The Birth


By Johnny M


So, I'm finally here. Hawaii. The lab. I still can't believe that Dr. Stenstrom hired me to be his assistant. I mean, I'm barely out of grad school, and I get hired by this distinguished geneticist to be his assistant in his private lab! It's so exciting! I'm really not sure on the details of the experiment he's working on, but I guess it's going to be a breakthrough in genetic engineering, or so he says. Can't wait to start working!


The doctor let me in on the basics of his experiment today. He's going to try to create a man from scratch, essentially. It's kind of exciting, but at the same time kind of creepy. Almost like Frankenstein, without the dead body and abnormal brain, I guess. He's working on the formula that will give "birth" to the subject now. We expect to have it ready in a few days.


The experiment has officially begun today. It was hard trying to get the formula right. Stenstrom used chemicals in the mix I'd never even heard of. I think he may have created some of them himself. Maybe it's me, but some of the chemical's formulas looked a lot like the formula for steroids.

Stenstrom has this weird tube filled with liquid that the subject will gestate in. I guess he'll be in some kind of coma-like state for 30 days, and should grow at a rate of one year per day. So I guess he'd be like a 30-year-old when he's done. Then we take him out, and he ages normally. I'm not sure what Stenstrom has in store after that, he won't tell me. But I'm sure I'll find out.

DAY 15

He's been growing for 8 days now. I have to say it's really exciting to monitor his progress. Stenstrom seems very happy with the results. I guess I don't see anything spectacular in the subject so far. Seems like a normal 8-year-old boy so far. Wish I knew what was in those chemicals…Stenstrom keeps the formulas locked away so tight, I'll never get to them.

DAY 23

Stenstrom's named the subject Adam. Seems fitting, I guess. Stenstrom's playing god, I guess, and this is his first man.

Adam's 16 today. It's amazing to see what's been happening to him. If he were in an actual high school now, he'd be the star athlete to eclipse all others. He's got an amazing set of muscles…as if he'd been weight lifting since he could walk. He doesn't seem to have an ounce of fat on him and his arms and legs look almost superhuman. His chest swells so much; it's hard to believe he's only a teenager. I was a gymnast in high school and college, and I've always had an athletic physique, but this makes me look like a 98-pound weakling.

He's handsome, too. Very handsome, in fact. He'd make the most beautiful Abercrombie model look homely. I find myself getting excited just looking at him. I can't imagine how magnificent he'll be by the time he's ready to be let out. I've shot many loads at night imagining it.

DAY 31

Adam is 24 today. He's absolutely gorgeous in every way. Even at rest, his muscles exude power, as if he's constantly pumped. His face is so serene and handsome. I bet he has a wonderful smile. I bet his lips are soft and tender.

One thing I've noticed is that he's entirely hairless. No hair on his head, his chest, or his legs. Not even any eyebrows. It's kind of odd, but it makes me wonder how smooth he must feel, how soft the skin must be, even if it contains the hardest muscles on the planet.

Adam's also got the biggest cock I've ever seen. It's amazing…long and thick even when it's soft. I've had dreams where I ride that god cock and make those lemon-sized balls shoot a load so big I can feel it in my stomach. I wish Stenstrom wasn't always around the lab or had all those cameras around. I get so hard just looking at Adam that it's all I can do not to whip out my dick right there and shoot.

DAY 37

Today is the day. Adam is released. He's 30, and he's the most beautiful man in the universe. He makes the model elite look like dogs. He makes the most pumped and massive bodybuilder look like an anorexic. And his cock…his cock is like a fleshy sausage…thick and delicious, filled with savory juices. Looking at him makes my mouth water and my cock becomes so hard I nearly faint.

When we emptied the tube and opened the door, Adam breathed for the first time. It was a quick intake of air, as if he'd been drowning for weeks. His eyes were wide and tried to take in everything. I think he must've been scared, because he was very reluctant to come out of his tube. Stenstrom told me to take his hand to help him out, and when he tentatively put that strong hand in mine, I swear it was like electricity. Even the finest silk sheets in the world couldn't feel so smooth.

Adam was very unsteady on his feet. It's understandable; he'd never walked before. Stenstrom had me lead Adam around the room. It was amazing to see all those muscles in action. As glorious as they appeared when Adam was at rest, it was nothing compared to how they looked in motion. Like cords of flesh with minds of their own, the muscles all looked as if they were trying to assert themselves over the other. His massive legs, his bowling ball delts, his two pecs like slabs of the leanest meat tipped with two hard nipples that beg for attention. His abs looked like they were carved from granite, and his humongous arms couldn't be put down at this sides because of the massive flare of his back. And with every step, his mammoth package bounced, making me harder and harder, the swell of his thighs forbidding his equipment to not be noticed. I think I may have cum in my shorts at least twice.

After a half-hour of this, Stenstrom approached, introduced himself to Adam, and looked him over. After a few minutes, he led Adam to his sleeping chamber, a small room near the main lab area. Not too far from mine, actually. He laid Adam to sleep. I could tell that Stenstrom was as hard as I was. I looked the resting giant over once more before I went to bed. Despite shooting numerous loads in the lab, I pumped myself off so much; I came three more times before I fell asleep.

Tomorrow, we begin Adam's tests… •

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