Time Warp… Again, The


By Onix

This story is the third segment in a series, it comes after "That Old Black Magic" and "What's In a name?".

Red got up reluctantly yawning loudly and stretching his arms in a wide arc. He chopped his lips noisily and lumbered to the bathroom groggily. He scratched his heavy balls through the material of his confining tight Hane's briefs.

He pounded one big fist on the bathroom door and yelled at whoever was in the shower to get the hell out.

After a couple of minutes and sounds of hectic movement Gino scrambled through the door. His hunky body still wet and his towel clinging seductively to his waist. He patted the Italian buck on his blonde head and said, "Don't worry sweetheart even with out all the primping your still the prettiest girl on the block."

Gino regarded him under one dark eyebrow, "and you're still as ugly as sin."

Red barked a laugh and swatted him on his inviting bubble butt, forcing the cheeks to vibrate hotly.

He showered for all of about ten seconds not even bothering to wash his hair. He just pulled it back out of the line of the nozzle and soaped down enough to scrape the grim of yesterday's work off of him. He sauntered to his room buck-naked pausing only slightly to check the length of the gristle on his chin in the hall mirror. It looked as if it had been a week since his last shave and he had a very healthy five o'clock shadow thick on his neck and jaw. The glance tapered down his massive hirsute form to the heavy cock surrounded by his dense furry bush. He grabbed at his thick shaft absently, trying to decide if he should jack of before work or not… The clock was ticking so he decided against it.

He Slipped into a pair of jeans without even thinking of putting on draws and then threw on a shirt and went down stairs.

The other guys were all sitting around the table; Brian was eating toast looking at nothing. Gino was sitting with his bathrobe wide opened, and Red gave him an appraising look, taking a good look at the bald crotch and balls. Gino caught his look and smiled back appreciatively. Damien regarded him with a big smile that was hardly hidden by the newspaper he pretended to read.

The dark eyes of his new roommate made him uncomfortable, so he hastily pulled on his heavy shit-kicker work boots, pulled his hair behind his head with a ragged Nascar baseball cap and headed out the door to his truck. He lifted himself up into the high cab of his Imposing truck and roared of to work. He stopped on the way at one of those greasy spoon diners and had a big helping of chicken fried steak and Homefries.

Without even thinking about for some reason Red rode the elevator up to the 6th floor got off and headed to a closed office door. It was the weirdest fucking thing. He opened the door almost unconsciously like he was doing it out of habit.

"Excuse me? Can I help you?" A pretty woman sitting behind a wide desk with her long blonde hair in a tight bun.

"Uh sorry I'm was just…I mean fuck…I was…" he sputtered confused.

"Mr. Redman?" the woman asked standing up and crossing toward him, her tight little red pant suit displaying her well formed calves. "I'm sorry I'm Patricia Emery, one of the VP's here in marketing. I thought my secretary told you, I was just going to send down the intern that I want you to show the loading docks too. You didn't have to come up here to get him."

Red looked around uncomprehendingly and then took of his grubby cap and scratched his head in a very ape like fashion, "Sure thing Ms. Emery, just send your boy on down and I'll show him the ropes."

"I'll send him down after lunch then, thank you Mr. Redman." She said politely.

He smiled a big wide grin of pleasure at making Ms. Emery happy and turned to leave. His boots thudded along the carpeted floor and he slowly became aware of how much he stood out against the power ties and blue suits of the other men in the office. He fidgeted uncomfortably as he walked by them, maybe he should button a couple of the top buttons on his shirt… Before he hit the elevator he turned around and caught Ms. Emery covertly sneaking a look at is ass. He chuckled a little, thinking about how he couldn't much blame her. His ass looked good as shit in his tight jeans. The denim clinging to his developed glutes and making his hefty cheeks rub against each other. He was glad she liked what she saw.

After getting back down to shipping and getting his head together he punched in and began the days first unloading with the rest of the guys on his crew. They were about twelve trucks in when Ms Emery sent her little suit from upstairs to bother him.

The kid looked like he was gonna feint from the smell of real men. He was cookie cutter clean, blonde hair tailored suit, Red supposed he was handsome but he was absolutely not his type.

The punk introduced himself as Daniel Prescot; he was no better then a suit in training. Ten minutes with Daniel Prescot and Red was ready to take his skinny pussy ass out back and beat some respect into him, and he felt that way the rest of the bruisers on his team were probably ready to draw blood. Red took him into his office so the rest of the guys wouldn't get pissed off by his bitchy little attitude.

"I thought we were taking a tour." The suit sad flippantly.

"Look you don't want to be here and I don't have the fuckin' time to bull-shit with you. There ain't nothin' down here you want to see." He crossed his arms forcing the big mounds of hairy pec flesh out.

The asshole actually looked away shyly and mumbled. "I've already seen something I want,"

One of those, Red thought irritably just another boy to big for his britches wanting a daddy to straighten him out. How many of these little bitches was he gonna find?

"And what is it that you want?"

"So I guess you do a lot of HARD labor down here, don't you red." Daniel said flirtatiously while he played with the number 2 pencils on Eric's desk.

The big Forman's hulking from loomed over the average height of the executive the pungent aroma of masculinity and sweat running oppressively in the air. Daniel had the frantic fleeting thought that, this man's thigh is as big as my waist…

Red Grabbed Daniel Prescot by his over priced belt and shoved him against his desk chair. Daniel compliantly arched himself over the back of the chair, giving the big man a good look at his eager tight ass. Huge hands that took the width of the compact young butt in their massive palms roamed over the fine clothe of his expensive suit. Red toyed with the kid for a few minutes kneading the firm flesh with his knuckles roughly causing the little button down man to moan like a bitch. Then just when he had lulled the prick into a false sense of intimacy he harshly ripped down the pants snapping the belt. Prescot yelped in shock and excitement.

He was pure bottom.

"This what you wanted pussy?" Red asked tightly. Big fat hands groped the exposed skin of his abs and encircled the width of his ribs.

The feeling of the blue collar Hercules manhandling him fulfilled every truckstop fantasy and lumberjack wet dream he ever had. "God yes." He moaned.

A pair of Calvin Klein briefs clung to the tight ass in an inviting way. Daniel Jumped when he felt the big Laborer grab his ass with a jarring force that made his teeth shake. His cock was rock hard and painfully locked behind his briefs. He was mindlessly enjoying the rush of having this animal of a man mauling his tight body when Red took a fistful of his coifed hair in one big fist and bent his head back. He strained to follow the pull and felt Red's hot breath in his ear. "This is want you want you little, bitch. To have a real man show you who's boss." Then he took hold of the Waistband of his underwear and tore them right off his trembling body. The feeling of having the material torn off him and the adrenaline of this violation almost made Daniel Cum on the spot.

Red discarded the scraps of ragged fabric that were all that were left of The Calvin's and admired the site before him. He massaged his expectant cock through his tight denim jeans. The condescending little executive was bent over with his bare pert ass pushed out eagerly toward his hidden bulge, the whole body twitching and begging to be fucked.

He reached under the boy and grabbed him by his sac. "When you're up in that corporate boardroom tomorrow I want you to think about this moment right here, you little cunt." He pulled on the balls, inciting a pitiful yelp from Prescot. "When you're trying to sit gently cause my big Man's dick ripped you apart inside I want you to think of who's really in charge in this company."

One probing hand slid of his ass and was pushed against his face. For a second he thought the 1st shift boss was afraid he was a screamer and was going to cover his mouth. When one grimey finger slid into his mouth however Daniel got the idea. He sucked on the man's index finger with the lust of a trueborn cocksucker. He coated the work worn finger with his tongue sucking up both dirt and sweat and loving every second of it. Just as he was getting into it Red quickly removed it and left him with an absence he prayed the Man would soon let him fill with his horse dick.

Red had other plans. Now that his finger was good and wet, grabbed one ass cheek spreading it apart aggressively. He circled the pink hole of Prescot's almost virgin ass, and then sharply jutted his finger up into him to the knuckle. In and out he slowly and gently finger fucked the other man's ass attentively. The bitch groaned happily and wiggled back onto his fist provocatively.

"You like that huh?"


The big man smiled to himself in satisfaction He had given the Preppy little asshole the biggest false sense of security he was ever gonna have.

He undid his belt with simple intent and only peeled his jeans down to mid thigh. His excited cock leaped out shuddering back and forth like a javelin pole. He didn't let his fuck turn around to see what he had gotten himself into; he didn't even let him feel its length before he impaled him on it.

He gave Daniel a couple seconds of sweaty anticipation, his compact ass quivering with hesitation.

Then he thrust into the supple ass, without warning, without mercy, without lube… Prescot barely stifled a scream, opting instead to whimper in pain. Red uncaringly began to rhythmically fuck the living shit out of him. The erotic sound of his thighs swatting against the other mans ass made Red fuck even harder.

He fucked the kid like he was a prison bitch. No concern for anyone's pleasure but his won. He was tight and the size of Red's cock made him clench so the fuck didn't last very long, only enough for Red's best friend to get off on the friction.

It took only a few short minutes until red put his hands back in Prescot's hair and arched his back with a grunt. The big dick jumped inside Daniel's hot ass like a live wire.

Red pulled out and redid his jeans, gave the used and red ass one last praising glare and put his big lips against the pale skin of Prescot's neck. Daniel bristled at the feeling of the harsh whiskers and big face brushing against his exposed skin. The Brawny Forman Sucked cruelly on his neck with enough force to leave a very big mark.

"I like to leave all my "girls" with a little something." He barked. Prescot felt the arms of the Goliath pick him up and lead him to the door, "Next time you want to talk just shuffle that little man-pussy down here and will go another round.

Daniel had just enough time to hastily pull his pants up before he was pushed out into the warehouse.

The rest of the day was pretty basic all the guys seemed to be on their game and weren't giving him any trouble. So at 5 he clocked out and climbed into the cab of his truck, satisfied at a good day's work. The thought occurred to him to go home and change but he decided to go right on to Hank's it was so rare for them to get time together now that they were working opposite shifts he wanted to savor every sweaty minute. •

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