Hot July, A

And Now, Connor


By FanTCMan

Ken stopped by the door of his car and turned around, smiling. He knew the kid, Connor, had followed him, and he looked as the guy passed him and kept going to a beat up old TransAm or some old muscle car. As Connor walked passed, he just stared at Ken, and Ken grinned, flexed up his torso a bit, and wrapped a hand around his big, thick, partly hard cock as if to say to the kid, "Come and get it."

The kid kept walking, but the boner in his baggy pants was sticking out so hard and straight that anyone could see it across the parking lot, if they looked. Ken could tell he was already past the point of caring. Ken himself had long since got past that point. They showed what they had, and if anyone had a problem with it, too fucking bad. He loved going into public places and seeing the expressions on faces of people who recognized him as one of the converts, initiates, whatever. He didn't much like the term mutant, which some people used, but he didn't much care, either. He didn't even care anymore when his huge cock started to get hard in public, although he had learned, as they all had, to control that. Right now, control was the last thing on his mind, and he didn't care at all.

When he arrived in his driveway, he waited in his car until Connor pulled up to the curb. When the kid didn't get out of the car right away, Ken strutted down to the driver's window, now releasing control totally and enjoying the feeling of his huge cock straining the stretchy fabric of his shorts. His cockhead was poking its shape hard out to the side, jutting past his hip so far it could be seen from behind. He chuckled thinking he hoped some neighbor was looking right now.

Connor sat in the car, the window down, waiting. When Ken looked in, he saw the rise in the kid's pants was as hard as before, a tentpole for sure, and he also saw that the whole front of the kid's pants was soaked with what he knew had to be cum.

"I . . . I tried to hold back. I didn't mean to," Connor stammered.

Ken leaned in close, reached in through the window and flipped the tip of the kid's boner, making the tent sway. "Don't worry about it, kid," he said. "Happens to all of us." He put a finger to the kid's full pouty lips and traced around them, sexy, taunting.

Connor took the finger into his mouth.

Ken pulled it out, reached down, flipped the inside door handle, and opened the door. "So you comin' in or what?"

Connor got out, totally aware that he was standing on a neighborhood street with one of those guys, both of them showing cock big time, his own pointing to his out-of-control sexual arousal, a stain the size of Texas, and just as aware of how totally hot, how completely turned on he was.

They went through the garage into the kitchen, and as soon as he had closed the doors, Ken turned to the kid.

"Take off your clothes," he demanded.

Connor stripped off his shirt, undid his pants and let them fall, pulled down his boxers, and stepped out of them.

"Nice," Ken said, looking him over.

Connor was obviously no jock, but a guy who had lifted some weights and done his cruches. He had a decent six-pack with a thin treasure trail that ran from his navel to his pubic hair. His pecs were flat but cut, his delts almost rounded, his arms not muscular, but not skinny, either. His dick was a nice one, though, probably over seven inches, cut, and thick enough to have proportionate heft. It jerked and streamed precum.

"Why don't you help me get out of my clothes," Ken said, watching how Connor was looking his body over. "They're awful tight."

Connor obeyed without question, lifting the tight tank up over the massive arms that Ken held up for him, pulling down the soft, tight shorts. Ken's cock and balls flopped loose, hitting Connor in the face as he pulled the shorts down the huge, thick legs and holding them so Ken could step out of them.

"Thanks," Ken said, looking down at the kid on his knees now in front of him. "You like that meat, don't ya, kid? Ever see such a huge fuckin' cock, such big fuckin' balls? Fuckin' hot, huh?

Connor looked up. His expression was dazed, lost in the lust that was sweeping him away.

"Yeah," was all he could manage to say.

"Go ahead, kid, touch it, see what if feels like. You're gonna have meat like that, too. You like that, kid? You want to be a fuckin' muscle freak with huge meat, too, don't ya, fucker?"

"Yeah." He could feel it in his bones, in every cell of his brain, his whole nervous system. Every place that thought or sensation lived in his body and mind wanted it. He reached up and took the huge cock in both hands and just stared as it grew harder and began to arch upward with such strength he could hardly pull it down. But he had to see what it would feel like to put it in his mouth.

"Yeah, sure you do. Already turning into a hot little muscle fag, aren't ya, boy? Want to taste my huge fuckin' cock."

"Yes sir." The answer came automatically. He would do whatever this man wanted, be whatever he wanted him to be.

"Stand up," Ken ordered.

Connor stood.

"Let's see you flex," Ken said.

Connor flexed both arms, and rounded biceps popped up. His eyes widened at the sight of his own arms. He felt his flexed left arm with his right hand, and it felt hard and thick. He grinned with surprise.

"Yeah, fuckin' hot little muscle fag."

Poof, another cloud of mist surrounded the kid's head.

"Breathe deep," Ken said, and spritzed himself.

"Come on, check it out, muscle boy."

Ken led Connor to the bedroom where a full length mirror revealed that already the kid's body had begun its change. His pecs were fuller, thicker, had begun to spread wider. His lats had begun to thicken and his V shape was more noticeable. Ken stood behind him, carressing the young, growing muscles from behind so the kid could see it all, feeling him slowly, the arms, the shoulders, wider, broader, heavier, the traps building into mounds, the lats spreading, the pecs, beginning to roll over and create creases under them, slowly down the tight, ridged abs, the trail, already thicker, and, finally, the cock, which was, by now, flipping itself up hard against his belly, precum flying from its swollen head, bigger than before.

"Already startin', kid. You like how that feels?"

"Fuck yeah," Connor said.

Ken hefted the kid's balls.

"Gettin' bigger everywhere. Fuckin' stud, muscle boy. You like that?"

"Fuck, man. I fuckin' love it. I'm so fuckin' hot man. I'm cummin', right now, I'm cummin'."

"Yeah, hot fuckin' muscle boy. Gimme that juice, kid. Don't waste it. Never waste it. If you're not feeding it to someone, drink it yourself, man. It's nectar, boy, it's grow juice. Give it to me."

Ken got on his knees in front of Connor with one hand between his legs and the other around his ass. He positioned them so Connor could see it all in the mirror, and he took his cock all the way into his mouth. He didn't even have to suck him off. The minute he got it in his mouth, Connor shot his load, shot hard and hot.

"Oh god, oh fuck, oh fuck," he groaned as he emptied his load and Ken took it all. And as he did, almost before Connor knew what was happening, Ken had one, two, three, four fingers in the kid's asshole as he was cumming, spreading his hole, pushing his groin to his face.

As soon as the last of his load shot down Ken's throat, with one smooth, strong move, Ken pushed the kid's legs apart and lowered him with one fast, hard push, down onto his huge, thick, hard twenty inches, impaling the kid so fast, with so much force, that Connor gasped.


"Yeah, fuckin' muscle boy. No virgins can play. You wanna play, don't ya?"

"Oh, oh, oh god."

"Yeah. Ride me, cowboy. Milk that meat. You want that grow juice, don't ya, you little muscle fuck?"

"Aww, fuck yeah, man." And Connor rode the serpent, worked it like his instincts told him to. He didn't even wonder where those instincts came from. He rode it slow. He rode it hard. He felt it in him, looked at the mass of hairy muscle kneeling there. God, the body was fucking amazing, and he'd be the same. He looked down and already some hairs were on his pecs and they were bigger. He grabbed Ken's huge hairy pecs as he rode his cock and said again, "Fuck yeah, man, fuck yeah." •

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