Hot July, A

Home Alone, Almost


By FanTCMan

"What is wrong with you Ted?"

Sean could hear his mother screaming through his bedroom door. "First you tell me to get used to the idea that those people were turning our son into one of them, one of those musclebound apes.

I'm supposed to ignore that he's . . . he's . . ."

"What Karen? That he's growing a huge cock and huge balls and it embarrasses you to see a man bulge with his sexuality. Shit, Karen.

Women have always done that, worn their sexuality on their chests.

What's so wrong if men can show theirs, now, too."

"It's obscene, Ted, that's what's wrong. And you leave Kyle with them to do God knows what. And now you too. I don't like it. I don't like what you look like. You're starting to look like them. You look obscene. I hate that hair on you. I hate all that muscle. I hate all of it."

"Well, too bad, Karen. Too bad, because I love it. I love how I feel. I love how I look. I can't wait to get even bigger and hairier. You just can't handle it. You can't handle this much man."

"I can't handle you turning into a goddamn musclebound FAGGOT!" she screamed.

Sean heard the door slam, and then it was quiet. He looked out his window and saw his mother's car pull out of the driveway and heard it squeal as she gunned it and sped away. More quiet. He felt strange.

He should be upset about the fight, about his mom leaving, but the words that played back in his head were his dad yelling that he loved how he felt and how he looked and he couldn't wait to get even bigger and hairier. Sean felt the same way. Already, he was as muscular as any pro bodybuilder. Already, he had grown body hair that decorated his muscle with its black shine of swirls, thick and hot and beautiful. He ran his hand across his chest, feeling the silky texture of the hair on his hard, thick muscle, feeling how it rounded the curve where the pec muscle folded over his ribs. God that was hot, how it rolled under so deep he could stick his fingers up under the muscle, feel the hair deep in the crevice, and lift the muscle.

That fold of muscle was like an erotic dream to him, how it felt when it first started to crease, then getting deeper as the muscle grew thicker and bigger until now when the size of the muscle hung so thick and heavy that his nipples were pointing down toward the floor.

He was naked. He was almost always naked now, unless he was going out. He felt his fat, heavy cock stir with the blood that rushed there and he felt his hairy pec and thought about his dad yelling that he couldn't wait to get bigger and hairier. That was so fucking hot, to hear that, coming from his dad. He tried to think about how just a little while ago he'd been just a regular sixteen year old kid.

Oh, he knew he was good looking and kind of buff, but now, now . . . His cock swelled and stiffened and was jerking parallel to the floor, but his hands stayed on his gorgeous pecs and incredible abs. He was just about to go to the mirror and look at himself when there was a knock on his door.

"Sean," Ted said quietly.

"Yeah, come on in."

Ted was wearing a pair of 501 Levis that had become so tight on him that the gold threads showed on the side seams where his thighs bulged and the buttons strained against the weight and size of the meat they held that pushed against them. The waistband gapped out several inches from his flat, veined, carved stomach where the line of dark hair widened and plunged inside. The t shirt, one that he used to wear around all the time as his loose, baggy gardening t shirt, looked painted on his thick pecs, stretched across them and around the wings of his lats, the sleeves barely covering the huge delts from which his arms hung thick and hard, veins running down them into the hair on his forearms, the shirt pulled so tight and full that the hem of it only reached down to the middle of his abs where it hung loose over the cobbled plate of armor where the trail ran thick and dark. Like Sean, he had shaved that morning and already the stubble was heavy on his jaw.

"Your mom's gone," he said.

"I know. I heard. I saw her leave."

"I'm sorry, Sean."

"Don't worry about it Dad," Sean said, still absentmindedly fondling his pecs, lightly brushing the hair, arousing himself. "I guess it just isn't a female thing, huh?"

"Yeah, I guess not. She just doesn't get it."


They looked at each other.

"I know what you mean, though," Sean broke the silence.

"About how you love how you feel, how you look, that you can't wait to get bigger and hairier. Me too."

"Yeah," Ted said. "It's about all I think about.

And the other guys, how hot that stuff makes guys look. Did you see Kyle? They're making him into such a god, and he's like an animal, just driven, like sex is all he can think about, like his mind has been wiped clean except for cock and muscle."

"Yeah, I know. He's one hot kid, isn't he? Shit, I wouldn't mind if they did that to me, too. His cock is already twenty-six inches of meat, man. We measured it and then I had him fuck me with it. I never knew something could hurt so good."

"I saw you."

"You were watching?"

"Yeah, Ken and I were jackin' each other and watching you take it from him. It was better than any fuck movie, son, I'll tell you that.

He's beautiful, but so are you. Do you know how much it turns me on to see my sixteen year old son looking like a god from some Irish legend? I could just make you bigger and watch you grow and cum just seeing you get bigger and hairier and more beautiful."

"Really, dad? Fuck, that's so hot. You got any formula? You bring any home?"

"Yeah, they gave me some, in case I wanted to give it to anyone, recruit someone in, or just take it myself."

"I thought I heard that. Cool. Make me take some, Dad."

"You want to?"

"I want you to make me. I want you to make me change more, like you said."

The bulge in Ted's Levis grew more pronounced. He stepped over toward Sean, looked him in the eyes. They were bright green, glowing with desire, lust, sexual abandon. Ted reached over and ran one finger down the center of his son's thick pecs, down the sharp valley between them where the black hair was thickest, down, slowly, where the course of the hair turned south and flowed together, just below the pecs, into a dark, heavy river of hair that spilled down the valley of abdominal muscle, down, down, their eyes locked, until he reached the tangle of his son's pubic bush, and on down until he hit the hard, stiff rod at its base and made it bounce.

"Come down to the kitchen, jock boy. I've got something for you." Ted led the way to the refrigerator, his naked muscle god son following, the stiff cock bouncing from side to side with each step, precum stringing like a spider's shiny silk from its swollen head.

When they got to the kitchen, Ted retrieved a vial and filled the dropper. He held it out, but Sean refused to open his mouth. "Make me," he said with clenched teeth. Ted grabbed his son by the short hair on the back of his head, just long enough to grip, and yanked his head back hard.

"Take it," he commanded.

Sean still clamped his mouth shut. Now Ted grinned, stepped close, forcing Sean against the counter, his hard cock pushed sideways, the brass buttoned bulge of Ted's Levis grinding him back into the edge of the counter. He saw the smile his son tried not to show as he pulled again, harder, on his hair, yanking it with a snap.

"I said take it, you little fuck!"

Now Sean couldn't hold back the grin, and when he did, he let his mouth open, and Ted emptied the dropper into it. But Ted didn't step away. He held Sean's hair, held his head back, reached to the vial on the counter with the dropper, filled it, and held it over his son's mouth.

"Again," he said.

This time Sean just opened his mouth, the erotic rush already starting, the lust for more size glinting in his eyes. He took a second dose, and then, with a hint of alarm in his eyes, but far more desire, he allowed his dad to force one more, a third dropper full of the formula, into his burning mouth.

Ted watched him hold the liquid in his mouth for a moment, keeping him slammed against the counter, holding his head back by the hair, and then he could no longer resist the need for contact with the incredibly beautiful boy-man. He clamped his mouth over Sean's and searched inside it for the taste of the formula, the taste of transformation, of muscle, of masculinity pushed beyond any limits, searching deep and hard while the boy accepted him in, eagerly, hungrily crushing lips with teeth, succumbing to the man's demanding urge, his claim on his being in all its sexuality.

Then suddenly, Sean pushed him back. He reached out, grabbed his dad's t shirt, and ripped it down the center. It hung open, stuck high on his arms, and Sean grabbed both arms, pinned them behind him, and stared at his father's pecs. They were pecs that men obsessed with muscle would kill to have, but both man and boy knew they needed to be bigger still. Sean leaned over, licked one nipple, puckered his lips on it, sucked hard, and then nipped it with his teeth.

"Aww, fuck," Ted moaned. "Gotta make you bigger, too, Dad," Sean said, and nipped the other nipple."

"Aww, fuck, yeah, Sean."

"Yeah, fuck yeah, Dad."

Sean reached down and grabbed the waistband of his dad's Levis.

They both watched as Sean slowly unbuttoned the waistband, then the fly buttons, until the denim fell away from the hairy bush and the bunched up cock, which sprang out like it had a spring in it, and swelled hard and thick.

The Levis didn't fall off. Sean couldn't even pull them down. Ted's legs were too thick. So first he pulled the rent t shirt off his dad's arms, and then he grabbed the vial, and with a grin of erotic mischief, he pulled his dad by his fourteen inch cock into the family room and then pushed his down to the carpeted floor where he could tug at the legs of the Levis until he had freed his father from the restraints of his clothes. Then, still not a word being said by either of them, he straddled his dad's chest and filled the dropper.

There was no resistance from Dad. He opened his mouth. His cock was so hard by now, it was smacking against Sean's back. Sean emptied the dropper into his dad's mouth, then held it over the vial. His expression wordlessly asked the question, "more?"

Ted opened his mouth as his answer.

A second dropper full.

Then, same question, same answer.

Now Sean was flying so high on the rocket rush that he was in a different zone where sex and muscle and everything that the formula could do was all his mind could encompass. He looked down at the man pinned beneath him, seeing the most gorgeous specimen of manhood, and he couldn't believe that anyone could be so hot, and that this was his own father, the man whose seed had created him. He knew that, in turn, his seed had begun the transformation that was making him so hot he could hardly stand it. Oh, God, he had to have him, to recreate him, to be recreated by him. Their eyes locked again, and the desire burned in both.

Sean slid back along Ted's abs until he felt the huge thick rod caught between the hard rocks of his glutes. He wanted to have him, to have him inside and be inside him, both at once. Maybe they could work that out, but now, he looked at his own magnificent meat. It had to be twenty inches. It made him almost delirious that he was bigger and hotter than his own father now. He slapped the huge meat against his father's solid stomach. Smack. Oh yeah. He felt his dad's cock twitch under him. He slapped it again.

"You like my big fuckin' cock, don't ya Dad?"

"Fuck, Sean, I love everything about your huge fuckin' body."

"Yeah, I know. I'm a fuckin' god, man. Look at my fuckin' cock."

He slapped it again on his dad's abs.

"You want it, fucker?"


"Yeah? I can't hear you."

"Yeah, I want it, you fuck. I want it."

"Yeah, okay. Hang on, bitch, I'll give it to you."

He slid back, knelt between his dad's thick, hairy thighs, spread them wide. He spit on his hands and spread the spit on his cock, mixing it with the precum. Then he spread it on his dad's cock, just to tease him more, and then he lifted those huge legs over his massive shoulders, and worked his wet fingers into the tight hole that his dad was giving up to him.

"You like that, dad?"

"Yeah, Sean. Grow for me boy. Grow in me. Put that fuckin' beautiful cock in me so I can feel how big my boy is getting."

"Yeah," Sean worked the hole with his fingers, positioning the head of his cock against it. "Am I your big muscle boy, Dad? You love your huge fuckin' muscle boy?"

"Oh, yeah, boy. Shoot me full. Make me grow too."

"Yeah. Fuck yeah." He pushed in the head. "Yeah, oh, man, that's so good." He shoved in the shaft, slowly, feeling every thick inch sliding in, tight, hot.

"Aww, yeah, fuck. You're fuckin' beautiful, Sean. Oh, god, yeah."

They were just getting into a slow steady rhythm when the doorbell rang and then the sound of someone entering, coming down the hall, almost shouting.

"Dude!" Steve yelled. "They got a new aerosol version, and it's even stronger!" •

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