My Friend Steve


By kidbiceps

Ever since the test that Steve had developed for himself involving the chains and the oak trees, he was obsessed in getting stronger and stronger. He was of the firm belief that only will and determination limits mans strength and by focusing that and refusing to give in, a person could actually increase their strength to whatever proportion they desired. He also believed that a person could actually will their body to grow. Anyone else and I would have called them delusional, but Steve, I called it dangerous. He was working out like a madman now, and seriously thought that he could pull over two oak trees. After seeing him break the chains in the last attempt, I started to seriously question if there were truly anything that Steve was physically incapable of doing. On this fine August day, we were sitting on the porch, just trying to keep cool. Steve had been moody all week and didn't care to discuss it. I suspect that it was his current inability to accomplish some impossible task he had set for himself at the gym, but I didn't know. All of a sudden, there was a loud crash down the street and we both jumped up to see what had happened. A car evidentially had lost control and crashed into a telephone pole, which had fallen into a porch, trapping a young girl under its weight. I ran back to my house to call for help, but the phone was out due to the accident. The driver of the car was also trapped and bleeding and the doors of the car were badly damaged and inoperable. When I came around out of my house, I saw Steve standing there contemplating something. The only other people around was an old lady who lived next store, otherwise the place was deserted. First Steve walked over to the giant telephone pole, which by it's self was ponderous, but this one was sheared off and crashed into the porch but was still attached at the base, thus rooting it. It looked like it should have taken a crane to lift it. Steve calmly took off his loose shirt and placed on the grass and walked up to the pole. I ran over to try and help, but he waved me back saying that it was too dangerous and that the rest of the roof looked like it was ready to collapse. Steve stretched out his muscles and walked up to the pole and put his arms around it. I looked over to the girl, who was lying still and unconscious under the debris. As Steve clamped down with his arms around the pole, I saw his lats spring out to four times their normal width. I heard Steve begin to grunt and strain, trying to lift the pole. He stopped for a second and stood up, again stretching out his body, which began to look more and more cut and defined. Finally, he again wrapped his arms around the pole and began to tug. Immediately, the veins in his shoulders and lats leaped out of his body. For the first time since I had known Steve, I actually heard him grunting. As I looked, I realized he was not messing around and was pouring on the full power of his body. The veins in his neck swelled and swelled again. I could see his quads filling the jeans and stretching them to their limit and yet if you looked at his waist, you would have sworn that each arm was swelling to a size bigger that it. It was sucked in and looked like it was made out of carved granite. His entire upper body was crisscrossed with more veins than one could or cared to count. His entire body was shaking and trembling. It looked like his pecs were actually trying to crush the pole under their rock like mounds. I was that look before on his face and it always worried me. Then he broke and stood up. He let out a roar and went after the pole with more determination and ferociousness than I had ever seen before. Right before my eyes I saw his muscles grow more and more dense and defined. His entire body was shaking and he was more than grunting, he was screaming between sucks of air. With each breath, he strained harder than the previous. I began to hear creaking and cracking as the pole began to lift up.. not just the pole, but half of the roof structure of the porch. Now Steve was a shaking mass of veins and muscle. There was a loud rip as his quads ripped out the legs. And still he was pouring on the power. The creaking and cracking became more and more pronounced and his breaths became deeper and deeper. In one last burst of will power, he seemed to swell again and roared like some inhuman beast. Even the whites of his eyes were blood red and vein covered. Spit was flying out of his mouth and every blood vessel in is face and forehead was showing and pulsing. His arms were actually almost black and totally distended and gross to look at, even for a muscle fetish person like myself. Each blood vessel from his hands, up his arms, crossed his shoulders and back and his pecs stood at attention and were actually moving and curling under skin, which looked like it, was about to split. The all of a sudden, he stopped and the pole sagged back into place. He stood up and started punching himself in the chest and screaming at himself. The he turned and started screaming at the pole. Before I could even say any thing, he ran over and lay down under the pole and immediately began to `press' it. His pecs swelled and re-swelled. His triceps were so deep that I think you could have put your finger up to the top joint into the cuts. He had a monstrous look on his face and every fiber of his being was training and pressing. Very slowly, the huge pole and the adjoining roof began to push upward. There was a loud cracking sound as the end that was still attached to the ground began to rip free. Every muscle in Steve's body was on fire and straining. Thru the material of his ripped jeans, you could see every striation in his legs as the flexed to help brace him against the incredible force. When had the pole pressed to his full arms length, he actually began to try and sit up. His iron abs began to bunch and flex and the fingers in his lats seemed to be alive. With a tremendous amount of shaking and straining, he was sitting half way up and was able to throw the pole to the side where it came crashing down. Then I saw why Steve had so much trouble. There was a 500 lb transformer attached to the top of the pole, which had been caught under the porch roof fixtures. Steve then jumped up.. I really don't know where he got the energy, ran over and picked the girl up and carried her into the middle of the lawn. The he ran over to the car and clamped his hand onto the doorframe and began to pull. The door held and I heard Steve yell "OH NO YOU DON'T!!". Right before my eyes, I saw his entire upper body swell one last time and pull so hard that I could feel the air tremble in unison with his body. With a loud protest and screech, the door hinges gave and the door flew open. Steve reached in and made sure that the injured driver was ok. It was then that we saw the fire trucks approaching. Steve ran over to me and said, "Lets get the hell out of here, I don't want to answer any questions". We went back to the house and I was speechless for the rest of the day. By the way, both people involved in the accident recovered. The old lady tried to tell the police what she had seen, but I guess they though she was a bit senile. •

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