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By Rienzope

The straps began to tighten across his back. He spread his arms as far as he could and clutched at the thing. The straps now squeezed his lungs empty. He gritted his teeth to brace himself. Suddenly he was thrown forward. The straps cut into his back but they held. Again. "Uhhnnn". Again. He lost consciousness.

He peered out from under his heavy brows, the furrows dripping with sweat. He squinted to see the light coming from the far end of the hangar. The thing partially blocked it, so it formed a quartermoon silhouette. He could hear the sound of heavy equipment outside. The rumble of engines and the beeping they make when they back up. ------

"Same M.O." said Mulder.

"Either after or during sex, something entered the vagina where it was forced through the abdomen, torso and throat. It crushed her internal organs. She was torn apart from the inside out and nearly split in two" Scully was clinical.

"It's the third one found in the D.C. area this week." Mulder inspected the body on the coroner's steel table.

"It doesn't make sense."

"It somehow never does."

"That's aside from the point. The DNA indicates three different men. The women seem to have nothing in common. These injuries are like nothing I've ever seen."

-------- "Good Morning Big Guy." Came a muffled voice from the floor below. Out of the corner of his eyes he could see one of the technicians in his white protective gear. "Looks like you're going to need a little more slack." He felt the straps loosen as the tech disappeared underneath him. He took a deep breath and arched his back. That felt much better.

The hydraulics of the mechanical arms groaned as they dropped from the ceiling. They were part of the automatic car wash guts that was installed. The wheels spun, and the feathery fibers brushed gently against the thing. He could feel it swelling against him. The straps tightened, but not did not crush him this time.

------ "It must have come right through the wall there." The frumpy housewife said.

"Did you see what caused the damage ma'am." Scully asked.

"No, it must have happened while Fred and I were sleeping. Just look at this mess. It broke half of my bone china miniature elephant collection." She bend over to pick up some of the ceramic chips. "Oooh… and more of this darn goop too." She wiped her fingers on her flannel pink pajama pants.

"I wouldn't touch that Mrs. Lodgiwietz."

"A little late for that honey. I cleaned up plenty already."

Mulder entered. "No body in the apartment next door. Lieutenant, why did you call us down here."

"You need to talk to the girl friend."

"What, a witness?"

"We've already taken her down to the station."

Mulder walked over to the hole in the wall and leaned over to the other side. The hole was directly above the headboard of an unmade bed.

-------- He glanced at the four huge plasma tanks. Not too long ago there was only one. Six inch diameter tubes ran out from the bottom of each one, along the floor, and up to it. Although he couldn't see how they were connected, he knew they had to be.

It was suspended by mesh of cables, precisely spaced 6 feet above the floor, stretching from one side of the building to the other. Out of boredom he tried to count them at least a couple of times a day, but there were thousands and they became indistinguishable in the distance. The mesh strained under the weight of the thing and bowed to the floor under the great weight of the wrecking ball sized globes which his feet rested on.

------- "Big. Big. Big. That's all he could think of." She crushed her cigarette in the ashtray. "lifts his weights all day long. His favorite meal is seconds. He won't tell me what he weighs, but it's got to be over 300 pounds by now."

"So why did they call him pee wee?" Mulder probed.

"High school. You know how teens can be cruel. One of the kids started teasing him in the shower after football practice. You know." She lit another. "He tried everything. Vacuum pumps, the works."

"So you go way back with him."

"Oh, yeah… years. We fooled around once in a while, you know. The other days he calls me and says he's got something to show me."

"What was that?"

"Well, we started messin' around and he whips it out, and its really huge. He's got this big smile on his face. I asked him what the $*# was that? He tells me he's been getting some new therapy from some Russian doctor."

"Did he tell you the doctor's name?"

"No, but he said he got it out of one of those National Enquirer type magazines."

"Great, I have a subscription to all of them." Mulder was matter of fact.

"So we had some sex, and it really hurt me. When he gets off the bed the damn thing is hanging down all the way to his knees. Then he says he wants to do it again."

"Did you."

"No way. I don't know how I could have. I said `I'm outta here.'"

"How did the hole get punched in the wall then?"

"Beats me. There was no hole when I left."

-------- "I wonder why they keep me alive" he mumbled out loud. But he knew why. Of course the tubes and electrodes met all of it's needs. It should be able to survive without him, but there was no reason to take the risk. He was a harmless parasite, a silly tic. The tubes that fed it, fed him too. He required little attention, just keep the straps from cutting him in half. He posed no danger to it and he certainly wasn't going anywhere.

The hydraulic arms lowered again as they did every twenty minutes. He could feel it sucking the plasma from the tanks, as if it were drinking through straws. He held tight as it lurched violently. It rocked back and forth on the mesh, the wrecking balls deforming slightly as thy pushed against the floor. It lurched forward again, then rocked back. He passed out. --------

Mulder walked briskly up to the security guard. "FBI. I need to speak to one of your guests." The guard stepped aside. Mulder observed the opulence of the home as he walked towards the din of chattering rich people.

"Dr. Sons-of-a bitch I presume." He asked of a bent over little man talking to the hostess.

"Well, actually, it's Dr. Sonsabietcz." He turned toward the hostess. "Excuse me dear."

"I'm answering your ad in the Weekly World News."

"A little short in the groin are we?"

"No, I was actually asking for a friend. A Mr. Pee Wee Jakes."

"I've never heard of him."

"I didn't ask you if you had."

"hors d'oeuvre?"

"Don't mind if I do." The doctor shuffled the tidbits on the tray. "I do enjoy the caviar here. Mind you it's not as good as where I come from, but it is tasty." He threw back his head and dropped the cracker down his throat. "You should have some young man. It's yummy."

Mulder's cell phone was buzzing. "Mulder here."

"I don't know how I missed this before."

"Missed what."

"The sperm samples are indeed human, but they are abnormal in size."

"Well, that was obvious at the crime scenes. There was enough semen to wallpaper the whole room."

"No Mulder. I've been look at the samples at 10x magnification. I usually set the scope at 100x magnification."

"So your saying that sperm is 10 times normal size."


"So the penus that produced them must also be 10 times normal size."

"No, that would be jumping to premature conclusions wouldn't it."

"Perhaps. But that hole we measured was 4 feet across."


"So we may really be looking for a man with a 12 foot long penis. Scully."

"He shouldn't be hard to find."

Molder clicked the top down on his phone. The doctor was gone.

------- He opened his eyes and lifted his naked body a couple of inches off the thing. That's all the straps would allow. It was feverishly hot and he felt sticky from the sweat. He rubbed the surface of it with his index finger. he could barely feel it. He smoothed it with his palm… still nothing. Angry now, he pounded on it with is fist. Nothing. No response. Horton Hears a Who came to mind.

He layed back down. `This is my hell' he thought. Call it greed or gluttony, 10 inches hadn't been enough. He wanted more. Well, he got more and he was still getting more. He heard the hydraulic arms again. Time for old faithful. It ached terribly. It was a hundred yards of ache and a moment of indescribable ecstasy. What else could it be but hell.

-------- "The case seems to have dried up." Mulder dropped the report on the Director's desk. "There has been no more reported incidences of overgrown males impaling young women. All of the suspects in the homicides are reported missing, along with the Russian doctor."

"I know I'll regret asking this, but what do you suppose happened."

"The good doctor performed some unknown procedure on the males which generated abnormal growth of the genitalia. The men killed their mates during intercourse when accelerated growth occurred."

"We believe the men would have passed out, and likely died during the intercourse also." "Explain."

"An erection of that size would have drained most of the male's blood. The men would have first lost consciousness as their blood pressure dropped and ultimately died. We believe only Mr. Jakes had a slim chance of surviving the erection."

"So where are these dead suspects?"

"We can only guess that the doctor had them under surveillance and collected the bodies after the homicides."

-------- The massive head spewed out the gluey juice. It flew into the stainless tank making a loud tinny bang. "Production continues to rise." Said one of the techs by the tank. The goo now flowed freely into the tank.

"200 liters an hour."

The other tech reached down into a tank and pulled out a transparent pollywog that he held between his pinched fingers.

"Sperm organisms are becoming quite sizable."

"And the growth of the bio-plant is remarkable. In the past 24 hours it's grown another 2 meters in both circumference and length."

"Don't remind me. As they say here, the horse will be out of the barn sooner than we'd like." He took off his head piece.

"How long before the new hangar will be finished?"

"Hopefully in time. Otherwise we'll have to throw a tarp over it so satellites don't spot it." He threw back his head and dropped the pollywog into his mouth. "wonderful flavor. These are going to fetch a fortune when we get them back to our homeworld."

"I must admit I've really developed a taste for them with stone ground crackers." •

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