Clothes clung to his massive chest and enormous arms like they were painted on. His hair changed to blond. Stan then noticed the renovation downstairs. His legs tripled in diameter, his foot grew two sizes. And his package was super sized. His cock grew to 14", just snaking around limp as his pants rippled around it. His balls ballooned to the size of grapefruits, but the pants "grew" just enough to cover him. He was large than life, 6', 5" tall, and Stan was about to burst out of his pants.

"Your turn."

Stan felt itchy and hot. His legs grew longer, and his chest pushed out of the shirt. His arms grew huge muscles, his legs grew larger. His cock was twice as large and 2" thick. The pants swelled to contain his cock. His new cock begin to go erect, and his nipples doubled in size. He start to fondle his balls. Even though he was terrified, he loved it and he want to fuck badly.

The strange got aroused as Stan changed, and his huge cock literally burst out of pants and immediately went erect.

"Now you'll know what real sex is."

Both men's muscles grew slightly and their tight clothes ripped off, their balls temporarily swelled to watermelon size and the pants fell of in desperation. Before their balls returned to their huge size, they began grabbing and stroking each other's nutsack.

They masturbated and cum flew everywhere. The walls and their huge bodies were covered. They may have been sticky, but Stan immediately start to stroke again and go for a second time. After they were re-coated in cum, the stranger stopped him from going again.

"I guess you'll stay for a awhile. I better explain first, then you can have control.

I chose you to come to my "universe" to fulfill any and every fantasy you can manifest. You can between worlds, bring a friend or create one here, but remember you powers are very limited in your world. Make things and changes here and cross over with them. Remember your new power- don't murder anyone or go against their will. Follow the rules and fantasy and reality will merge."

He watched as the strange melted away and left his clothes on the floor. Suddenly, Stan realized that the room was clean and he was free to experiment. •

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