New Army, A


By Muscle Head

I got Hank and about 10 other guys in the freshman class with me over to my house and talked to them. I said, "We've got to do something about this "Studpatrol". They are making everybody's life miserable at school"

The others agreed and Tim, a smallish blond kid said, "Yeah that's easy for you to say. They really don't pick on you because you've got muscles!"

I said, "That's exactly what I have in mind...what if start our own army of guys with muscles?"

Tim asked, "And do you think that would be?"

"You all, you will be the muscle guys.!"

There was a great deal of laughter at that. Tim flexed his puny little arm and barely a bump rose up on it and said, "Yeah us big muscled dudes will do it."

"I didn't say you were muscle guys yet, but we can change that if you want to. I'll set up a training program and we'll make our own guys all can be muscle guys if you want!"

They sat there for minute thinking about what I had said, and then one by one they said they were in.

That's when the work really started.

I never realized how lazy teenagers really were it was hard getting them together, keep them out of McDonald's and other greasy food joints, and from just not showing up to work out. But we persisted.

And then there was the Studpatrol. They got wind of what I was doing and started intimidating some of my guys.

But over time I ended up with about 15 boys in my class who were dedicated to getting big and strong! Because of the number we started working out at the Y. We could all work out with buddies doing different body parts. At first it seemed like not much was happening, but then one day a couple of months after we had started little Tim came over to me and apologized for his negative remarks the first night we had been together. He had been one of the most faithful member and had been really hard at it during those months. After he apologized he pulled his sleeve up and flexed his arm...WHOA! I couldn't believe the bump that rose up. That first night we couldn't hardly see a bump, now there was a large hard veined knot of muscle there! I reached over and felt it and it was hard as a rock. He wasn't ready to take on the Studpatrol, but we were on our way.

By the time of Christmas break that year we all met in the basement of my house. I said, "Guys, we've been working out now since the first of September and I know you have been faithful at the gym. Let's see the results, everyone take their shirts off!"

All around the room the guys looked at each other with a bit off shyness. These had not been guys to show off their bodies. In fact most of them worked out in long sleeve sweats and sweat pants.

Tim was first, again I was astonished at the change. Here was not a little boy any longer, but a young man. His shoulders were broad and muscular, his pecs had begun to really round out with his nipples pushed down. His stomach rippled with muscles and then he flexed his arm. It had been a couple of months since he had flexed for me in the gym. Now there was a bonifed, hard, large peak on his arm that had not been there then. The change from that first night was astonishing.

With this encouragement the other guys started stripping and they too showed lots of real development as well. Tim was by far the largest of them. I still was the biggest having added lots of real muscle since I too had been working out.

"We're still not ready to take on the Studpatrol, but we're almost there. Let's really push ourselves during the next three weeks of vacation and see what can do when we really put our all into this!" They all flexed their bodies and said in unison, "YES, YES, YES!!!"

Well we did, and the next three weeks I made sure that they all worked out in tanks and shorts so they could see each others muscles growing harder and bigger!

One of the guys mom owned a tanning salon and she invited us to come during break and get tanned. One of the boys dad was a hair stylist and had us all in to get similar haircuts to make us look tougher. Another guys Dad owned a screen printing shop and he made up for us tank tops and muscle shirts to wear at school with our own muscle pumping logo.

The first day of school that January, we were tanned, groomed, dressed, and absolutely buff, muscles everywhere.

While there had been rumors a school about the new Army, no one had really given it any thought until these 16 (counting me) new muscle guys showed up for class. •

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