By Johnny M


I grabbed a pile of towels and a bucket of hot, soapy water and got to work cleaning Adam off. I lowered the leg restraints a little, but not all the way. I still had to see those massive legs spread wide, even if I was just cleaning them off.

I wiped off the excess cum first, letting the cotton towels soak up the still warm juice. I went through three towels before I got most of it off. Adam said nothing the entire time, laying still and quiet as I slowly wiped him off. I reached down into the bucket, grabbing a warm, wet cloth. I began cleaning his chest. Adam inhaled sharply at the sensation, and despite my own excitement, I went over his granite-like torso in slow, gentle movements.

"Hi." I said quietly. "My name's Kyle." He said nothing, but he looked intently at me with those blue eyes of his. "I help Dr. Stenstrom." He shuddered at the mention of the name, his hole twitching reflexively.

"Ky…le?" he said. I was right, his voice was deep and resonant, and even though he whispered, it was obvious.

"That's right," I said, slowly cleaning off each and every division in his glorious 8-pack abs. "And you're Adam."

"Adam." He said it with more certainty. I guessed he had already figured out what his own name was.

"I'm really sorry about what just happened," I said, "I didn't want to do that to you." I moved to his arms, slowly rubbing around his gigantic biceps. "I'd never want to hurt you."

"Kyle," he said. "Kyle…nice." I realized he'd had little or no experience with speaking, but he must've picked up at least a little from his time with the doctor and I. He smiled at me, and I smiled back. I began cleaning his legs, taking extra time with those powerful limbs, which seemed more like redwood trees to the touch. It was when I moved to his ass that he let out a small gasp of fright.

"Shhh…" I made sure to be extra gentle as I got the cloth in-between those beautiful globes.

"Sten…strom…hurt…" Adam looked as if he would cry again. I leaned forward, our mouths barely an inch apart. Our eyes met, and I though I would fall into those blue orbs. "But…Kyle…no hurt." I gently kissed him. His lips were soft and supple. He didn't react at first, but after a few seconds, he realized what he had to do. When he kissed me back, I thought I would cry myself. I placed one hand on his chest and the other on his head and was amazed at the smooth hardness I encountered. I gently inserted my tongue, and he responded, his tongue nearly wrapping around my own. It was as muscular as the rest of him, and it threatened to drag my entire body into his mouth.

My hand wandered down his torso, to find his massive rod. It was stiffening again, and I delicately rubbed it up and down before exploring his balls. I could feel his groan as a deep rumbling in my own mouth. I removed myself from his lips and began to suck on those bullet-sized nipples. They were firm and tender, and judging by Adam's gasps, exquisitely sensitive. I spent a few minutes ministering to each one, making sure my mouth was satisfied before moving on.

I stood between his spread legs, my hands lightly caressing those most desirable thighs. I could see his cock was half-hard, and I leaned forward, licking the shaft like a long, thick popsicle. It hardened at my tongue's touch, and I quickly began sucking on the head. I looked up, and Adam was looking down at me, an ecstatic smile on his face. I took as much of that god cock in my mouth as I could, which turned out only to be a few inches. It was so thick, my jaws began to ache after only a minute, but I kept on all the same. I stroked the rest of the swollen shaft with one hand while I lightly caressed his hole with the other. Slowly, I inserted a finger, causing him to spasm. I kept sucking, slowly exploring inside of him. When he realized he wasn't getting a large black dildo up there, he relaxed, his head thrown back in a grand sigh.

I stopped sucking and got on my knees. Before me was the entrance to that magnificent ass. I spread the firm muscle globes of his ass with my hands and licked his hairless, smooth hole experimentally. Adam shuddered in his restraints at the sensation. I licked it again, and he sighed. I began to tongue his ass enthusiastically. It was sweet and warm…delicious, even. He shuddered more and moaned.

"Kyle…" I heard him sigh. As hungry as I was, I stopped eating his ass and walked over to the control panel. He was breathing heavily, and sweat was beginning to pour down his hairless, hyper-muscled body. I released his restraints. I brought his legs down one at a time, letting his boots touch the floor. I freed his arms. I heard him sigh loudly as he flexed them back to life. He began to get up, and I gently forced him back down. I wasn't done with him yet.

I stripped off my clothes, which were becoming slightly damp with sweat. As I took my underwear off, my cock sprang free - which is fairly large in its own right - and slapped loudly against my body. When I was naked, I climbed on top of him.

"Kyle…beautiful…" he said. I smiled as I kissed him, our tongues again dancing around each other. I reached behind me to his cock, now swollen to its full size. He was oozing pre-cum at an amazing rate, and I used it to slick up his cock. I leaned back, and I felt the head tease my own tight hole. I worked my ass around the head, grimacing at the thickness. Adam gasped.

I slowly slid the massive shaft further into myself. Inch by inch, I felt the vascular thickness of his rod enter me, Adam moaning the whole time. His hands were caressing my back…so strong yet so soft, like a titan with the skin of a baby. Soon, I had all of the cock inside me…something I'd never though I'd be able to do. It hurt, I won't lie, but I wanted it so badly, I ignored the feeling of body being split in two. I could tell Adam was enjoying it, and as much as I wanted this, it was more about him feeling pleasure.

I began to pump my ass up and down on Adam's cock. I leaned back, my hands on those pillar-like legs. Adam's hands explored my tight chest and abs, eventually wrapping one of those supple palms around my rock-hard dick. I moaned loudly as he stroked me. I'd never been so satisfied! It wasn't long before I shot my load all over the mountainous landscape of Adam's torso. I could feel his balls working, and soon he began to shoot into me. He continued to pump my cock while he came…and in the minutes that he spent shooting deep inside my ass, I came again, my cum covering his hand. I shuddered as he continued to shoot, and I felt full inside, like after Thanksgiving dinner. When he stopped I leaned forward, his cock still inside me and kissed him deeply. I removed myself, both of us inhaling deeply.

I took another towel and wiped us off. I helped Adam stand up. He was shaky from his exertion, but then again, I was the one walking funny. I led him to his bed, kissing him again as his head hit the pillow. I gathered up my clothes and headed to my own room.

I had to get Adam out of here. I couldn't let Stenstrom hurt him again. He needed to know what if felt like to be loved…to be cared for. He didn't need to know about restraints and black dildos…but how? How??? •

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