By Also_KnownAs

"Holy fuck!"

"In a manner of speaking." Chuck stood there, staring across the room toward the brightly lit dance floor. All action had come to a sudden stop except for the center of that space where Adam, in all his perfect splendor and awesome beauty and overwhelming muscular size and power, stood with his feet set wide apart, his huge hard prick in his hands, a look of complete and utter pleasure on his beautiful face and a smile as wide and bright as the sun as he continued spraying his unending and super-charged load of hot, creamy cum across the dozens of young men surrounding him.

The music continued to pump its deep rhythmic bass that seemed to pas through their bones and Adam continued to sway and jerk and thrust to the beat, losing none of his ultra sexual dance moves even as he stood there pumping a fountain of thick spunk onto the exposed – and now expanding – muscle and flesh of the young, beautiful, gay men that were now becoming increasingly huge and beautiful as each deep bass beat thumped across the room.

"We should do something," Frazz said softly, clearly in awe of what he was watching.

"Probably," agreed Chuck, swallowing hard and feeling his own ample dick starting to feel very hot and hungry indeed.

Because what was happening was beyond belief, almost beyond reality. Adam clearly was holding back somewhat, since no one had as yet sprouted another dozen feet taller and shot through the ceiling. What was happening, instead, was that every man on the dance floor within reach of Adam's fountain – and it had quite a reach – was suddenly swelling with massive, round bulges of muscle. They were not expanding by the foot, grown suddenly too huge to fit within the room and rising through the roof, but instead they seemed to be suddenly replaced by more perfect versions of who they were, grown larger certainly but not gigantic. Instead, the young men seemed to reach a similar height and then stop. There were variations of appearance and thickness, and it was apparent that some of these guys were where Joe had been when Chuck had Transformed him, still inside the cage of puberty and now breaking through those bars and attaining a form of perfect beauty and muscular power awesome to behold.

Chuck watched it happen over and over. A young man, dark brown hair, thin build, hairless, his arms over his head, his mouth open and shouting, his body slick with sweat would suddenly expand outward as Adam's seed touched him, swelling like a balloon, one moment the stringy youth he was and the next moment sprouting curls on his massive chest, his neck thick, his shoulders bulging, the arms over his head now overflowing with fat balls of power. His white skin darkened to gold, his flat belly now rippled with a prominent six pack, his lats unfolding like wings, his whole frame stretching suddenly inches taller and there he was, not the young boy but now the young man, the beautiful, perfect, muscular young man whipping out his own huge, fat, long dick and stroking himself until he was unloading on those around him – and anyone left untouched by Adam's muscle fuel found that this young muscle man's cum was changing them, too.

It was a chain reaction that just kept going, rippling outward like a stone thrown into a pool, and heads were growing taller, shoulders growing wider, chests expanding out and swelling into broad, thick globes with dark round nipples sitting at the far edge of all that prime meat. Dark forests of body fur climbed across some of those muscled contours, more thick curls growing out of deep pits and valleys between mountains of power. Pants and shirts ripped themselves apart, unable to withstand the muscular growth occurring everywhere now. Adonises and Samsons and Herculeses sprouting like mushrooms, growing more muscular by the second, a rippling tide of masculine beauty and purified power swelling outward and upward to fill the room.

The mass of muscle kept expanding outward through the crowd. Men were blossoming into huge muscular monsters closer to Chuck now, and he watched the cables of power swell into being under the slick, gleaming skin of young men near him. They were tearing through their shirts, bursting seams and expanding outward with more and more muscular power. Shoulders swelled and split into distinct lobes. Biceps bulged like balloons, overrun with branches of veins pumping them larger stills. Chests bloomed with brawn, swelling huge and round and thick, capped with round, perfect nipples with fat little caps begging a tongue bath. Necks stretched and widened, waists narrowed and hardened, soft bellies were suddenly hard cobblestone streets with rock-hard six packs. Forests of dark curls erupted across those rippling bodies, dusting the gleaming flesh with soft, manly fur.

And they were kissing and groping, licking and caressing, stroking and sucking. Everywhere he looked, Chuck saw couples and threesomes and foursomes and fivesomes, powerful muscled limbs pulling more into the mass embrace. The place stank of sex. Strings and pools of the powerful transforming cum coated the men's skin and they drank up the power and grew more sexually charged, more sensually aware, more powerful still. Their bodies had been transformed into perfect sexual machines of powerful muscular perfection and the fed on each other's creamy white fuel.

Chuck heard something, a deep growl, a heavy moan, and he looked over at Moose and his mouth fell open.

The guy's body seemed to be rippling. His meaty hands were tearing his own shirt open because before him, together, stood Tommy and Jeff. They'd been improved by Adam's flood and could now improve others, and they stood in naked glory stroking their long dicks with smooth, easy, leisurely caresses, their balls drooping and churning with their heavy loads and they released themselves across Moose's huge form, and their powerful cum soaked into his shirt and through it, to his skin and drilled into his muscle and began to turn the food of his fat into hard, bulging power.

He was shrinking and growing simultaneously, his round heavy tits lifting up and then growing outward as they filled with muscle. His fat belly seemed to suck inward toward his rib cage and then solidify and swell with huge abdominals so deeply carved that they looked like a carton of eggs. Chuck's mouth hung open as he watched the metamorphosis of this young man from what he had been to what he would be from now on, and it was an amazing display.

Everything was changing very quickly. His sagging skin gripped onto his burgeoning muscle and grew sleek and gleaming. He was sweating profusely, his body literally drenched with wetness as it expanding all that energy he was storing to build his muscles into mountains of brawn. His chest was rising and falling as he sucked in air, his eyes closed and his mouth open, stretched out in his chair and now stretching outward as his skeleton expanded to be able to accommodate all that he was growing.

Because he was getting huge, bigger that any of the other guys going through this mass muscle growth. Whether that was because of the personal attention that Tommy and Jeff were paying to him, or the fact that his body was packing enormous quantities of energetic fuel Chuck had no idea, but as he approached the size and thickness of the others around him, he didn't stop.

He just kept going.

Seeing what was happening, Jeff and Tommy exchanged looks and kept feeding their friend what he so obviously needed. How big would he get? How much muscle could a man have? They didn't know the extent of Chuck's magnificent body and had no idea that a man could get that big, and watching it happened was making them more excited than ever and the flow of their cream increased as they willed their changed bodies to do as they asked, pumping Moose's already huge frame to ever larger dimensions.

Frazz nudged Chuck and waggled his eyebrows, clearly impressed with what was happening around them. Chuck felt a hand on his ass and assumed it was Frazz, but turning he was suddenly looking into the face of a youthful beauty who was changing as Chuck watched, his body swelling outward by the inch as the Transformation process continued. The kid locked lips with Chuck and shoved his hand down the larger man's shorts, popping his fly and stroking the monster inside.

Suddenly, hands were everywhere on Chuck's body, stroking and caressing and demanding him to join the orgiastic frenzy of man sex and muscle growth.

Chuck's mind reached out to Frazz, connecting easily to convey his thoughts about their current situations. ::Don't go ballistic yet, lover. We need to contain this if we can to where it already is.::

::Why?:: From the tone of his reply, Chuck could tell that Frazz was also becoming fully engaged in the sensual bliss all around them and was finding it hard to resist letting go of everything and going on all out muscle assault on the dozens of beautiful young men surrounding them. Waves of sexual hunger and satisfaction came through with the words, and though he couldn't see his friend he knew that the guy was being pleasured in a manner that neither had experienced since The Sharing.

::Just to be on the safe side. I don't know what would happen, or what has happened, to these guys. Adam isn't exactly like us, you know. He wasn't Transformed. He is the stuff, all of him. He may have lost control there, but these guys aren't beanstalking through the roof – yet – so I'd rather try to keep things at this level until we figure out… oh, Jesus Christ on a pogo stick!::

::What? What is… oh.:: Chuck sent Frazz a mental image of what he was enjoying and they shared the sensations of the thick, talented pricks ramming his ass for a few seconds before Chuck had to turn his full concentration on keeping the mindspeech connection intact in the face of the overwhelming pleasure his body was experiencing. ::Anyway, have fun but don't… you know.::


Chuck broke the connection and reached out for Adam. He may have total control over his body's ample talents, but sometimes it was hard to maintain that control – especially when he didn't really want to. It was easier to do one thing at a time with his head while his body was otherwise engaged. Naked flesh was pressing against him from every angle, his own body had been stripped and he was finding it a challenge not to release his secondary prick and start fully Transforming every guy in the room. ::Adam.::

::Hi, Chuck!:: He sounded happy and excited and filled with love. Just like always.

::Not that I mind – particularly at the moment – but didn't I mention that you shouldn't Transform anyone?::

::But they wanted it so much. I could feel it. The… desire.:: ::Maybe they just wanted you.::

::They did, but they wanted more. They wanted what I had, to be with me and be like me. To be together. I'm sorry, was I wrong to do it? I only changed them a little bit.::

Chuck looked at the array of awesome and overwhelming masculine beauty and strength and size everywhere he looked, and wondered what Adam considered `a little bit' of something. Maybe all the sex they'd been sharing almost constantly was what Adam considered `a little bit of fucking.' ::What do you mean, a little bit?:: Someone was tonguing Chucks asshole. Lips suckled his tit. His huge dick was swallowed whole by someone else. His mouth was deeply kissing another, he could feel the gruff buzz of the guy's whiskers against his cheek. Hands pulled his butt cheeks wider to dig that tongue deeper, too.

::I made them bigger. Stronger, like they wanted. But they can't fly. And they can't talk like us, like this. And they won't get bigger than me.:: Adam still hadn't attained the full height that Chuck and Frazz could attain. He was just a baby, a growing boy. He only stood 6-8 in stocking feet. So these guys would all be 6-8. And strong as fuck. And...

::And what about making other guys big.::

::Yes, Chuck. They can do that if they want to. Make other guys big like they are. It makes them happy!:: And there was nothing Adam wanted more than to love everyone and make them happy, of course. ::Is that okay?::

Chuck tried to consider the ramifications of this. A room full of young men bursting with muscular beauty able to leave this dark dance floor tonight and go out onto the street and fuck any other guy to a state of muscular development and sexual hunger about ten times the average. A town filled with bodybuilder fuck fanatics who could bench press a Buick and fuck and cum almost constantly. It seemed there had to be something wrong with that, but in his current state of sexual bliss surrounded by more amazing male beauty and power and muscle and size and long, hard, talented cocks than he'd ever been surrounded by, it was hard to remember what it was. ::It's okay,:: he answered finally, and Adam sent him waves of love in return.

He was pumping a thick load down someone's throat. He could feel hot, sticky splashes of cum on his chest and ass and legs, his body hungrily soaking all the young power inside himself (at least, he thought absently, there won't be anything to clean up afterwards) making him feel energized and powerful and hornier still when a large hand was behind his head, behind his neck, pulling him forcefully away from the tangle of limbs and lips and his mouth was pulled to another and he opened his eyes and saw animal lust and hunger reflected back in the eyes that met his gaze.

"Hello, handsome," the young man growled, his voice as deep and powerful as a storm. He was a bear of a man, his huge muscled body covered with a carpet of wet fur. It was plastered against his huge chest and rippled belly. His shoulders bulged almost out of sight, and he had the squared jaw and chiseled features of a greek god, his face sculpted of bronze flesh.

"Hello yourself," Chuck answered, kissing him back. "And who might you be?"

The guy smiled, his face breaking into dimples. He winked and lifted an arm, showing off the fat, hard ball of muscle he owned. It rose and swelled and split into distinct heads. His skin was paper thin over the striated fibers of his brawn, and a strong scent of musky sexy funk came from the deep, dark armpit his masses of muscle produced. "Moose."

Chuck smiled, looking at the final product. He towered over the others, his body transformed utterly into a thing of massive muscle so huge and hard that he looked like a walking wall, a rippled mass of perfected power. He stretched wide and potent everywhere. Thick cables of muscle branched along his limbs, swelling and flexing almost like an afterthought, branched with finger-thick veins that visibly throbbed and pumped. He dripped with male power, it came off him in waves, and he was still growing.

Chuck felt something hot press against his belly and he realized it was this young man's cock, swollen 14 inches high and thick as a beer can. A heavy trail of precum coated the glistening surface and the sex meat was hot as molten steel. The hand on the back of his neck felt equally warm against his oen skin, Moose's fingers dug into the burr of his short black hair, the powerful young man pressing his developing body and its massive muscles against Chuck's own. "Man, I want you. I've wanted you since I saw you."

"Most do," he answered truthfully.

"Do you want me?" He leaned forward and kissed Chuck's lips. The kiss was deep and hard and hungry. He whispered gruffly, "Tell me you want me. Tell me you want to fuck me hard."

"I do," Chuck replied. "I want to fuck you hard. I want to fuck you so hard you'll remember me forever. I want to be the best goddam fuck you'll ever have." Then Chuck kissed him back, before adding, "And I will be, too." All around them, the frenzy of sex continued. They both felt other men groping for them, stroking them, wanting them. Chuck wrapped his arms around Moose's nearly seven foot frame and could feel his body swelling with hard brawn. It turned him on even more, made his heavy cock pulse and stretch, the head drooping and freeing itself from its tight fleshy cowl. He wanted this young man all to himself, and wanted to help him get even bigger. "Where can we go?"

Moose smiled fiercely and turned, taking Chuck's hand in his own and leading him through the darkened club toward the back. "My place isn't far."

"You don't mind wandering around town dressed in you birthday suit?"

He paused and stretched his frame to its full height, looked down at his new dimensions, his massive muscles bulging larger by the second, his chest expanding slowly but surely, his thighs swelling and separating, his arms hung with slabs of hard, powerful meat. His torso shook as he laughed, then he said, "Not when it's so well tailored I don't." He scratched his chin, his eyes flashing. "Hell, it's one of my fantasies, Chuck. Walking around in public buck naked and strutting my stuff unashamed for everyone to look at. I want to be out there, right now. I want them to look." He struck a most muscular pose as if he'd been doing it all his life, and the deep cuts and fat balls of his muscles stood starkly on his stretching body. "Fuckin' A, Chuck." He reached forward and opened the backdoor.

A rush of cool air swam over their bodies as they emerged into an alley behind the place. It was dark here, and Chuck took advantage of their first moments alone by shoving Moose against the brick wall and shoving his tongue inside the boy's mouth. He didn't look like a boy at all anymore, his huge frame carpeted with dark curls and his once soft features now sharpened to razor intensity, his face a sculpture of hard angles and dark shadows. Moose's arms surrounded him and help him so tightly he felt his breath leave him. The kid didn't know his own strength, yet, and Chuck wasn't expecting so much of it so suddenly.

But he loved it. He shoved himself against Moose, chest to chest, all hard muscle and soft fur. His nipples tingled with anticipation and his nakedness made him feel extremely horny. He knew exactly what Moose was talking about.

And there was light at the end of the alley, and a murmur of voices. And he wanted them to look. "Which way," he asked hopefully. Moose nodded toward the light, and in a second they were strolling toward the crowd, dicks swaying heavily and muscles bulging. "You haven't asked any questions," Chuck observed.

Moose shook his head. "Why question miracles?" Then he looked over. "Besides, there's time enough for talk later." They strode into the street light's pool of illumination and paused, just standing there, two naked muscular forms of masculine perfection. Moose had a grin as wide as the Grand Canyon on his beautiful face and Chuck felt a rush of anticipation and desire as he cleared his throat and said, "Good evening, gentlemen. Lovely night, isn't it?"

A few of the young men turned, then a few more, and suddenly they were surrounded again by men, but this time they were clothed and unaltered and awestruck at what they saw before them. Chuck and Moose stood there, two swarthy muscular studs with huge dicks, their muscular bodies bulging huge and hard, bronze and copper skin sleek with sweat. Moose's huge form looked even bigger outside, away from the transformed perfection within the bar. Among the guys outside, he was a tower of fat, hard power. Huge heavy rounded mounds of brawn hung from his chest.

Chuck could tell that the young man was still getting bigger, incredibly, even minutes after he'd been exposed. He wondered if the men around them could tell, could see it happening, watch the already huge dude getting bigger still, his chest swelling outward, the muscles multiplying even now, his shoulders stretching wider to accommodate all the raw powerful beef filling in along his arms and lats. His neck was as thick as his head, and the shadow of a beard on his face was filling in thick and full.

Whispers passed among the crowd, and it was clear they were mesmerized. Then Chuck felt Moose's heavy arm hang across his own shoulders and the strong youth was pulling their mouths together, his other hand reaching down to fondle and stroke Chuck's massive dick. Chuck reached up and pinched Moose's nipple as his grip also found the kid's hard, round ass flesh and he gripped on and kneaded, digging his fingers into the silken skin and steel muscle, then reaching his middle digit toward Moose's sweet, hot asshole and plugging it in, twirling and toying with his friend's sex.

"I can't wait," Moose breathed, his voice a deep rumble. "Fuck me. Do it right here. Right now."

"With pleasure," Chuck answered, and he took hold of the man's wide shoulders and spun him around. Moose set his feet wide and shoved his ass high and Chuck grabbed his cock and made himself hard and shoved inside, thrusting hard and fast and furious into the muscular butt. Gushes of honey erupted out as he released a flood of lubing precum.

It splashed against his pelvis and dripped down Moose's thick legs. Chuck pumped more Transform into the man, lengthening his growth cycle still longer, feeling the bear in front of him changing yet again, growing more massive with a sudden burst of growth.

Chuck was, he would have admitted, over-excited by it all. For one thing, Moose had a beautiful ass. The guy defined bubble butt. Round, firm, high and smoothly powerful. His skin glowed under the street lamp and Chuck wanted to take a bite out of those perfect plums. It felt so good to be inside him, to push his huge prick deep into the warm, tight perfection between Moose's fat-muscled legs. Chuck closed his eyes and pushed with more than his powerful cock, shoving a load of Transform into Moose's body to push him just that much further to the peak of masculine perfection.

Someone said, "Holy shit," and the crowd woke up. Moose was getting bigger, there was no way they could miss it now. His back widened and his chest swelled and his whole body seemed suddenly to be inches larger everywhere. Chuck shoved himself inside deeply, allowing his cock to lengthen and swell, and he heard Moose grunt with pain and pleasure and felt his body buck. Moose started to fuck against Chuck's thrust, to pull him inside and hold him there. Chuck could feel the fuck along every millimeter of his hugeness, he started to accompany each thrust with a wave of The Touch, amplifying the pleasure ten-fold. A hundred-fold. It felt unbearably good.

The crowd parted and there was the bouncer again, looking ready to start ripping things apart. But he was outmatched and outclassed and he knew it. Chuck and Moose were beyond huge, now. Gigantic men, each over eight feet tall and packed with more muscle than humanly possible. Moose's body was expanding, unfolding with brawn, and Chuck was allowing himself to keep up, inch for inch, pound for pound.

"What the fuck," the guy said, and his hand went automatically to his groin, to the cock held caged inside his black Levi's and now growing stiff at what he saw. As if smelling the prey at his mercy, Moose lifted his head and reached his hands forward and literally tore the man's jeans open, breaking the zipper and ripping his Calvins unto his little – by comparison – dick sprung out already hard and red. Moose grabbed it and rubbed his thumb across the tip and there were suddenly more ripping sounds as Moose passed some of what he had become into the doorman.

The guy's shoulders, within seconds, had swollen so large that they tore through his white T-shirt. His arms were bursting the sleeves as their biceps and triceps grew so quickly it appeared they were being inflated by a high-pressure pump. Veins appeared under his skin and branched across his shoulders and down his arms and the guy threw back his head in obvious ecstasy and gasped, sucking cool air into his burning lungs.

His body was super-heated with growth, it was happening everywhere and very suddenly. His body expanded at first as if it were simply magnifying, as if he was getting closer but no larger. Then, when his frame had prepared itself, his muscles took over.

Some guys already had their own dicks out and were stroking as they watched the miracle. Other guys were dumbstruck, mouths hanging open, agog at the site. Still others were stroking each other, caressing and kissing, stripping each other from their clothes as if awaiting their own changes.

The doorman opened his eyes and a smile of ultimate pleasure wound across his lips. His face was changing, now, narrowing and perfecting itself. He looked Arabic, and his heritage was making itself known more fully as his DNA cleansed and perfected his genetic structure as he changed and became better than he was, more and more powerful. His chin jutted forward and his brow grew heavier. His neck stretched longer as his shoulders stretched wider and now his legs were bursting the seams of his jeans, slicing through the heavy denim and exposing their new, hard cables of brawn.

Moose pulled him forward and swallowed his lengthening cock, sucking hard and deep against him. He was growing slower now, but steady. New muscle crawled across his form, building him larger by the inch, swelling his chest and shoulders and arms. He was still breathing hard and a sheen of sweat made his whole body gleam, deepening the valleys between his mountains of brawn. He'd been blessed with a large chest before, and now it was still his most prominent feature.

One of his hands rested on the back of Moose's head as if holding his mouth on the dude's growing dick, while the other crawled across that broad expanse of chest muscles, plucking and pinching and rubbing the fat nipples as he gasped from whatever immense swelling of orgasmic bliss he was feeling.

Chuck grinned his sideways grin as he watched, and then his attention was caught by another young man behind the bouncer. This young man, an evidently forward little guy, was wrapping his pale arms around the door man's waist and then his intention was made clear as he ripped the growing man's tattered jeans off his body, leaving him as naked as Chuck and Moose. The guy was paying particular attention to the bouncer, but Chuck couldn't see clearly what he was doing. It was almost a form of worship, his hands moving across the broadening back and snaking muscles there.

Then the little guy moved out from behind and Chuck could see that he, too, was naked. He was very thin and very white. Chuck could see what his skeleton would look like stripped of the pale skin suctioned onto it. He had no chest to speak of and his arms and legs could clean pipes. He did, however, possess a very long – but equally thin – dick. That length of sex meat was slowly growing erect as the boy moved his hands across the developing contours of the dark-skinned bouncer. He set his hands against the man's flesh and let them feel the growth happening. Chuck smiled as he watched, and he started to imagine this thin body swelling as large as the man he revered. He was fucking Moose in the ass, Moose was sucking the bouncer's dick and the bouncer was exploring his own burgeoning body when it happened, something Chuck was hardly expecting but probably should have. The vision inside his head of that thin body swelling with muscle started to happen. He thought at first that the bouncer had managed to somehow morph The Touch himself and was transforming the little guy through his skin, but it was when the thin boy turned around that Chuck saw what had really happened.

In short, the party had broken out of the club. The line of men waiting to get in had been growing fresh, powerful muscle for some time, apparently, and now that rippling wave of muscular development had reached here, the end of the line. The little guy's back was dripping with a thick, warm coating of white creamy cum, and as his body drank it inside the muscle was swelling like rising dough under his skin. Fat cables crawled under his white flesh like snakes, meeting each other and spreading thick and wide across his back. •

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