Twinset and Match

At the Club


By Musclebuff

I was lounging at my usual end of the bar, propping myself up on my left elbow, surveying the talent. Not much there tonight. But, before I get to that, myself: six foot, 220 pounds, muscular, thick brush-cut hair which shows no sign of receding like most unfortunate muscular blondes, chaps, codpiece (long thick fuckrod curled up in it with difficulty - it will show itself as soon if it starts to get hard), bar-vest - my usual club uniform in fact. I have very wide delts which look real good jutting out from the leather vest, big thick pecs ditto, handsome bis and very good wide six-pack above the low slung belt of the thin leather chaps which are molding themselves to my considerable quads.

Iím quite proud of what I look like: itís taken me a few years and many hours of self-torture in the gym to have got where I am, but Iíve reached a sort plateau which can only be got over with steroids and all that stuff and Iím just not prepared to go that route. Iíve considered doing a couple of "natural" Musclemania contests but have always been put off by the number of winners who quite clearly have used the stuff. So - I keep myself to myself, do my work, enjoy honing and showing off what Iíve got as and when I can. Thatís not to say I didnít wish the fuck there was some way to get off that plateau and get real fucking big.

People never understand why I donít have a lover - or a string of them - the trouble is, Iím very choosy and I donít often see anyone I want to go with more than once. So people think Iím snooty, playing hard-to-get. Not at all. Iím the easiest catch for the right muscle stud. Who doesnít seem to be here tonight. At least, Iím doubting it.

There are these three visiting Huns, two traditional thin ashblondes, one very arrogant, not very muscular, quite good-looking; one with more flesh than he should have, about 45 years old, not me at all; the third is more interesting: about my ages (28), dark and curly, must come from southern Deutschland, swimmerís build and a big packet in the pouch of his pants. Unfortunately all of them are dressed "echt korrekt Deutsch" in those leather jodhpurs which look so darn stupid, narrow -shouldered biker jackets, high Nazi boots and covered from head to toe with as much chain as they can get on to their outfits. Altogether, a put-off, though the blondesí personalities are what really turned me off. They made passes at me jointly (squeezing my bis, rubbing my tensed abs, tweaking a nip, copping a fell of my bare butt - I pushed away the hand trying to squeeze my codpiece ) almost as soon as they got in and when I cooly said "Danke, aber nicht interessiert!" and turened away to the bar, unfortunately thus offering my bare and hard glutes to the world, they moved to the other end of the bar, rather put out, muttering ruderies auf Deutsch. Strangely, the dark one didnít join them in their joint attack, but he didnít stop throwing looks in my direction all evening, as I noticed when I looked in the big mirror behind the bar.

The evening continued uninteresting, though the place filled up a bit. The two blonde krauts were having a fine time throwing their weight about and advertising both their wares and their nationality (the dark one continued to occupy his end of the bar in silence, also turning all-comers away) and I had just about decided to cut my losses and leave when three pairs of boots clattered down the stairs and the evening took an abrupt turn for the better.

In the mirror I observed these two huge dark guys arrive. They both were fucking amazing and, when they pushed their caps back on their black curls, I could see they were both stunning ti llookn at - and twins! Thatís something Iíve always had fantasies about.

Almost as soon as they got into the light they were accosted by three or four guys whom they obviously knew. Much back slapping and all that. One of their friends directed their attention to the blonde Huns - so I guess that was why they had come. Theyíd heard the news. And the Huns saw them equally soon: the two blondes started their approach - even the dark one came away from the bar a few steps to get a better view. I remained staring at them in the mirror: everything but the twins seemed to fade to nothing. Although they still had their jackets on I could see how their freaking muscles were stretching and flexing the leather - their skintight pants as well - at every point like a second skin.

I had to stay with my back to them because I could feel my dick swelling and pushing out of the codpiece - but I was going fucking crazy wanting to look at them face to face. I could feel my pecs swelling, my abs flexing, my glutes doing the same, my butt-hole and my dick both rariní to fill or be filled by them - preferably both at once. I had to close my eyes, drop my head and shake it to clear the vision, but when I looked up again it was to see that they had immediately lost interest in our visitors and - fuckiní shit! - were already looking in my direction. I must have caught their attention because I was the only guy in the entire place that wasnít cruising them one way or another. And of course I was too. But I held my ground and didnít turn round. Maybe it was because I wanted to feel what happened next - one hand on each butt-cheek and squeezing. Then I couldnít turn round, because now my dick was hard and had risen out of the cod-piece to itís full ten inches.

All three of us looked at each other in the mirror - my mind fucking freaked as I saw the lust written all over those fantastic faces.

"Hey, broí", said one, " look what weíve got here! Hey, guy - great build!" His hands were inside my vest stroking and squeezing my pecs. His twin reached round me and grabbed my fuckiní huge dick -

"And look what weíve got here!"

Electricity shot through my dick and balls as he started to stroke it gently. I knew I would come almost at once and ruin everything, so I turned abruptly towards them so that all hands had to come off me - it was just too fucking much.

"Hey hey hey hey!" said Number One - "donít get so antsy, man! Not often we find someone like you round here."

"Hey, Iím not antsy - in fact Iíd likeÖÖ.." I dried up, but my fucking rod was still spasming as it waved in the breeze.

"Youíd like what?" said Number Two as he forced me back against bar at the same time as pulling my lips against his. His tongue invaded me immediately and started to fuck my mouth. I responded violently, sticking my tongue into his mouth and seizing him round the chest. Our tongues mashed and wrapped themselves round each other like a pair of lovers at fuck-time. This gave his broí the chance to get between me and the bar and start massaging my spread lats. Number Two pushed my dick which he had pulled completely clear of the pouch between his thighs where he trapped it with a lot of muscular force, encouraging me to fuck his tight leather.

Things were getting much too hot much too fast and much too public. Not that I noticed them when Number One pulled us apart.

"Hey, broí! Mustnít forget our manners! Whatís our friendís name here?"

"Hey - itís Link - I mean Iím Link." I was still right off my usual cool.

"No one can tell us apart, but this - " poking a tattoo on Number Twoís left delt,

"is Alpha - "

"And heís Omega" said Omega, poking his broís tattoo.

"Alpha and Omega - the Be-all and the End-all, hey? Well-named, guys - Iíve never -."

Alpha said "Thanks, nice compliment!" Then he pulled me into a kiss while Omega got in tight behind me and squeezed all three of us together in a mutual embrace. I half twisted round so that our three mouths and tongues could join too.

After what seemed like five minutes, and was probably one and a half, we pulled apart.

"Hey guys! Nice and public, huh?"

"Who cares?"

"Yeah, who cares? Theyíre not here as far as Iím concerned. Weíve both found what we want and they arenít going to spoil it."

"Found what you want?"

"Yeah, weíll explain later."

"Donít think thereís much you need to explain - but - do me a favor? Take your jackets off so I can really see what those muscles are like when theyíre not trying to poke through the leather?"

They grinned and obliged. I was not disappointed - they were even more huge - and cut - than I could ever have expected. They obligingly tensed and flexed for me while I groped at my dick and squeezed my balls to stop from cumming spontaneously. Already my hand was filling with gooey pre-cum.

They did it real slow - real tantalizing - first the delts appeared, the jacket reluctantly partig with them. Huge tri-partite melons, then massive basketball bis, then the unbelievable pecs - both had nips sticking out about two inches proud of the underside of those magnificent slabs of muscle, with dollar-sized brown aureoles. As the jackets dropped to the ground like discarded lovers, I could see just how wide, wide their backs were: the rear delts, and rhomboids like the Alps - a cleft from their tail bones to their necks that made my dick want to slide right up them.

"Aw, shit - just look at you guys!"

They both grinned at each other and, as one, unsnapped the pouches on their jeans: giant thick fuckrods, semi-tumescent exploded outwards as they pulled their orange-sized nuts clear of the leather.

"Like it?"

"Like it! Iíd die for it!"

"Would you now?"

"I sure would - if I go on looking at you both and fantasizing in this drunken way, Iíll cum in both your faces, I warn you!"

"Well, weíre not going to out it away - not just yet. But what did you mean when you said youíd die for it? For us, or our muscle?"

"Man, Iíd fall into bed with you both like a flash but, if I had to be honest, Iíd have to say the muscle, but then I canít separate the muscle from the men either."

"You donít have to. We both want you like crazy - "

"Yeah, so we can say weíll have you and you can have us, but what we really want - "

"What we really came here for Ö " the double act continued - " is to give you what you most want - and deserve to have - and thatís the muscle."

"What the hell do you mean?" I was getting real dizzy and my churning balls were demanding release.

"You want to be big, donít you, like us?"

"Yea, but not if it means taking steroids - "

"Come on, man! Fuck it! Look at these cuts, our definition, our abs, do we look as if weíre on steroids?"

"No, but - "

They got very close, so they were almost whispering in my ears. I could feel the heat coming off their pecs as they crowded into my chest and back. I could feel at least one giant dick erect beside my own. Hell, I could feel at that moment Iíd give them anything they wanted - take anything they had to give.

"All you have to do is to submit to our muscle - are you prepared to do that?"

"Submit - "

"Yeah," said the other, "submit to our muscle."

"Guys. I submit to any fucking thing you want!"

"Here and now?"

"I said any fucking thing." And I meant it - literally and figuratively.

The twins slowly and gently began to undress me - vest, unzipping the chaps, pulling off the boots. I could tell the DJ had forgotten to put on another disc when the old one ran out. The wrapt silence of the crowd was powerful in itself. I could feel the corporate adrenalin at its max - yet they might just as well have been wallpaper for all the difference they made to me at that moment. The spell of the twins was complete.

Before they stepped out of their jeans and boots and before they removed their caps, one of then produced a narrow leather thing, handed it to the other who slowly but tightly wound its softness first round the root of my fuckrod a few times, pulled it tight, then wound it round my balls with equal tightness. My ten inches thickened massively as thre blood was contained within, and the mushroom head went dark purple.

"Just a precaution - to stop you cumming in our faces too soon!"

By now we were all three naked - except for their pec harnesses - and I couldnít keep my hands off their hard, swollen muscle masses as they moved towards the clubís sling in the corner of the room. The crowd made their first sound for ages as their boots scraped their way across the rough floor in our direction.

Before they did that, Omega yelled at the half-naked barkeep to bring over a beer. He obediently ran over - with his dick in the other hand. Alpha first emptied half of it away on the floor, then poured some crystals from a little bottle into the beer which foamed up

to the top of the glass.

"Drink it while itís still foaming!" He commanded. Game for anything by then, I did what I was told.

"Youíre not going to feel anything until weíve both emptied ourselves into you, so just relax and enjoy!"

Once again, they made me into a muscle sandwich - all six hands were feeling muscle, stroking, squeezing, rubbing, clutching. Normally it would have been totally against my top nature, but I went down on to my knees to worship these two gods, sucking one great throbbing veined fuckpole, then another, running my tongue under one and on to the other, sucking each giant mushroom in turn, deep-throating one (deeper than I had ever managed before) then sucking the balls of the other. All the time clutching their mighty thews, looking up past the hugely thick undersides of those four pecs to see the the twins kissing each other as they thrust themselves into me.

The Omega pulled me and Alpha went down on me. Omega held me by the delts and looked deep into my eyes: I melted into them while Alpha (agonizingly and endlessly) rubbed his three-day beard against the crown of my bound dick. When he finally devoured it, I fell against Omega, with my head on his pec, sucking at his huge nip.

He laughed and pulled my face up into the perfect soul kiss. Then, looking at me very seriously once again, he said "I promise you weíll give you all you want. Just submit!"

Alpha got up, pulled me round to face him, grabbed my dick while Omega grabbed my nutsack.

"Ready for us?"

"Ready for anything!"

Suddenly they both picked me and held me over their heads, my dick rearing towards the ceiling. The crowd gasped as the twins started to whirl me around in the air, passing me from hands to hands like an adagio act - then, without warning, I was plunged down, upside down and Omegaís mighty dick rammed itself into my fuck-chute - almost immediately Alphaís dick was pounding in and out of my throat.

I was already dizzy, but this extreme double assault almost made me pass out. Up and down, up and down, Omegaís dick was ramming in and out of my hole at the same time as Alpha was fucking my throat. As the crowd started to roar with lust I thought I was going to pass out, but I couldnít avoid the vision of all those men jerking and grabbing and fucking and sucking as the twins were using me so violently.

Suddenly itr was over - Alpha was out of my throat and I was flung backwards on to the sling - he caught my shoulders and lowered me into it while his brother continued to fuck my pussy-chute unmercifully. When Alpha had fixed my feet to the stirrups, Omega pulled out of me and Alpha ploughed into me with equal force.

Omega knelt beside me and started to whisper into my ear while he tortured my dick with oh! Such gentle stroking.

"Gavin, when we have both filled your beautiful body with our muscle-seed, it will react with those crystals you drank and you will start to feel your new growth. Little by little every muscle will swell, your frame will extend itself by a few inches to accommodate your new muscle size, and you will find yourself getting as big as us as our DNA reacts with yours. Now, Link - I just have to exact one more promise from you, OK?"

My body was writing and quivering in ecstacy from Alphaís fucking and Omegaís hands and voice, but I managed to gasp out "Yeah - anything! Oh fuck man - fill me - go on fill me - Iíll do anything."

"Yeah, of course you will. Youíve got to promise not to keep this to yourself. Youíve got to pass it on to someone else or your own new muscle will gradually decrease. You have to mix your DNA - along with ours which will always be with you -with someone elseís and let him have the same benefit as you. Will you do that, Gavin, will yoi do that? Itís really important to say Yes, or weíĎll have to stop everything right now."

"Yes, YES! Oh God - fuck me! Give me your fuckiní muscle! Anything you say, but FUUUCK me!"

Omegaís answer was to get astride me and the sling and plunge his big dick down my throat. I felt Alpha lean down to take my dick in his mouth then all three of us bucked and fucked in time with each other. As I felt Alphaís huge dick swelling inside me, giantly massaging my slick chute, and Omegaís dick demanding passage right down my throat, with my tongue greedily sucking every veined inch of it, my own was approaching bursting point as Alphaís tongue wrapped itself around it and it plunged up into his throat.

I could feel all our muscles responding to each other and Alphaís fingers were scrabbling to untie my dick and balls. Just as they came loose Omega yelled "Now!" I roared in reply round his dick as I felt it explode, jetting gallons of cum down my throat. I swallowed it greedily at the same time as I could feel Alpha jetting powerfully into my ass, up past all the gates pumping untold amounts into my stomach. He didnít stop sucking greedily on the over-swollen head of my dick as my own cascade roared into his throat. All three of us seemed to go on jetting forever when Omega said:

"Quick! Get him up! We need to feel this together!"

They pulled me dizzily and drunken to my feet and surrounded me with their muscle. They pressed into me from every side and angle so that our muscles all seemed to melt into each other.

All at once it started to happen. First I felt an icy warmth go right through me and almost immediately my pecs began to swell. Not so fast, but inexorably they pushed the other guys away from me, however hard their pecs pushed back.

"Fuck, men! I can feel my fucking pecs getting bigger! Theyíre so warm! Shit, my lats too! Hell, guys - hold me tight - I want to feel your fucking muscles against mine! Now itís my bis - I canít hold on to you so tight." It wasnít that they were weaker, but that their new size couldnít get round the twins physiques so far any more!

The more I grew, the tighter the twins held on to me, as if they were experiencing my growth in their own muscles. They pressed their quads into me - they knew they would be next. Even though they wrapped their legs round mine so that they were bearing all my weight and I was an inch off the floor, I could feel my quads swelling, and my calves - then the feeling ent upwards into my groin, my nuts and my dick - all of which seemed to be swelling massively and demanding instant release already. Then my abs were attacked and I cramped forward.

"Whoa!" said one of them - both pairs of hands went on to my stomach, feeling the massive ropes getting thicker and harder. While they were doing that I felt my shoulders pulling apart, my back widening, the lats filling me under the armpits, and my traps stretching up my swelling neck .

Then I felt a wrenching right through my body as if I was on the rack - it was torture for a few moments then everything seemed to settle into place, and my eye level came up to that of the twins as they gently set me back on my feet.

I really couldnít analyze all that in the way Iíve been describing it, but the Twins were feeling it all and yelling to each other.

"I can feel his bis getting huge in my hands - I can feel the pecs swelling and mashing against mine! His nips are harder than mine and drilling into me like two dicks! Now itís his quads - theyíre thicker than your waist - and so hard! Wish you could feel his back - itís gotten so wide and thick!"

And all the time our dicks were longing for release. We were all panting and sweating - our muscles pressing, melting into each other. Our dicks were running up and down our abs, between our (now) massive glutes and the very effort of restraining them gave us even more ecstacy as we yelled fucking muscle obscenities at each other.

"SHEEit! Look at these fucking delts! I want to rub my fuckpole up that cleavage as if I was fucking him up there. I just want my dick to LIVE inside all his muscle! Why canít we fucking be joined to each other so we feel everything at once together! Man heís the first one to have this fuckiní effect on me! Me fuckiní too! Shit! Fuck! Look at him! Heís fuckiní huge now!"

And the noise around us was rising to a climax as everyone in the room, from the barkeep to the Krauts to the bouncer, was jerking and fucking indiscriminately as if the aura of the Twins and the effect they were having on me had infected them all.

"I want to fucking cum again!" I yelled.

"Then CUUUUUUM" the twins yelled back. And we came - bathing each other in gallons of gism as our dicks rejoiced in the three of us.

"Shit, man, look at you!" Omega yelled - and he dragged me over to the bar so I could look at myself in the mirror. (I didnít realize it because I was so drunk but Alpha was collecting the crystals formed from our joint cum in his two hands and taking them over to the bar.) I couldnít believe what I saw. I was myself times two! Everything was bigger - bigger than I could ever have dreamed - bigger than any steroid Olympia freak - and better!

I yelled in triumph and leapt on to the bar and posed myself silly. Double (cleft where there had never been clefts) bis where the bis and tri together were as thick as a manís waist - quads, even relaxed, the same - when they were flexed the division of muscle was amazing. Pecs, huge, full, thickly rounded at the sides and squared off towards the chasm between them, delts so enormous that they threatened to dwarf everything (would have to be careful to keep all this balanced!) •

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