Big is Better

Warm Ups


By XHuge4Muscl

I didn't own a car, typical poor college student that I was. Sam offered me a ride though, saying that he'd bring me back to campus anytime "after we do the wild thing". It was a relatively small town and that wouldn't put him out of his way too much, so I agreed. He owned an older model three-quarter ton pickup. As we walked up to it, I noted that it still was in damn nice shape - had a real nice shine - and thought this indicated that Sam got it some real t.l.c. routinely. He unlocked the door for me first and bellowed- but very friendly-like, "Just hop on in!" The first thing I really noticed when he climbed in himself was- did this dude ever fill up a truck cab! Man o man! I knew he was a really huge guy when we were in the bar certainly, but I had nothing to put his size into some real perspective. It hit me like a rock when I saw how completely confined his body was inside of the truck cab. Honestly, Sam was so large-framed that I began feeling both intimidated and totally turned on at the same time. It was a very weird combination of feelings- talk about ying and yang! If this absolute monster of a man ever intended to do me bodily harm, he'd have an easy time of it. But Sam was a damn ruggedly handsome monster, like Beauty and the Beast- all rolled into one guy. I was relieved too that Sam actually talked rather easily as we bounced along across town. His light-hearted banter began to put my mind a bit more at ease, and I figured that I'd probably live to see another sunrise anyway. He didn't seem like he had a mean bone in that whole immense body. I did find out a few details about Sam on that ride, just from his chatter. I learned that he worked at a gym since he was a teenager, and that now he actually had an small apartment directly above it on the second floor. He told me a little about his family too. I gathered that his Dad had been a professional wrestler- evidently a big name in that business, too. I never followed professional wrestling, so I didn't have a clue whether he was just pulling my leg or not. He also said that his family had moved all over the country while he was growing up and that he'd attended a dozen schools in about a dozen years actually- but never did graduate.

"I never was any good with books," was his exact quote. I thought that must have been an awful experience personally, but kept that thought to myself.

There was a lull in our conversation for awhile. I became aware that the radio was on, playing at a very low volume. Finally Sam broke the silence, turning his head towards me.

"So how old are you, Pete? Just- I wondered, that's all..."

"I'm 19 years old. Today's really my birthday, too," I repeated again.

He grinned. "God, you are just a boy after all! You don't even look like you're six feet tall to me...."

I wasn't sure I liked either comment actually, but he continued.

"But you got something there," he said, glancing down at my crotch very approvingly. "Something that makes you a mighty big man in my eyes, anyway."

Now that reference to my cock actually felt very good. That was also odd though, since I usually didn't like any comments others guys made about my dick. Again, it wasn't the words as much as it was just the way Sam said the words. He impressed me as being, if not particularly smart, then at least very sincere and honest. I found myself strangely willing to trust what he said more and more.

"I'm 29 now - in case 'ya wondered."

"So....You're just a man after all, too." It was a stupid and very awkward comment for me to make, in retrospect.

Sam shook his head and winked, "Well, no. I ain't no more a regular guy than you are. I thinks we're mighty special, you and me. You see, I got a really strong feeling 'bout that, too. We'll find out soon enough when we get to my place."

We pulled up and parked in front of what clearly was a small town gym. I could see the weights as well as other equipment through the large windows. The overhead sign said simply, "Big Is Better." Strange name for a gym, I thought. He unlocked a side door and led the way up a narrow flight of stairs to a single apartment door at the top of the landing. I made another mental note of how Sam's body completely filled the inside of the door frame to his apartment as he passed through it. Yikes! I noticed that he needed to duck a bit just to get inside. Again I got a very uneasy feeling. The recurring thought popped into my head that this guy could easily rip me into very small pieces if he wanted to. This guy was just TOO big. That reality both powerfully attracted and repelled me simultaneously. I 'wanted' him badly, and yet that urge wasn't feeling particularly safe either anymore. I remembered Sam saying how other guys routinely ran away from him. Now I was thinking that I should have done precisely that too, while I'd had the opportunity - but it was too late for that now. As Sam closed the door behind me and I heard that lock snap, I suddenly felt extremely uncomfortable.

Sam ushered me into a living room. I just stood there as he turned the light down low and put a CD on to play. It was definitely kind of atmospheric- you know what I mean - sexy-like. He sat down on an unusually large easy chair, maybe even custom-made I thought, and faced me. I was still standing awkwardly in the middle of the room.

He looked me right in my eyes. "Pete, now I want to see that big 'ol thang in your pants. Show me it."

There was that unbelievably bold directness again from him. That single beer over an hour ago at the bar hadn't begun to loosened up my inhibitions nearly enough for this; moreover, I'd never been asked before to literally strip while a guy just sat there and watched me passively. I still didn't see myself as being someone particularly attractive let alone 'sexy', therefore it was inconceivable to me that another man might actually get turned on totally by just seeing my dick. This was already becoming a too-weird-feeling scene, and I felt myself panicking. But much to his credit, Sam seemed to quickly interpret my hesitation, awkward stiffness, and otherwise indecisive body language rather perceptively.

"Say ...Ah.. You maybe- nervous, Pete? Please - please don't be. You've got nothing at all to be embarrassed about down there. Show me that big cock of yours."

I didn't think saying 'no' was still an option frankly, so very nervously, I undid my belt and unbuttoned my jeans and begrudgingly slowly let them slip down around my ankles. I was standing about 5 feet in front of Sam in my jockeys, feeling not only ridiculous but extraordinarily vulnerable and very self-conscious.

He just stared at me for what seemed a very long time. Eventually a broad grin began to appear on his face.

"Yep, you sure do fill out a pair of briefs. Man I can see everything right through 'em! That's one big sexy bulge 'ya got down there. Looks like heavy equipment to me - mighty heavy duty. I'm gonna be in hog heaven when you get that big thing hard for sure!"

His wide grin put me slightly more at ease. My conflicting 'fuck or flee' feelings were thankfully changing again - now tipping more in favor of possibly 'fuck'. I actually chuckled a bit, saying a bit sarcastically, "Yeh, I think I hear St. Peter now, in fact."

"It'd be really neat to watch it just - you know - getting bigger. I love seeing hogs get all growed-up. That sure turns me on a lot! Say, can 'ya do that all by yourself? You know - maybe you could think horny thoughts or something? I'd love to just see that thing turnin' into a monster! I'll get really hard, too. Really, I will!"

I considered for a moment what he'd just said to me both then, as well as previously. It was becoming quite apparent that I wasn't going to be discussing theoretical quantum theories this evening with this guy - probably never, actually. I would have to keep my conversation very - well - basic. Sam obviously liked hot 'cock-talk'. That made him all-sexy feeling, I surmised. I wouldn't need to be straining my vocabulary much to maintain his interest - maybe a dozen words at most, I figured. At least now I knew most of them, my college education having taught me something actually useful now. I had no problem with that. The fact was that 'dirty talk' could be kind of stimulating for me too, especially coming from this guy.

"I can get into this for awhile," I thought to myself.

Sam wasn't the only one staring either. My gaze again was being drawn back to the unbelievably massive physique sitting in front of me, like iron to a magnet.

"You're already hard, Sam. God, do you EVER look very hard..." That was certainly the truth. He looked a bit puzzled briefly and then I saw a light bulb in his brain definitely pop on.

"Hey, I'm sorry, really," he said. "You reminded me that we made a deal. You'd show me and I'd show you. It was my shirt, right? Promises are promises..."

Well that was definitely going to help the whole situation for me immensely, I thought.

"That's right, Sam. A deal's a deal. Remember I told you that'll give me a major boner for sure. Definitely a very big - and very hard one." I was sticking to the conversational basics to make sure the big guy and I were 'communicating' effectively.

Sam began by whistling a few bars of "Happy Birthday" and then he removed his big flannel shirt. Underneath, Sam's commanding physique could not begin to be concealed by the mere tee-shirt remaining. Instantly I got lightheaded as my dick sprang to life with real gusto, quickly starting to lift my jockeys outward with it's broadening back. I thought my heart would burst trying to suddenly pump so much blood into both of my heads at once. To say this stud was "all muscle" doesn't begin describe what I was actually seeing. I wasn't even sure what I was seeing. Sam was shockingly huge, and everywhere I looked too. He had to notice my astonishment as my jaw dropped, and he apparently felt some need to somehow explain - his body - to me, I guess.

"This is because - well - I just like to lift heavy things. I love the way it makes me feel. I do it all the time, so I feel good all the time! I am really very strong. I have big muscles, and I'm gonna get even bigger, too!"

Sam had a habit for understatement to the extreme. My eyes were popping out of my head just trying to make some sense of the simply unbelievable. I found myself wondering if Sam really understood just how huge he was already, relative to virtually any other human being. His simple words of explanation worked on my brain like a powerful aphrodisiac. His white tee-shirt was tautly stretched, straining to cover all of the dominate shapes of his upper body. Two iron railings of muscle sloped down on each side from his huge neck and disappeared into the broad, round melons that formed his shoulders. His upper arms were simply outrageously-large, really - definitely capable of performing amazing feats of strength, I was quite certain. He possessed absolutely the biggest set of arms I'd ever seen on any man, even bigger than the guys in a muscle magazine I once saw. I could see every cut clearly in his rope-like stomach muscles. His upper body exploded out in all directions from what would be considered a trim waistline for any man, let alone a man of such gargantuan stature. His huge arms didn't rest exactly at his sides, I noted. They were suspended on incredibly broad thick shoulders and pushed outwards by two massive columns of muscle that ran prominently upwards along each side of his back. And then there were those two colossal muscle-mountains on his chest rising and falling so obviously with each breath he took. He was a magnificent hunk of man - physically more beast than man, actually.

Meanwhile, Sam was thoroughly enjoying my own visibly growing enthusiasm, too.

"Wow! Just look at that thing swell up! I ain't never seen nothing like that! Extra-thick hogs makes me so .... Pete, you got my blood boiling!"

He was concentrating on my dick as I concentrated on his body. If nothing else, these particular mutual interests in each other seemed perfectly in harmony at the moment. I sensed that I really was arousing this amazing man. Sam seemed genuinely fascinated and was also clearly aroused by just staring at my particular endowment. Yep, strangely the playing field seemed leveled and this boosted my confidence. My initial misgivings were slipping away as my hormones took more control of me.

"Sam, could you maybe... just take off your tee-shirt, too?" God, did that ever feel embarrassing to ask him too, but the hormones helped push me past at least some of my natural inhibitions.

Sam was more enthusiastically on-board with this whole program now than I realized. He must have also sensed our oddly attuned sexual energies beginning to resonate. This whole encounter with Sam had already approached the bizarre anyway. I mean- think about it! But what was about to happen next would plunge me into a realm of fantasy beyond anything I could have conceived - the 'pinch me, this can't be real' kind of experience - and a dream from which I never wanted to wake up. But this was no dream at all....

"Pete, I really want your birthday to be something real special. So for tonight - you own me. And you own this, too."

I watched him gaze down at his own body, panning across it from left to right, and I assumed this was to indicate what he'd meant.

"So you want me to lose the shirt, right?" he asked me again with a subtle coyness.

"Yeah... that'd be great, " I responded, already wild with anticipation and resisting the urge to start rubbing my cock. "Definitely lose the tee-shirt."

Sam rose up out of the chair. "Anything you want, Pete. This shirt's history..."

He grabbed the neck of his tee-shirt and suddenly ripped it wide open right down the middle as if only tearing through a piece of bread, exposing his naked - and stunningly huge - upper torso. Easily well over 350 pounds of relaxed, perfectly-carved manhood stood there in just a pair of jeans, towering in front of me. Frankly, he could have weighed 400 to 500 pounds - maybe even more. He was just so massive and yet perfectly-proportioned that his body weight as well as his height were impossible to estimate, and his degree of vascularity also defied his extreme body weight. Sam's physique was perfectly chiseled. This was one powerfully-built colossus of a man with spectacular muscles, every one of which was astoundingly distinct and cut. His body hair actually amplified the overall visual impact of his physique. He hadn't shaved like most builders that I'd seen in those magazines, and frankly it made him look sizzlingly sexy. Just the right amount, in all the right places. A beautiful love trail ran up from his jeans following the centerline of his abdominals and spread out naturally across those mighty majestic mounds projecting from his chest. His immense physique, combined with such a perfectly dispersed pattern of body hair and handsome rugged good looks, created a statement that said to me, "Measure any other man by THIS package".

Sam casually tossed the shredded remains of the tee-shirt to the side.

"So ask me for anything - anything 'ya want. I'm really hot for you, Pete. Anything that pleases you - anything at all. Whatever makes your cock really hard - and keeps it hard too! Ain't nothing 'ya can't ask - nothing 'ya can't do to me - or with me. It's just that I... I want your big cock... so much... and I really WANT it. It's just so big." He paused a moment and then added, "and I really hope I'm big enough for you, too."

Big enough? Almost choking, I tried to fathom everything that I'd just heard, not quite yet believing my ears. But he clearly meant it - even his boy-like, if misguided, question about whether he was 'big enough' was utterly genuine. He meant every single word! I was starting to slowly understand that Sam thought in very simple, straightforward ways. Amazingly simple actually. There was a genuinely palpable boy-like quality to his personality. And all this boyishness lived within the body of the manliest of men imaginable. Actually he was unimaginable.

It looked as if Sam routinely bench-pressed Abrahm's tanks to have build up such rock-hard granite mountains of muscle all over his body. There was not a single inch of him that didn't just - well - completely bulge. He bulged out everywhere. Every muscle group impressed me utterly - each one just perfect - and perfectly huge. Here in front of my eyes stood Hercules, born of Zeus, in the flesh. I had no doubt at all that this was one incredibly strong man, too - definitely one in a million or maybe even one is a billion.

That was the last clear thought I remembered for awhile. I was aware of an enormous surge of sudden growth in my cock. My head reeled and nearly blacking out, I swooned and stumbled forward on wobbling legs.

"Whoa there!" Sam said as he caught me, breaking my fall. "You OK? Pete, are you OK?"

I shook my head to throw off the momentary dizziness. "Yeh... I'm O.K.. That sometimes happens when I get aroused too fast." I raised my head to look up at him. "And right now Sam, I'm totally turned-on..."

Still supporting me with one hand, Sam eased himself back down in his chair, propping me up on my feet in front of him.

"Terrific! That means you must really like me then! So... I can take off your underwear now?"

"Uh... sure. Go... go right ahead."

My jockeys were literally there one second and gone the next- like magic. With blazing speed, Sam had reach out, grabbed them by the band and effortlessly snapped them right off of me just as easily as he'd removed his tee-shirt - so fast and with such precisely applied force that my body didn't recoil. It was just like whipping a tablecloth out from underneath a dinner table set with china and nothing moves.

"Shit, you've got a hot cock on you. What a sausage - and with a 100% all-natural casing, to boot! Yowza!! And look at the size of it!"

"Am I big enough for you?" I asked, teasing him now with his own words, and surprisingly myself actually. "Where I grew up, guys weren't circumcised, unfortunately... just the outlanders in high school seemed to be..."

"What do 'ya mean 'unfortunately', boy? You got yourself a genuine pig in a blanket there! Ain't nothing sexier than a fully-wrapped giant piece of manmeat. That's g-o-r-g-e-o-u-s! It's so hot-looking it almost brings tears to my eyes."

I swung it just a little bit by moving my hips just so he'd appreciate what a pendulous piece of meat it was already becoming - all a direct result of just seeing Sam's massively-muscled torso.

Sam reached for my big schlong and squeezed it a few times and then grabbed me around the waist, pulling me forward more towards the chair. I quickly spread my legs rather widely apart just to be able to stand straddling his own. His hand moved to my lower-back as he slouched down a bit more in the chair. Then he leaned me down right into him until my schlong was resting in the deep chasm between his giant squares of chest muscle. I didn't have to lean very far either because his upper body was just so utterly massive. I couldn't help myself, succumbing immediately to this powerful urge to just start rubbing it slowly in-between them. The feeling of his chest hair and those huge, hard man-mountains was beyond just incredible. It approached something almost spiritual. Meanwhile Same just stared directly down at his chest and watched my cock.

"Wow - just look at that big thing..." Sam pronounce with admiration.

"Uh, Sam... It'll get bigger - that is, if I don't pass out first."

The comment seemed to suddenly inspire Sam. He somehow willed his two mighty dirigibles to rise up around my cock, until it was almost completely surrounded. This was no small feat either, considering my girth. My cock found itself suddenly cradled snugly in this new, wildly erotic and totally hot embrace. Only his huge muscles could do something that felt so amazing.

"God, how can you DO that?" I panted between my increasingly lusty thrusts. "I mean - how do you make 'em just bulge out like that?" Not able to even wait for some response, I leaned in more, grabbing on to his shoulders to steady myself now, and began screwing them more forcefully.

Sam somehow began to exert even more mental control over his two amazing muscle mounds. I watched them start to move - back and forth - up and down as he very intentionally started giving my cock a completely over-the-top stroking with his chest muscles! I felt his powerful behemoths caressing, pressing, squeezing and otherwise encouraging my cock to grow ever-fatter. I must have been literally drooling on him by this point.

"Feels super-hot to me, too!" Sam said as he worked his massive boulders even harder. He was working-up a real sweat which just further lubricated his mighty makeshift muscle-pussy. Sam was more than turned-on by this, too. His eyes were almost rolling around in their sockets.

"This feels so HOT, Sam!" I exclaimed breathlessly.

Sam parroted my remarks. " Keep fucking my muscle tits with that hot cock. Yeh, why don't 'cha reach back and jerk me off too, while you fuck them... "

Obediently, I reached back behind me with one hand, awkwardly unbuttoning his jean blindly and unzipping his fly. I quickly found his own swollen hog. It was surprisingly easy enough to find. It wasn't at all small, especially considering the size of this man. It was a more-than-substantial handful of meat compared with most guys. Feeling Sam's size surprising just turned me on even more. With my hand still behind me, I started jerking his big piece. I really strangled and pounded on that sucker too, and he obviously was enjoying it.

I was just beginning to get warmed up nicely when Sam said very unexpectedly, "Cum. I really want you to cum. Shoot in my mouth! Yeh, fuck 'em stud. Fuck these big pectorals!" He reached up and grabbed the massy three-dimensional mastiffs, pressing them together with his hands. They almost completely surrounded my pole. God, they were just huge sides of beef, now all glistening with sweat. The feeling of my big oranges slamming up against them was driving me wild. My hips pounded away, driving my cock deeply between them. Sam was moaning load as a steer, signaling how turned on he was as well. Oh well- I had no problem with cumming on request since that's really what he wanted now, so within a matter of seconds, I just exploded. Cum began pumping out of my balls, shooting like a geyser right out between the top of his 'pectorals' - thanks to Sam, at least I now knew these things had another name- as I shot right into his wide-open, eagerly-awaiting mouth.

Sam's own meat began throbbing right in my hand almost immediately as he began to blow his own big load. He was grunting wildly, emitting deep guttural noises of obvious man-pleasure. I grabbed a big gob of his own cum and slapped it right back on his still-jacking meat, just to lube it some more. I wanted him to keep cumming until I'd squeezed every last drop out of him that I possibly could, and Sam didn't disappoint me one bit in that department either. His pumping power was truly impressive as he continued to gush out more of his man-milk. Meanwhile, I just kept emptying my oversized cum tanks into his already overfilled mouth, although Sam was gobbling it down just as fast as he possibly could. The excess dribbled down his chin and ran onto his chest. After finally spilling out the last drops, he pulled me down on top of his huge hot body, and leaning back fully, just effortlessly moved me around all over him like a big towel, smearing my buckets of cum covering his stomach and chest between us. My body seemed to disappear right into his truly massive frame. God, there was just so much of him! I had to spread my arms far to the sides just to grab hold of him around the outsides of those monstrous arms. It was a wonderfully stimulating feeling to be pressed full-bodied against such a huge, hard and handsome man-beast. This guy was so hot that he could use my body for his personal cum rag anytime 'ol time he desired.

I lay on top of him for awhile catching my breath, with my arms still fully outstretched around his. Sam pulled me up a bit higher up on his body and just held me, squeezing me gently against him every now and then with one arm, while alternately rubbing his fingers through my hair and stroking my face with the other. I was flooded with a feeling of wonderful contentment without a care in the whole world. Not only could this brute be surprisingly gentle, but his actions also seemed to possibly by expressing a real, warm affection for me.

I felt his big hand practically surround my whole head as Sam coaxed my face next to his. As we lay there cheek-to-cheek, his huge paws slowly explored all the way from the back of my neck to well below my knees. This bruiser had one hell of a reach on him. Eventually, Sam's mouth found my own and .. he suddenly kissed me again. But unlike the kiss in the bar, this time Sam kept on kissing me, too - deeper, and with more passion. His lips were actually full, big and beautifully wet. He had a large mouth of course in proportion to his large head, but his head may have been even small in proportion to the rest of his absolutely immense frame. Well regardless, his mouth was damn sexy and hot- not to mention he could have hovered half my face with it at once. Being kissed by Sam would redefine 'sucking face' for me forever more. I was very aware of his sexy beard, and how that stubble actually felt, too. This guy must be some reincarnated sex god, I thought. Everything about him was unbelievably hot - so hot in fact that my fires rekindled and I felt my cock swelling anew.

Sam noticed this almost immediately, too. It's really a hard thing to miss about me anyway, and Sam had an unusually keene awareness about 'the state' of my penis.

As he continued to play with my hair, he said, "Good. I was really hoping for that," referring to my fresh arousal. "I hope that means 'ya really likes me a lot... 'cause I really likes you."

"I 'likes' you too, Sam." Bad English, but still true enough.

That seemed to be all the encouragement Sam needed to hear. He began revealing some of his 'deeper' thoughts.

"I knew you was special when I saw'd you this afternoon, I did. You're a good boy, and you got you some big equipment! I mean it's just a b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l crotch rocket - the hottest thing I've ever did see on any guy- anywhere - any time! I mean it's a damn whale! See Pete, the thing is... I think I been waiting for you, maybe my whole life. So, can I watch you get excited again? Just lookin' at it gettin' bigger drives me half-crazy!"

Wanting to egg him on just a little more, I said, "Sure you can, but then what?" I wasn't mentally prepared for what he almost instantly came back with.

"Well, when 'ya get it up again - then I want to have sex with you. I want 'ya to give me that huge cock- and use all of it. I mean - I want to have some real sex with you. That's only if you'd like to have sex with me, 'course. I could have sex with you all night long. Non-stop. I think I want to have sex with you... forever...."

"What do you mean when you said 'real sex?" I asked a bit naievely. "A guy like you must have sex all the time!" Well so much for those assumptions I was about to learn.

Sam hesitated, seeming to think about his response prior to actually speaking.

"Well... that ain't quite true, Pete. It's been a long time since I've have what I'd call - real sex- with a guy. Oh yeah, sometimes if they're really drunk I'm don't scare them quite as much, so they'd maybe let me diddle with there dicks - but that's really all. But even those times are rare now 'cause I've just been gettin' bigger all the time. So the truth is I don't screw 'round hardly at all anymore. Hell Pete, just look at me. I dwarf most guys! Normal-sized guys are just way too small for the way I'm made. They don't seem to... well ... to satisfy me, if you know what I mean. I just stopped bothering some time ago. I ain't been to no bar in - Hell, I can't even 'member the last time... that was 'til this afternoon, of course. Then a buddy 'o mine told me 'bout you, maybe a few weeks ago. It seems 'ya got yourself some reputation down at that place. A buddy of mine said I'd better get my butt down there fast because he thought I'd be kickin' myself if I didn't at least try to meet you. He said you was special... and 'ya know what? He was completely right 'bout you, Pete! I ain't kidding when I said I've been waitin' for you maybe my whole life. I didn't believe that you even existed. But here you are... and God, you are HOT! You're perfect! I just know you're REALLY gonna be able to do it for me... and TO me!"

I choked hard and bolted upright, pushing myself off him with my arms and standing up on my feet again. I couldn't get my breath. My mind raced trying to recap everything - each thing - that Sam had just uttered. His directness had caught me completely off guard again. 'Use all of it'? 'Real sex'? 'Forever'? I was still mulling it all over even as I was about to expire from choking. Whatever he'd meant by that, it all sounded very hot. And if that was only foreplay we'd just had, then I was a dead man for sure anyway. I'd die a mighty happy one though.

"What's wrong? You O.K.?" Sam asked with real concern ask I continued to spastically choke. "I think I know how to do that Heimlich maneuver thing...." He moved in to grab me under my ribs.

Startled, I held out my arm, pushing him - well more truthfully pushing myself - forcefully away in protest, just imagining what CPR administered by King Kong would do to me. That cure seemed potentially much worse than the actual illness to me.

"No. I'll be OK, Sam," I managed to wheeze between bouts of hacking, "I prefer that my ribs stay all in one piece, thanks. It was just something caught in my throat, I think. I'll be fine..."

In the seconds that followed, I considered what I wanted to say while my voice slowly returned to normal.

"Sam, I want to have sex with you, too. A lot of sex. You're a hot guy. Really, a VERY hot man. The truth is that I haven't have 'real sex' with guys either. Oh, they've tried and all - real persistently at times, too. My cock just becomes a problem and using rubbers is always a problem, too. Guys eventually just give up trying."

I thought he'd like to hear more 'cock-talk', even though this was the sad truth concerning the state of my so-called sex life to date.

"So technically, I guess I'm practically still a virgin, Sam. See, my cock just gets too damn big but it does take awhile. I came too soon... on your chest. You'd asked me to cum though, so I did. I can pretty much cum on command. But I want you to know that when I came, my cock wasn't even what I'd call 'big' yet. I usually have to be aroused for longer than that. I'm a bit slower on the draw than most guys. Bottom line is that what you just saw isn't nearly as big as it gets."

"WOW! Even a blind man couldn't miss it even the way it is right now, Pete," Sam said, taking another look at it rather longingly. "You got the beautiful-est cock I ever seen. I want to see 'ya gettin' hard again. Next time though, I'll definitely let 'cha get just as big you possibly can!"

I knew that by doing nothing other than just looking at Sam's physique - and if I didn't touch myself of course - Little Johann would get bigger than even Sam's already wild imagination. But right at that moment, I sure wanted Sam to know that he wouldn't have to wait long at all for me to fulfill his wish and that I could more than deliver the goods. Still, there was one important and very negative caveat that I needed to tell him before this went any farther. I sort'a held my breath, not wanting to bring this up, but also knowing I absolutely had to.

"I can get hard again right away after I cum. That's just the way I'm made I guess, like you said... and I can even keep it real big. With you around, I think I could be permanently big- like forever! But Sam, I want you to understand something clearly. When it comes to rubbers, well I just can't really use 'em, Sam. I mean - never. That's a real problem understandably for guys these days. I'll understand completely if you'd rather take me home now, really. It's not that I won't use 'em. I just can't use 'em. They bust constantly, and I mean 100% of the time."

Looking a bit surprised by my additional clarification, Sam asked, "Even those jumbo-sized ones? What do they call 'em - Magnums, I think?"

I replied sheepishly with the truth. "Magnums don't make any difference. They might last a minute or two longer, but that's all. Hey, I'm really sorry, Sam. Really, I am."

I went on to tell Sam in some detail about my past experiences with latex failures. We're talking all known brands here, too. It seemed never a to be question of if, but only when they'd break.

When I was done, Sam sat quietly in silence just studying me closely.

"I made me a decision. I've decided I'm gon'na trust 'ya, Pete. It's your eyes - they tell me that I can trust you," and then he added with a chuckle, "and what 'cha said is makin' me hard again, damn you! Ain't no such thing as too big for me. Bigger is just better! So as far as I'm concerned, you can just forget that 'rubber requirement' thing OK? So you can let it get as big as a baseball bat, if you can!"

"Uh... OK... That won't really be a problem..."

Sam's head recoiled as he digested what I'd said. He seemed at first startled and then wildly delighted by my comment. Then he started hooping and hollering, and grinning like the Cheshire Cat.

"Damn, if this ain't my lucky day. I'm the luckiest man alive!" And with that issue now cleanly out of the way, Sam changed the subject of the conversation.

"So let's get back to your birthday now. Remember what I said to 'ya earlier? 'Ya owns me -anything 'ya want. Ain't nothing I won't do for 'ya - and that goes triple if it includes that amazin' salami of yours! Anything. Just tell me what 'cha want. Go ahead now. Try me. This'll be fun!"

I was feeling mighty good that Sam seemed to like me as much as he did, but I was suddenly quite humbled now with his willingness to actually trust me with such a significant and potentially risky practice as unprotected sex. I strongly sensed that I could mutually trust him, too. I was also just damn near ecstatic that he asked me to stay with him for a long night of 'real sex' as he put it - certainly ever hopeful, but never really expecting that even this guy could deliver what he thought he could either. Sam still hadn't see the full Mighty Python yet and I knew that all-to-well. I just tried to put it out of my mind. But all that said however, I was also completely missing the point as what he'd meant by this 'you own me' stuff. I really just didn't get it.

"Go ahead. Try me," Sam repeated again, but growing a bit impatient with my continued muteness.

"Sam, I guess I don't exactly know what you mean. Maybe it's because I never played much when I was growing up. There wasn't much time for that."

"O.K. Pete," he said, assuming a more serious posture and surprisingly adult tone now. "Here's exactly what I mean. I want 'cha to say what 'cha feel, and ask for what 'cha need. It's simple 'nuf. I just don't want to be guessin' 'bout what 'cha might be wantin', that's all. You certainly gotta know that I like cock - really BIG cock. Nothing turns me on more. I ain't been hidin' that from 'ya at all. You did know that, right?"

I had to stifle a laugh, wondering how he could even think I might have somehow missed all his much-repeated and not-too-subtle disclosures. "Yeh Sam, I somehow managed to get that message loud-and-clear."

Sam just nodded, then continued. "O.K.. So what does that same thing for you exactly? I'm your birthday present, remember? There ain't nothing - nothing in this world - you should feel 'shamed about, 'specially when it comes to me and sex. There AIN'T no SHAME in being who you are, Pete. But I don't want to coax it from 'ya. I think I might reckon right enough what really does it for 'ya, but I want to hear 'ya say it with your own lips. For Pete's sake, just be honest about it. Be yourself! Just ask, that's all. It ain't so hard! It don't seem right to go through life so all locked up inside. So live alittle! Loosen up a bit! So tell me now - what turns your motor over, Pete?"

It actually stung me to hear Sam's words; mostly, because I knew it was unfortunately the truth and completely on the mark. I tried to respond honestly, but I could feel myself turning beet-red again at the thought of telling Sam my real 'birthday request' - the one that I so deeply wanted. The one that I was also judging as being odd, stupid, unworthy, ridiculous, juvenile, embarrassing, and maybe even 'deviant'. Sam was right on-the-money. This was shame at work inside of me. I could actually FEEL it now, physically. It was that awful twisting inside my stomach. It was that weight on my upper chest that made it difficult to get a deep breath sometimes. It was that force which seemed to silence me from speaking. This was the most toxic kind of shame - completely self-inflicted and entirely undeserved.

Oh sure- so I'd maybe hinted around a bit vaguely about 'my interests'. I knew however that I hadn't really divulged it to Sam in anything that approached a straight-forward way. I hadn't actually told him right from the horse's mouth what it was that I found specifically, and so overpoweringly, attractive about him. I needed to get this out now, and as cleanly and directly as I could. I truly wanted to finally overcome this paralyzing fear inside of me.

I started by first visualizing in my mind me actually speaking the words directly aloud. Meanwhile Sam just patiently waited, not pushing me in the slightest. Finally, many long moments later, I spoke.

"Sam... it's... it's all about muscles, with me. Muscles ... excite me. I know it sounds really weird and all, but I just get a boner automatically when I even think about big muscles, let alone actually see a really well-built guy! I've been like this since I was a kid. God, you couldn't have any idea just how big muscles on a man affect me. It doesn't seem normal to me. It's so powerful that it still scares me. This feeling comes out of somewhere very deep inside of me. Sometimes it even seems as if it's programmed into my DNA, or attached somehow to my very soul. I guess nothing's too big or too excessive for me either, when it comes to muscles on a guy... Now I'm beginning to feel like a total weirdo telling you this, but I...".

Sam interrupted me in mid-sentence.

"There ain't nothing strange or weird 'bout it, Pete. That's an important part of who you are, I reckon! So you listen up now. I get hard even thinkin' 'bout dicks. I've always reacted that way for long as I can think, just like you. I like big dicks. You dig big muscles. That's just who we are - and it ain't no big deal! So if you're a freak Pete, then I'm just another freak, too. There's something - what's that damn word? Yeh, bye-o-logical that's it. There's something bye-o-logical makes me different from other guys. I ain't never had no doctor 'splain it to me like yours did, but... I knows there's reasons why God made me like this. I'm even freakier than you know yet Pete, but I 'spose you'd find that out anyway - if we're lucky, maybe even later tonight..."

Sam grinned then continued on, saying no more for the time being about whatever he'd meant by that. "But see- your freakiness Pete- that's what turns me on, and so powerful-like that it's sort'a scares me, too. I can't help it. I ain't got no control over it. Right now, truth is I can't even think 'bout nothing else. The Lord gave you a special 'bigness' too when he built all of that male equipment of yours. I don't 'spose 'ya maybe see it that way yet, but it's a mighty rare gift."

Sam paused pensively and glanced away, as if he were collecting some more thoughts before he continued. "My Pa- he told me some things that I ain't likely to ever forget. He told me to do whatever makes me happy. He told me don't ever let no one stomp on my dreams- and he told me to use the gifts that God gave me too. The truth is Pete- I know's that most guys don't go for men my size. Hell, they don't go for guys half my size. I got that notion clear 'nuf years ago. To them I's repulsive, like some freak o' nature that belongs behind bars in a zoo. So what'd I do? I worked real hard to get even bigger! I knew'd I wasn't never going to be no Einstein, but I still built me some mighty big assets, don't you think? Seems this is what I'm born to do, and it's somethin' I kind'a do really good, too!"

"So what's this all about- you and me anyway?" Sam asked, cocking his head. Then he followed immediately by answering his own question.

"Seems we got us some real important things in common, you 'n' me. We're both 'big' freaks- and I mean freaky-big, too! We got these here real powerful cravings. It's like... it's like there's this hunger in me for you, and 'ya got that feelin' I think for me - at least I think you do. We're like two starving animals. I don't know 'bout you, Pete, but I know I'm feeling things - and they's mighty weird and wonderful things. I'm burnin' up and hotter than Hell for you. Good things like this here - I think they's extra-special. Maybe that only 'once in a lifetime' kind'a special. Do 'ya know what I mean? But... but you... "

"But I what, Sam?" I prompted, sensing some doubt unexpectedly surfacing about what he wanted to say.

"But 'cha need to just let GO, Pete. You're well... err... kind'a inhibited-like, I reckon. 'Ya need to trust me. You hesitate though, and I don't reckon that 'cha really do. Know what I mean?"

I was really taken back by this outpouring of some real wisdom unexpectedly from Sam, and again there was this palpable sincerity. And Sam was - I really hated to admit it - painfully right again, too... and I knew exactly what he meant.

"I think I do - maybe. It's like you're saying that there's this brass-ring, like you see on a merry-ground. And it's right in front of me now, within my reach. And all I have to do is grab it."

"Hey that's cool! I like that! You're real 'mazing with words, Pete. Yep, that's a part of it, surely. You got a real 'man-imal' somewhere inside of you. I got just a tiny, little hint of it before. It's that part of you that can drive me just wild! And I want you to release that Beast real bad. There's some powerful magic there, 'tween you 'n' me. I can feel it. So let it out, Pete. Just let go, that's all 'ya got'ta do."

A cold and ominous chill suddenly raced through me. What Sam just said triggered a thought of something long ago - something that I'd put completely out of my mind, but now it had returned suddenly and rather vividly. The feeling haunted me. I needed to understand better if what I was thinking was what Sam really meant. Another metaphor, perhaps.

"So, what I think you mean Sam is that... it's as if we've got a powerful genie in a bottle, you and me. But I can't quite let it out, and you can't let it out all by yourself. It's not your genie nor my genie. It's our genie. It belongs to both of us. And we both have to pop the top off the bottle and set it free together? So you're saying that you think I'm afraid of the magic?"

"Wow Pete. Are you ever good with words. Yep, you've hit the nail right on the head."

And that was exactly what I was afraid he would say. You see, I'd already sensed that we did have this 'genie in a bottle', and it was one erotically powerful genie at that. I mean, let's face it - Sam was overwhelming me already, even with that genie locked safely away. I had to admit to myself that I was very afraid to re-open that bottle and set it loose again - and especially with Sam. This was exactly the very same Demon - that 'man-imal' as Sam had called it - that I'd known only once before, so long ago, with Gabe. It had nearly devoured me once - terrifying me just as much as it had thrilled me. Dare I chance even summoning up that Beast again? I remembered vividly now how that totally unconstrained and uncontrollable raw energy felt - more the seemingly deeper, darker side of it. It was utterly wild and savage. Perhaps even more threateningly though, it was unpredictable. But I was also a lot older now and perhaps I could handle it better.

The most handsome and built 'stud stallion' I'd ever known - and truthfully was ever likely to know - had miraculously just come into my life. And Samson was asking me to trust him and risk it all - to plunge with him into a black hole, and have faith that we would emerge out the other side of it in a far better universe somewhere. My urge to totally repress The Beast was very strong. Instinctively, I knew that I would need to ask for his help, too - that is, if Sam would be willing. I knew that I couldn't do this all on my own. But he clearly wanted me to 'let go' and I was willing to try. More importantly, I was willing to trust. So with my mind made up, I'd make my emancipation proclamation. Normally I'd deliver such a bold statement usually looking right at the floor, but this time I raised my head and looked Sam right in his eyes.

"Sam, this is scary for me but... I want this to work. I want to believe there is something maybe even 'extra-special' going on here. And yes - you're right about something else, too. I know there's a real 'man-imal' in me somewhere. That's a part of me I don't know very well. I've felt it once before, but that was a long time ago. So if you think that releasing that part of me is a good for us, well then I'll try to set it free. I think this is going to be hard for me, though. It goes so much against my grain. I'm sure that I'll need your help to remind me. I was thinking, maybe we could use something like a code phrase. You know... something that you can say that'll remind me to just 'let go'. You could maybe say it whenever you think I'm holding something back. Maybe it could even be something just as simple as you saying, 'Let the genie out of the bottle, Pete'?"

Sam smiled. "That sounds like a real good idea to me, Pete. I'm more than willing to help 'ya any way that I can. We're gonna have us some REAL fun, I just know it! And I appreciate your just tryin', too... uhh... that means a lot to me. So let's give this a whirl by startin' again with your birthday present now. Remember what I said to you earlier? You own me. Anything you want. Ain't nothing I won't do for you. Just tell me what you want. Trust me. Let that genie out of the bottle, Pete. Go ahead. What's do you want that's extra-special for your birthday?"

I took a deep breath, and suddenly just blurted it out.

"O.K. Sam. Maybe this is the stupidest thing you ever heard, but... I'd really like to just watch you lifting weights sometime. I don't mean in the gym when everyone else is around either. I'd like it if... well, if it was only just you and me. That'd be the most terrific thing I could ever imagine." Not quite yet trusting Sam's response, I tried to quickly explain the reason for my request and add some persuasive enticement as well. "It's just that if there's other people around, I can't let myself... you know... get too excited. But if it's just you and me, I'll get a boner like you've never seen before."

I could just about fully guarantee the accuracy of that claim, too.

Sam started sporting a shit-eating grin and nodding excitedly with approval.

"Wow. Way to go, Pete! See - that didn't hurt much did it? With your cock and my muscles, we're gonna have us some real fun on your birthday. It just don't get any better than this! Lifting is what I does best. I'd be proud as a peacock to do some special lifting - private-like... just for you. How's 'bout RIGHT NOW!"

"Now? Right now, Sam? Jeez, I'm getting hard just thinking about it," I grinned.

Sam paused as if he was collecting his thoughts. "That's what I'm hopin'! I'm gonna get you REAL excited. You have no idea just how much that'll... motivate me. I want to see you cock gettin' huge while I'm gettin' huge, too!"

"It's a deal," I said, nodding my head affirmatively.

"Hell, now I'm getting a boner, too, just thinkin' 'bout you gettin' a boner," Sam added with a chuckle.

"Say Sam, do you have some rubbers by any chance?" Sam didn't know it of course, but I was going with an impulse, and not just dismissing it as I might normally have done.

Sam looked understandably puzzled. "Rubbers? I thought you said that you can't use 'em?"

"Yeah, rubbers. Just grab some anyway please, if you got 'em." Sam went across the hallway and into what I assumed was his bedroom, returning in a few seconds. As he tossed me a package of Trojans, he still looked somewhat quizzical.

I just said, "Thanks. O.K.. I need to use the bathroom though really bad- first."

"Number One or number two?" he asked. I looked at him questioningly, not having a clue what he meant. "Well, piss or shit, boy?" Why did he care, I thought. With Sam, whatever was on his mind seemed to always come out of his mouth too.

"Shit Sam. It's to shit."

Sam pointed the way to the bathroom, and grabbing his keys, said that he was going to pull his truck in off the street while I was taking care of that business. As I headed for the bathroom I heard Sam holler, "Meet me in the kitchen Pete," as he went bounding down the front stairs.

Sam was there waiting for me when I walked back into his kitchen. "Y'all can follow me now," he winked, gesturing with his hand towards the kitchen door. •

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