Big is Better

Sunday Afternoon - The Lightening Round


By XHuge4Muscl

I could never forget the details surrounding the day we first locked eyes on each other. It was in the dead of winter on a Sunday afternoon, I'm guessing around 2 P.M., and just as frigid as a witch's titty outside. I'd spent the previous several weeks in heads-down research work for almost every waking moment. I was horny as hell and in need of some man-company rather desperately - desperate enough to even take on the risk of experiencing yet another failed attempt to connect meaningfully with another guy. So I found myself back in that local bar nursing a brewskie by myself, trying to 'celebrate' my 19th birthday. Funny how a guy can feel suddenly so lonely when he's in a bar of all places, but I surely did. My mind drifted off and wandered through it's 'historical files'. I found myself thinking about Gabe surprisingly and wondering where he was now and what he was up to. On this particular afternoon however, I was uncharacteristically sitting right at the bar rather than propping myself upright in my usual corner. That would have been more my normal 'modus operandi'. Somewhat lost in my private thoughts, I vaguely heard a voice coming from over my right shoulder...

"Hi there. I'm Samson - but please - my friends just call me Sam..."

From the close proximity of this voice, the overture seemed obviously directed at me. A part of me wanted to just say, "Please just leave me alone." That part just wasn't in the mood at all for another ultimately disappointing, if not outright embarrassing, one-night stand - or in this case, a one-afternoon stand. And then of course another part of me wanted something else entirely and was still hopeful. That afternoon though, that hopeful part of me was close to being silenced by the other.

This voice though did have a very nice quality to it, I thought. It was a deep and seductively masculine. But before I could crank my head around to check out it's source, I felt a hand on my right shoulder - and this hand was squeezing my shoulder in a very friendly sort of way. Involuntarily, I glanced directly at the hand. It was one hell of a very big paw let me tell you with prominent veins - a real man's hand. Frankly it's fortunate that I was sitting down for I would have surely fallen down in the next few seconds that followed. Naturally, I started to look up to see the rest of the man that this hand belonged to. My vision was almost completely obstructed by an in-the-flesh absolute giant of a man; a man whose body completely filled my entire peripheral field of vision. His size was so absolutely shocking - really frightening - that I reflexively bolted up from my stool.

"Whoa there!"

The steam shovel-sized hand effectively blocked my skyward launch and pushed me back down on the stool.

"Hell, I knows I'm probably a bit scary. Maybe even more than just a bit really," the giant chuckled. "Seems I always have just that affect on guys. They run away from me. But please- don't run away. Please? I'm just a regular guy, really - like you maybe. Honest, I am. Just talk with me awhile?"

I'm not sure I necessarily had any choice about it as his hand was still very strategically placed and holding me down firmly on the barstool. Not even two feet from my face, these two mountains of visibly-moving flesh stared back at me, immense in their proportions and utterly - wildly - three-dimensional. These apparitions were so alien to me in fact that it took seconds for my brain to accurately identify exactly what I was looking at. But when it finally registered that these undulating mounds were actually his chest muscles, I was instantly dumbstruck and frozen. These behemoths just continued their slow writhing movements, rather quickly also calming and hypnotizing me with their powerful magic spell. I could not seem to command my eyes to move anywhere else. It seemed that time was suddenly suspended. Finally I began to notice that these mountains were covered by a tee-shirt which, in turn, was covered by an unbuttoned flannel shirt. The shear mass of his chest plates jutted almost horizontally far beyond the underlying ribcage. I remember thinking that I could set my beer bottle on top of either of his massive 'shelves' and it would have just stood there! I'm sure that my mouth was falling slowly open - a side effect of the hypnosis, no doubt. It's a good thing that I'd pulled the stool up to the bar very closely or I'd have been immediately embarrassed by my arousal too - an undeniable sign of just how powerlessly and instantaneously spellbound I really was.

"Say, the truth is that I came down here just to meet you, Pete. My buddy tells me your name's Pete. Right? I'd never even be in this here place otherwise. I just scares too many guys, I guess. I hardly bother coming here no more. Just ain't worth it. 'Ya maybe know what I mean? But I've been standing over in that there far corner just watching 'ya for awhile now, I has. I heard from my buddy that 'ya got a really big piece of meat on you, boy. Is it really true?"

"Say what?" I almost blurted out. Under almost any other circumstance, I would have certainly ignored or deflected that comment, or else possibly even denied it totally. I might have even bolted and ran out of the bar. But the truth was that I was being intensely turned on by these two jumbo-sized masses of mind-blowing muscle as they continued to slowly undulate amazingly. My overabundant supply of hormones immediately controlled the moment. I couldn't think straight with all that blood pounding away inside my head. I couldn't even get a word to come out of my mouth. My mouth was as parched as the Gobi Desert. I choked trying to speak in fact, and took a fast swig of beer to stop the throat spasm.

Finally, I managed to stammer out, "Yes, Peter.. I'm Pete. And ah- there's more than enough of it, I guess. I think so.... And you are definitely NO regular guy either!"

"No - guess I know what 'cha mean, well enough," Sam chuckled. "I know this all scares guys away - well, most guys anyway," he said, quickly scanning his body from side-to-side with his eyes. "Does I scare you, Pete?"

"Well honestly? Yes. You scared the shit out of me, but I was really just more startled- that's all," I replied. "You know, maybe you should like- warn a guy or something - before you just walk up behind him - especially when he doesn't see you coming!" I remembered to smile, letting him know I was at least semi-sincere.

Sam's mouth opened into a big, wide smile, showing a blazingly white and absolutely model-perfect set of choppers in his mouth.

"That'd be so great if you'd just talk to me awhile. Maybe you can just try to ignore my size for now?"

While I knew that would be virtually impossible, I nevertheless told Sam that I would try my very best to just "picture him as a Munchkin". Meanwhile, my eyes were slowly beginning to take in other aspects of this truly gigantic man. I consciously noticed the real dimension of what was inside the arm of the long-sleeved shirt attached to this hand that still was covering my shoulder and a good part of my upper back, too. His large upper sleeve was filled to capacity with a humbling mass that reminded me more of an athlete's upper leg actually than a man's arm, by its size. Without a doubt it was the biggest arm I'd ever seen - more than I'd ever imagined even in my nocturnal fantasies. I was also now very aware that my dick was still swelling up in my pant leg, still hidden underneath the bar. I felt it's weightiness. I was also more than a bit light-headed from the speed that I was growing this torpedo. Lightening-fast, intense arousal too often had that affect on me.

After very slowly passing over a mile-wide pair of shoulders whose thickness from front to back also defied description, and traversing a neck that seemed as large as my waist, my eyes finally managed to make it all the way up to top of this man-mountain standing at my side. It wasn't really a cute or 'pretty boy' gorgeous face. No, not at all. If was a completely handsome face, and in the most utterly masculine of ways. In fact he possessed every feature I found irresistible. Sam had a large square jaw. Heavy brow. Clear sparkling eyes- the type I could get lost in. Though Sam was clean-shaven, I could see that he possessed a dense beard - the kind that reeked of raw, potent masculinity to me. And this incredible face crowned a body that stood way over 6 feet - and how much over I had no way to even begin to estimate. The fact was that Sam's whole upper body was just so huge and amazingly thick that I couldn't begin to tell how tall he was, let alone what he might tip the scales at. Eventually my eyes finally made their way to the very top of Sam where we finally locked our eyes mutually on each other.

Sam had evidently been observing my eyes as I'd mapped out every last inch of his gargantuan physique.

"So, there... now you've taken a real good look..," Sam observed aloud.

I immediately felt funny somehow, like I'd done something wrong - kind'a guilty of some unknown crime. He returned again to promoting his most immediate agenda.

"Say, do you suppose maybe you'd let me just touch it - please?"

I thought his please may have been an afterthought, but I knew without a doubt what "it" was referring to. I don't think a guy had ever been so bold with me this soon in the game and that sent a cold shiver up my spine. Seemed this guy Sam didn't care much for idle chatter, although there was also something undeniably very friendly about him. I tried to say something, but my mouth failed me again. After a long pause, Sam repeated his request again.

"I really just love- you know - really big guys. I do! Really!"

There was something odd about the way that he spoke. His voice had an almost childlike quality, but there was something also exceedingly honest and straightforward about it, too. Very unusual- certainly lustful and yet very sincere. It was as weird as it was unique. I sensed immediately a kind of genuineness without any bullshit whatsoever coming from this total specimen of manhood that dominated my whole horizon. It seemed that everyone else in the bar was disappearing. There was only Sam and me left in the moment.

"And if I was to say no, Sam, then what? You could ambush me outside later and do me severe bodily injury easily in just seconds actually, if you wanted to. So do I really have any choice here?"

"Course you can say no - if 'ya want. Absolutely! I'd never hurt you. I ain't that way. I never EVER hurt no one- never. A guy my size? That wouldn't even be fair."

From his facial expression, he appeared to me to be surprisingly hurt. Callously, it never occurred to me that this King Kong could have real feelings too. I felt ashamed for having even hinted at that being even a possible outcome.

"Hey that was a stupid thing for me to say, Sam. I'm sorry. Really, I am."

I reached up just to pat him to reinforce that I'd meant no harm either. My good-will gesture landed smack on his mega-chest, easily the biggest and most accessible target I could reach from where I was sitting. My palm contacted something with a mass and density that just stunned me. It felt more like I was patting the rump of a trained thoroughbred.

"That's O.K.. I didn't wanna really do nothing else but look at it - maybe feel it a little. I didn't mean no harm at all. I thought that 'ya might be that kind'a guy who'd- you know- might like me. Maybe even kind'a special-like. I must've done figured you wrong though... I ain't the smartest guy in this world. Suppose you can already tell that, huh? But I'd thought maybe the way that you was lookin' at these... "

Sam put his hands on each hip and slowly inhaled as he spread his elbows outward from his waist. Like two Phoenix's rising, hard hemispheres of muscle rose up, forcing the front panels of his flannel shirt aside and sending them retreating into the deep recesses of his arm pits. His white tee-shirt underneath stretched tighter, perfectly hugging two swelling mountains of muscle. Huge nipples became clearly visible as the cotton threads pulled uniformly apart from each other, making his tee-shirt more transparent to me especially at this very close range. They were larger than silver dollars and pointed almost straight down at his shoes- each suspended under a shelf of ballooning muscle. It was like watching two Zeppelins inflate. The two titans just continued to rise both upward and outward, finally reaching within only inches of my chin. Then the two tectonic plates of muscle began very sensually move completely independently and in opposition to each other. Amazingly, Sam commanded each one alternately to reach out even more and brush against each of my cheeks. The affect on me was instantly stunning; a fact that must have surely been written across my entire face, too. But for some absolutely idiotic reason, I thought I needed to "be cool" and not appear to Sam to be at least outwardly as totally swept-away as I actually felt inside.

By now Sam must have had some hint from my difficult-to-conceal reaction that he may have actually pegged me quite accurately. I was totally spellbound and seduced, and my mouth may have even betrayed me by opening rather widely at moments. I don't know which excited me more - his massy mammoth chest muscles or the unbelievable command and control he exercised of each one of them. Regardless, I couldn't begin to control the seismic tremors of lust that were coursing through my entire body.

As the massive beasts continued their slow dance, Sam continued exactly where he'd left off conversationally.

"It was just the way you were lookin' before - at these. I was hopin' for just a second that maybe you liked 'em - you know - big on a man?"

It was difficult to keep any outwards semblance of being non-chalant or unimpressed in the face for such powerfully erotic visions, especially when I was thinking to myself, "Big? Those aren't big - they're fuckin' gigantic!"

I finally got my mouth to move only with some concerted effort.

"I... I guess I do kind of like them. They look...ahh... good, actually..." That was a reasonably well-delivered intentional understatement, I thought. Positive feedback, but with a deliberately subdued enthusiasm. I wasn't sure that Sam necessarily bought it as the completely unabashed truth.

With my interim answer to his question in hand, Sam ended his hypnotizing display and relaxed, backing away from me slightly.

Still overwhelmed completely by Sam's unusual seductive skills, I stupidly asked, " How... ahh... big are they really?" Then catching myself being a bit to 'interested' for my own comfort, I quickly tried to recast and disguise my meaning.

"Err, I mean... You... Tall. How tall are you? How much do you actually weigh?"

Very matter-of-factly, he said, "Does it matter? Y'all can see I's really a big dude, can't 'ya?"

His stats, in fact, probably didn't matter. He was a monster. I thought to myself, "You're being picked up by funking King Kong! And I bet he could too, if he wanted to, and with just one hand. Who cares about his stats!" I also thought briefly that this monster would squash me like a fly if he was ever was top of me -whatever the reason!

Sam again returned back to his original conversational objective.

"So Pete. Will 'ya let me touch it?"

I whispered, "Do you mean touch it right here? Now? In public?"

Obviously trying to encourage my cooperation and I supposed to also reassure me, he said, "Ain't no one paying no attention. No one's goin' to even notice..."

Strangely, in the next moment I found my head involuntarily gesturing down towards my crotch.

"Sure. You can touch it, if you want to... It's OK. Go ahead. Do it 'discretely' though, OK?"

Sam's hand left my shoulder and came down on my thigh, which was still for hidden under the overhang of the bar anyway. Not moments later, his hand found my bloated pant python, which was not particularly an overtaxing challenge to locate in it's current condition. It came to rest on top of it.

He continued to look right at me as he sampled my wares very privately and discretely underneath the overhang of the bar. I noticed that his eyes seemed to glass over and his pupils became just as dilated as if emerging from an opthamologist's office after an eye exam.

"God, I don't believe it... It's so... " He stopped mid-sentence, appearing suddenly completely dumbfounded and unable to speak. He seemed as personally awestruck now as I was feeling myself.

The look on his face reflected some genuine astonishment - perhaps even initial disbelief - as he instantly figured out that the fantastic rumor he'd heard from his buddy about me was no rumor at all. While he was 'checking me out', I was also actively exploring the many large visible shapes underneath his clothes again. I was increasingly aware of just how much this guy really totally dwarfed me. He was no man at all, by any previous measure I had anyway. He was a real King Kong - a powerful, huge and stunningly handsome man-beast who had amazingly large, erotic shapes everywhere that I looked. Those special shapes that screamed 'superior strength' to every fiber of my being.

Sam's brought his mouth very close to my ear.

"God Pete, it's... it's just way bigger than I'd... Now I've just GOT to really see it. Please, please, pleeeaassseee? I want us to go somewhere so's I can REALLY play with it. Just how big IS that thing? Wow... "

Well this conversation was as absurd as it was completely juvenile... and strangely, also as erotic as hell. It kind of reminded me of more like a boy talking actually, in that moment anyway. My eyes however were telling me that every inch of this guy was definitely 'all man'. These two perceptions didn't quite fit together neatly in my mind. But what I found even more ridiculous was that being in such close proximity to such a gigantic and powerfully-built man was turning me on so much that I didn't actually care. So I end up finishing his thought for him.

"Yeh, I know it kind'a freaky. I'm... I'm not really normal. I mean my dick... it's just not normal. It's some kind of genetic thing I probably inherited. A doctor told me so. It was caused by some weird hormonal thing. I don't even get hard-ons the same way that other guys do."

What I was thinking during this self-confessional moment was that it actually takes me relatively much longer to get fully erect than other normal-sized guys. With me it's a process, not the quick 'event' it is with other guys.

"Wow. Hey that's OK! I mean that's just PERFECT! Say, we maybe even got something in common. I ain't exactly a normal guy either, case you ain't noticed. I figure there's always been somethin' different 'bout me, too. Maybe it's got somethin' to do with them whore-mones you mentioned before. Just I don't know anything 'bout that, really. All I knows is that I'm very big and all that I seem to want is to get even bigger! But better yet Pete - Truth is that I'm just made for big tools, too. Honest," he said with a certain mischievous twinkle in his eyes.

I missed his meaning completely because at that moment I was busy thinking to myself, "Sure. That's what they all think."

I'd heard such bravado too many time before and had learned to be very skeptical about these macho claims. Every guy I'd know had always had fallen way short on his 'capacity-limits' in the real moment of truth.

But God was I also ever completely turned on by this guy. I stared into his big beautiful puppy-dog eyes as I thought Sam's proposition over in my head. Should I really be going home with this guy? What's the worst that can happen? God he's dangerously big - but he also seems like a decent enough guy otherwise. You know you're never going to meet another guy who's built like this again in a whole millennium. Maybe I should go ahead and take a chance. It's my damn birthday, after all...

So I'd made up my mind on the spot to go through with it, although I'm not sure my brain was doing the thinking anymore. Frankly, at that particular moment I was ready to drop my pants in the middle of Main Street in the height of Xmas shopping season for this man, if he wanted me to. My dick was in total control and I was completely over-the-top in lust.

I leaned into his ear, and said very privately to him, "Your big hand feels perfect... right there." Then I pushed down on the back of it to emphasize where 'there' was, just in case he'd missed the reference. "That feels really good. I'd really like you to play with it a lot more, actually, if we can go somewhere else. Maybe we can go to your place, Sam? You see, I've got this roommate situation..."

"Great! Let's get out'ta here right NOW!" Sam said with wild-eyed enthusiasm.

I suddenly had this wild impulse right on the spot and contemplated momentarily if I should directly ask Sam for something, too. It was to be a 'special' request of sorts. I think Sam's stunning directness was trying to rub off on me a bit. At least for a very brief moment I'd thought that if he could be so open then why couldn't I? But I felt my face beginning to flush with embarrassment as I considered the advisability of making my request known to him. I was genuinely concerned that my doing so might blow it totally and that Sam would just walk away from me in disgust.

"So, ah... Sam... I have a question first before we leave. I was wondering if... if maybe... you'd be willing to...". Then I hesitated, suddenly unsure if I should actually continue this.

Sam looked outright puzzled. "What do 'ya have on your mind, Pete?"

I could feel my face turning crimson.

Sam grinned. "Say, look at you. You're blushing! What 'cha want?"

Just Sam's noticing that I was getting red-in-the-face made me even more embarrassed.

I chastised myself for a moment and then gave myself a quick silent pep-talk. "Damn Peter," I though to myself, "just SAY it. Ask him! What's the worst that can happen? You'll go home alone. Ugh. That's all."

I decided to take a more indirect and perhaps safer approach. I would lead him a bit, not quite trusting yet that he'd be OK and non-judgmental with this somewhat secret wish of mine. Even thinking about it obviously still embarrassed me greatly.

(Eventually, I would come to understand that taking such a circuitous and obtuse route was unnecessary with Sam. In fact, more often than not, he would completely miss such vaguely-disguised requests. Moreover, in time he taught me to say exactly what was on my mind.)

"Sam, you said that big ones turn you on?" I asked, already knowing his answer.

"Surely they do. That is THE truth," he replied without hesitating. Then he added for unneeded emphasis, "A great cock just makes me crazy!"

I found myself hoping that Sam meant that metaphorically and not literally. I continued to lead him cautiously.

"OK, ahhh... Then you'd probably like my erection to get as big as possible. Is that right?"

"Absolutely! I can't hardly even wait to see your cock with my own eyes!"

"O.K. Sam. Then it would help me a lot to get really aroused and all if maybe you'd... you'd maybe..." I started to stumble badly, again feeling too embarrassed about expressing this openly.

"If I would what?" Sam asked, seemeing a bit perturbed now with my continuing hesitation to clearly state what was on my mind.

"If you'd... maybe take off your shirt, so I could just see... I mean,- you just look so... "

Apparently catching on now to what I might be getting at, Sam just finished my sentence for me.

"Big, maybe? I look so BIG? It's just all muscles. But I's a real strong guy, Pete. Really!"

I was relieved that Sam had more-or-less correctly guessed where I was generally headed. He momentarily spared me having to come right out with it myself. Inside, I'd always known I was totally into muscle and that embarrassed me too much, just like the size of my dick. I just couldn't own that part of me yet, so I couldn't put that out to Sam either. I did note that Sam hadn't reacted negatively to my strange request; in fact he didn't seem particularly bothered by it at all. I felt kind of good about that, if only for a moment. But his mere matter-of-fact comments that 'it's just all muscles' as well as his admitted strength were causing my sex drive to just surge.

"Sam, it's my birthday today. Honest, it really is - and it always excites me more when a guy is naked when... when- you know- he's diddling with me. That's all I meant by that..."

Right. Sure... but only a half-truth at best. A guy with great big MUSCLES is what jet-propels my erections best, but I couldn't seem to just say that aloud.

Sam just smiled. "Pete, well I got no problem t'all takin' my shirt off in front of anyone. I want 'cha to just think of me as a big birthday present. So tell me now, just how big does that 'ol dick of yours get anyway?"

"Oh - probably too big to be of much use... " I said, telling him now a whole truth with a forced half-smile. The blood was already starting to pound in my head at the thought of this guy even having agreed to peel off his shirt for me. I still had no way to know just how stunning Sam's body actually would be, however I was about to get a whole new concept about what 'big' really meant - and actually so was Sam, for that matter.

Sam was beaming from ear-to-ear. "O.K. Pete, we got us a deal! Boy, I think I'm a lucky man!" Then he got quiet as if thinking about something else.

"You seem like a nice boy, Pete. I mean a real nice boy. Just the kind'a guy I'd like to be friends with. I mean - I'd hoped maybe even real special friends. Say Pete, do 'ya like touchin' this? I mean r-e-a-l-l-y like it?"

He took my hand and placed it on his the upper part of his other arm that was hanging relaxed by his side. He obviously wanted me to check it out so I cautiously ran my hand around the back of it slowly and then along the side. My hand couldn't begin to even cover one-fifth of it's mass. His arm was just that huge and felt just as rock-hard as granite. When my palm finally paused momentarily on the especially huge muscle in front, Sam slowly began raising his hand up toward his head and what I felt happening underneath his shirt-sleeve got my dick hard as granite, too. It was the most powerfully erotic thing I'd ever felt. I may have even started to moan involuntarily, if only for moment before I caught myself and tried to stifle it.

"You really ARE Samson! That's HUGE!... and it feels so HARD..."

Sam acted almost relieved at my unmistakably enthusiastic response, but still replied rather modestly, "Oh, that's really nothing. My arms are puny right now. You should see 'em AFTER I've been liftin'. I like 'em when they get huge! You can come over to my gym sometime so's you can see 'em when they's REALLY big. But this here ain't what I'd call really big right now."

He was sincere and even a bit oddly apologetic - and the guy was also clearly dillusional if he really thought his arms were at all 'puny' at that particular moment. Again, there was something just unusually honest about even the way he spoke about himself.

I mean this dude was already super-sized, and I practically creamed at the mere thought of watching Sam actually lifting. An ocean of pre-cum was steadily leaking from my inflated hog. Sam's hand was right back there 'on the jobsite' too, so he couldn't help but notice the expanding area of dampness in my jeans.

"Oh jeez, no! Did 'ya really cum already?" he asked, clearly concerned and obviously disappointed.

"Ahh- No, not yet... I didn't cum yet..," I muttered a bit breathlessly. I was actually difficult to speak with such veritable tidal waves of erotic energy flowing through my body. "That's all just my pre-cum actually... "

"That's just PRE-cum? WOW!!" he exclaimed, appearing somewhat stunned by this disclosure. Granted, the size of the area of wetness in my pants was probably larger than most guys would be if they'd shot their full load. The fact was that I was just beginning to get warmed up nicely, but he had no way of judging that. His was a very understandable misperception of the situation.

"You're makin' me SO hot!" With that, Sam excitedly grabbed me under my armpits and effortlessly lifted me right off of my bar stool - and let me tell you that I was not exactly a welter-weight either. In the blink of an eye, he had me literally airborne. My legs almost automatically reached out and wrapped around his waist to steady my trajectory. My hands could only find his two wide shoulders to grab on to which I used to steady myself momentarily. His shoulders were just monstrous and as rock-hard as his arms. I was suddenly face-to-face with Sam.

"I gotta kiss you..." he announced, catching me completely by surpise. It wasn't so much a request as it was a statement of his intentions - which he followed through on immediately, too - a quick bit of smooching right on my lips. And his mouth was hot... amazingly hot. His rough sexy beard stimulated every nearby nerve-ending surrounding my own lips. I'd never been just passionately taken - actually more seized - by any man. I more than liked the feeling of being kissed; actually it's rather amazing that I didn't shoot my load right on the spot.

He pulled back momentarily, and looked me in the eyes again grinning, "Boy, you are just SO hot! We're gonna have a great time doin' the wild thing, I just know it! We need to get out of here pronto!"

In the blink of an eye, we were outside the bar and headed off across town to his apartment. •

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