Dealer, The

By Josef Howard

Tory was a talented amateur bodybuilder. Since he started lifting three years ago he had gained about 30 pounds, making him big enough for people to notice he worked out, but not large enough to look freaky. He was a bit of a star in his hometown gym, but last month his company transferred him to Santa Monica. Troy started working out at the Mecca and rediscovered humility. At Gold's, next to the superstars, he just looked like an ordinary guy. Every time he went to the gym he saw another of his pro idols. He met Michael Marconi the first week. Michael was the three-time and current Mr. Olympia, devastatingly handsome, with a penchant for expensive cars, large houses and short-term involvements with members of the opposite sex.

A body like that always attracts stares, but Marconi's long looks in Troy's direction kept Troy's attention, made Troy's eyes linger as well. At first Troy thought Marconi was attracted to him, then he panicked and thought Marconi had noticed his admiring glances and was staring him down to threaten him, but the way the big man's eyes ran up and down his body as he walked by calmed his fears.

Once while Troy was doing a set on the preacher bench a few feet away, Michael pulled off this sweatshirt, t-shirt and baggy pants to check out his development. The sight of Marconi in a double bicep left Troy's arms dangling the barbell right in the middle of his set while he stared. Marconi had the biggest arms in the sport. They taped out at over 28 inches cold. His chest and back were over 70 inches, and his abs tightly muscled, tapering to a compact 30 inch waist. The big man seemed to know what he was doing to Troy and smiled right at him.

After a smooth move to a side chest, then a most muscular, he walked over to Troy and said, "Need a spot with that weight? You look like you're having some problems."

Troy wondered whether Marconi cared that his obvious flirting had been witnessed by a half dozen other men nearby, but he only wondered for an instant before his eyes fixated on the deep crevice between the thick meaty pecs thrust in his face.

"Uh, no, I got it," Troy said.

Marconi held his broad, muscular hand out. "The name's Michael."

Troy put the weight down on the rack. Marconi grasped Troy's hand in a brother's handshake.

"You a new member?" Marconi asked.


"Welcome. I'm sure I'll be seeing you around. I'm here enough."

Troy had to do two extra sets on the preacher bench just to allow his dick time to go down before he stood up.

Troy saw Marconi almost every time he worked out, and Marconi always made a point of saying hello and shaking his hand. He talked to other guys at the gym too, but Troy thought there was a special glint in his eye when he said hello to him.

It took several weeks before Troy got up the nerve to ask him if he had access to any special bodybuilding supplements. He knew Marconi had to be using them to be as big as he was, and he figured Marconi must deal or he couldn't afford the cars and the houses. But he wasn't sure that Marconi would take a neophyte like himself as a client.

"Yeah, I can get you stuff, but the good stuff is expensive. How bad do you want it?" Marconi asked him.

All during Troy's teens he had read muscle magazines like other boys read Playboy. He hid them inside other magazines when he brought them home and stuffed them under his mattress when he was through with them. He had idolized the men in them like he used to idolize superheroes when he was a kid, never expecting that one day he would meet some of them face-to-face. Working out at Gold's among dozens of seriously huge men had lit a fire under him. He was willing to do anything it took to get as big as he could.

"Real bad."

"Bad enough to drop a grand?" Marconi asked.

"If that's what it costs."

"How big do you want to get?" Marconi asked.

"As big as I can, I suppose."

"How 'bout I follow you home after your workout and we work out the details."

Troy could barely complete his workout. He had not only scored his first steroids, but the world's best built man, who'd been giving him the eye for more than a month, was delivering them to his house.

Marconi dumped the contents of the black cloth bag on the kitchen table. Three dozen syringes preloaded with pale yellow fluid.

"It's pure test. That's testosterone to beginners like you. Two a week to start with. Work up to four, then taper back to two. You ever give yourself an injection before?"

Troy shook his head.

"Well, you're going to get lots of practice. I'll do the first one for you, if you like, just so you see how it's done. No extra charge." Marconi looked at Troy a minute. "Drop your pants, boy! I can't shoot through those shorts."

Troy slipped his gym shorts and jock strap down to his knees and bend over the table. Marconi cleared one of the syringes of its air bubble and pinched the side of his ass.

"You know a lot of guys would take advantage of a green kid like you. I could sell you vegetable oil in syringes and you wouldn't know the difference."

Troy felt the needle slip into his ass. His glutes flinched involuntarily.

"Boy, anybody tell you you got a nice ass? I'm serious. I could tell the first time I saw you. Small, but high and tight. A real sight. 'Specially on the leg curls."

Marconi pulled the needle out. Troy stood up.

Marconi smiled. "Feel the rush yet? Every time I do this stuff I get a rush. They say you can't feel it, but I do. Makes your heart pound a little harder, your breath a little heavier. Makes you just a little more...confident."

Troy COULD feel a rush. And standing a foot in front of the best built man in the world in the privacy of his own kitchen, with his shorts slipping down to his ankles, he felt a flood of blood pour into his dick, making it stretch and grow until it raised itself up to his stomach, then got so hard it hurt.

"Damn, you got a nice dick. Bet it kind a hurts about now?" Marconi wrapped his strong hands around the base of Troy's dick and twisted lightly, making Troy suck air involuntarily. "I bet you could use a little help relieving the tension." Marconi dropped to gracefully to his knees and licked the head. Michael's tongue was broad and warm and wet. Troy's dick tensed and jerked. Looking down at them for the first time, Troy could fully appreciate the big man's enormously muscular shoulders. Each of his deltoids were larger than bowling balls, and his arms were even thicker.

Damn! Michael Marconi was sucking at the head of his dick! How the hell could this be happening! Troy had absolutely no idea what the man found in him that he couldn't find in dozens of other more muscular admirers, but as Michael's thick, strong lips sucked his dick every thought in his head fled. Marconi was an excellent cocksucker. No one had ever sucked him as hard or enthusiastically. The pressure inside Troy's dick built until it felt like it would burst. Finally it spasmed and squirted cum inside Marconi's mouth. Marconi sucked harder and faster as he drained Troy's dick.

Marconi smiled and licked his lips. "I wasn't going to swallow it, but it tasted so good!" He stood. "I think you should sit down, Troy." Troy stepped one foot out of his gym shorts, walked over to a living room chair and sat down. All he was wearing was his tennis shoes, gym shorts around his ankles and his t-shirt. Marconi sat down in the chair opposite him. "I guess now's the time to tell you that wasn't testosterone I shot you up with, Troy."

"What do you mean?"

"Don't panic. I wouldn't shoot you up with anything that would hurt you. It's just not the usual shit. I'm the only one that can even get this stuff. I can't even tell you how I get it. If I even hinted about its source and word got out I'd be dead."

"But what is it?'

"I don't know, but think of it as steroids ON steroids."

Troy's nipples were so hard they were practically tenting his t-shirt.

"Take off your t-shirt, Troy."

Troy wiggled out of it and dropped it on the floor. He looked down at his nipples. They were sticking out a little more than usual, but his chest was sticking out further too. His pecs were noticeably bigger, and Troy could see veins pulsing in them. His muscles felt tight all over, and he thought he could see his muscles swell with each heartbeat.

Marconi pulled his loose workout shirt over his head. Each of his pecs were as wide as both of Troy's together! His shoulders were like bowling balls, and his arms were even larger, smooth as blown glass and hard as steel, but for one big vein snaking down the middle. Troy could barely breath as he looked at him.

Marconi pulled his waistband out from his navel and pulled out a dick like a boa constrictor. "You've gotten ahead of me, Troy. Time for me to catch up." He pointed the head of his stiffening cock at his lips. It straightened, thickened and grew until it was just an inch or two from his lips. So much precum was burbling out, Troy almost thought Marconi was coming already. He hunched himself down and engulfed the head of it in his mouth. His eyes closed and he sucked on it lovingly as his hands slid slowly down to its root.

He looked up from it at Troy, who stared at him open mouthed at the size of his dick.

"What's the matter, Troy? You never seen a Black man in the altogether before?" He smiled, and then laughed out loud. "Looking good, Troy. Looking good!" His eyes lapped up the sight of Troy's naked chest. "I want to see you play with your nipples."

With the show Marconi was giving him, Troy was more than happy to reciprocate. Besides, Marconi's suggestion just gave him an excuse to do what he felt like doing anyway. He traced circles around them with the forefingers of both hands. They were very firm and hypersensitive.

"Feels real good." Troy thought Marconi meant his nipples, but when he looked up at Marconi devouring the top five inches of his monster cock he realized he was talking about the head he was giving himself. Troy had seen plenty of self-suck sessions in porn, but none of the guys he'd seen doing it got into it like Marconi did. 'Course none of THEM had dicks so big they'd make a horse green with envy. Marconi was salivating so much that the spit was rolling down his big brown dick. Occasionally he grabbed the wrist-thick shaft with both his huge hands and wrung the saliva into it. Marconi had so much dick that even two ham-sized hands and his mouth couldn't come close to enveloping it all.

Troy stopped fiddling with his nipples and started playing with his dick. He felt so horny. It was like he hadn't cum in weeks. Just the sight of Marconi's incredibly long and thick shaft had him hot enough to cum. When he looked down at himself Troy couldn't believe how much more muscular he was. His pecs were puffed out like iron pillows. His biceps were full and round. His forearms must have been as thick as his arms used to be. His thighs were wide and sinewy, with huge tear-shaped quadriceps.

Troy only gave himself a couple strokes before his dick jerked violently and shot cum like a squirt gun. It splattered back down on his thighs, his chest and his head. The next ten strokes milked volleys just as forceful as the first. When they stopped, Troy looked up at Marconi and smiled, his face dripping with cum, but Marconi wasn't looking back at him. Marconi trying hard to gulp down as much of his own cum as he could. Each time his rigid brown dick spasmed, Marconi's mouth would fill up, his cheeks expanding like a squirrel's. Before he could swallow it all, his dick squirted out more, his orange-sized balls quivering. Troy couldn't believe a man could go on cumming that long! No wonder Marconi enjoyed sucking himself! Marconi let go of his dick and wiped the cum off his lips with the back of his hand. He scrutinized Troy. "Stand up. Let's see how you're doing."

Troy wiped the cum off himself with his T-shirt and stood. Marconi stood too. Both their dicks were still erect, but Marconi wasn't paying either of them any attention. Marconi told him to flex an arm. Then he had Troy get a measuring tape and flex again.

"Twenty-two inches! That's pretty good! What were they before?" Marconi asked.

"I don't know -- about seventeen inches."

"You don't know. You probably never measure them, huh? 'Course you didn't have any problem finding the measuring tape, though did you?" Marconi laughed. Marconi wrapped the tape around his chest and had him tense his lats and pecs. "Fifty-two," he said. Then he squatted in front of Troy and measured his thighs and calves. "Twenty-eight and twenty." Marconi held the tape at the base of his dick and stretched it to the tip. "Think this is any bigger?" he teased.

"Nine inches?! I think it is!" Marconi chuckled.

It was bigger, much bigger. Troy bent to look over his pecs at it.

"And it's not over yet, my little brother. It's not over yet," Marconi said, as he stroked his horse cock absentmindedly. Troy couldn't take his eyes off it. It was standing straight up and it reached all the way past his breastbone. Marconi knelt in front of him again. This time he was completely naked, making Troy's view of the most well developed man on the planet even more breathtaking. His shoulders were so broad it was unreal and his deltoids were like bowling balls. His eyes crossed as they focused on Troy's tool which pointed straight at his face.

"A bit more of a challenge than the last time, but I never could resist a challenge," Marconi said.

Marconi locked his thick lips around Troy's cock and sucked it all the down into his throat. As he sucked, Marconi squeezed and twisted his fist around his own monster, making him groan. Even though it was bigger than anything Troy had ever seen, even morphed images on the Internet, instead of looking ludicrous, Marconi's pole looked perfect for him. From his lean, muscular loins it thrust, thick as the widest part of a baseball bat, then tapered just a bit till it flared into the size of a jumbo orange at the head. Troy wanted nothing more than to own it completely with all of his body.

Troy reached out and fingered the spongy skin of its head, which was soaked with precum. Then he grew bolder and grabbed the taut skin below the flare and caressed it. Marconi worked the lower half of it with both his hands, never losing a bit of the feverish intensity he devoted to the taste of Troy's pulsing dick.

Troy couldn't begin to get his hand completely around the monster, but he loved the feel of it so much that he began to massage it vigorously. Marconi thrust with his hips and spurted a fountain of hot fluid on Troy's arm. It dribbled down into his hand where Troy put it to purpose coaxing more cum out of Marconi. More of it splashed on Troy's chest. With his other hand he scooped it up and tasted it. It was musky as sweat and tangy.

Troy pushed Marconi's mouth from his dick. As good as Marconi's blowjob felt, he was overwhelmed with desire to drink the rest of that cum and feel Marconi's dick in his mouth. He dropped down and put the head of Marconi's dick in his mouth.

"Whoa, big fella . . . be careful . . . or you'll choke on that," Marconi said between moans, but he grabbed the back of Troy's head with his broad, muscled hand pulled him further down on his cock forcefully. It was past the back of his mouth and partly down his throat before he eased up. The feeling of that giant cock, lodged tightly in his throat, firing volleys of sweet, hot cum into his stomach made Troy's dick jerk and fire without anyone touching it, only this time the vibrations seemed to come from somewhere deeper inside of Troy. Before the spasms of his orgasm stopped, Troy began to feel all of his muscles twitch and jerk. His veins began to throb and bulge like balloons. It wasn't just something Troy was imagining. It was visible to others, and Marconi had regained enough of his wits to notice.

"I'd say you're in the final phase now, boy."

Troy could hear crackling like the sound of shells breaking as his muscles expanded. His spreading lats pushed his thickening triceps away from his sides. Troy lifted his arm and flexed his bicep in front of his face. It was as big as Marconi's was now. His dick became so long it was grazing the floor as he knelt in front of Marconi. Troy tilted it up to his mouth and sucked the first few inches inside, even though he was finished cumming, it felt good just to know he could do it.

Marconi pulled him to his feet and grabbed the tape measure as he grinned. "Now you really got something to measure, boy." Troy was lost in the warm tingling sensations in his muscles and the feeling of occupying more space. He was as pliable as a doll as Marconi measured him.

"Twenty-eight inch arms. Sixty inch chest. Thirty-three inch thighs. Twenty-four inch calves. Boy, you gonna do some damage if you ever step on stage with the rest of us someday."

Marconi dropped the tape and stood in front of him. Less than an inch separated their protruding pecs, which completely hid from them the sight of their dicks below, bobbing and weaving around each other like dueling snakes. Staring into the tall black man's crystal green eyes, Troy knew that his dick would never completely deflate as long as the two of them were close to each other.

"Why?" Troy asked.

Marconi caressed one of Troy's nipples with his thumb and forefinger as he talked. It swelled and stiffened. Troy's mouth got dry and his throat tingly. His dick popped up flat to his stomach and felt like it was ready to fly off into space like a rocket.

"Why share this super shit with some other dude, when I could be number one forever? Or why give it to a young buck like you that I hardly know?" Marconi said. "Both." Troy asked.

"Because I'm tired of flirting with dainty little things who don't do nothing for me but give me a twat to get off inside. I'm tired of telling everyone that I like playing the field when the truth is I can't stand to see any of them women more than twice." Marconi's hand felt the inside of Troy's full, rounded thigh. It slid up under his tightly packed scrotum and poked up between his huge hard balls. "There ain't another man I know with a build even close to mine that can take his eyes off women long enough to appreciate what I got to offer, and you're the first man at the gym who got enough balls to openly get off on my build without making himself a pest."

One of Marconi's thick fingers found the puckered hole of Troy's ass. Marconi's pecker was right behind it. His hand lifted one of Troy's legs and Marconi's dick head forced inside. Marconi wrapped his other arm under Troy's ass and lifted the now giant man into the air to get him on top of his long, thick dick. Troy clutched the black man's neck as Marconi let him fall lower and lower on it.

Marconi stumbled back to a wall and propped his shoulders against it as he thrust his hips forward and up, and supported both their weights with his powerful thighs. The immensity of Marconi's dick flattened Troy's prostate against the front of his groin, pushing him past ecstasy. Troy felt the monster sliding long and hard inside him, stuffing him like a turkey. It stretched his sphincter till it felt ready to snap like a rubber band and Troy's dick felt like it would burst. Troy bucked and bounced into Marconi's long strokes, shivering with pleasure. Troy watched Marconi's muscles get fuller and harder as Marconi bounced Troy up and down on his cock. His already full, hard physique became even more pumped with blood. Striations popped out in his pecs and his shoulders, The veins in his arms filled out like ropes and squirmed like snakes between his skin and his muscle.

Troy's thick, hard anaconda slithered between their hard, sweaty stomachs. Marconi's thrusts became slower, longer, more desperate. Troy squirted hard and covered their chins with his cum. Marconi's throat muscles tightened. A crippled cry escaped his open mouth, then a bellow, as his cum found its way free inside of Troy.

For a minute or two Troy's immensity rested, completely impaled on Marconi's rigid brown pole while they caught their breath. Then Marconi slid Troy up and off and set him on his feet. They locked arms and lips. Marconi fell back from the kiss. He picked up Troy's discarded T-shirt and wiped the sweat and the cum from his body. He stared at Troy, then picked his workout shirt and shorts from the floor.

"Would you like to spend the night?" Troy asked.

"Hell, kid, we ain't boyfriends. I just need a good long fuck now and then. Most of the time actually. You doing anything tomorrow?"

"But I thought you were looking for something more?"

"I am, Troy, but let's let this one thing grow at a natural pace."

His clothes balled up in one of his ham-sized hands, Marconi extended his neck in Troy's direction and kissed him again. Their dicks began to thicken and flap into each other.

Troy decided he could live with things as they were for a while. •

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