Twas Late Night Before Closing

By Rienzope

Twas late night before closing, when all through the gym Came the sound of iron, it was Melvin bombing his big arms ag'in. His arms they were huge, big round and fat He stood near a mirror, his feet braced on a mat.

The people were nestled around him in awe Of Melvin's huge body, bulky massive and raw. You see he'd been growing much bigger of late. Swelling and expanding to an unbelievable state.

The weights he dropped down and then smiled at himself His chest he pushed out, so it looked much like a shelf His shoulders were shiny from skin stretched too tight The pump it had swelled them to look quite a fright.

Now Melvin raised arms up and over his head Curling his wrists, forearms puffed like loafs of bread. His bicep jumped up, nearly reaching his fist. He poked his lips out and then gave one a kiss.

"I'm as big as a house and I'm still not done growing." He spread his back out, ripping and tearing the sewing. He laughed at the sound, and simply stretched it out wider. And the people stepped back, to make room for the monster.

"I'll gain even more, I'll pack on muscle in slabs." He crunched pecs together, then tightened his abs Muscles bulged and strained, showing every striation. Veins bulged out all over, he got an ovation.

His head it seemed tiny between between his two traps. Traps riddled with veins, so they looked like road maps. His chest, shoulders and back with massive muscle did follow So huge in fact, it threatened his head to soon swallow.

Now Melvin he straightened, a foot taller than all Who looked at the hulk full of muscles that sprawl. "Can anyone guess at the size of my chest" Melvin was asking, but only partly in jest.

"60". "No 70". "Maybe 80 at least." Sheep's voices spoke out, answering the beast. "Why don't we see, let's get a tape." For a moment they stood there, mouths wide a gape.

"Let's go you guys, I'm not kidding on this." They looked in gym bags, the desk , then in the office. Melvin he waited, inspecting his muscle While the crowd scurried `round, making a bustle.

A rope from a closet, in a corner a yardstick. Not the best you could use, but it could do the trick. One slid a bench over, and stood up on it's top While big Melvin was patient, not signal to stop.

He raised his arms just a little, to make room for the rope One fished the rope under, and reach `round to grope For the end of the cord, but Melvin's size was too much So asked for assistance, which he got – just a touch.

He pulled ends together, and marked the spot with his thumb Melvin smiled down on him and said "Come, come." "Let me expand it, inflate my lungs with fresh air." "Then I'll flex and squeeze this mighty big pair."

He inhaled rather deeply and spread out his thick back. His pecs they jumped out, with muscle fibers were packed. The guy with the rope was jerked by the expansion Melvin was not a house but instead was a mansion.

They laid down the rope on the floor to take measure With the yardstick they had, and Melvin looked down in pleasure They layed down the stick, but picked it up twice and again To cover the length of their overblown friend.

"We get ninety nine when you stood still" "And one twenty two when your lungs were at fill." Melvin felt good, and smirked in reaction. "Let's measure some more, I like this action."

And rope off they did, every inch of his body Writing down the numbers, so big they were bawdy. "We get fifty for arms and for thighs we get eighty. "Calves are at forty and and waist just under thirty.

"As for your height, you stand seven feet tall." "And you're seven feet wide, heck your back is a wall." Melvin was shocked, this he did not think That he was this big, that he'd massed passed the brink.

The brink of a human. He was now well passed that. He dropped to the bench, on his big ass he sat. How much did he weigh? That he wondered outloud "Why don't we see," a voice came from the crowd.

Melvin looked up, my that was a thought. How big was big, that answer he sought. He gathered himself up, and stood on the floor He strained a bit, from the pump he was sore.

He now moved toward the scale in the back room His height and his mass made a shadow that loomed His legs were enormous and not made for walking The crowd followed him and could be heard talking.

He threw one over other in a wide sweeping motion The crowd they did follow and made a commotion. "Look at him walk. He's too big to move." "Why get so big. There's nothing to prove."

As his feet hit the ground, the thigh muscles shuddered The earth shook below, and the crowd's voices muddered "My God look at that. He's a building with feet. No one larger exists, he's got the world beat."

When he got to the door, he was stopped in his tracks That he couldn't fit through was a simply a fact. "We'll bring the scale out here, so you can see what you weigh" And a couple ran in and brought it out straight away.

Melvin was careful as he stood on the pad "Go for it, man" came a shout from a young lad. The dial in went round once, then once again It went round and round, two more times then.

Three hundred four times, he knew what it meant He stepped off the scale, which his huge bulk had bent He'd grown and he'd grown to an incredible girth Two hundred times bigger than he was at his birth.

Melvin spoke no words, but went back to his work. He went to the dumbbells and gave them a jerk On the bar he piled plates one on the other Someone whispered in low tone, "what a big MOTHER."

Melvin he heard, and layed his finger aside of his nose With a crossed brow and a glare, the guy just froze "It's true that I'm big, yes a bulked hulked mass beast." "But that doesn't bother me, not in the least."

"I've wanted to be huge, a true muscle freak." Forever my goal, it's what I seek. But now that I'm here doesn't mean I should quit For as big as I am, I have to admit…

"I want to be bigger. Then bigger still. And even that wouldn't do, I can't get my fill." He rocked back on the bench to do some chest presses And the crowd it lay silent, after his confesses.

`Twas late night before closing, when all through the gym Came the sound of iron, it was Melvin bombing his big pecs ag'in. His pectorals were monstrous, big round and bloated Veins they protruded, and with sweat skin was coated. •

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