Temple of Size, The

By Tom/Hulkin

Jack had been traveling through the South American jungle for weeks. This land had once been the domain of a race of fierce warriors, which legends said were muscular giants who overcame all their opponents by their massive size and strength. All but one of his guides had abandoned him in his endless quest for the warriors' great temple. Now only Jack and Medio were on hand to see the large vine covered pyramid in the remote jungle clearing. He had found his goal.

As they approached, the explorer and the native guide could see that the outside of the structure was covered with carvings of the ancient warriors they had heard of in native tales. The larger than life statues showed massively built Indians, their grass skirts wrapped around tight waists but otherwise exposing huge torsos, almost grotesquely packed with muscle. The arms of these mythical men were the size of an athlete's leg, while their legs were the size of a normal man's torso. They were bigger than the biggest modern bodybuilder. Jack wondered where the long ago artist could have gotten the idea for men of this size.

The two men entered the pyramid and found it to be hollow and dimly illuminated by slits high up in the walls. It was empty except for a raised platform at the far end. On the platform was seated a statue of an immense man, even more awesome than the carvings outside. He was godlike in his proportions - and in fact was the symbol of the ancient god the long lost natives had once prayed to for strength and power.

The American and the Indian approached the platform and stared up at the muscular figure seated there. Both seemed to feel a strange power in the pyramid, like the air just before a thunderstorm.

"This is a holy place, Sir" said Medio in the stillness. "We should go."

"No," Jack murmured. He had noticed that in front of the statue were two indentations in the platform, as if many people had stood before the ancient god. Visions from many adventure movies filled his head. It could be a trap. Pulling his gun, he motioned towards the platform. "Get up there Medio."

The Indian protested but Jack left no doubt of his intentions. With a racing heart the young guide climbed onto the dais and when nothing occurred gingerly stepped into the foot shaped patterns, facing away from the statue and towards the explorer below him. The two indentation's were far apart - he had to spread his legs wide to fit both of his feet in. For a moment there was nothing, then the air in the temple started to move. It blew around the two men and a voice sounded in their heads:


Medio would have run then but his feet felt rooted to the alter. The stone started to feel warm and then almost hot. Within seconds the heat had raced up his legs, through his torso, into his head and down his arms. For a moment Medio had a scared expression on his face then this was replaced by a feeling of curiosity as a feeling of power and strength seemed to flow up from the altar and fill his body.

Jack stepped back as he saw the slim Indian surrounded by a golden light. Medio wore only a light cotton shirt and dirty canvas pants with tattered boots on his feet. As the American watched the Indian began to change. Amazingly, his torso seemed to expand and the loose shirt soon began to mold to the growing torso that was developing inside it. Medio's pecs began to jut out from his chest while his shoulders began to broaden and fill with muscle. His lats began to widen and his thin torso began form a large and then massive V-shape. His arms began to swell as his biceps and triceps grew with the ancient god's power. The sleeves on his shirt were soon filled with coconut sized arms while corded forearms developed below his short sleeves. His waist remained small, perhaps even tightened a bit, but as his torso grew his shirt rode up exposing his stomach. His abs were developing also so that soon they were rippling wall of muscle, bisected by a line disappearing down into his pants. His legs also grew, elongating but expanding even faster. His thighs filled his pants then ripped the seems exposing chiseled quads and below them massive, diamond shaped calves. As he grew, going from a mere 5'7" to a powerful 6' 2" in just a minute his feet grew also, busting out of his old boots. As Jack watched Medio's shirt shredded as the Indians expanding torso ripped through. His useless clothing fell to the alter and the Indian stood before the explorer, as big as any of the massive professional bodybuilders he lusted over in the magazines back home. This alone would have been development that any pro would have paid millions for, but once again the voice sounded in their heads:


Medio stood on the platform, his head ringing with the words, trying to take in the change that had come over him. He felt stronger and more powerful than he ever had dreamed of. He moved his arms and watched awestruck as his biceps flexed, making his arms massive cords of power packed muscle. He had to bend forward to see past his massive chest which looked as if a glass would set on it easily. His legs, no longer stretched wide with the increased size he had been given felt as if they could run for days or leap huge chasms. And through the remains of his pants he could see that his dick had grown also -it was larger than any he had ever seen. And then he felt the power reaching up into him again - even stronger than before. With a roar Medio felt his muscles begin to grow, as if what had come before had only been child's play.

Medio bellowed lustily as greater, more intense waves of power crashed into his newly muscled form. The golden aura around his body deepened. Medio's torso and legs began to stretch to new lengths. His height which had not even reached six feet a few minutes earlier increased to 6'4", then 6'6". As he bent forward to look over his thickened pecs, it appeared that his feet were moving further and further away. The few remaining shreds of clothing that clung to his body tore and fell to the platform as his frame grew. 6'10" and finally a full 7 feet.

"NOW FEEL THE POWER OF MY TEMPLE" The words of the ancient god shimmered in the air.

Jack stood in awe as Medio's body grew to its new height. The gun in his hand lowered as he gaped as the Temple's energies infused his guide. His loins reacted from the sight as a mixture of lust and envy washed over him. Medio's screams of delight nearly deafened him as they echoed within the temple walls.

With massive cracks of thunder, lightning sprang from each corner of the temple and arced into Medio. The muscles on his enlarged frame found new space to grow and expand. His mammoth chest lifted and thickened so that the split between his giant pecs could easily hide an average man's hand. Medio repeatedly flexed his super-sized chest and was made light headed by the power that rocketed through his body. He watched with amazement as one muscle after another in his arms grew in volume to fill the spaces from shoulder to elbow and from elbow to wrist. He biceps split into two huge lumps of throbbing power. His triceps hung like giant hams, each of the three heads fighting for room. He raised his arms slowly in triumph and found that his biceps had now grown so large that he could barely touch his head with his closed fist.

Simultaneously, Medio's waist, already tight, began to shrink even more until it measured only 30 inches. His lats expanded and pushed his arms further and further outward. The traps and deltoids of his shoulders grew into melon shaped masses of power. The V-taper, already impressive, took on even more dramatic shape. Medio's throat became encased in a thick column of muscle that pushed hard against traps that just touched his ears.

As quickly as Medio's upper body grew, his legs thickened even more rapidly. His quads became so large that it became difficult to keep his feet on the worn pads that only moments before he had to stretch to reach. His calves, mighty and thick, split into two perfectly shaped diamonds each of which threatened to tear away from the bone.

Medio's body had become a wild animal, no longer within his control. Muscled flexed and bunched in mindless fury. His abdominals, already hard, defined themselves into two perfect rows of four mounds of muscle.

His throbbing penis that had grown to over 12 inches now thickened to a mammoth size that rivaled a normal man's arm. Even over Medio's herculean chest, he could see the tip of his cock rise and point straight out from his body. Cum because to spurt involuntarily from its tip spraying an ever widening circle. Even Jack who was over 10 feet from the platform felt the sting of the boiling jism hit his face.

Medio's skin, darkened by the sun began to lighten. It glowed as if lit from a powerful spotlight within. In short order it assumed the color and appearance of burnished brass. The irises of his eyes, normally brooding black pools, turned a fiery bright blue.

With a final massive crash of thunder and lightning, Medio's body reached its ultimate size. At over 400 pounds of beef, no man could now equal his muscular might.

"ARISE MY NEW WARRIOR. TREMBLE, O MY ENEMIES" shouted the god of ages past.

His words were nearly drowned by Medio's cry of joy. Every muscle in his new form tensed and vibrated into the largest and most massive most muscular pose ever performed by mankind.

As the sound subsided within the Temple, Medio at first seemed stunned. In an instant, his eyes focused on his former master and with catlike grace he leaped in one bound across the 10 foot space that separated them. His massive torso impacted Jack like a sledgehammer and he was knocked to the dusty floor of the Temple. Medio stood above him, his feet easily straddling Jack's waist. Medio's cock, still hard and throbbing continued to drip golden cum.

"So, my former master", Medio snarled, "Who is in control, NOW?" Jack shook with fear as the giant towered above him. At the same time, his member, already hard, pushed painfully against his sweat stained shorts. Medio licked his lips as he contemplated. He bent over at the waist and easily lifted Jack to his knees so that Jack's mouth was millimeters from his engorged pole.

Medio's massive hands forced open Jack's mouth and pushed his manhood deep into Jack's throat. So massive had Medio become that it could no longer fit easily. Jack gagged and choked as his mouth was overfilled with Medio's male piston.

"Worship your new master", Medio grunted. He pushed deeper and deeper into Jack's mouth. When it could go no further, Medio rhythmically began to pump his hips which lifted Jack's knees from the floor where they hung in midair for a moment before slamming once again into the dust. Jack reached forward and gripped Medio's tight rump as he fought to prevent his neck from snapping under the strain.

"Draw on my power, little man", Medio commanded. Jack began to suck hard on Medio's throbbing member. Minutes seemed to stretch into hours. Medio, still stunned by his new massive size, continued to flex. Soon both men were bathed in sweat.

With a growl liked a caged animal, Medio released an ocean of cum into his captive. It rapidly filled Jack's throat and mouth and began to drip down Jack's chin. The pressure increased to such a degree that Jack was blown backward and was soon covered with the last of Medio's jism.

Jack swallowed and lay still for a moment. His eyes stared glassily up at Medio. Suddenly, pain racked Jack's body and he doubled over in obvious agony. "Help", Jack whispered as he reached one arm up to Medio. As Medio stared down in silence, Jack's arms slowly began to thicken. Newly formed muscle appeared on Jack's arms and legs. Jack's loose bush shirt and shorts started to bunch and pull as new muscle grew throughout his torso. His legs grew thick with world class size. His shorts were pushed higher and higher until, unable to withstand the internal pressure, they tore at the seams. A struggle for space began within Jack's shirt. First, the neck opening stretched as Jack's trap muscle search for release. Jack's chest also expanded and began to push thru the shirts V collar. The buttons of the shirt fought to remain closed but one by one they were torn away. Exposed now were two gigantic mounds of solid muscle whose surface was covered with pulsing veins engorged with blood. Melon size deltoids tore thru the arm holes of the shirt. Jack's arms filled the shirt's sleeves to overflowing the cuffs riding higher and higher as Jack's forearms took on the size of a normal man's legs. Jack upper arms swelled until his sleeves could contain them no longer. An involuntary curling of one arm after the other tore through the strong fabric until Jack's now immense biceps and triceps were revealed. With a shriek that echoed throughout the temple, the cloth of Jack's shirt fell away in a sodden heap on the floor.

Jack's eyes now glowed golden in the dim light of the temple. Jack rose from the floor and stood before the towering Medio as his muscles continued on their extraordinary journey of growth. His back thickened and deepened until Jack's arms stood at sharp angles from his body. "Bigger", Jack shouted as he began to flex his new found muscle. His shorts now appeared many sizes too small as they were bombarded with his new size. Deep ridges formed between and along side Jack's abdominals. Jack's tortured short's last intact seams separated and fell beside the other rags of his clothing, revealing underwear that covered a tight and muscular butt. In front a tent formed until Jack's new member ripped through the cloth and pointed itself at Medio's midsection. Cum spurted forth in a stream with bathed both muscle men.

The unearthly changes in Jack's body slowly subsided. He stood relaxed before the hulking Medio and said "Not big enough yet". Jack sprinted for the raised platform and stood with his feet in the well worn pads.


Again the golden glow surrounded the man on the pedestal. More quickly this time, the lightning and thunder rumbled and shot at the trembling giant. As Medio turned to face his companion, an immense growth spurt moved through Jack's body. 6'6"...6'10"....7' tall and still growing. Jack threw his arms outward as lightning danced along their massive dimensions. The lightning strikes were so frequent that Medio needed to raise his hand to shield his eyes. 7'2"....7'6"...7'10"....8'. The brightness of the light in the temple was that of the sun.

As before, muscle growth rapidly filled Jack's immense frame. His bellows of ecstasy shook the ceiling of the temple as dust began to rain down. Soon Medio was dwarfed by the new muscle monster. Roaring with delight, Jack flexed and grew. His arm size became grotesque, so large had his biceps and triceps grown. Jack's chin disappeared behind his massive chest. His quads and calves threatened to tear themselves from the bones in his legs. Jack's underwear could withstand the strain no longer. RRRRIP, the underwear tore in two and launched itself into the air where it was hit by lightning and fell smoldering to the floor. His midsection was packed full of layers of muscle from which Jack's manhood projected thick and long and hard.

And still Jack grew. 425....450 pounds. The raised platform glowed from the power it pumped into Jack's gigantic body. With a massive CRACK the main stone split in two under his weight. Sparks shot upward through the opening.

Jack exulted in his incredible new found power. He could sprint up the tallest mountains, fight the largest jungle animals, defeat the fiercest army singlehanded. As his strength rose to even greater levels, he began to fear that his body would explode with unchainable energy. Skin changed to bronze, eyes to blue lightning.

With a final massive bolt of light and energy that loosened the stones in the rear wall of the temple, Jack metamorphosis subsided. He was now nearly 500 pounds of male might. Every square inch of his body was filled with distended muscle. Veins wound round his body and throbbed with blood like molten steel. In the silence of the temple, Jack flexed his gargantuan physique. The muscles audibly grumbled as they shifted beneath his golden skin. A river of cum flowed outward from Jack's pulsating member. So much, in fact, that it formed a pool on the temple floor and ran into one corner.

As if in a dream, Jack assumed one extraordinary muscle pose after another, mimicking the now ridiculously small bodybuilding stars he had formerly admired in the magazines. He had become a creature that had only been drawn in cartoons, too stupendous to be human. Peals of laughter erupted from his barrel chest as he reveled in his vast strength. Medio, mute and openmouthed throughout Jack's transformation, joined in the laughter as he duplicated each pose by pose. His cock, red and erect, squirted mouthfuls of cum on the floor. The competition continued for nearly an hour, neither man willing to allow the ecstasy to end.

At last, Jack stepped from the pedestal to the temple floor to stand in front of Medio. It became apparent that two of the long ago carved figures at the entrance to the temple of size now stood within its confines once again.


With these words, the ancient god's voice faded and became lost in the noises of the jungle.

Jack stared down at Medio, a smile growing on his stern face. He raised one mammoth arm and placed his hand on Medio's titanic shoulder. "My warrior brother, the deity of this temple has ordered us to battle", Jack stated, "We will do as he commands". Medio nodded and returned the much larger man's smile and replied "We will take this world as our own and rule unchallenged!".

The two warriors exited the temple into a pool of light from the full moon over their heads. They fashioned rough skirts from the grasses surrounding the temple and tied them around their waists to protect their manhood. As they strode confidently away from the edifice and back to civilization, it was unmistakably clear that the Temple of Size had borne two new warrior gods into our unsuspecting world. •

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