What's in a Name?


By Onix

They both came to at the same time and pushed themselves up, "Oh hell what do you think happened this time?" Gabe worried plaintively.

"I dunno, let's just get out of here babe,"

"Well something must have happened, I wonder what though?" Gabe mused fearfully as he brushed himself off.

"LOOK AT ME!" David yelled looking at himself in a store window.

"UH-OH!" Gabe screeched in horror when he glanced too. His once baggy jeans were now skin-tight, showing every curve of his toned Cuban body. His shirt was now a purple mesh see-through scrape of clothe that clung to his torso and cut off above his stomach revealing his lower abdomen tantalizingly. His cloths weren't the only thing that changed his ears were now dissected by hoops that stood out against his dark hair.

David faired no better, maybe worse. No more jeans for him, now he was wearing black Leather pants that looked very uncomfortable. He had a simple white T-shirt on that fit him tightly. A black leather band was around his right bicep and his baseball cap was gone. If Gabe was disgusted by his new piercings, David must have been horrified by his. His ears were pierced many times and he had two eyebrow hoops. Worst of all his T-shirt couldn't hide that fact that his big mocha nipple's had rings hanging from their tips.

"We'll get killed in this neighborhood dressed like this!" Gabe shrieked.

"Let's just get to my apartment and lock the door." David begged. "Before someone we know sees us."

"And tries to jump us." Gabe finished. They took off running in the direction of David's apartment. David ran swiftly but Gabe could only follow slowly. Like the kids he used to taunt in gym, he ran like a girl. And he was further hindered by the fact that every 10 seconds he had to stop and adjust his underwear.

After he had stopped several times David turned around annoyed "Why do you keep stopping, lover? Get those cute little legs moving."

"It's not my fault. I'm wearing this thong that keeps getting caught in my butt something fierce." Gabe complained while pulling on the too tight denim over his ass. "How comes your not having any problems?"

"Well, what I'm wearing is built for running, stud."


David blushed until his honey colored skin was bright red. "…A jock."

Gabe laughed at his embarrassment, but his response ruined the sudden break of tension "Oh you go Ms. Thang."

"Let's just go upstairs." David said as he walked through the door to his apartment building. As he climbed the leather pants rippled against his skin. "I hope none of the neighbor's see us."

He was jingling his keys in his door when the neighboring door opened, a tall dark haired woman peered through, "Oh David You won't believe what…" she trailed off looking stunned at how he and Gabe were dressed, "you two go two costume party or something."

Gabe was agitated. He dismissed her with an upraised hand "yeah sista that's what happened now go back inside."


David opened the door "I'll talk to you tomorrow Lisa, me and my man have gotta get to bed…" Shit, that had to sound bad…

Lisa was confused "I was just gonna tell you that…"

"Mama, Mama Sleepy!" a little voice called from inside her apartment.

She reached behind her and picked up a tawny skinned girl of about 2 years old. "She can say your name, now! You taught her."

"Fan-Fucking-tastic," Gabe yelled as he stepped through the open door.

The little girl giggled and said "Night night." Her childish speech impediment made it sound like Nie nie though.

"I'll come see her tomorrow…" He promised as he was attempting to shut the door behind him.

"Okay." The neighbor woman agreed.

He thankfully closed the door, but not without a small tiny voice escaping into the apartment, "Nie Nie Dah-Vied."

The door shut and David crumpled to the floor in pain, "Oh GOD" Gabe screamed in distress, "But she wasn't…I mean it was just a mispronunciation…" What could possibly happen now?

A whole hell of a lot.

When David stood Gabe just stared. The man didn't even look like David. There was a strong resemblance but… David's once lean frame was now bulging with slabs of muscle. The shirt which had already been confining now looked like a second skin as it covered his now huge pecs and outlined every crease in his rock hard Abs. His arms were huge guns of muscle the burst from his sleeves. His shoulders had Herculean proportions and a thousand ripples crossed his back with each movement. His new enormous musculature combined with his already tall height made him look like a mountain. He was massive. "I feel strange Gabe," he muttered shaking his head.

"Well you certainly look it."

David walked uneasily toward his bathroom. His new physique dictating new body language. He walked with a saunter because of the immense size of his thighs and the way they rubbed together. The way his overdeveloped arms hung off his torso forced him to sway from the waist and pushed his big round pecs out. He stopped and stared in wonder at his reflection in the bathroom mirror.

"Don't worry David it's 11:22 we all have a half hour left to go, we just won't answer the door or the phone, and we'll be safe." He rationalized.

His new body however was David's only concern. He watched himself turn and move in bizarre fascination. "Look at me…" He flexed his biceps and lumps the size of footballs shot up. "…I'm built like a tank." He continued to pose for himself in silent amazement.

"Maybe you should lie down for awhile."

"Shit baby check this shit out!" He said laughing. He ripped his shirt off with no effort and discarded the ripped fabric to examine his chest. His big hands roamed over his body like he was discovering every inch.

"What's your problem?" Gabe asked in disgust. It was then that he noticed for the first time that etched all over David's skin were Tattoo's. There were dragons that laced up his arms and down his back and a hundred other designs that crisscrossed his mammoth chest. There were equal amounts of deep, rock hard, honey-tanned flesh and ink. "Look at yourself…your covered in Tats."

He answered him absently while he stroked up and down one of the Chinese dragons that now adorned his forearm. "Pretty cool huh?"

"Hell no!"

"C'mon Gabe you gotta admit I look damn good." David's grin broke his face In two showing all of his white teeth. He grabbed his Pecs with both hands capturing only a fraction of their size. He started kneading the flesh between his fingers, causing his nipple rings to stimulate his quarter sized dark nipples.

"Knock it off man so your muscle's are bigger, big deal" His friend said in growing alarm.

He smiled back again but it was his sly smile, "that ain't the only thing that's bigger hot-stuff." He massaged his crotch suggestively.

"Knock it off Dave, this is going to far."

David turned back to the mirror ignoring the protests. Lost in the sexual haze that his new build had given him, he unbuckled the constricting leather pants and peeled them down to mid-thigh. He had been a boxer man since the age of thirteen but now his package was packed into a black jockstrap that barely contained it's girth. He was so lustfully distracted by this new development that he didn't notice his denuded crotch.

From Gabe's view all he saw was the man who had once been a regular guy, his partner and boy, half naked enlarged back blocking all view of the bathroom, his pants around his knees and his muscular ass covered only by two black straps. "I'm getting out of here."

That caught his attention he turned suddenly the head of his raging hard-on climbing out of the jock. David smiled, stroking his snaking erection "C'mon, You can't tell me your not curious about what would happen to you?"

"Fuck no!" He lilted back.

"I am." He smiled a dangerous sensual smile.

Gabe wasn't about to find out what that meant. He got up and went to the door. His hand was on the knob when David said, "Don't leave …Gabriel."

"You bitch!" he accused cloyingly as his hand dropped from the doorknob. He leaned against the wall to steady himself. David leered at him hungrily.

His head was dizzy as he pushed past the mountain of David's mass toward the mirror. When his thoughts steadied he fearfully looked in the mirror with hesitation. He had not undergone the extreme transformation that David had, but he had changed. His once average well put together body had become more developed leaving round mounds under his clothes. The opening over his waist showed the definition of his Abs, which were covered with his dark Cuban hair. He looked hairier all over in fact.

His close cropped hair now fell in silky waves to his ears and he had to push a few arrant strands out of his eyes with a flick of his wrist and twirl of his head. In the light the shiny black hair glowed a deep red from colored highlights. His beautiful face seemed even more so, with exaggeratedly sensuous lips and high cheekbones. The Goatee now spread and not only traced his jawline it encircled his mouth in a delicate line of black whiskers. If he didn't know better he would have said he had eyeliner on…but men don't where makeup. He pushed his hands out in front of him and examined his meticulously manicured nails. "I don't think anything's that different."

"I do," David said in a low voice. "Look at your ass."

Gabe turned slowly and checks his reflection in the mirror. He had the most perfect Ass he had ever seen, he had always thought he had had a nice butt, he now had an amazing one. His jeans only magnified the beautiful sculpture of his big round ass. Gabe Jaurez had the kind of ass that stopped traffic. A bubble butt that no pants could hide. "Well hell damn…"

"You look so hot…" David growled from behind him.

Gabe put his hand behind his head and posed suggestively, "You think so, Popi?"

All David did was arch and eyebrow, "Yeah," he pulled his pants off the rest of the way and walked toward Gabe. He got so close that Gabe could feel his rock hard cock pressing against his own burgeoning bulge behind the binding denim. "I want you to get the fuck out of those jeans."

That woke him up, he realized in aversion what he was doing and tried to reason with his friend "David look at us we're like two bitches in heat we have to get away from each-" then poor Gabe made his fatal mistake he went to weakly push David away from him. However his hands landed on the immense solid muscle of his Pecs. He broke off in mid sentence as he became enthralled by the feeling of the hard man flesh beneath his fingers. He rubbed the big tits smoothly while David moaned deeply in pleasure.

He in turn wrapped his arms around his friend and began rubbing the twin spheres of his ass keeping one meaty cheek in each hand. They stayed that way tentatively caressing each other until David unable to take it anymore, grabbed his partner fiercely "Now Get out of those damn clothes,"

Gabe responded by shooting him a lecherous smile of lust that was once saved for his girlfriend. With all his past inhibitions gone and his new impulses taking over he began to strip himself erotically for the man in front of him. First he slipped of his shirt slowly, running his hands across his hairy stomach and then tweaking the nipple's of his square pecs, making them stand out against the forest of his dark chest hair.

David watched in rapt desire, gripping his shaft absently.

When he had pulled the shirt over his head he put his hands in his hair and started moving his hips to the rhythm of unheard music. He traced his bunny trail with both fingers and grabbed the button on his Jeans, all the while still powerfully gyrating his hips. He unfastened them and peeled one leg off and then the other stepping out of them.

David realized why he had so much trouble running before. Nestled between the curve of his densely carpeted muscular thighs was exotic red thong, off set by the dark hair surrounding it. It was very small making his dick look ridiculously restricted and the thin sliver that dissected the beauty of his ass got lost almost immediately in the cleft of his luscious Latin ass. Gab bent over pushing his broad ass cheeks up and down into the air. "This is what you really wanted to see wasn't it Popi? You wanted get your hands on my Big Booty?" The sight of a well-toned man shoving his scantily clad ass into the air was the hottest thing David could ever remember seeing in his life. In a burst of wild erotic rashness he pushed his jock-covered crotch against the voluptuous coffee and cream colored flesh of his friend's backside. He pulled Gabe up effortlessly with the strength of one bulging bicep. He held him pressed closely to him, his chest to the other man's back. He whispered in his ear, "We were made for each other Lover, your big ass my big dick…"

He Moaned "Aye Popi!"

He spun the man whom he had always deferred to, scoped chicks out with, and mistakenly questioned the virtues of man sex with, until they were eye to eye and said, "Suck my Cock."

There was no thought process. He immediately dropped to his knees and began recklessly licking and sucking on the fabric that hid the Cock and large balls that he desired. It turned him on all the more that this hunk was dominating him. After enough temptation Gabe needed to have his real goal he pulled down the jock and released the monster restrained behind it. He only looked at the perfection of the cock for a second before he speared his mouth on it with a moan of unfathomable pleasure. He just gorged himself on the girth of the pole surprising himself at the length he could take. He sucked deliriously with his big lips, his only thoughts of the dick he was worshipping. He let David's rod slip in and out of his mouth until his throat bulged with its tip and his clean- balls slapped against his Goatee. He just couldn't get enough, he wanted to slurp on the shaft, kiss the engorged head, and lick the heavy balls…the complete joy of being a cocksuscker consumed him.

Suddenly David pulled away and Gabe was left with the crushing vacancy of an empty mouth, he looked up for the first time into the other man's eyes. David glared down at him in primal need, "Turn over I want to Fuck you baby."

Flirtatiously he got off his knees. In a few saucy strides he planted his elbows on the back of the couch and shook his ass tauntingly. It was an erotic thrill to give into his lover's dominance and give in to his effeminate side and submissive side.

The further titillation of Gabe's submissive behavior was too much. David had now entered a state of erotic stimulation he had never experienced before. He welcomed the foreign urges that had been dictating his actions. He was a man and he wanted a piece of his man's ass. He cupped the wide ass in both hands and with a grunt of raging sexual aggression he shoved his ravenous cock into the rose of the awaiting hole.

Gabe cried out in pain and ecstasy beneath him. He had fucked many women but never did he know the pleasure he was missing. The rapture of being filled inside by hot dick. He craved this embrace feeling David ravage him over and over, reaming his open hole savagely. Feelings of of lustfuly enjoying letting another man use him and wanting to graciously comply were his nature. And with every thrust David pounded into him he fell in love more and more with these new feelings.

"I love this hot ass," David snarled above him. With each lunge his thick thighs smashed against Gabe's hairy legs and sent shivers off pleasure through his entire body. As he Penetrated his best friend's butt he began to slap the flawless ass in time with his wild fucked.

He Grunted and his lover moaned. When David finally could hold no more he grabbed Gabe's chest laying his hands against the course hair and roared as he exploded bolt after bolt of hot cum into the virgin hole. Gabe also spent and impossibly aroused blew his load in a fiery scream of passion.

They crumpled to the couch together, and stared into each other's eyes for only a moment's hesitation before they locked mouths in a burning kiss.

Gabe broke it and began to tease the hoop on David's nipple with his teeth, "I Love you Dah-vied,"

David closed his eyes and ran his hands through his boyfriends hair, "I Love you too, Gabriel."

For the rest of the evening they explored each other's bodies like they were just discovering them. They were so lost in their sexual adventure; neither man saw the clock strike 12:00.

The next day Damien was nursing an awful hangover when Alanna called to tell him that there was going to be another get together that night. Damien groaned loudly but he reasoned they say the best cure to a hangover is to start drinking again right away.

Alanna picked him up around 9. "Who's place are we going too anyway?"

"David and Gabriel's." she said non-commentaly.

"Who's?" he asked confused.

"Dave and Gabe's!" Alanna repeated eyeing him strangely.

"Don't you mean Genie and Gabe's?"

She gave him another incredulous look, "why would Gabriel live with Genie?"

"Alanna what's going…" just then they pulled up in front of a store in a neighborhood that was halfway across town from where Gabe and Genie's apartment was.

"What are we doing here?"

She was now irritated "Stop acting stupid! Now hurry up, you know how Gabriel is if we're late he throws a big fit and pouts all night."

Damien shut the car door and walked toward the store. A large sign above the window read "Gabriel's: Stylists and Manicurists" an awful thought began to dawn on him. It was confirmed when he peered in the window and saw a huge hulking Hispanic body-builder and another Latin man, who was wearing a pair of daisy duke shorts and a half shirt, involved in a heated make out session on one of the styling chairs.

He turned right around and put his hand in the air when he reached the curb.

"Where are you going?" Alanna said exasperatedly.

"My name's Damien and I have a problem, …I'm never drinking again!" and with that he hailed a cab, returned to his apartment and went right to bed. •

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