Voodoo Mama

By NCStudboy

'It's Spring Break! Time to get away from it all!' My roommate Savage was pestering me as I walked from the living room of our apartment into my room just trying to get away from him. We had been discussing it for half of the afternoon. It was the first Saturday of Spring Break, and Savage decided upon waking that he wanted he and I to drive to New Orleans for a week of drinking, sex, and an all out good time. It didn't matter that I had other plans. I had started working out at the local gym seven months ago, and was just beginning to see results on my body, and planned to spend my free week at the gym working out and further toning my body. Also, Grey Cook, the owner of the gym, and a muscle god himself was going to be there that week to give free private training lessons to anyone who signed up. I had an appointment set for everyday. Grey was a celebrity in the muscle circuit, and I just wanted to bask in his power, and hope that some of it would rub off on me. Now, here was Savage trying to change my plans like always. 'You can work out anytime. Give me a break. You know, Jerry, you're becoming a little obsessed with this work out shit, I have to tell you. You work out for two hours a day, walk for a half hour, do 45 minutes of aerobics, and then 200 sit-ups. You spend more time working out than I do doing anything. I thought you were my friend.' Savage and I had been really close since we first were put together as freshman in the dorms at our Syracuse NY University. When I first met him, I admired his natural beauty. He didn't have to worry about getting fat, or being out of shape. Everything just came natural to him. Me, I had to worry 24 hours a day. At that time I was in pretty good shape, but 8 months ago I was 5'9, weighed 190 lbs of fat, had short light brown hair, brown eyes, and a very pale complexion. Now I weighed 210, some of it muscle, had darker brown hair thanks to dye, and had begun tanning. I still wasn't perfect, but I was better than I had been, and I wanted to improve so much more. 'Come on, man. For me. It'll even be my treat. The old man sent me 2000 dollars the other day so I wouldn't call him, so we have money to blow. Lets do it. Maybe we can even get you laid!' Savage wasn't joking. I was 25 years old, and still a virgin. I think that was what changed my mind. I wanted to get my dick wet, even if it was a part of my body I still was partially ashamed of. I wish that there was an exercise to improve those who were born less endowed the others! So, with regret at missing my workouts with Grey Cook, I flew out the next day with Savage to mystical New Orleans.

It was Monday, and I was still hung over from the night before, and had not seen Savage since I lost him at a place in the French Quarter called The Hurricane. He was making out with this blond girl, and getting a pretty good hand job at the same time. I was a little jealous, so I decided to get a drink, and enjoy the atmosphere. I was jealous because secretly Ive always had a crush on Savage. He is blond, tall, and beautiful. That's all there is to say about him. I got hard the first time I saw him, and I just wished that his was gay, but he wasn't. To be near him, I had to hide the fact that I was gay, and remained a virgin, while masturbating at night thinking about him. As I walked around the messy Quarter at 11:00 in the morning after having passed out on a bench near the Mississippi, I realized that I was completely lost. I knew the name of our hotel, but had no clue how to get there. I was probably going to have to get a taxi back. It was a good think that I still had 75 dollars in my pocket. I walked toward what I thought would be a main intersection, when this black dude jumped out of nowhere and blocked my path. 'What you want? What you need? Mama can get it for you cheap.' His accent made him even spookier, and a cool sweat began to run down my back. There was something about his eyes. 'Im sorry. I'm not interested in any drugs.' I tried to walk off, but he continued to block my path. 'Mama don't sell drugs. She sells dreams. You have a dream, Mama give it to you. Come right in here. Mama Voodoo can do all.' He pointed to a door opened in the side of the building, and Im not sure if it was him pushing me towards the open door, or my own curiosity, but I found myself inside Mama Voodoo's. The place was empty except for some incense smoke in the air, and an ancient black woman sitting in a chair in the center of the room, knitting. She was dressed, like any normal person, not what I expected a Voodoo mama to look like, but the smoke that filled the air blew around her making her look mystical. The old woman stared at me before she even speak. 'What do you dream? What you want from Mama? I give anything.' 'I don't think I need anything. Im just getting a taxi to take me back to my hotel. Thanks anyway.' I started to walk out when her voice stopped me. 'You wish to muscular. You wish for your fat to disappear, and for ripples to appear. You wish to look like that movie actor Jean Claude Van something or other. You wish to be muscle.' 'How did you know?' 'Mama know all. It will cost you...50 dollars. You get what you want.' I thought for a second. I had 75. If it didn't work, I was sure Savage could spot me some more. Maybe I was crazy, or maybe I believe her, but I agreed. Voodoo Mama got up from her chair, went into the back room and came back 10 minutes later with a bottle of white powder. 'You drop this powder into gallon of skim milk. Then you wait 24 hours. Do not eat anything. Do not leave where you are. Do not lift any weights. If you do this. You get what you want.' I took the powder from her, and gave her the 50 dollars. 'Listen to Mama now. Do what I tell you.' With that, her friend escorted me out and showed me to a taxi. 'Listen to Mama.' He shouted as I drove away.

I got back to our hotel room to find Savage still missing. I was pretty happy about that because I was afraid of what he would say. Knowing him well, I knew I was pretty safe about having the room to myself for the next couple of days. He would not return to this room until it was time to leave. He was like that. The world was a party to him I opened the bag I got from the store and took the gallon of Vitamin D milk that I bought from the store next to the hotel. They were all out of skim milk, and I figured, what difference did it make. Mama probably only drank skim milk, and that was probably why she told me to use it. I opened up the lid of the gallon, and poured the white powder into the milk. I felt strange. What was I doing? This was so unlike me to do something like this. I felt ridiculous, but what if it worked? I closed the jug, shook it, and then opened it again. I looked at the milk, noticing that the white powder had dissolved, and quickly chugged down half of the gallon before I could think twice. I took the bottle away from my mouth, and then did the ritual again since now there was no going back. After all of the milk was gone. I sat down on the bed. Now all I had to do was not eat, and wait.

For five hours I waited, naked lying on the bed waiting for something to happen. After the seventh hour, I knew that I had been ripped off. I was so mad that all I wanted to do was strangle that Voodoo Mama. I guess they saw tourist from miles away, and had used me. I had to admire her enterprise though. She probably made a lot of money selling 'dreams!' I got dressed, and decided to walk around the streets when I noticed a sign in the lobby pointing to the gym and sauna. That was what I needed. A work out would make me feel 100 percent better, and get all of the anger I felt toward that witch out of my system. I ran back upstairs, changed into some shorts and a shirt, and was in the gym doing a hard workout 10 minutes later. I have to say that the anger gave me one of the best workouts I had ever had. I pumped more than I thought I could, and felt that lovely burning sensation all over my body. It was wonderful. If sex was heaven, it would be hard to compete with the erotic sensation I have when the burning in my muscles gets to me. I just simply love that feeling, and those who work out alot and are serious about it, know what I mean. I finished my work out two hours later, and decided that it was time to hit the sack. It had been a long day, and I hoped that I would be able to find Savage tomorrow. I certainly wasn't going to tell him about the Voodoo Mama. Maybe I would just tell him that I had spent the night with some sexy Cajun girl, and had the time of my life. I was putting the key in my door, when my cock started to get hard...I mean real hard. One of those mean hard on that wont go away until satisfied. Im not ashamed to jerk off, and thought it would be a great way to relax before going to sleep. I stripped off all of my clothing, and lay down on the bed and began to pump my cock slowly back and forth when I spasm in my stomach made me stop. A deep burning sensation was filling the pit of my stomach, and slowly extending out through my blood to all parts of my body. Suddenly I began afraid. I knew now that the Mama was for real, and I had really disobeyed her. REALLY disobeyed her! I watched in fascination and fear as my abdominal muscles slowly began to pop out further then they ever had before. I closed my eyes as the pain of my stomach muscles getting tighter and larger took over my body. I opened my eyes and the pain began to die down enough for me to look, and what I saw was the stomach of a guy who had worked out since birth. There was no muscle god on earth that had as perfect abs as I did, I was just feeling them, when my legs began to burn and I watched in pain and ecstasy as my thighs began to swell and grow, each becoming thick as tree trunks with muscle, with my lower leg muscle following along getting thicker and thicker, and to my amazement, my legs also began to get longer and longer. Not only was I getting more muscular than any guy on he planet, but I was also growing taller! My triceps were next , each getting as big as a bowling ball, just growing and growing until I thought the muscles would burst out of my skin! My arms were getting more muscular by the second, and I began to wonder how in the world I would find clothes to cover this body, or even if I wanted to! My chest began to expand and expand until I thought it would never stop. I also noticed hair beginning to grow on my chest, deep dark hair that was extremely sexy, but didn't take away from the muscles. Nothing could take away from that. I was in such awe with my body, that I didn't notice as my cock began to stretch larger and larger, getting thicker and longer by the second, my balls following suit. My body just kept getting bigger and bigger, but I loved every second, and I never wanted it to stop. I stared jerking off the growing meat, getting more and more excited by the second. Finally, I could take no more, and I shot cum all over the room in huge spurts. This was a miracle, and I loved every second. As I thought that, I wondered one thing. Would the growth stop?

The next morning I woke up and I knew from my morning hard on that it wasn't a dream. I got up from the bed, and nearly hit my head on the ceiling. I was a giant as much as I was muscular. Bending down to get into the bathroom to look at myself in the mirror, I was shocked by what I saw. Standing infront of my was an 7 and a half foot guy with long jet black hair that also covered my arms and legs and crotch. My crotch, soft was at least 13 inches long soft and as thick as my old arm used to be. Hard, I could only imagine it stretching to 18 inches if not more. My muscles rippled and stretched as I did poses infront of the mirror. I got hard just looking at myself. No man on earth had a body as perfect as mine, and I couldn't wait to show it off. I stared to slowly jerk off thinking about how muscular and beautiful I was. Each muscle was so perfect, and so huge, that there was no way I could not worship myself. I shot a lode of cum all over the mirror and laughed and low deep laugh. This was my dream come true. Thank you Voodoo Mama. Maybe I was bigger than she had meant for me to be because I disobeyed her rules, but this was what I really wanted. I was a giant muscle man with not an inch of fat. I was perfect All of those so called muscle studs would have to step aside. There is a new muscle god in town, and he's taking over. •

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