Twinset and Match



By Musclebuff


The Twins found their clothes and put them on, flinging ours at us. We pulled on our pants/chaps - looked at each other, and roared with laughter. Not a hope in hell of getting them on! My vest was OK, codpieces less so but possible if we didn�t mind 3/4 exposure we ripped our jackets at several seams: they still didn�t work so we flung them away. Shamefully ignoring Jaro�s two companions (who had found themselves partners anyway - for everyone was so turned on that everyone was loving everyone), we whooped up into the hot night air, climbed on our (three) Harleys and roared away nearly naked. Jaroslav came twice against my back on the way to the Twins� place while he fondled my bursting dick and twisted my pecs.

When we got to their place, they sat us down, admonished me for not seeing that Jaro promised to pass the Gift on, then got him to swear the same. Then we all stripped off, ate and drank ravenously, finding out all the things about each other we didn�t yet know. As we lay on the biggest fucking mattress I�d ever seen (fit for muscle giants!) Alpha said they had never had such a successful adventure and what a thrill it was when the gift got passed on so successfully.

"What luck," Omega said to Jaro, "that you were there and he liked you!"

Jaro turned to me. "Do you like me?"

"Sure, kiddo, sure I like you!"

"Then me, I am lucky one, for I sure like you!"

Alpha threw a pillow at us. "Stuff your mouths with each other and get fucking, kids! We�ll see how you feel in the morning!"

The four of us set to. Mostly it was me and Jaro, and the Twins (incestuously) with each other. I guess it was OK for twins! After a few cummings, somehow the couples got mixed up, great fuckin� muscles heaving indiscriminately against each other, heaving, sucking, throbbing, fucking, kissing, licking. Flexing, fucking, kissing. Tangled in a foursome, pulling apart into pot-lick pairs - you never knew whom you�d land up with next! Finally even we muscle giants were exhausted and we lay in each others bulging arms till we woke up well after dawn.

When that happened, Jaro and I found ourselves gazing close into each other�s eyes, our fuckpoles rampant. We lay there a long time doing just that, then Jaro climbed up on me, kissed me and sank my raging dick into his fuckhole and rode it like crazy till we both came again. Only as he collapsed on top of me did the the Sleeping Twins wake up.

"Gawd, they�ve been at it again!"

We spent the day together: somehow it was difficult for us all to separate. When we did, it was with fervent promises to meet again very soon and always to keep in touch thereafter.

"Have to go back home, Jaroslav?" asked Omega.

This was the question I�d come to dread and hadn�t yet brought myself to ask. I guess I was grateful to Omega for asking it. The answer was not what any of us expected.

"Do not have home."

A silence. We all looked at each other while Jaro looked unhappily ast the floor.

"Well, kiddo, I guess you�ll just have to �" Alpha shrugged, looking at me.

"I guess you�ll just have to live with me." (Me)

Jaro looked up. The he whooped, flung himself at me and we went home.

We�ve been there ever since. Been a long time now. But things are just the same. We had to sort out a few legal things, but they got done. We kept our promises to the Twins, had a few successful adventures, "passing it on". Jaroslav competed for a few years and did very well, as one can imagine. The other three of us yelled and whooped for him from the audience. It was great to single out our candidates from the guys who were really hungry for muscle, not just using it as a crutch or to bolster up their arrogance. There�s plenty of that and Jaro eventually got tired of the politics and decided he just wanted to help other guys get bigger. They didn�t all receive the Treatment but the gym the four of us own jointly does very well and Jaro is a great trainer. None of us want for money, one way and another.

He never saw or heard anything of the two German guys again. Just as well. I guess they went home alternately bragging and alternately mourning that they had missed out, poor guys.

He often says that Yugoslavia seems a very long way away and gets a bit sad. All of his family disappeared at Kosovo time after they had spent all their money getting him out, first to Germany and thence to the States. When he gets like that I hit him on the head and he recovers pretty quick. This has been his home for a long time now. I�m his home, and he�s mine.

Happily ever after. •

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