By Musclebuff


They thought they had me cold, the three of them, whereas I had them hot.

They fucked me six times, three times down the throat, three times up the ass, in relays of two. They blew their wads down the throat first so that it'd take them longer to cum when they raped me up my muscle-pussy-cunt. They thought that'd be more painful for me. What they didn't know is why I'm writing all this down.

They were all heavyweight university wrestlers, feared on the mat and in the gym. They were all huge, cut, hot as hell and I wanted all of them. And all their muscle. I was fairly buffed, but looked like a weed beside their arrogant magnificence.

What they didn't know. One, I was achieving a heart's desire: I loved being fucked by them. Two, because they fucked me in the face first I got a large delivery of their best muscle juice, sweet, succulent and lots of it, so I was able to roll it around my mouth before swallowing it greedily. Three, every load they delivered gave me a few extra pounds of muscle. How? More of that in a moment. Four, meant to be torture, it was the hottest and most desirable moment of my life so far. Five, they didn't know I had set the whole thing up myself. And, best of all, Six, they didn't know that every load of gism they dumped in me was going to lead to all three of them being as gay as me.

What's this flaky magic stuff about? I found myself poking round an odd sort of curio shop in the Market area when this odd Arabian sort of guy sidled up to me and squeezed my bicep. "Nice muscle! You want more? You want more muscle?" I found myself saying, ""Course, I always want more!" "Then let me show you something." He pulled me into the smoky depths of his den and produced an odd sort of amulet - bit like a dick, but like a flexed bicep. "Here, let me do this." And before I could stop him there was a click behind me and he'd fastened the darned thing round my neck. I tried to yank it off but he said, "No, no! It'll never come off until you really wish it off." "Well, I wish it off now! How much does it cost anyway?"

"No, no, you don't wish it off! It will bring you all the muscle you want when you find three guys prepared to give it you! Then you will see! Then you will come back to me and thank me!"

"But, hey, even if I believed you, how do you know I can afford this?"

"It costs you nothing! When you come back, the results will be payment enough"

So that's how I got this thing round my neck and no amount of "wishing" has gotten it off yet. Nor could I get any locksmith to open it, short of sawing it off me. Maybe the old coot knew something I didn't.

I had deliberately provoked my three hero-gods into dealing with me. I constantly got in their way in the gym, constantly stared at their huge muscles as they swelled under the stress of the heavy reps. Often found myself between them and the mnirror when they turned to flex and admire their glorious physiques. Made it my business to take my shower at exactly the same time as the inseparable jock trio and never took my eyes off them while the steamy water was running over their steamy pumped muscles and cascading off their big thick dicks.

Not that they didn't notice or object: I was constantly subjected to yells of "Fucking nerd faggot" and suchlike as I got in the way or stared too long. It was never too long for me and their obscene yells were grist to my greedy and lustful mill.

I finally brought matters to a head by mistake: I slipped on some suds in the shower and cannoned into the biggest of the three. I grabbed him round the waist with one hand and the other found itself grabbing a meaty pumped pec.

"What the fuck d'you think you're doing, you pervert! Hey, guys get this homo off me!"

Just what I wanted, though I hadn't actually designed this particular moment. Almost immediately there were three pairs of beefy hands clawing and yelling at me. I capitalized by grabbing any muscle I could and yelling back.

"Fuck you guys!"

"No, fuck YOU, faggot wimp!"

"Yeah, fuck me, muscles-for-brains!"

That did it. I was dragged naked out of the shower, held by one huge god while the other two got dressed, and so on, then bundled, still naked, into a truck where one of them sat on my face for the trip. He had glutes to die for. Heaven. Don't think my tongue didn't work overtime, and don't think he didn't enjoy it!

I was manhandled down to the basement of their frat house: a stinking hole, the cleaners would never go near it to save their lives. It reeked of beer, grass and piss. There were a few ancient pieces of body-building equipment lying around haphazardly, and I was thrown on to some kind of padded bench, once used for bench-presses before the U's gym was built.

The one who had been sitting on my face in the truck said, "We're going to enjoy this! You're not!"

The handsome one who looked like Dennis Newman: "Jeez, guys! Look at his pathetic dick! It's as hard as a horn!"

I said nothing. Just grabbed my dick and started jerking. But the one with the blonde Marine buzz-cut grabbed my hands and pulled them above my head. "Get some rope guys, or this perv'll get himself off before we get into him!"

From somewhere Handsome unearthed a pair of leather cuffs and he proceeded to link my wrists together under the bench. Now we were getting down to business. Glutes got astride my chest and rammed his meat-filled jock into my face. "Suck this, pussy boy!" So I did.

While Marine was pulling my legs up in the air and attaching something else to them, Handsome was whacking my butt with his bare hands. Just as he started to slap away at my butt-hole, Glutes pulled down his jock and stuck his surprisingly hard dick into my mouth. I guess the treatment he had received in the truck had some effect in advance of his mates. I gagged and slobbered and he laughed. Pushed it way down my throat at the same time as Marine gave a final tug to whatever was attached to my legs.

"Get out of the way, pal!" Marine yelled and Glutes got out of my throat just in time before I passed out. My legs, pulled wide apart, were hauled up into the air by the cord that Marine had fixed to some ceiling pulleys. Up went my butt and into it went Handsome's hands - rather too easily.

"Guess he's about ready for us, guys! Who goes first?"

"Guess I will - " and Handsome yanked me back so that my head was hanging back over the edge of the bench. "Just let me get this off first before we start fucking his ass - it'll be tougher for him that way." And into my mouth went his semi-tumescent dick. Couldn't see a thing but his gaping butt-hole and, as I rolled the delicious thick mushroom head around my mouth and tongue, I felt a couple of fingers lubing my butt-hole, lubing and pushing way in. Handsome started some serious throat-fucking and another pair of hands tied a bootlace or a thing round the root of my dick and viciously tightened it.

Marine's voice: " That'll stop him enjoying himself till it's all over!" Jeez, didn't these guys know anything! I could feel my dick thickening even as he spoke!

Handsome pulled half-way back and I was able to roll my tongue round his throbbing man-meat, enjoying the pulse of every thick vein on the heavy shaft.

"Wow, men! This perv sure knows how to blow a guy! He's gonna get my wad pretty darn soon!"

"Yeah, fuck that throat! Fill his pussy mouth with your cum!"

And he did. "AAARGH!" several times - jetting enormous gobs into this greedy mouth before he pulled out.

"Come on, man! Get into his cunt before you get soft!" Not much chance of him getting soft. But Handsome moved fast to the foot of the bench, grabbed a handful of lube off Glutes and plunged - unprotected, note - into me real hard. To the root in one violent thrust. Jeez, he sure was charged up by that mouth-fuck!

Almost before Handsome had started his power-fuck, Marine was into my mouth.

"Just chew the head for a bit till I tell you, cunt-face!"

As I was happily chewing and being happily fucked the other end too, my pinioned and stretched, bi-fucked bod started to feel warm. I could feel something unusual going on inside me - a kind of buzzing that started in my pecs, went up into my delts and bis, and down into my abs. There was a serious chance of cumming, in spite of my bonds, but something told me to hold off.

"OK, now!" yelled Marine and slammed deep into my throat. I've always been good at deep-throat, but this Marine dick was something else. As he started to slam, so did Handsome increase his pace to keep time. The harder and faster they went, the greater the buzz in my muscles. Maybe the old Arabian coot knew something after all.

"Ready?" "YEAH! Aw fu-u-u-u-ck!" And they both unloaded at the same time. Glutes, who must have been jerking off all this time had got real impatient. He yanked Marine off my face, spread his glutes with both hands and sat his musky butt-hole on to my face. He had to hold my head up to make sure I could plunge my sharp tongue well into his ass.

"Yeah, eat this marine ass!" Meanwhile Marine pushed Handsome out of the way and stuck a cold, hard, black rubber dildo into my cunt. (Now where did this hetero get that from?) For a while he and Glutes enjoyed this interlude, but no one enjoyed it more than me. Then Marine yanked it out (yeah, that hurt in a nice kind of way) and told Glutes to get fucking. As one, they drove into me.

I now had three of their loads in me and the buzzing had gone ballistic all through my body. I could feel things stretching, swelling, blood pounding through my veins. I started to pant and my dick started to throb and demand release. What the fuck was going on?

As both Marine and Glutes started to fuck me, in long slow strokes, that sadistic Handsome started to flick at my still rock-hard steeple dick. "This guy is enjoying us too much, guys - he's weeping gallons of pre-cum - better do something about it!"

He pushed Marine forward so that he was crouched over me and Handsome could clearly see his dick thrusting into my butt-hole - then Handsome shoved the tip of his hard rod against my hole under Marine's dick and pushed his way in beneath him. My mind was going bananas with what was happening within me but it didn't prevent me from appreciating what was going on without! Those two rasslin'-fuckin'-allAmerican muscle dicks were stretching my ecstatic fuck-chute to the limit as they pounded in and out together at the same time as Glutes' salami-sized dick was trying to suffocate me at the other end with his punch-fuck throat thrusts.

All the time this was going on to everyone's delirious satisfaction I felt muscle I had never dreamed of having swelling, pushing against these huge jock's huge bods. My pecs came up all the way to meet Marine's nips while my abs tightened and pressed against his. My glutes swelled and clenched on those two monster dicks who started to double-time at this encouragement. I could feel but not see my quads swelling and started to worry about the blood flow since they were hanging upside down. Even under Glutes' ministrations I could feel my neck and my jaw thickening.

Of course the Pride of the U's wrestling team could notice none of this, so involved were they in fucking the daylights out of me. I on the other hand was totally bemused by the extreme pleasure they were unwittingly giving me and the excitement as to what was going on in my own muscles.

At last the three panting god-heads all yelled and burst at once and I was filled by three giant loads of muscle-cum. Their spasms seemed to go on forever as they jerked their way into my welcoming body. But their final joint emission sparked off something else. My whole body seemed to explode into ecstacy and gave one almighty heave which unseated all three of them and snapped the ropes tying my wrists.

"Get those fucking ropes off my legs!"

Hardly recovered from their own ecstatic explosions, all three were shocked as they fell away from the bench and my writhing bod. Handsome was the first to recover.

Panic: "Jeez, guys, look at him! He's having some kind of a fit! Get him down quick!"

Marine untied the ropes and I staggered to my feet, nursing the blood back into my quads.

Awe: "Jeez, guys, just look at him!"

I stood up, stretched, and looked at what I could see of my new development. To begin with, I was now half a head taller than the mighty trio, and I was no longer a wimp! I felt my huge, ripped pecs, my basket-ball size bis, my pumpkin delts. I ran my hands over my sexy, ropy eight-pack, my beautiful mountains of striated glutes and reached down to my Platz--sized quads. Handsome came up behind me and laid his hands on my lats which I immediately and thickly spread for him to enjoy.

"Jeez, guys, feel this!" Then they were all three on me, crowing with delight as they "discovered" what they had just "created". Their hands went everywhere on my sweat-lubed muscles as they explored this huge new physique - pecs, bis, tris, delts, abs - then Marine was on his knees "exploring" the quads. Before you could say Joe Weider he had seized and was slobbering over the new massive, pulsing, veiny, hard dick in his mouth and Handsome and Glutes were egging me on to F-U-U-U-U-CK him. So I did.

As soon as I delivered a mighty wad down his grateful throat, Handsome was begging me to fuck him too. But Marine pulled him away from me, flung himself down on the bench, pulled his legs into the air so that I couldn't resist that virginal pink rosebud. Lubeless (plenty of pre-cum) I plunged in and made short work of him while the other two were massaging any part of my massive muscularity they could lay hands on.

I came hard into the depths of Handsome's being, yanked at Glutes: "You're next!"

I flung him face down on top of the still recumbent Handsome, yanked his butt up and mercilessly dug my still hard, still enormous, Handsome-lubed dick into the very hole that had so much enjoyed my tongue not so long ago. Handsome pulled his face down to kiss him while I fucked on. Marine was feeling left out of this party and somehow got his head between their two dicks and went to town on both of them while he jerked himself off. He was kind enough to reserve the triple outcome so that, when we had untangled ourselves from the whole sweaty, steamy, sticky, musky mess of muscle, I could slurp the lot out of his cupped hands and add yet another few inches. Great.

Yeah, these guys were truly gay by the time I had finished with them! Something had reformatted their libidos - if not their brains. I was welcomed into the fraternity and the four of us became a real brotherhood of gay muscle. I got taught how to wrestle. We were unbeaten as a team for the whole three years we were there. One for all and all for one forever.

By the time we had all fucked our way through the rest of that frat house, they were all gay and the fraternity was renamed Gamma Mu Phi. You can work out what that stood for. •

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