Steve and the Three Tests

By kidbiceps

One day, when Steve and I were hanging out and he had just celebrated his 20th birthday; there was this couple of tuff guys that tried to start up with him. They had heard thru the grapevine that he was supposedly super strong, so the started to give him a hard time. Now looking at Steve with his shirt on, just sitting there, you might not think so much of him. When totally relaxed, he looks pretty ordinary. The big guy challenged Steve to three tests of strength. Now the Steve I knew, my best friend, could never turn down a challenge like that, even though these guys had at least 30 pounds on him. Steve always liked a 'big guy' challenge. His philosophy was… If a big guy beats a little guy… no matter as everyone expected that anyhow, but if a little guy beats a big guy, well the big guy loses face. So he figured he had nothing to lose, and really didn’t plan on it anyhow! Later that evening we met over at the two guys house. Steve was ready and pumped for whatever may be at hand. The first test was simple, too simple, arm wrestling. The game of intimidation began with both guys taking their shirts off and getting down on the floor on their stomachs. I was very impressed with the big guy. He went about 185 lbs and was extremely ripped and muscular. I think he was a bit surprised by Steve at 135 and totally shredded muscle on a cut up boy like frame. All ready you could see the striations and veins pulsing under the skin of both guys. They locked up and before you could blink it started. In one quick move, the big guy brought Steve's arm 3/4's of the way down, and then he locked up and held. His face began to turn aspen white and the major veins of the arms jumped out like a lattice of steel cables under the skin. The big guy's smirk turned to amazement as Steve just held him there. There was a slight shaking in Steve's arm as he began to bear down with his full force. The evil look of total determination spread over his face as he pushed his arm halfway back up. The it was the big guys turn to switch on the juice as he suddenly realized that this was not going to be a push over victory. Both arms and bodies seemed to swell right before our eyes. I could even hear Steve's joints creak as he began to pour more and more effort into the battle. I saw both combatants lower their heads and give it everything they had. Sweat was pouring off of both and Steve's skin turned a deepening shade of red. Every muscle could be outlined in his back and shoulders. It looked like a road map. As He turned up the juice, more and more tiny blood vessels became visible in his back and traps. Huge veins stood out on his neck, which swelled to the same diameter as his head. I saw every fiber begin to convulse in his entire body. Slowly, he was pushing the other guy to an even position. The other bigger guy was really straining too and he had blood vessels upon blood vessels all over his body standing out in bold relief. It seemed that both had the determination of bulls and neither was going to give an inch. The it happened, the big guy must have thought that Steve was giving it all he had and took the opportunity to try and regroup his strength, thinking that Steve had to be just as tired as he was. It was then that I saw Steve's entire body turn a deep deep purple and he all of a sudden had the big guy half way down. The big guy caught himself just at the last moment and with a burst of strength, started to push Steve back over the top. It was then that Steve started going nuts and was giving it everything he had. I was his eyes were rolled back in his head and his face was contorted into a strain and pain filled grimace. So was the other guys. Then I heard Steve tell himself under his breath "Pain is for wimps" over and over again. He seemed to retighten his entire body and the grimace was gone from his face. In it's place was a stone cold stare and the deep red color drained and he went totally white. His arm and upper body was a deep purple but it was clear that he had managed to block out all pain in his mind and body. His breathing became deeper and deeper and his muscles swelled to a definition I had never seen before. I think he psyched out his opponent as he slowly and steadily took him over the top. It was like watching a hydraulic piston as he slowly but steadily took the big guy to within one inch of the floor. The big guy held him for just about 15 seconds and a look of rage came over Steve's face as he put him down the final inch and a half. All the way, the big guy had tears streaming down his contorted face. When they were finished, they both lay there and recovered their strength. It was a titanic battle to say the least. Steve said he was very impressed by the big guys power and determination. Test2 After the previous days test, Steve was all pumped up for the next challenge. Steve had developed a great deal of respect for the big guy (whose name was Brad). He knew that this guy was not going to be a push over. In fact, I suspect that Steve knew that Brad was probably stronger than he was, but Steve had the mental edge on him, and Steve always felt that the total package was more important than just pure strength. Again, let me reiterate that would push himself into unconsciousness and beyond if he had to rather than admit defeat. It was his kind of sickness and obsession. We were to meet at a local wooded area, which was kind of secluded so that there would be no disturbances. Each man was to be suspended between two trees in an iron cross form holding on to a bar in each hand attached to ropes at a 90 degree angle to the body. The twist, that a noose of rope was also attached to each bar and put around each wrist. So, if you let go of the bars, you would be caught by the rope, which would painfully bite into your wrists and cut off the circulation. The idea was simple… first man to ask for help would lose. Each was put on a box and their arms stretched out to the sides with each hand through the loop and holding on to the bars on each side. The ropes were stretched tight and the contestants held on to the attached bar on each side. Both had removed their shirts, and I was impressed with both to say the least. Both were super muscled and defined with veins running everywhere. When they were ready, the boxes were removed from under their feet and they hung there about 8 inches off the ground by their outstretched arms. The problem was that neither could get any leverage in this position and it had to be very painful and difficult to keep a grip on the bars. Instantly, both their bodies began to shake with the effort. Deep cuts formed between the pecs and the arms became a network of deeply visible veins and straining muscle. Steve seemed to have a bit of smirk on his face and a psychotic look in his eyes as he actually began to pull on the ropes on each side. His biceps looked like they were ready to burst through the skin as he pulled harder and harder. The veins in his neck and traps almost totally obscured the huge muscles under the skin. Steve’s face continued to contort and grin as he willed himself to put more and more effort into the act. Then it dawned on me.. He was actually trying to break the ropes that held him there. This was impossible, as I knew that the ropes were several hundred pounds test. He continued to pour on the power and his entire body began to be covered with an intricate lattice of blood vessels. His forearms became like baseballs under the skin covered with thousands of pulsing blood vessels. Now, I had known Steve for many years and had seen amazing things before, but this was beyond anything I had witnessed before. He then started pushing himself to the point that spit was spraying out of his mouth as he gulped in one huge lungful of air after another. Brad, on the other hand was just hanging there with every muscle straining not to let go of the bars. Both were now a bright red color, but Steve’s muscles continued to swell and twist with the effort he was exerting. His hands were white with tension and the redness in his face was outlined with a mask of white outlining his eyes and cheekbones. There were even veins visible in his head. I know what Steve was saying to himself… he could continue to increase his flex as long as he was conscious and was not going to stop until he was totally blacked out. His entire body was shaking violently and his insane look became quite frightening to gaze at. I moved around back and almost freaked as I saw both guys back muscles. Steve’s were bunched up on each other and looked like they were going to break out of the skin. The back was totally covered with huge veins and I could even see the blood pulsing through them. The muscles on his arms were withering grotesquely and there just didn’t seem to be enough room under the skin for all the muscle and veins. Then it happened… In one titanic effort, Steve seemed to swell to twice his size and his chest seemed to try and push out of his body. He screamed a terrible howl and I knew gave every bit of strength and will he had left in him. I heard the trees on each side creak as they tried to resist this force, and they held. His grip slipped off of the bars and he was caught with his wrist caught in the rope loops on each side. The pain had to be unbelievable, as it was cutting into each wrist and cutting off the circulation. Steve was clearly in great pain but had a look of total hatred on his face. I ran forward with a knife and began to cut him down when he ordered me away. At this point he pulled himself up almost perpendicular with the ropes and I knew that he was going to really hurt himself it this continued. Brad, I knew, had not exhausted himself fighting the ropes, and I was afraid that Steve would lose a hand or two if something was not done, so, I cut him down and he fell to the ground. There were deep rope burns in each wrist as I began to message his hands to get circulation back into them. That’s all I remember as a field of stars filled my head as in a rage state because of losing, his left hook connected with my head. It took a while, but he finally calmed down. I really don’t think he ever forgave me for ‘buttin in ‘ and he made me promise that at the final test I would do nothing… no matter what. It’s a promise I don’t believe I would have kept, but luckily didn’t have to test it. Test3 I must admit that the final test was quite unique, but I thought a bit unfair to Steve. Seeing that the other guy (Brad) had over 30 pounds on him and all. I always thought that it should have been a test of relative strength rather than actual strength. But, if you can get a sense of Steve from my previous stories, you already know that to his.. Strength is strength. Now let me set the stage. It is now 2 weeks after the ‘forest adventure’ and Steve has been pushing himself to add every ounce of strength he can add. He is like a mad man in the gym. It seems that he has added significant density to his already totally ripped body, but in the process has become even more defined than before. Now, just standing there, veins are visible that were only visible before when he exerted himself and when he tenses, his body looks positively grotesque. His skin now seems to be totally transparent and it’s like looking at an anatomy chart, without the skin on. The test is really quite simple and ingenious. There is this ‘see saw’ type contraception, made of thick wood and reinforced with steel rods, which is in the back yard of Brad. It is balanced perfectly and instead of a seat, there is a iron bar on each end. The ‘combatants’ lay on their backs on a bench on either side of the ‘see saw’ and grab the bar. When in the balanced equal position the bar on each is at a half a bench press distance from each chest. The objective is to push up on your side, forcing the opposite end down and into the chest of the other person. I one were to totally press the bar up, the other end would be painfully embedded into the others chest. The first one to lock their arms in a full bench press wins. Pretty gruesome, huh? It is pretty obvious now that Brad is really into this strength thing and that Steve wasn’t his first victim. Both guys positioned themselves under the bars and readied themselves for this unique tug of war. As they lay there, Steve began to pump himself up and I could see the muscles beginning to swell in anticipation to the contest. His face was already a death mask and I began to think that Steve might get to experience that illusive 100% effort. I had tried to talk him out of it, but he was obsessed. On the count of three the battle began. I have never seen muscles leap into such definition before in my life. Each tried to get the jump on the other and neither side budged an inch. I could tell that neither was going for the strategy of conserving energy. The muscles in Steve’s pecs and arms were of inhuman definition. One quickly forgot that he was not a hulk of mass; just the shear cuts were enough to make up for it. Quickly, both were bright red and pouring it on. Fingers of muscle spread out from Steve’s chest almost to his lats, which were now wider than the bench. You could have set a can of coke in each lat under his arms and it would have stayed there. His chest was swelled into what appeared to be solid mounds of rock and turning a deeper red each second that passed. The device began to creak and groan with the stress placed on it, but both seemed to be quite equally matched. It was going to be as much a battle of mind as it was body. The next thing that I noticed was that Steve’s six-pack was now an eight pack and seemed to be flattened to less than 4 inches thick. This is in contrast to his chest, which was swelled to the point that it was indeed touching the bar, even though the bar had not lowered an inch. I think layer of sweat was now spreading across Steve’s entire body and I began to see an increase in the muscular tremor as the battle began to take its toll. But I knew Steve, and I knew that things had only started to get under way. The battle had now been under way over four minutes and neither side had to seemed to break. Steve’s muscles were positively scarlet in color and his veins stuck out of his chest and arms like nothing I had ever seen before. Steve was now breathing in and out in deeper and deeper gulps of air and his face became more and more like a stone mask. I saw him crunch up in muscle crowded muscle and even the deep blood vessels began to show. He was pouring on a burst of incredible energy now by force of will alone and the bar began to rise slowly. I heard a groan and saw Brad putting force a Herculean effort. Even though he was not as defined as Steve, his much larger muscles were quite impressive and powering up for a save. Steve turned totally scarlet and began shaking all over his body with what looked like total rage. The bar inched up again, but then stuck. Now it was Brad’ s turn and he reached inside and returned the favor. Slowly the bar returned to its equal state and I hear Steve begin to make what seemed like crying sounds. I looked and his face was totally contorted, his body was straining to the point that muscles were trying to tear right off the bones, and for just a second I thought that Steve was about to give in, when he shook it off and redoubled his effort. Right before my eyes I saw his body swell and swell again. I could have put a pencil at least three inches deep between his pecs and then, they would not only have held it there, I honestly would not have been surprised if they crushed it. His biceps looked like two petrified oranges under the skin of each arm and the blood vessels on each arm were like ropes under the skin, branching off like the trees of a great oak tree. The veins left his arms in a contest to see which could be the most dominant and spread across his chest, neck and traps like a intricate root system. And still he pushed harder and harder. His eyes were now closed and he began to arch his back for more leverage. Both legs were rapped round the bottom of the bench and his entire torso was shaking in what can only be described as a focused convulsion. There were even dozens of large and small veins over his abs. I think it I were to hit him with a baseball bat now, he would even feel it and the bat would shatter off of his iron flexed body. Again the bar began to move up a little and Steve’s opponent was putting forth what seemed to be an unbelievable effort. Each inch Steve pushed was hard won, and there were entire seconds when there was no further movement. Then I heard Steve begin to scream deep from within himself. The bar began to move up now even faster and Brad was clearly struggling to try and stop it. Steve’s arms were shaking so badly now, I don’t know how he managed any more effort from them. Standing close to him I heard his self-argument against the pain. Some how he had convinced himself that losing would be a matter of life and death for himself and everyone that he loved. Then with one last titanic effort he pushed his arms all the way up, forcing the bar deep into the chest of Brad. I heard Brad scream in pain as the bar pressed into him. And still, Steve kept pushing and pushing. I had to shake him several time to get him to quit, at which point he began vomiting rolled over and passed out. I was deeply concerned that he had burst a blood vessel in the brain, but he was only out for a second or two and then sat up and began deep breathing. Still, I think that Steve had given the maximum effort. Later in a conversation Steve revealed to me that he was not going to give up and if he lost, he would have done so because he had died trying. He also said that this state that came over him scared the rational part of him to no end. I was soon after this event that Steve and I parted company. While I have other stories to tell, they would only pale in comparison to the three tests I have related to you here. So, I am hanging up my pen for now. Later I may write some Steve stories from the imagination, putting him in different situations and projecting how he might respond based on my knowledge of his attitude. If you want me to try this, just write me and let me know. I am also interested in any pictures you would like to share to fuel my imagination and satisfy my ‘flex fetish’ I really am interested in more that just a posed flex. I want to see pics with a definite ‘strain’ element. The more defined and vascular, the better. I promise to keep them totally confidential. Thanks for your support. •

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