Spill, The


By Marc Stewart

There was a knock at my room door, which slowly brought me back to consciousness I sleepily staggered across to the door opening it to only stare into the check of the awesomely built orderly. He was holding in his right hand some test clothing, as he put it and that the Doc was waiting for me to the Physical Test Room to which he was so escort me to. I showed him in and he sat in the chair while I went into the bathroom to get showered and dressed. As I showered I couldn't help but think of the orderly in the next room with his massive Pecs and obscenely huge V-shape as I lathered myself up I started to get a hard-on no matter how hard I tried not to. I had to buss a nut before I left for the start of the tests and grabbed my dick and started yo jerk off. To my own surprise my dick was almost twice as big as it was a day ago when the Doc took my measurements. I stared at it in disbelief if was huge at least 10" now and still about as thick as it was maybe a bit more. I was in heaven with my newfound size in muscularity and endowment. My next surprise was when I finally let loose with the biggest thickest most powerful orgasm I ever had. I could actually hear it hit the wall with a loud*thwack* over the noise of the shower and pounding of my own heart in my ears.

I collapsed onto the bathroom floor falling out of the shower stall.

When I came around I was laying on a stretcher in the physical test room dressed in the clothes the orderly was carrying. Tiny royal blue spandex shorts that fit like a second skin showing off every bump and bulge in them and my dick lay down the left leg like a giant Anaconda waiting to strike, and a white spandex tank top that fit just ad tight that showed just as much off at the shorts.

The Doc came into the room with a smile on his face and was carrying a small scalpel in his left hand. I was a bit worried. He walked over to me saying that his serum was working and that because I had such a high dose of it that it was working on me better than he had hoped.

As he for within arms reach he swiped at me with the scalpel and I jumped back in horror. I charged him knocking him down and pinning him to the floor with my hands around his throat choking him. The orderly appeared out of nowhere pulling me off him. The Doc slowly stood up holding his throat and coughing and gasping for air. In between breaths he told me not to worry and that I would lose very little blood as the healing process started. He told me to sit down in the chair with my arm under this lighted thing with a magnifying glass in the middle. He watched in earnest and after about a minute he was looking at me and smiling more than before and as I looked at my arm where he slashed me was starting to heal. The blood slowed to a trickle and then stopped and slowly the gash in my arm closed and healed right before my eyes then it was gone as if I was never cut.

The Doc jumped around shouting YES... YES... YES... and I just sat there in shock my mouth hanging open the Doc sat in front of me and explained because of the his dose I had received I will heal like this to all minor cuts and bruises but for more serious injuries I should still come back to make sure there is now serious damage and life support if needed.

I asked him but why I am growing more muscular and tall. He told me this was yet to be found out, and why he wanted to run the tests in the first place. Staring at my crotch he asked me if that was the only thing that was growing and with embarrassment I said no that my dick seem to be growing as well along with my unending horniness and that I seem to cum with such force it's like a canon. His eyes got wide and asked if he could witness this. I shyly agreed and asked if there was some sort of visual stimulant for me to use. He went to the door and called the orderly in and was asking him if he had any Penthouse or Playboys in his room that I might use.

Just standing there the orderly was an AWESOME sight to behold. I couldn't help but want him to bend him over and ram my 10" dick up his ass till I blasted cum deep into his guts. The Doc noticed my sudden arousal in the presence of the orderly and asked him to just stand there for a while and let me use him as a catalyst so he can test my heightened libido and measure the amount of cum I produce.

The orderly was a bit embarrassed that he was arousing me but agreed as long as he didn't have to do anything with me. Sure, sure the Doc said as he rushed to gather some equipment and measuring devices. I sat with my legs wide spread and drool just looking at him as the thought of sexual rape ran thru my mind. As my dick got harder and harder it fought against the hold of the tiny spandex shorts I had on. Semi-hard now and the shorts looked as if they would rip apart any second and my dick approached full hardness you could hear a tiny ripping sound start and then all of a sudden rrrrrRRRRRIIIPPPppp... the shorts gave way and my dick popped up in full mast leaking precum like a hose. It just poured out and the Doc got a measuring beaker and held it under my dick as it pumped massive amounts of precum. The Doc asked me if I ever felt this way about a man before and I told him no and I was a bit worried about it and was completely happy with my girl. He just scratched his head and continued to hold the half filled beaker under the head of my dick. As I sat and watched the orderly I could feel my muscles starting to grow again my pecs filled out, my shoulders grew wider, my biceps looked as if there were balloons in them as they expanded more and more the Doc looked at me and gasped dropping the now full beaker in disbelief. My lats grew wider forcing my arms away from my sides, my waist smaller and tighter and more defined. My thighs and calves more muscled and defined you could make out every muscle in my thighs and my calves were starting to look like diamonds.

I grabbed my dick and told the Doc I was about to loose it, he quickly grabbed another beaker and as I started to jerk off he carefully pushed down on my forearm guiding me to aim the tip of it into the beaker. I started to pant like a caged Lion and my hand flew up and down my dick jerking me closer and closer to orgasm. Sweat poured off me soaking the carpet under me and the precum did the same in a huge puddle mixing with my sweat. Off in a fog like distance I could hear the Doc asking the orderly, "Can you believe the amount of energy he is putting out", and "Is this the reason he passed out in the shower in his room?" I believe so the orderly said and then all of a sudden I was in the throws of a powerful orgasm. AAAHHHHH!!!... I'M GONNA... GONNA... and with that I blasted the beaker with my cum, shooting and shooting. I pumped cum for what seemed like hours pumping it from an endless well. The room grew dark and passed out from the force of my orgasm.

When I woke up I was alone in the room and cum was everywhere. In my hair, on my now massive Pecs, in the ripples of my abs and belly button, on the floor halfway across the examination room everywhere.

I slowly sat up and as my eyes begin to focus and become a costume to the light again, I focused on a table next to the chair I was in and sitting on it were nine medium sized beakers all filled to the brim with a thick white substance. My dick was still hard and I was just as horny if not more so. The Doc came rushing back into the room very excited at me and was asking how I felt and surprised that I was still hard after that show of power, but I was I needed to cum again I was not satisfied at all I told the dock I needed to cum again and that looked at the orderly wasn't enough I needed to fuck someone who I didn't care male or female as long as I got off. He looked at me and said well the orderly will never agree to that he said with a chuckle. I looked at the beakers on the table and asked what that stuff was and he told me that it was my cum and that the rest was in the lab upstairs being tested. REST... REST... how much of the shit did I pump out. Well besides the nine there were four more that he took to be studied. Maybe it will show why your growing like this he said. I asked what happened after I blacked out. "Well he said after you passed out I had to grab your dick and hold it still because you started blasting cum all over the room." He pointed up to the tem foot high ceiling and there on the ceiling sure enough was a dripping puddle of my cum. He told me that the beakers held 473ml, I looked at him with a yeah and look, he just smiled and said about a pint each they hold. WOW, was all I could say. I looked at them sitting on the table I added them up in my head, if there are nine on the table and he took four upstairs OH... MY... GOD... DOC, YOU MEAN I PUMPED OUT THIRTEEN PINTS OF CUM!!! I shouted he just nodded his head and said "and I still can't believe you're still hard and want to have sex. I'll be right back he said and left me in the room.

I saw a mirror hanging on the wall on my right and I got up to look at myself and saw how much bigger I had gotten just from this morning to now... NOW... what time was it how long was I out what happened while I was out? I turned back to admire my new body in the mirror imitating the bodybuilders I've seen on MSG and ESPN flexing a posing, I thought to myself how I could make any of them look like crap. My right hand slowly moved to my dick and I started to fondle myself. Just then the Doc walked in and he was carrying my progress report, tape measurer and a funny looking thing that I never saw before. No stop he said no self gratification you must conserve your strength we need to measure your recovery time and so forth he told me, and that he had arranged for some entertainment for me later tonight around 18:30 hours. Again I looked at him, 18:30 is military time for 6:30pm. I smiled and told him I couldn't wait and he said he has a variety of choices for me that way he could measure my response and level of arousal to each. I was happy because from the way I was feeling I could fuck for hours I told him and right now even you are starting to look good. "Now, now we'll have none of that Marc. I'm the Doctor here and not a pleasure toy for your enjoyment. That will come later; or rather I should say THEY would come later. THEY.... I looked at him puzzled. He then told me that after several phone calls to escort services and plenty money he was able to get seven subjects (3 women, 4 men) that were willing to go along with what he was looking for. All of which of different races and development all for the sake of measuring my arousal level.

Let's get this over with, he said to me holding up the tape measurer.

I turned around and he took my measurements and marked them down in the book starting as before. NECK: 17.5", CHEST: 52", SHOULDERS: 23", BICEPS: 21", WAIST: 33", THIGHS: 30", CALVES: 21.5", PENIS: 11.25"x6". WHOOOOAAAAA!!!! My god you are HUGE you have gained at lease 3 inches and that's just in 36 hours. I smiled at him and told him no that just in maybe 5 hours from the time I took my shower and now. He rushed and drew blood from me so we can talk about my amazing growth, then he picked up the funny looking thing and told me it was a fat caliper and that it measures fat on the body. He took measurements from different places on my body then sat down to figure out my total BFP (Body Fat Percentage) as he put it. About 2 minutes later he told me that it was 10% and that it was remarkable and that when I came in it was clearly more than that at least 17 to 19% but now in just this short time and with no exercising it had dropped to 10%.

"Now" he said as he turned to face me. What about this growth spurt you had. I told him it seemed to happen this morning while I was in the shower and that I was thinking of the orderly when it happened just before my orgasm then I blacked out. HE mentioned to me he did notice a slight size increase, but he will have to monitor me more closely this evening when my entertainment, that's what he called the Hookers and Gigolos, entertainment I thought it was funny him being so professional.

He told me I could go back to my room and relax before my protein nourishment came and to try and not to jerk off. I looked at him with a agonizing look of you must be crazy, all he said was "I know your horny as hell but please hold off, you can have all the fun you want in 3 hours." He walked me back to my room with my steel hard dick pointing the way thru my shredded spandex shorts.

We talk about why he was smiling when he first came into the room before he slashed my arm. The rapid healing process was a side effect of such a large dose of the serum. I asked him if that will ever stop and he looked at me and said that the dose I had got was enough for half the people in Manhattan on a regular work day and that he really didn't know if it would go away over time as it thinned out and that my immune system was so charged that even if it did get to a point where it was fully out of my body my immune system was so charged that it would continue to act as it does now.

We got to my room and the Doc told me to rest up and that he wanted me at my best for tonight. He also told me my meal would be along shortly and to drink it all no matter how it tasted it. I asked him what was in the shakes I was now going to be drinking, and he told me that it was almost pure Protein and Amino Acids, that it was made just for me and apologized a head of time if it tasted bad. I entered my room and when straight to the shower to wash the excess cum off my body and out of my hair. The water that ran down the drain was almost white with the cum that I washed off me. I couldn't believe how horny I still was after cumin a little while ago. MAN I still can't believe it. I came so much twelve pints of cum, damn there is no way I wouldn't make those women pregnant after I fuck them, he...he...he I laughed to myself thinking SHIT I'll fuck a baby up into those guys guts too with all the cum I pump out if that was possible. I'm sure the Doc had seen to something to keep me from making babies in the women I'm sure, as for the guys they were on there own. I began to laugh out loud as I thought how funny it would be for a guy to have a guy carrying my baby after I fucked it up into his guts.

There was a knock at the door and I shut the shower off and tried my best to wrap a towel around my waist to hide my Mammoth dick, but it was no use. There was a tent in the towel that stuck out a foot in front of me. I opened the door and it was the smaller guy that brought me my meal the last time. For the first time I noticed how HOT he was, with his long bleached blond hair, shell necklace, lathed muscular body that was well beyond surfer type, but what really attracted me to him was his amazing blue eyes they were as blue as the Caribbean Ocean, I couldn't help but stare into them as we stood in the doorway. He nudged my shoulder bought me back to the here and now and asked me if I was ok. All I could do was smile and look down at my dick and say, about as well to be expected. DAMN!!! You're bigger than the other guy that was in this room two days ago. I looked at him and smiled, "I AM, the guy that was in this room tow days ago." "NO FUCKIN WAY" you nearly twice the size you were when I last saw you, I stepped out of the way so he could wheel in the cart with all sorts of stuff on it, he told me as he past by me that he was going to make my shake fresh and put whatever I wanted in it for me. While he pushed the cart over to the other side of the room near an open outlet. I closed the door and quietly locked it. I was horny and I meant to quench my sexual appetite and he was going to help me if he wanted to or not.

I removed my towel and walked up behind him, as he was setting up the Blender and opening this and that. HE was just so HOT I had to have him. I started telling him what to put in my shake so he would concentrate on that and not me, as I got closer to him. I got up dick length behind him and was asking him if he had Strawberries and peaches to put in my shake. I thought about what I was about to do but didn't care I had to have relief. I moved close up behind him and he tried to get away and I wrapped my arms around his waist and chest and held him still. He was pleading for me to let him go and that he wanted to know what else I wanted in my shake. FUCK, the shake in fact FUCK you is what I planned to do. NO PLEASE he started shouting and that he wasn't gay and was married wasn't into male-to-male sex.

I told him I wasn't either but right now as horny as I was, any port in the storm was good and right now you're the port. I pushed my dick between his legs and felt it rub along the soft cotton material of his uniform as I did. I kept pushing till the head of my dick pushed thru to the front of him. He looked down and gasped in shock and reinforced his begging and pleading for me not to do this and that he surely couldn't take my monstrous dick.

I let go of his waist with my right arm and grabbed the waist of his uniform pants and with one quick yank I ripped them off like they were a pair of NBA breakaway pants. He was wearing a Joe Boxer briefs and his ass looked so good in those black cheek-hugging briefs. I picked him up and slammed him to the floor knocking the wind out of him, as he lay gasping for air I walked around to his head and rammed my dick into his mouth forcing half of it down his throat. And fucked him like a cheap whore in the mouth. He lay there thrashing about trying to get me off and I could feel his throat muscles spasming to push my dick out of his throat as he gagged and choked on me. I didn't care I just wanted to get my nut off. I fucked his face till I was using all 11.5" of my dick all the way out them all the way back in till my nuts rested in each eye like hard boiled eyes in holders.

Holding him down with my hand on his throat I could feel the head of my dick as it stretched his throat and forced it's way passed his Adams Apple forcing it out of the way making room as it burrowed into his throat. After awhile he just laid there and let me do, as I wanted with him. He was my plaything, my fuck toy, I planned on pumping all twelve pints of my cum in his body and I didn't care how it got in there, thru his mouth or up his ass. I pulled his legs up to get a look at his ass and it was a nice tight brown pucker that was tightening and winking at me as I slowly ran my finger around it.

I let his legs back down as I gave a few more thrusts into his throat and then pulled all the way out and crawled around to his ass. I lifted his ankles onto my shoulders and spit into my hand and rubbed a good amount into his ass as I finger fucked him trying to loosen him up for my huge dick. I spit into my hand again and rubbed it onto the head of my dick. I positioned the head of my dick at his asshole and pushed I sank half of my dick into his ass before I stopped. He screamed out and in agony, I reached over and grabbed my sweat socks and stuffed them into his mouth to keep him quiet, I just hoped no one heard him and come to his rescue, so I could get my relief. I started pounding his ass and he screams were muffled by my sweaty day used sweat socks. I was in heaven. His ass was tighter than my girls pussy could ever be. It felt like warm velvet wrapped around my dick.

I forced more and more of myself into him and soon was fucking him full stroke with all eleven and a half inches. He started to push back onto my dick in time with my strokes and that's when I knew he was mine and really started to slam into his ass full force. We were both moaning and grunting like to bulls in heat except he was playing the part of the cow. My nuts drew up tight to my dick and I knew I was going to cum, and in one last thrust I jammed my dick so far up into his ass I thought it was going to come out of his mouth. He screamed passed the socks and ground his hips onto my dick further. I started pumping my cum in his gut like a fire hose. I tried my best not to black out for as long as I could and just before I passed out on top of him I saw his stomach start to inflate with my cum.

When I came to I was lying in a pool of my own cum and semi hard and still horny but not as horny as before. I slowly got up and dazed I heard the shower running and wondered if that was him. I felt horrible for what I did. I looked down and saw a solid trail of pinkish white liquid on the floor all the way to the bathroom. I slowly walked toward the bathroom and as I did I realized that it was blood mixed with cum I had rapped him and made him bleed. As they call it I busted his cherry. This made me feel like shit and I didn't know what to do I went back and sat in the chair next to the table and as I drank my shake I expected the door to bust open any second and the police to haul me away for rape. I became a nervous wreck and started to violently shake thinking about what I just did and how was I going to make it up to the poor guy. The shower shut off and I hear soft moans of pain as he walked toward the door. I stuttered for words, as I looked at him half bent over in pain from my brutal fucking. I... I... Look man I'm sorry, please forgive me; I don't know what came over me. I got up and walked over to him and pleaded for him to forgive me. I'll do anything I... he put his finger up to my lips to quiet me and looked me in the eyes and said thank you and that from now on I was his and he would be back later tonight after lights out. My mouth fell open in shock to hear him say this. HE limped over to me and gave me a big kiss and then slowly, painfully picked up his uniform pants and went to the nightstand on the other side of the bed and pulled out a handful of safety pins and proceeds to pin then together as best he can so no one would notice them till he can get back to the kitchen and change them. As he walked funny toward the door pushing the cart he looked back and said, "By the way I think you will love your new body from when I first came in."

He opened the door pushed the cart out and closed it that was it. I ran to the bathroom door pulling it shut so I could look into the full-length mirror hanging on it. He was right. I had grown some more. I was visible bigger than just a couple hours ago.

There was a knock at the door I put a robe on this time and when I opened it there stood a elderly guy with a strange looking vacuum cleaner. He told me he was there to clean up the milk that Brad spilled from the dispenser. It seems that Brad I found his name to be had passed him in the hall and told him a lie to help cover the fact that I had brutally rapped him and told him the milk dispenser when on the fritz and he spilled milk all over the room on his way into the bathroom to try and fix it. Without question the cleaning guy plugged in the machine and started to clean up every bit of cum off the floor and out of the carpet. I kind of chuckled to myself thinking I wonder what he would say if he knew that all that was cum.

There you go he said all done as he turned off the vacuum cleaner and reached for some deodorizer hanging on the side of it and sprayed it along the path of the trail, "That should keep it from smelling later on and with that hung it back on the side of the machine and push it back out the door and left. •

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