By Johnny M

DAY 43

Stenstrom found out about what happened yesterday. He was furious…I swear I thought he was going to kill me. He told me I was violating the integrity of the project, that I was corrupting the subject. I apologized and told him it wouldn't happen again. That seemed to be enough…even though he struck me several times. If it happened again, I was to be sent back home. I couldn't let that happen…not if it meant leaving Adam in Stenstrom's hands.

DAY 44

I think Adam must've heard or seen what happened yesterday. When our eyes meet, his eyes speak of longing and affection, but he hasn't said anything to me or approached me. For my part, I've been acting as the good assistant, doing what I'm told. Luckily, Stenstrom hasn't performed any more dildo tests on Adam. He has been taking blood samples, however. I think he's making some kind of formula.

Adam's been learning more English. He's actually been talking a little, with a little bit better grammar than the other night. He's still learning, however, and he doesn't grasp much. But he's getting better.

DAY 49

Stenstrom's made some kind of formula from Adam's blood. The structure seems to contain most of what we made him out of in the first place, with a few extra things that are normally found in humans. Adam's own hormones, however, seem more excited and enhanced than usual. This might explain his strength and resilience. And his sex drive. I need to get him out of here soon, though. Once the experiment is done, I'm not sure what Stenstrom's going to do with him.

DAY 50

I stole into the lab last night while Stenstrom slept. I was able to decode the electronic safe that held the formula. I put some in a syringe, and put that in a small case. I think I know what this is…but I don't know if I should try it yet. The side effects aren't fully explored, of course, since we haven't tested it. And I'm not sure what I'll end up as. It might even kill me. But I think this just might be the ticket out of here.

DAY 51

Stenstrom was furious when he opened the vault this morning. Some of the formula was missing. He turned to me and I could feel the fire and hate in his eyes. He was screaming unintelligibly…or maybe in Swedish. He knew I had tampered with it. Apparently, this time, sending me home wasn't good enough.

He grabbed a scalpel and began to charge me. I backed up quickly, beginning to panic. I shoved a chair in front of him, flipping him over on his back. Adam was woken up by the noise and poked his head out of his tiny room.

I ran into my room and grabbed the box from under my bed. I opened it up and pulled out the syringe. I ran back to the lab, where I found Adam restraining Dr. Stenstrom. Stenstrom was in pain, I could tell, even as he struggled in vain to free himself from the muscleman's iron grip.

"Adam, let him go," I said. Adam looked at me with doubt, but my look in return was resolute. Adam reluctantly let Stenstrom go, the doctor falling to the ground in a heap, breathing heavily.

"Let's test this out, shall we?" I said as I produced the syringe. He tried to stop me, but before he could reach me, I had injected the syringe's contents into my arm. His grasping hand found only an empty syringe. He cursed in Swedish…at least that's what I think it was. He reached for my throat, and once his grip was there, he began to squeeze. But I couldn't feel anything.

My entire body felt alive…on fire…coursing with voltage. My muscles began to ache the warm, satisfying ache of a hard workout. I reached forward with my hand to grab Stenstrom's arm and was shocked at what I saw. My hand was larger than before, thicker and stronger. I squeezed Stenstrom's forearm, and I thought I heard a crack. His grasp went limp, and I deposited him on the floor.

Every part of my body seemed to be growing stronger, from my neck to my feet. My clothes became tighter as they struggled to contain my expanding form in vain. Buttons flew as my chest expanding, my pecs becoming like nipple-tipped foothills. Sleeves tore as my biceps thickened, inflating into massive slabs of pure power. The sound of ripping leather stung the air as my feet widened, the veins throbbing, freed from my boots. Denim split as my thighs widened, growing together in pillars of raw strength. I tore my shredding clothing easily off my form, destroying the fabric as if it were paper.

As I threw my outfit to the ground, near Stenstrom's awestruck form, I saw my underwear - the last part of my outfit still intact - strain and stretch as my swelling package took prominence. With a loud rip, my thick, vascular, growing cock was free, as were the grapefruit-sized balls that accompanied it. I reached down to touch it, my arms meeting resistance from my flaring lats. When I touched it, my smooth hands were greeted with a warm thickness, throbbing with sexuality.

I looked down at Stenstrom and roared. My voice was deep and it seemed to echo against the sterile walls of the lab. The doctor skittered back like a terrified crab, ignoring the pain in his broken arm.

Adam approached me, his eyes glowing with desire and affection. We embraced, our tongues meeting like walls of muscle struggling for dominance. Our rock-hard pecs met, neither pair wanting to yield to the other. His massive arms surrounded me, and I wrapped my leg around his ass. Our cocks met and immediately hardened, shooting up like missiles ready to be launched. We were like two pillars of hard stone wrapped in an impossibly ecstatic embrace.

I drew away from Adam and approached the vault. It was locked, but I reached forward and easily ripped off the door. The power coursed through my arm, and it feel wonderful to be so strong. There was more of the formula in the vault. I took it out and examined it. I took some syringes out of their cases, filling two of them with the remaining solution. I threw the empty vials on the ground, actually smiling at the sound of breaking glass. I handed the case to Adam and proceeded to destroy anything in the lab I could. When I my aggression had been satisfied, I turned to Adam.

We joined hands and kissed again. I turned once at Stenstrom, who was still grabbing his broken arm, and glared. He skittered back more, his eyes wide with fear. Adam and I ran from the lab to embrace the sun outside.

Our hard bodies seemed to respond to the sunlight, our skin tingling alive. We were still naked, our hard cocks bouncing wildly with each step of our impossibly thick legs. People outside stopped what they were doing to stare in awe at the two muscle gods that had just appeared, as if in a dream.

We were not embarrassed by our nakedness…in fact, it turned me on even more. We began to kiss right there, sinking to our knees, our hands exploring every inch of our bodies, our lips never separating. I drew back, smiled at him, and drew him to his feet.

We ran to the beach outside the lab, the onlookers still in awe-induced shock. We immediately fell into the sand, our tongues eager to explore and caress. I spread Adam's legs, encountering no resistance. I easily inserted my now massive cock into that warm, delicious ass and began thrusting. I'd never encountered such bliss, and it seemed like to time at all before I came spectacularly. I grabbed his ankles, spreading his legs even wider as I came, my thick strong tongue licking my lips as I unloaded.

I pulled out and immediately laid down on my stomach, raising my ass into the air. Adam seemed to know what to do immediately, and he quickly inserted his own thick rod into my tight ass. I screamed in ecstatic pain as I felt him enter me, smiling and moaning as I felt his weight press into my body. He reached underneath me, cupping one hard pec in each hand, his tongue exploring my ear. I reached behind me and grabbed the hard, round bubble of his butt to force him in deeper.

Such bliss! Such ecstasy! I moaned…I screamed…I thought I would lose consciousness from sheer pleasure. Adam began to cum, and I could feel the hot juice shoot violently inside me, filling me with his essence. When he was empty, he kept his cock inside my ass. I didn't want to let him go…I wanted to feel him inside me forever.

"Adam…" I sighed.

"Kyle…" was the response. He pulled out and turned me around to face him. I fell asleep to the sight of his blue eyes and the music of the tide…and I dreamed.


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