By Johnny M

DAY 38

Today we began Adam's tests. Dr. Stenstrom has several things in mind, I know, but I guess I'm just supposed to help him as we go, because he hasn't told me what they are. All I know is that now Adam's only apparel is a small pair of blue trunks that he wears like skin.

We led Adam to the weight room. Stenstrom has this wonderful weight room in the facility with machines that use electronic weight, not real weight, so you can set it to whatever you want. They're state of the art, I can say that since I've been using them, I've really pumped up. It's better than my Bowflex ever was!

Anyway, I guess we're testing Adam's strength today. The weights were set astoundingly high…higher than I'd ever be able to lift. But Adam lifted them like nothing. I demonstrated how each machine worked, then we let Adam go at it. We had all these electrodes hooked up to him to monitor his work.

Holy shit! I'd never seen someone so strong! We kept setting the weights higher and higher, until we maxed out the weight. Even then, Adam seemed to lift them effortlessly. Every movement made his muscles pump that much larger…as if they would burst out of his skin. As the sweat rolled down his body, it was like small rivers trickling down a mountain of hard, muscular flesh. When he was done, his body glistened and shone, making him look all the more god-like. His muscles were so pumped, so hard, so omnipresent, I was surprised he could even move. His trunks were in danger of breaking, as well. It was hard enough to contain his huge package in such an earthly constraint as it was, but it was obvious that the exertion agreed with Adam, and the trunks were stretched to their absolute limit. When Adam stood up again, they snapped off, setting free his divine rod and his magnificent balls. He was half-hard, and the sight literally took my breath away. It was difficult to fall asleep tonight…all I could see when I closed my mind was the absolute perfection of that majestic cock.

DAY 40

Today we put Adam through endurance tests. How long could he run for? How much heat could he take? How long could he last?

He was on the treadmill for at least an hour at top speed before Stenstrom ended the test. I have a feeling that he could've gone for longer if he wanted to. We got him a new outfit. Now he's got a pair of Lycra shorts…but they must be special, because even wrapped around his huge thighs and package, and with all his movement, it showed no signs of tearing. We also put him in some combat boots…which made the massive diamonds of his calves even more impressive.

Stenstrom put him through a series of temperature tests, too. He wanted to see how much heat and cold he could take. We still had the electrodes hooked up to him when we did it, and I was astounded. It's almost as if his skin was a shield against the elements. He hardly reacted when the temperature changed. I think we've created Superman!

It's odd, I haven't heard Adam speak at all since he was "born." I wish I knew what that voice sounded like…aside from grunts and moans. I know he's got a pair of beautiful lips and a gleaming white smile…and I bet that voice is deep and melodious. I wonder if he even knows what's going on.

Those shorts never broke today…but that cock got harder than it did yesterday. It just got bigger and bigger…bulging obscenely…ripening like a fleshy piece of fruit. Or more like a massive banana and a pair of oranges. I'm surprised it didn't get in his way today. I know Stenstrom enjoys seeing Adam get excited like that…and I'm pretty sure he knows I do, too. But he hasn't done anything about it. I wonder…

DAY 42

Now I know why Stenstrom didn't let Adam have any release. And I almost wish I'd done something about it, no matter how exciting it was. But Stenstrom never leaves me alone with Adam.

Stenstrom had a new limit to test for Adam today. He led Adam to a table with odd things hanging around it. Turns out, they were restraints. Adam didn't know what was going on…I mean, how could he, he's only 5 days old? I don't think he would've followed along if he had known. Adam laid down, and before Adam could move, the restraints came down and clamped around his wrists. His arms were held straight away from him. Adam got a panicked look on his face and began struggling, but even this behemoth of muscle couldn't break free. Is this why Stenstrom did the weight room tests?

Stenstrom told me to grab his legs. I was reluctant, and when I hesitated, he slapped me on the back of the head. I think he would've done it himself if he had been my age and fitness level. He still had his boots on, so it was a little easier to grab his ankles. First I grabbed his left leg, then his right. I placed them in restraints, so his legs were spread wide, his feet high above his head. I have to admit, as uncomfortable as I felt doing it - since Adam was struggling and it was obvious he was scared - my cock became painfully rigid when I saw those rippling legs spread wide…waiting for entry.

Adam still had his shorts on, and Stenstrom told me to remove them. I took a pair of scissors and carefully cut along the seams of the shorts, stretched tight like skin. I removed them gently, freeing his cock and hairless balls and revealing a hole so tight and beautiful it begged to be eaten. Adam looked at me with fear, his eyes pleading with me to somehow make this stop, but I turned away. I didn't want to see him so scared…this demigod so helpless and vulnerable.

Stenstrom brought forth a strange instrument. It was a mechanical instrument with what looked like a large, black dildo at it's front. He had me position it in-between Adam's legs and guide the dildo into that divine ass. Adam screamed, and the sound brought me sadness while it made my cock strain. I guided the dildo into Adam's ass almost all the way when Stenstrom told me to step back. He hit some buttons and the machine sprang to life.

The dildo pumped very slowly, at a precise rhythm, into Adam's muscled ass. Adam kept struggling, but not as much as he had been. He wasn't screaming anymore, but he was obviously not comfortable. Despite his discomfort, however, I could see Adam's cock stir to life, like a sleeping giant waking from hibernation.

As the minutes went by, the dildo began to slowly build up speed. The faster it went, the less Adam struggled, and the harder his cock became. He was moaning in a low voice, but thought I could see tears fall from his deep blue eyes. Or was that sweat? As much as I wanted to free Adam, I was still harder than I'd ever been.

Soon, the dildo was pumping as fast as it could. Adam was moaning loudly, his deep voice rumbling in ecstasy. His cock was rock-hard, the veins in it throbbing, brought to its full length and thickness. It seemed almost 18" long! His orange-sized balls were visibly churning, anxiously awaiting their release. They began to separate, framing his godlike cock, which was throbbing desperately. Adam cried out loudly, and soon his balls began to empty, the cum spraying out like a geyser. It continued for several minutes, the cum spurting out like a fountain that discharged not water, but rich, hot, thick juice. The dildo continued to work itself as he came, slowly reducing its speed. By the time it had stopped completely, Adam's plentiful load had ceased. I guided the dildo out of Adam's ass, and I enjoyed hearing him sigh as the head was removed. Adam's cum coated nearly his entire body, becoming small streams in-between his pecs and abs, and dripping off of his thighs. Stenstrom made a note…something about 24 minutes…and told me to clean Adam off. When I was done, I was to put him to bed.

Stenstrom left the room, and I began my duty. •

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