Twinset and Match



By Musclebuff

I turned to the front, massive Most Muscular as I roared. I saw two things: the dark German guy had got himself to the front of the crowd alone - his two hands dripping with his own cum - gazing up at me. Somehow our eyes made contact and held. Then I saw that the Twins were finding their own muscles had grown too! I leaped down to join them - to compare the three of us.

"OK, guys? You bigger too?"

"You bet! We�ve never done it before with anyone as big as you and it seems to have paid off!"

"Paid off! How can I ever thank you for this?!"

"Hey! Don�t talk as if you weren�t going to see us again! We�ve got to stay in touch in more ways than one!"

"You bet, but how...."

"How nothing. Remember your promise, that�s all."

"You�re going to find it easy to do that because you�ll find all kinds of people being attracted to you - straight as well as gay - and you�ll have a lot to choose from!"

While Omega was saying this, I noticed that the dark guy had gotten even closer. Again our eyes made contact. Alpha noticed and nudged my arm: "There�s someone - he won�t even look at Omega and me - he�s only got eyes for you. Whadda you think?"

"You think I can?"

"You �can� anyone you want! In fact we�ll help you if he�s one you�d like to help."

"With that nice swimmer�s body, he looks like someone who�d appreciate you giving him some more muscle!"

I beckoned Jaroslav (I found out later he was Yugoslav and not German) with a jerk of my head. Omega poured out some beer from the draw-tap and emptied our crystals into it.

"Prost!" he said as he pressed it on the surprised Yaroslav who gulped it down eagerly.

As the Twins began to undress him slowly...... The DJ somehow pulled himself together and gave us some music. I undulated my new muscle close in front of Jaroslav. When his arms were free I took his hands and placed them on my humungous pecs, fexing them in time with the music. He soon got with it and the two of us started a sensual mating dance.

His six and a half inches waved in time to the music and I yanked his butt tight into my abs so that my big fuckin� boner was half way up his chest. This was the cue to Alpha and Omega to join in and the "little" Jaroslav was tightly surrounded by a towering wall of muscle. The four of undulated, twisting and turning, muscle to muscle, hands sliding over sweaty dicks and pecs, kissing giant flexed bis..... I got one finger up Jaro�s butthole and pulled his diuck between my legs with the other hand so that my undulating quads gave his throbbing dick a good workout while his joy-button was being tortured in time to the music.

What can he have felt like? Imagine yourself surrounded by all that flexing, weaving and heaving muscle, your puny body slipping and sliding on those giant muscles, never knowing who or what or which hand was going to grab you, feel you, squeeze you, maul you - how to choose which huge dick to play with or suck, and the music and sensual movement goign on and on and on and on.........

"Men," he stammered, "men, I have to stop or I shall....."

"No stopping now, kiddo," I said, "you�re in for the time of your life."

"You like big muscle?" asked Omega.

"Ja, I like, very much - I want......"

"You want what, boy?" Alpha grabbing Jaro�s dick and squeezing.

"I want - I want you! " turning suddenly to me. "I want what you have...."

"And what�s that?" Omega teased.

"His - his muscles!"

Alpha: "Are you prepared to submit to his muscle?"

Jaroslav gulped. "Ja - yes! I will!"

Me: "You will what?"

"I will submit to your muscle!"

Omega: "The he�s all yours, Link!"

I pulled Jaro into a tight embrace, covering his lips with mine. I remembered how Omega attacked me when it all began, and I plunged my tongue into Jaro and proceeded to fuck his face. He clung to me, his beautiful swimmer�s muscles melding with my huge new ones. I dug a few fingers up his butt and the Twins closed in to cement us all together.

The crowd started to cheer (and God knows what else) - the two krauts tried to muscle in on the act but the Twins pushed them forcefully away. I lifted Jaro up in the air, still kissing him, then plunged him down on to my steel hard fuckpole. He yelled with pain into my mouth but stopped almost immediately when the Twins started to lift him up and down on my greedy rod. My swollen member rejoiced as the satin walls Jaro�s silky, slick fuckchute tightened around my insistent fucker

Then Omega pulled Jaro�s hands off my shoulders, bent him backwards, lifted one mighty thigh over his body, turning to face his head, then, supporting his neck between two thick quads, shoved his dick deep down the boy�s throat. Alpha closed in behind me and shoved his monstrous rod up my ass and started to ram me. He also had one hand on Jaro�s dick which he massaged in time to the fuck rhythm the music was demanding from all of us. I grabbed Jaro�s nutsack as Alpha twisted my head around to meet his mouth.

After about three minutes of this Jaro�s dick suddenly erupted, shooting massive amounts of cum towards the ceiling and fountaining back on to his chest and abs. We all released him, and laid him on a leather-padded incline bench. The Twins knelt beside him and started to massage his gism into their own pecs. When it was absorbed into their shining, sweaty muscle, they each grabbed me by a hand and shoved me face down ion top of Jaroslav. We fucked each other�s faces again; a Twin pulled both our dicks down between our legs and started to mash them together, lubed with Jaro�s cum and our sweat.

Alpha said, "Look at Link�s huge butt! I just can�t get enough of it!"

"Well, bro�, I�ll share it with you!"

By now Jaro was rock hard again and my nuts were demanding release. The twins lifted up my butt and rammed it down on to Jaro�s dick. Jaro gleefully roaring with mid-European laughter, started to fuck me at once. Omega soon out a stop to his noise by shoving his long thick rod down his throat. Jaro choked and them started to gobble it lustfully. I looked round at Alpha who grinned and then pushed me forward so that I could suck his bro� between the twin mountains of his butt. Then he got in real close and started to shove his fuckin� big mushroom head into my ass alongside Jaro�s.

"Jeez! Fuck, man - you�re too fuckin� huge - nah - dig the fucker in - let me feel your fuckpole ramming me with Jaro�s! Fuck me man - give me ll you�ve got. Sheeeit! Uuunh! Uuunh! Aaargh!"

Omega shut me up by pulling his dick out of Jaro�s mouth and shoving it into mine. Sheeeit! Triple fuck! Uunh! Uuunh! UUUNH! After a while both Twins pulled out of me and changed places. Now I rammed my dick up Jaro, Alpha filled his mouth with his pre-cum-dripping fuckpole, and Omega started to road-ram me with a mighty power fuck. I copied him into Jaro�s hot slick hole and all three of us fucked like crazy in time to the now-very hot beat of the music.

This time it was me who yelled "NOW!" and we all erupted - gallons of gism rushing into every open hole, Jaro�s fountaining again - this time I caught most of it in my mouth. When Alpha saw this he rammed my mouth against Jaro�s so that we could swill his cum around both our mouths.

Alpha yelled: " Now, Link, you have ta swallow his!"

Omega: "Jaro - suck my cum out of his butt, man! You need it all! Then see what happens!"

I sat on Jaro�s face, my relentless dick rearing up above his head. I felt his tongue deliciously slurping at my entry hole, sucking for all he was worth. His demanding tongue and lips made me want to cum again. I was just on the edge when they rolled Jaro and me off the bench on to the floor, Jaro on top of me. The twins then lay half on top of us, half beside us, so that Jaro was once again encased in a wall of heaving, sweaty cum-laden muscle.

Then I felt Jaro�s pecs pushing at mine. I couldn�t sink through the floor, so I could feel his chest rising on top of me while he kissed me. He started to groan into my mouth as the warmth swept through him and his delts started to blow up and push the Twins away a bit. Then he cramped as his abs exploded and his quads erupted. Suddenly his dick engorged and swelled and I could feel it creeping up my chest towards my cleavage. Every monstrous development he experienced, we experienced too, so tightly were we attached to him.

His face came away from mine and he started to moan as the lengthening process took over. We all felt as if we were being blown up by tire pressures as the boy swelled into his destined size as a muscle god. Then things calmed down and the Twins pulled us to our feet. Jaro grabbed me: "You - you - muscle god! I love!" His eyes were now level with mine, shining with excitement.

"Me, muscle god? Have a look at yourself!"

And the three of us cleared a path through the sweating cum-stained crowd towards the big bar mirror. We hoisted him up onto the bar so he could see his whole, amazingly beautiful, pumping, bulging muscle-laden self. He started to dance with joy, then preened himself, feeling every flexing bulge that he could reach. Jeez! he was turning me on now like the Twins had!

Suddenly he jumped off the bar on to me, his legs round my waist, his arms round my neck. I was so stunned I came there and then. He whooped with delight - seized the gooey muscle-juice, sucked it into his mouth and then kissed me. "Now I swallow - not you - you have all mine later!"

He jumped off me and started half dancing, half capering round the room. He found his two companions who by n ow were weak at the knees with wonder, danced around them like a mad thing, flexing and whooping. I suspected his sub-text was I got it, not You!

The Twins linked their arms round my shoulders, three huge, beautiful muscle freaks watching the fourth we had just created. He came back to us and leaped at us, kissing Omega, then Alpha, and finally grabbed me.

"But you - you are for me! You are mine!"

OK with me - I think I was falling in love with it already. The twins knew this too, and shoved the two of us together. We shared the hottest muscle embrace of my life, beyond my imagination - and I guess they did the same. Face to face, muscle to muscle, groin to leaking groin. Then the two couples linked themselves together.

Alpha: "Hey, guys! Let�s get out of this place, go home and celebrate!" •

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