New Army, A


By Muscle Head

Ever since I was a kid I was fancinated by muscles. From almost the time I could read I read Superman, Batman, Spiderman and all the other Superheros. I didn't read them for the stories, but because of the muscles that those artist drew. I used to dream about being one of them and flexing my arm that had a mountain of muscle on it.

In the neighborhood we were always playing superhero too. Running around with a towel on, flexing little muscles and always triumphing over evil. Most of the kids outgrew this, but I didn't. Now I didn't run around with a towel, but the facination with muscles stayed with me. When I was a Cub Scout and a Boy Scout I read all I could about physical fitness.

When I was 8 there was a chapter in my Wolf Cub book on excercise and they showed them. I immediately began to daily do pushups, pullups, touching toes and other excercises listed there. I even kept a record of how I was doing. I continued this till I was eleven when I got the Scout Handbook and enlarged my repretoire. I also began to have real gym classes where the coach had us run and do lots of calestinics. By doing all this I didn't get the big buff muscles I so desired, but I did get strong and my body was hard.

I'll never forget when I was 10 and I was in a grocery store with my mom and a friend came over and grabbed my arm. It wasn't big, but it was hard as a rock. He felt and said, "Good muscle" It was the first time I had a compliment. When we got home I went and looked in the mirror and flexed my arm and saw a nice little bump appear. This speared me on to continue my progam.

When I was 12 I had a revelation and knew my body was changing. One night I woke up with my underwear all wet and sticky. It scared me at first, but the next day I was talking with Franky, my best friend, and told him what happened. He laughed and said, "Don't you remember in class when that guy came and talked to the guys about sex and stuff and he told us we would be having `wet dreams'. You must have thinking about some girl and shot a wad in your pants." I didn't remember any dream, but he seemed to know what he was talking about. This same thing happened every night for the next week. I could almost stand my PJ's in the corner they had been so soaked.

I talked to Franky, my wise friend, about this and he told me about how to what he called "beat my meat". He said if I did this I wouldn't have this problem. Boy, was that something. I'll never forget my first time...I did what he told me. I got a hard-on, no problem. I started to stroke myself up and down, and then I felt like I was about to pee and stopped. The feeling went away and soon I was doing it again. The same thing happened only this time I kept on. Then an amazing thing happened, a white thick liquid came shooting up out of me landing on my face,c hest, arms, stomach, and bed! It was the most intense feeling I had ever had in my life. I wasn't exactly sure what it was I did, but I wanted to do it again....

That was a signal to me that my body was beginning to change, from a little boy to a young man. Other things began to be evident. One was not only was dick a great plaything, but it was getting big! My first time I only had about 4 inches to play with, but in a couple of months I noticed it had to be at least 5 inches. By the time I was 14 it came to around 7 inches of man meat!

Another change was MUSCLES! All the work I had done over the years began to be evident all over my body. My arms, legs, chest, back shoulders all began to take a more muscular look to them. I had been hard, now I was getting some real size and shape to my body. The summer before I was to start High School I started a business cutting grass. I lined up about 12 yards that kept me busy all summer. I kept up the calestinics and about half way through the summer I bought with my money a set of weights (250 lbs), a bench with leg extentions. I also bought a book on body building that I read from cover to cover several times.

That summer I started lifting weights. Almost immediately I could begin to tell a difference. Where my arms had been hard, they were beginning to take on a different shape. My shoulders and chest also began to get bigger. I started to doing squats and calf raises and noticed my legs also getting some muscle. I could tell a big difference, but I was still a skinny High School kid when I went into the ninth grade.

My arms at this time measured in at 13 inches, pretty big for a 9th grader. However, I wasn't close to being satisfied so I kept my workouts going, carefully following the book. By Christmas I could really tell I was getting bigger and so could my Dad. In fact for Christmas he surprised me with a membership at a gym and paid for a trainer for the first two months. That was where I really learned how to lift and get big.

One of the first things the trainer did was cut me back on how much excercise I was doing. I had been working out every day, now it was every other. The other was to increase ab work and doing ab excercises with weights. He also put me to some aerobic excercises as well.

I could begin to see two things happen. One, the little bit of baby fat I was still carrying disapeared and my abs began to show through.

With the weights I was using on my crunches they were now beginning to develop into bricks of muscle showing through my stomach. In a matter of a few months I had a great six pack showing! Another was my muscle growth accelerated.

Spring break that year was late so I had been working out at the gym for a good three months when spring break came. Our family went down to Florida that year where I got a great tan.

When we got back I thought this would be a great time to break out and show folks my development. I put on a light colored tank top that really showed off my tan and went off to school. The guys and girls couldn't get over the transformation. Though they had seen me everyday I had been wearing long sleeve shirts, sweaters, sweat shirts and covered up my muscles. Even the guys and gym hadn't noticed the change since I had worn long sleeve sweat shirts.

All day long kids were coming up and asking me to flex my arm and feeling it. I really felt like a big man on campus.

That is until the "Stud Patrol" intervened. I was a freshman and I was stealing all their thunder. They couldn't let a thing like that pass unnoticed. The leader, Jeff, confronted me late in the afternoon. He took me into a band practice room and locked the door. "So you think you're tough do you? With those muscles of yours and all?"

I didn't know what to say, he was at least twice as big as me.

He asked me to flex my arm. I did and a good size knot formed on it.

He reached over and felt it and said, "Pretty good". Then he asked to see my tricep...I held my arm down and and great big horseshoe shaped muscle appeared. He felt it and said, "Wow, that bigger than Jerry's!" Jerry was a big guy.

He said if I wanted to I could become part of his group. They were the big guys who made the life of many students miserable. I told him thanks but I didn't feel like being mean to the little guys. He left me with a warning not to try and do anything stupid. I wasn't sure what he meant, but I'll admit it did scare me a bit.

Well, I kept up my body building and by the near of the end of school had gotten rather large.

One day something happened that changed everything at the school.

Jeff and Jerry were picking on one of the smaller kids. He had actually began to cry as they were hurting him and messing up his stuff. I went over to intervene, but with the two of them I didn't have chance. They held me and punched me. Fortunately my muscles kept me from getting as badly hurt as I could have.

The kid, Hank, thanked me. We talked about the "Stud Patrol" and wondered what we could do about them. Then I had an idea. •

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