Return to the Mad Scientists

By Musclebuff

Reactions to my story inspired by the drawings of the great artists Rex were so good that I read it again myself recently and, like the hero of the story, yearned to revisit the "mad scientists" - so I did.

Some months later those guys called me back: they had, they thought, perfected a new development that might interest me.

"Thought." Hmm.

Since they last "perfected " me, I had been having a fucking great time winning contests left and right and having whatever muscleguy I wanted. In fact, two of us had moved in together, fucking and sucking night and day whenever we weren’t in the gym or eating or competing. He was trying real hard to match up to me but he still had ways to go. All the muscle-fuck juice I could pump into him wasn’t going to get him up to my size. There were nights when he swallowed gallons of the stuff, pumped up his butt and down his throat, we never stopped.

He loved my huge muscles, couldn’t keep his big hands off them - stroking, caressing, squeezing, teasing my big dick at the same time as licking his way down the cleavage of my thick pecs, across every veined striation of my eight-pack, squeezing his face between my quads and then swallowing as much of my thick fuckpole as he could manage. He knew just how to drive me wild and this, combined with his passionate jealousy of my XXXXL physique, compared to his XXL, drove him crazy too.

I flexed for him until I was bathed in sweat - he competed with me in the mirror and drove me insane. You see, I was crazy for his big bod too: he was superbly muscled, superbly honed and buffed - just wasn’t as big as me. Sometimes he got right down in the dumps in his despair of never getting as big as me, however hard he tried, however hard we fucked. When he got really angry he would fuck me from dusk till dawn, merciless with his jack-hammer pumping. And I fuckin’ loved it.

So here I was, thinking about the scientist guys’ invitation, wondering how it could be put to use for my mate - as well as me, for I sure wasn’t going to pass up any possibility of getting still huger. So I finally ‘fessed up the whole story - how I got to be as big as I am.

"You fucker! You mean we’ve been together all this time and you’ve never given me the same fuckin’ opportunity? What kind of a friend is that? What kind of lover are you, bastard!"

He was real angry and started to punch and beat me on every muscle except my face. Wow, it turned me on, man! I wanted him to fuck me like crazy, but he wouldn’t. He wasn’t going to have anything more to do with me. He started to fling his duds into a bag, screaming and cursing at me, taking time off to throw me a few more punches. Finally I used my superior muscle and clamped him hard against my chest. I could feel his mighty pecs struggling against mine, kicking and yelling, but finally I managed to shut him up for a moment by yelling real hard down his ear-hole and clamping my mouth over his, my tongue real insistent on top of his.

I promised I would do all I could with the guys to see he got the same treatment as I had gotten from them. I promised to make it a condition before I submitted to any more of their experiments.

Finally, he began to see hope on the horizon and started to get hard. Then he realized I might get even bigger, so he’s always be behind me. I managed to get my now-hard humungous rod up his butt while I whispered promises I had no business to make. At last he quieted down and started to enjoy the monstrous thrusts of my steel-hard fuckrod. I filled him pretty good - but he refused to cum for me until I’d kept my promise.

So next day I go to see the guys. Quite a welcome I get, but I can see that they’ve been "treating" each other ‘cos they’re almost as big as me.

"We;’ve developed our serum a couple of stages beyond what we gave you last time and we can’t wait to get it into you, man! We’re almost certain this will take you several stages beyond your present condition."

I took the risk of stating bluntly that I would do nothing for them unless they promised to "make over" my mate as soon as possible afterwards. I told them about the problem of our inequality and said that whatever I was going to get, he had to have too - both stages, if necessary.

They looked at each other, perplexed.

"You do realize there’s a risk?"

"Wasn’t there last time? Isn’t there always? Maybe all us guys are crazy, but we’ll take whatever risks we need to get BIG and BIGGER!"

I pretended to get nasty and I think they were worried I’d start breaking up the place if the didn’t agree. So of course they did. My mate was promised the same treatment IF mine was successful.

"OK, let’s get on with it!"

"Now, some of this will be the same - the suit for instance, and the insertions - just a few extra trimmings - no pain, no gain, you know!"

"But this time you don’t have to lie in the tube - in fact we need to be experiencing your growth first hand this time. We’ll be ‘handling’ you throughout the procedure."

"Good luck!" I said.

Then came the suit - the same transparent rubber or latex compound or whatever, but now it was a bit more difficult to get into. Feet and legs were more or less OK, in fact it felt real good as it encased and pressed on my quads. My 14 inches were pulled through the crotch hole and then the rubber had to be hauled over my butt - real tight now - and up over my giant shoulders so I could get the biceps through the armholes into the sleeves. I thought it would split as they pulled it round the giant slabs of my pecs: the guys had a real problem pulling the two sides together so that the automatic self seal would knit down my cleavage. When it did it felt really great! I flexed the bis, blew out the pecs, flexed the quads - Jeez! It felt so fuckin’ good! I started to get real horny and precum started to drip from my hardening dick.

I guess they hadn’t thought it was necessary to alter the suit as it was so stretchable: I had stretched it to fit the "new" muscle the first time round but now my added height and all the work I’d done in the gym since then was really, ha! stretching it to the limit! It felt so fuckin’ sexy - especially when the two guys started pawing me around - I could see they were getting a charge from it too. The stuff started to mold itself to my muscle, once again becoming a veritable second skin, so that every striation, every vein seemed to be bursting out of the stuff.

"Hey, guys! You’d better get on with it or I’m going to shoot a load in your faces!"

"Hey, no, don’t do that! Not yet anyway!. It’d waste too much time. Now, stand over here...."

"Here" was on a kind of large plate under a powerful lamp. They strapped my waist upright on to some kind of structure that supported my back without getting in the way of my butt-hole. Yeah, they were going to encase my dick in the same milker and, yes, the same automatic fucker was inserted, none too gently, up my fuck-chute. And yes, there were a few changes!

First of all, I felt a sharp prick in both my nuts as some kind of needle was inserted when they closed the casing of the milker round my now rampant dick.

"Don’t worry - that’s all you’re going to feel. The new serum will be inserted into your gonads continually throughout the procedure but you will only feel a pleasant sensation."

Now the two guys stripped down to their not inconsiderable bare muscle! "Yes, we have to be part of this procedure too - you need to receive our gism along with the serum - it has to be a strong dose, therefore from the two of us."

They encased their own dicks with similar apparatus from which tubes were fixed into my automatic fucker. The milker tube was now inserted into the "Rex" - tubes, actually, for they were now doubled - one going into the machine, the other split to enter their two fuck-holes in a similar fuck-tube. So we were all three joined together at the hip! Then a kind of pipe was hung out of the side of my mouth "to receive a compound of the serum and your own gism plus the gism we reserved at the time of the last procedure - so you’ll be receiving massive doses of all three substances."

"No need for the full face mask this time, but we will put that gas clip into your nose to stimulate you as before: we need all the gism we can get from you this time."

All the fixings were complete - the headpiece of my suit was put over my head, leaving just the hole for my eyes, nose and mouth.

"We’ll start with just a whiff to get you going."

Just a whiff! It nearly took my head off as I inhaled greedily. Yeah, fuck man! I felt so fuckin’ good! Huge bulging muscle guy, flexing unbelievable muscle - the suit seemed to encourage me it felt so darn good, as I flexed and bulged, it massaged the muscles and seemed to become one with them.

"Oops! We seem to have given you a bit too much too soon!"

"Never too much, man! Look, man at these fuckin’ great bulging, flexing muscles! Give me all you’ve fuckin’ got, guys! I can take it!"

And "Rex" was switched on.

At once I could feel my nuts swelling, my dick expanding - that serum was pulsing in my balls, making me feel enormous - and enormously horny. Almost at once the milker went into action, sliding up and down my hard, rampant dick. The rubber cock ring tightened round my root to prevent me cumming too soon - it also increased the feeling of hugeness in my balls as the blood and serum were both constricted in them and in my throbbing fucker.

I leaned back against the support frame. This seemed to cue the auto-fuck tube as it started to pound in my butt-chute. I started to think about my mate: all this time I had been too preoccupied to think about him. Now I wanted him there - to see the mighty muscles rearing up in this fuckin’ great suit, wanting his dick up my butt and mine up his at the same time!

Another, stronger whiff, sent me into paradisical paroxysms of muscle flex. I could see the guys inhaling too, at the same time as hefting their balls under the milkers. Now I had to cum! I started to roar and flex, grabbing my pecs, slurping on my latexed bis. Now "Rex" allowed me to cum - for the first of many. Immediately all the machinery seemed to go into action: I felt my gism being milked out of me, rushing down the tubes; the two guys came simultaneously and I started to feel massive amounts of whatever being pumped up my butt and down my throat. I think I preferred the whole mask they had on me the last time - it made me feel completely at "Rex’s" mercy as I lay there. But now I was free to flex and feel and that was great too.

Another whiff and another huge cumming - the tubes and fuckers and milkers were working overtime. I could see the two guys getting exhausted by the third extraction whereas I was yelling out for more! There seemed to be no end to my massive ejaculations - certainly "Rex" was pumping more into me than the two guys could provide: he must have stored up or formulated gallons of the stuff.

Then the machine moved up a few gears into overdrive mode. The hum drowned out my cries of greedy, sex-maddened joy. The two guys detached their various tubes and attachments and rushed to tend the machine.

"It’s starting!" they yelled - a few more twists of knobs and increases of power, then they moved into my area. Yeah, I could sure feel it "starting"!

First my lats spread out like fucking wings - I could feel them thickening as they dragged my shoulders forward. With an effort I flung them back as my pecs began to swell. The two guys were massaging every new muscle development; their dicks were dripping on to the floor as they slurped on my swelling chest, nuzzling the rampant nips that threatened to push through the rubber.

Then it was my abs that contracted and swelled at the same time as my glutes: one guy was licking my new eight-pack and the other was burying his face and mouth in my butt as he squeezed the swelling muscle. My quads suddenly pushed out and I could see the teardrops pulsing and growing, I put my hands on the outside of those huge thighs and coudl feel them acftually pulsing, retreating, pulsing and swelling more until my calves had to follow in the action.

Then I felt my triceps ping out behind me - I stretched out an arm to see the horseshoe swelling like some giant sea-monster creeping round the arm. As it reached the front, the bicep suddenly shot out, cleft in two monstrous halves. I flexed, I roared - I came! The guys couldn;t helpo back any longer - they plastered themselves on me, front and back so they coiuld feel the whole muscle monster swelling between their hands and against their own chests, abs and dicks.

A sudden mighty whiff up my nose and my dick replied by breaking the milker apart: it had grown so monstrously huge that the metal and plastic could no longer contain it. The steel rod whipped up to nipple height and erupted! It fountained up and fell back on to my face, my chest, my backside - it went on splurting in huge, never-ending spasms and all the time it did this i could feel my skeleton stretching as it had before to accommodate itself to the new size demanded my still-swelling muscles.

The two guys started to rub my fuck-juice all over my expanding body - they aimed to cover every inch of that suit which now seemed to be rejoicing in having to stretch over this huge new fucking marvellous muscle god! The combination of the guys’ hand massage and the inner massage I was receiving from the suit soon caused another eruption.

This time I massaged the gism into my own body - wherever I could reach and the boys took care of the rest. My muscles started to glow through the suit and I could feel every vein popping, every striation roping its way across my physique.

"Fuck, man! Look at you! You’re still growing - must be nearly seven feet! And all that fucking muscle is throbbing and humming. You’re fuckin’ glowing in muscle-magnificence!"

Then a great warmth spread through me, and a great calm. It seemed as if the growth procedure had stopped, settled down to consolidate the marriage of muscle and fuck-cum. As I looked at the golden vision of muscular marvel before me in the mirror, I could see the suit was assimilating itself into the muscle structure. It was the suit that was fuckin’ glowing! And passing the glow on through to the muscles. I now had a fucking amazing tan which had also somehow turned my hair a great shade of bronze.

Both the guys had fainted dead away by now, once they had lapped up every drop of my musclejuice they could lap off the floor. I was left there, looking into the mirror, highlit by the spotlight above me - a fucking muscle god! I hardly even looked like myself: even the bone structure of my face had changed - refined itself, toughened itself. And as for the muscle! It was beyond my wildest dreams - vascular but aesthetic, huge but shapely. Tiny waist, enormous shoulders, enormous quads and calves to support it all. Thick, thick, thick everywhere it needed to be thick. The glowing skin so paperthin I could see every fucking strand of juicy muscle under it. In the rear-view mirror I saw this giant back that looked as if it would fly me to the moon. I cracked a double bi and saw the delts, the traps, the erectors, the rhomboids swell and bunch. I was a golden muscle giant!

But with all this came the amazing fuckrod. Now I had calmed down a bit, it arced out from my golden groin, still spewing a silver river of cum on to the floor, but it was so thick, and so fucking long! Everywhere I looked I could see the force of the blood pulsing its way across the muscle, a muscle-serpent snaking its way down the top of my dick right down to the dripping crown. I couldn’t resist starting to jerk off again. The dick rose to my nips where I could lean down and suck it myself. That was a first!

I stepped over the moaning bodies of the two guys and made for the telephone on the wall. I called my mate. He snatched the thing up - "Well? Did it work?"

"Did it work! Better come and see for your fuckin’ self! Get here real quick and take your medicine!" He slammed down the receiver and I could imagine him galloping half naked down to his Jeep. He didnlt have far to come, and it wouldn;t take him long. Things had to be arranged before he got there. I slapped the two guys fully awake and pulled them to their feet.

"Hey, guys! Get some clothes on, clean up and get ready to keep your promise! My mate’s already on the way and when he sees this I warn you his mind is going to blow! You’d better be ready!"

In silence any objections very easily and got them moving. While they cleaned up and adjusted "Rex" - after complaining that they had intended to treat themselves straight after me if the procedure had been successful ("Not until you’ve done my mate!") - I cleaned myself up waiting for my lover. Then I stood basking in that spotlight, caressing every huge new striation, trying not to get too horny too soon. I did want the new muscle to freak him out, but I did not want the size of my dick to turn him off!

The boys worked fast - they needed to ‘cos we didn’t have to wait long and soon the buzzer sounded insistently. One of the guys let him in and brought him down to the lab.

I’d covered myself as best I could with a lab sheet and was sitting down so that I wouldn’t be towering over him when he saw me.

He burst in ahead of the guy. He looked amazingly handsome, every beautiful honed muscle in place. He was wearing helanca hot shorts and a cut off Hot Skins tank. I could feel the guys’ jaws dropping at the sight, he was just so fuckin’ good.

He tried to hide his excitement under a nonchalant grin.

"Hey man! What gives? Gee, you look different somehow - did they die your hair or something?"

"Different, huh? Want to see just how different?"

"Fuck, man, yeah! Show me!"

So I got up slowly, uncurling from the bench. The grin slowly wiped off his face as I continued to rise above him, a foot higher than usual.

"Shit, they’ve done some number on you! What’s under the sheet?"

"Really want to know? Are you sure you really want to know?"

And I slowly peeled the sheet off me, revealing the full fucking glory, little by little. But I still held the sheet over my genitals - I had to, to stop it from rearing up as i watched the effect on my lover. I still wasn’t sure how he’s take it - nor how he’d Take It!

"Fuck, man! Look at you! Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Just look at you! Oh, man - I’m gonna cum! Gonna cum!"

He ripped off his hotshorts and started to jerk - but I got there first. I flung myself on my knees and devoured his spurting cock. I wrapped my fist round his balls and stuck a finger up his fuck-chute to encourage maximum delivery. He yanked my head against his crotch, ensuring that he’d spurt deep down my throat. I sucked it out of him and finger-fucked him at the same time.

The he looked down and saw the huge fuck-snake beginning to rear up. He fell to his knees and grabbed it hard, bringing it up to his mouth. He started to milk me, glaring dazedly into my eyes. But one of the guys hurried forward -

"Sir! - Sir! Please don’t - please don’t do that! We’re going to need every drop of his gism for your procedure - I’m sure you wouldn’t want to prejudice that - would you?"

My mate got to his feet, never taking his eyes off me. "You bet I wouldn’t! Hey, bro’, get uo so i can see the whole thing now - see what I’m gonna be like!"

So I did. I obliged him with the full performance - flexing bis, squeezing pecs, spreading lats, side shots, back shots - and finally I squeezed him as close to me as I could.

"Bro’, yeah, you’re fuckin’ gonna be like me - just like me! Then we’ll have some times, huh?" He pushed me away, stroked my pecs, licked my bis, ran his hands down the eight-pack, embraced the quads, walked round me, shaped his hands round the big spreading lats, kissed me between the glutes, and finally climbed up in front so that we were eyeball to eyeball.

"Man, if they can do this for me ......." A long deep kiss was finally interrupted by a cough behind us.

"We’re ready, if you are."

"Gonna make me as big as my bro’ here?"

"We’ll certainly try - and having him here will definitely add to the strength of the procedure."

"Yes, we can even take a short-cut or two, seeing that you are already nearly as big as he was when he came in today."

"With his new genital equipment, not to mention the power of its delivery, we’ll almost certainlyl get you to his level in a few hours."

"But it’s only fair that you should both promise us to do a favor in return when it’s all over. You see, we originally fixed up this whole procedure so that we could get to be as big as you. So how about it?"

My generous mate: "If you can deliver the goods, we’ll sure help you too."

Another long kiss, then they were ready with a new suit for him to squeeze into. He sure was a hot item one he was in it and I could tell by his grinning face and swelling dick that he was enjoying it as much as I had.

The milker was attached to his throbbing dick, the needles inserted in his nuts (he didn’t like that much but - no pain, no gain!), the tubes connected to "Rex" and to a fuckrod in my guts. We both got a whiff-tube and a preliminary, mind-blowing whiff - his dick started to leap about, in spite of the weight of the milker attached to it. I stepped back so that they could insert the auto-fuck up his butt and got my first surprise.

"No need for that, if you will insert your own fucker up his fuck–chute?"

"Hey, man - you think I can take that thing up me?"

"One can take anything if one sets one’s mind to it! Here, try this!"

A mighty whiff sent me very fast to his backside - it was having its effect on him too:

"Yeah, bro! Shove it up me. I WANT IT! I FUCKING WANT YOU! Fuck me, god dammit!"

So I did. I forced at least half of my steel hard rod into his anus and once it was there I could not resist pumping it in and out - real slow and sexy to start with, but then "Rex" got going and we were both compelled to go at it full tilt. I got my hands on to his nutsack and I could feel them filling mightily with Rex’s serum. They put the pipe into his mouth and Rex started to supply him with some of my duplicated msucle juice. He gulped it down as he pressed his rear hard against my dick which was slowly getting eaten up by the silkily demanding, pulsing butt-walls.

I was feeling him all over his abs, his pecs, rubbing some lube into that shining, slippery skin-suit when one of the guys whispered into my ear, "It’s all up to you, now, sir. Fuck him hard and Rex will do the rest. Your cum is now so powerfully potent he should reach his goal quite easily. So, fuck him - fuck him real hard!"

This my mate heard - at the same time as another whiff inspired us both. Those scientists were getting their own rocks off by pushing us both - and Rex- to the limit. The hum got louder, the pulsing through both our bodies became more violent - his nuts swelled and swelled - he started to yell -

"Shit man, this is so fucking fantastic - I can take the wholel of you now - just dig it in and fuck me to blazes! Shit man, FUUUUCK me!"

Now they were supplying us with a continuous intake of the whiff, daring us to go to the max. So we did. I fucked that butt so fuckin’ hard, so fuckinm’; fast and deep, it seemed to fuck its way into his own fucker. Once again I had that amazing sensation of fucking and being fucked at the dasme time - and i know he did too. And beinfg sucked - me by his demanding cunt, him by Rex’s milker.

"Bro’, I’ve come three times already and it’s not going to stop - cum yourself, darn you! I want to be fuckin’ FILLED with your muscle juice!"

He rammed himself back on em and I erupted - erupted just as I had earlier in the day - a never-ending stream of fuckjuice. As fast and as much as I cam, his insides seemed to be eating it up and absorbing it, at the same time as demanding more from my dick - his guts were actually sucking the torrent of gism out of my dick. With him in front and the rammer up my rear end, I just couldn’t stop. It started to splurt out of his hole on to the floor. As quick as a flash the guys were there lapping it up between our feet. They lapped it up and spat it out on to my mate’s suit as they started to massage it in to his body.

Now I could start to feel him grow, but it happened differently from me. First his frame started to stretch up and almost immediately the muscles started to swell and sprout as if to compliment the demands of his new structure.

"Man, what’s happening to me?"

"It’s OK, it’s OK - just hold on and let it happen! Man you’re growing! I can feel your pecs swelling under my hands! Your lats are spreading - thicker and thicker - your butt is so big and hard I can’t even get my dick to move inside you!"

"Oh, don’t take it otu, bro! It feels so fuckin’ good in there!"

"Hey man, take a look at your own! It’s practically up to your nipples already - and so fuckin’ thick! I can’t wait to get it up me!"

Rex gave me a good hard ram up the rear in answer, and then it happened - my mate’s huge new dick split the milker which fell shattered to the ground. The guys rushed to pick up the bits, but I knew what was going to happen next. I tugged the fucker out of my butt and presented it real fast to my mate’s new dick. I wanted, I needed to inaugurate - to feel the full force of his new equipment - not to mention its contents!

He grabbed my waist and pushed me forward: "Yeah, bro’! gonna fuck you real hard like you’ve never felt a fuck before!" And in it went - to the hilt. He didn’t stop fucking me with that giant pole till he’d cum at least four times. Everytime he’d cum, he’s yell for another whiff and get going again. He sure was potent! And I sure did love it!

I could see us both in the huge mirror: two fucking great muscle giants fucking their guts out. I grabbed his hand and wrapped it round my dick. He started to jerk on my giant steel rod as he had never jerked me before - and he fucked me as he had never fucked me before - making up for all those months when he’d felt so miserably inferior to me!

And all the while our golden muscles were flexing and pumping, rejoicing in their existence. No mirror had ever, ever! seen such a sight as two bronzed muscle gods

trying to assimilate into each other - muscle to muscle - electrcity seemed to bounce off our skins as we made contact.

Finally he pulled his huge thick length out of me and we both fountained on to that mirror, totally obscuring the golden vision therein. The guys rushed forward again, locking their mouths over our spurting dicks, swallowing hard and continuously as the magic muscle ambrosia flowed down their greedy throats and got absorbed into their muscle hungry souls.

When we finally stopped pumping down their throats, they sank back, totally exhausted. They were naked again and didn’t look half bad as the cum dripped from their lips on to their pretty mighty pecs. After all, they’d brought themselves to that state using my juice as well as Rex’s serum - they deserved to get big!

"It;s OK guys, you can leave us now - we can complete the procedure on each other. Come back tomorrow when we’re as big as you -then we’ll have some fun - OK, guys?"

"Men, you may have used me as a guinea-pig, but I’m fuckin’ glad you did! We’d never have ended up like this with steroids or anything else we could get hold of. So thanks, guys! What can we do to show our appreciation?"

"You could both fuck us here and now? A little more of your personal serum would help us out a lot!"

I looked at my mate. He shrugged his huge delts -

"Why not? Seems the least we could do - and you’ve already got such great bodies it’d be a pleasure!"

So we dug into them. It must have been hard, not being developed to our level as yet, but they refused the whiff, saying they wanted to experience the whole thickness of us!

So one last fuck before we went home to our new lives in private. They lay down face up on a mattress, we pulled their legs over our shoulders and ploughed into their butt-holes with grateful relish. We could see just how painful it was to start with, so we went in gently but, once we were in, we couldn’t resist giving them a good hard muscle-fuck.

"Uunh! Aaargh! Uunh! Uunnnnh! Fuuuuuck me! Fuck me haaaaaard! Yeah, muscle gods! Rape us! Ram us! Make us feel your fucking godheads! Yeaaaaah! Fuuuuck! Aw, fuck me harder! Yeah, piston it in and out - road-ram me! Fuckin’ great jackhammer muscle gods! Give it AAAAALL to me!"

Never thought these polite scientist types had all that kind o’ language in their heads! Must have been reading those comics! Anyway, we sure enjoyed givin’ it to ‘em and givin’ it hard too. All the time we gazed at each other and each other’s great new golden muscles pumping away into the renewing bodies beneath us. As we finally came, simultaneously of course, we leaned forward to stick our tongues down each other’s throats while the scientists boiled over with our cum, splurting all over their great pecs and abs.

Two happy guys left two happy guys that night - only to go back the next day to see whether they had achieved our size - and to enjoy them in every which way whether they had or not. They had, and you have never seen or heard such a musclefest as when we four rammed and sucked every conceivable aperture on all four gigantic bronze bodies. We were so crazed, we didn’t know or care whose limb was whose nor what it was doing to whom.

You should try it sometime.

Cheers! •

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