Let's Get Physical

Jarod’s turn


By Musclebuff

A sequel to Onix's saga.

Jarod felt almost physically sick after he had witnessed the showdown between Edward and Gino, the new manager of the gym. He went back to work in an extreme fit of depression - in fact he decided to give the gym a miss for a few days, hoping that the furore would calm down. He was disappointed in Edwardís arrogant outburst: he had always regarded him as a valued chum and he didnít like to see that side of him so blatantly expressed in public.

Anyway, he could easily afford to miss a few days: he had the best build of the group already - just a little more attention to detail and he could easily compete in a show if he wanted to. At the moment nothing could be further from his mind. Next day he threw himself into working beside the men he employed on the rigs, hoping to dispel his depression in hard, physical labor.

He got home quite late in the evening, feeling sweaty and filthy, longing for a shower to wash away both dirt and depression. Not much mail on the mat, but a plain brown wrapped package waited for him on the doorstep, too big for the mail-box. He hadnít sent off for anything and it wasnít Christmas, so who was sending him what? He was surprised to see the return address was the 64th Street Gymís. Ignoring the rest of the mail - mainly bills anyway - he tore open the package to find a glossy, fairly weighty box with an envelope taped to the lid.

"I want to apologize for the unfortunate upset at the gym today and hope that the contents of this package will go some way to ameliorate the situation. Looking forward to seeing you back here again soon, Yours, Gino."

Well, the new management seemed to be going out of their way to smooth things over with the gang; Jarod just hoped that the others, particularly Edward, would see things the same way so that they could get back to their daily workouts together without further "upset", as Gino put it.

He took the box into his bedroom and opened it at one end. Immediately he felt a sense of excitement run through him which somehow buzzed down to his dick. Puzzled, he shook his head, groped his crotch a moment - why the heck should he be getting hard? God knows there was nothing in his life at present to get him going like that. He took out the first article on the top: shower-gel. He could imagine what Edward would say to this "fagís gel"! Anyway, I need a shower so I may as well use it.

He stripped down to his enviable naked muscle, admired it for a moment in the bathroom mirror then stepped into the shower. For a couple of moment she luxuriated in feeling the hot water run down his face, over his hairy (but thick) pecs, cascade down over the steps of his hard abs, only to curl round his increasingly tumescent (and thick) dick. He opened the tube of gel, sniffed it see what fagís perfume was in it and got a whiff of something that went straight to his head, then to his dick. What the fuck is going on? Anyway, smells OK. He lathered plenty of the musky gel on to his pecs and found his hands sensually massaging it into the hair thereon, over his already melon-sized delts, down to his arms. He flexed one bicep and licked it. At once his breath was taken away as his dick gave a mighty lurch upwards. Somehow his hands found their way round to his hard butt - one finger even strayed up towards his butt-hole and poked insistently inside. The other hand at once started to stroke his now-hard dick.

All this was as if he had no command over his limbs - particularly his hands - at all. They seemed to wander where they wanted without any mental command from his now befuddled brain. But it was great! He inhaled the scent of the gel now augmented by the steam in the small shower cubicle. He was on the point of cumming when he pulled himself together. All he wanted to do was get dry and see what else was in that package.

He picked it up and emptied it on to the bed. A number of things fell out, including another paper package, but on top of it all fell a magazine which he eagerly snatched up. He threw himself back on the bed and looked at the cover. For Godís sake, it was some pervy fagís book, with a muscular guy on the cover wearing nothing but a bikerís cap, a leather bar vest and - a cock strap which pushed his genitalia up and forward towards the camera - towards Jarod.

Taking a deep breath at the sight, he opened the magazine and pored through it. The first few pages were full of nothing but full-page black-and-white photographs of bodybuilders in varying states of leather undress. The centerfold showed a well-known (booted) competitive bodybuilder holding his sensational dick in one fist and becking lewdly to the camera (to Jarod) with the other. He clearly wanted Jarod to turn the page. The rest of the mag was full of this guy having sex with, or subduing other muscular leather guys: some were clearly enjoying the BBís jackhammer fuck, others were swallowing his dick with streams of his gism leaking down their faces. The last picture in the book was of the famous BB being fucked at both ends by a pair of swarthy, extremely muscular twins. The one with his dick down the BBís throat was leaning forward to devour the BBís own ramrod; Jarod could see he was about to come because his whole body was arched up in the throes of doing just that

"Thatís just what I want!" said Jarod, out loud. What the fuck - ? WHAT did I just say? You know what you said - you want just that - get fucked at both ends and in the middle! For a moment Jarod was appalled at the faggish outburst, but then his curiosity got the better of him and he reached for the rest of the gymís "offering". The first thing he picked up was a well-worn 5-snap black leather cock strap, which, like Alice, seemed to be saying "Wear me!"

He leaped off the bed, wrapped the strap round the root of his cock and balls, and snapped it as tightly as he could manage. It gave him such a charge that he flexed both biceps and roared at himself in the mirror, "FUCK YOU! FUCK ME!" He felt every muscle in his body from the pecs and delts down to his calves flex and bulge. He couldnít resist grabbing his dick and jerking it hard - immediately a jet of cum spurted on to the mirror and, as long as kept jerking, continued to do so till at least a pint of sweet white sticky cum more or less obscured his image.

He expected to fall back on the bed exhausted after that but, instead, he felt himself galvanized with energy. What came next? There was a shrink-wrapped black butt-plug waiting for him, and a tube of lube which smelled strangely like the shower gel. Greedily he slathered half the tube on to the immense butt-plug and, without the slightest difficulty, rammed it up his butt-chute. The plug and the cockstrap seemed to send electrical currents through him from one side to the other. His dick started to rise and leak all over again.

What else was there? He tore open the paper package and found a harness like the ones they wore in the magazine. With some difficulty - mainly because he was so impatient - he found out which parts to unsnap in order to get it on. Once he did he felt almost complete: currents zoomed from his dick and the butt-plug up to the harness causing his pecs to swell and his nips to lengthen and harden. Next came two tit-clips which he screwed to their narrowest and most painful size and fastened them to his greedy nips. The pain was glorious and conveyed even more excitement to his nuts.

Anything else? Just some power Bars and another note: "If youíve got this far, youíre going to need to eat these as soon as you can!" More Alice in Wonderland! On the back of the note was an address on Amsterdam: "Go to this place tomorrow: what you will need to do there will become obvious to you. Try to restrain yourself for the rest of the night - youíll need to be at 100% tomorrow at the Gym."

He lay back on the bed, chewing away at the bars and stroking his cock as he looked through the magazine again. Jeez! He wanted all that! "AND Iím going to get it!"

Eventually, after coming only once more, and swallowing the result along with the stuff in the bars, he slept. He slept heavily, his sleep filled with muddled dreams of leather, muscle, bikerís caps and motorcycles. Jeez, that throb between his legs........... . . . .

When he woke at his usual get-up-for-work time of 5.30 am he felt groggy and heavy. He sat on the side of the bed and scratched his chest hair - What? What the fuckís happened? A rush to the mirror where he saw that he was not inly a good three inches taller, but that ALL his muscles had swollen to incredible proportions during the night. Once more his dick rose to phenomenal heights - especially as it too had grown a couple of inches each way. It was as much as he could do NOT to jerk off, instead he threw himself under a cold shower - no gel!

When he was dry, he pulled on his work clothes: but the plaid shirt was far too tight and he had to leave most of the buttons over the chest undone - his jeans stretched themselves sensually over his new giant quads. Whereís that address? He snatched up his crash helmet and galloped out to rev up his motorcycle in the garage. Of course, he got to the store at the address at least an hour before any staff got there. When they did the humpy clerk was only too pleased to let him in.

He pulled the magazine unashamedly from inside his shirt and, pointing to a certain page, said "I want all this!"

"Certainly, sir! I presume you mean the leather?"

"The whole fucking page if I could find him!"

By the time he arrived at the gym on his smoking iron steed, he was wearing a pair of extremely tight-fitting black leather chaps, a studded cod-piece, and a new leather jacket, as well as a biker cap, the harness, the cock strap and the butt-plug. He parked the bike outside the new picture windows of the gym and chained it up. He was about to enter the sliding glass doors when Edward hurtled out in a state of horror.

[ What happened then can be found on page 11 of Heavensdevilís original narrative. Tís enouh to say that Jarod got an immediate erection when he saw Edward and decided there and then Edward should become his toy-boy leather-muscle-slave - even though such vocabulary had never occurred to him until that moment. His last words as he grabbed his leather-outlined dick, were "....if youíre lucky Iíll let you lick this good and clean!"

Then, as Edward looked back after hailing a cab, "When it happens, Eddie, just let it, it feels so fucking good!" ]

Jarod let himself into the gym only to be confronted with the massively muscled Gino just inside the door.

"Hi, Jarod! Iím glad to see our gifts have made some difference to you! Only sorry that your greeting came from Eddie and not from me."

"Hey, donít be sorry! I enjoyed it!"

"Yeah, you seem to have plans for little Eddie already! Well, I wonít get in the way of them, I promise. I might even help you out, Ďcos he needs to be settled down once and for all. Hey, come and see your other pals -"

"You mean theyíre all here?"

"Sure - they had as good a time with their packages as you did - in their own way."

And sure, yes, there they were, propping up the new juice-bar in their lycra get-ups.

"Jeez, man!" said Mark, huge with new muscle in a red and white striped singlet. "Look at the new you!" Jarod just gaped at the huge bodybuilder as Mark started to stroke Jarodís leather but Tony leapt over the counter of the bar and got between them.

"Hey! Not before Iíve had him!" He dug one hand inside Jarodís jacket and seized a massive pec while the other was exploring the girth of his dick inside the studded cod-piece. Not to be outdone, Mark got behind Jarod and pressed his lycra-covered genitals into the naked cleavage of Jarodís butt.

"Hey, guys, steady! What the fuckís happened to you both? Youíre both enormous all of a sudden - not an ounce of fat I can see!" Jarod had always teased them for bot dieting like him, comparing their once-nerdy bodies to his contest-ready physique. "Where did yoiu get it all so quick?"

Gino interposed from behind this self-mauling trio: "Same place as you did, Jarod! Leave him alone , guys - Iíve got to take him away to initiate him while youíve still left soemthing of him for me!"

Huge Tony said, "Wow! Initiation time! Youíll enjoy that, Jarod - if youíre still left standing weíll see ya later!"

Gino lid a beefy arm across Jarodís leathered shoulders. "Nice outfit! Glad you liked the place!"

"Gee, man - Iíve got to thank you for all this - never felt so great in my life! How the heck did it all happen?"

"Oh, donít worry yourself about that - just lay back and enjoy it! Meanwhile,thereís something I have to do to complete your process. This way."

He led Jarod down a dark passage he had never noticed before and turned into what must once have been some kind of store-room. When he turned on the light, all Jarod could see in the room was some kind of leather sling which was hanging in a corner with a spotlight beaming vertically down on it.

"Welcome to our playroom! Just strip off, will you? Hooks over there."

And, so saying, he stripped off himself, revealing the kind of muscular glory we all pray for, one way or another. He was wearing only a leather jock which hardly contained the girth of his balls and dick which was already thickening up in anticipation of what was to come.

"This wonít take long, but I promise you weíll both enjoy it and itíll prepare you for some events in the bear future - which you might enjoy even more."

When both muscular marvels were naked Gino took the giant biker im his arms and treated him to his first-ever male kiss. Until the moment Jarod had no idea what was expected of him and this sensual attack left him gasping - or at least he gasped after he too had thrust his tongue down Ginoís throat and both had had a good suck of each other.

As their greedy mouths separated Gino put both hands on Jarodís hard naked butt and violently smooshed their two sets of genitals together. One hand found the buttplug firmly installed.

"Hey, I see you liked my little present! Well, you wonít need it for the moment." He yanked it out of Jarodís tight hole without any mercy. At first Jarod almost exploded with the shock, then he only felt a sense of loss.

"Donít worry, leather guy, thereís plenty more where that came from!" He pushed Jarod firmly towards to sling, grabbed his delts and shoved him down on to it.

"Youíre going to need to know how to use this, so you may as well start right now!"

He grabbed Jarodís ankles and pulled them up to fasten in the stirrups halfway up the chains that carried the sling. Jarod had to fall back on the leather: with his feet wide apart and up in the air he felt deliciously vulnerable with this Italian hunk towering over him.

"You need to learn a few techniques so weíll start by opening you up for business - like this."

He lubed a couple of fingers and plunged them into Jarodís already greedy butt-hole. Jarod felt them twisting around in his butt-chute, gradually persuading the muscles to relax and accept him.

"Yeah, fuck man! Stick that fist up there!"

"Donít worry - when youíre ready!"

"Ready now man - fuck me!"

"Dio mio! Pazienza! Noi -we have to be careful! Butr you want a few more fingers, do you?"

"Si, signor!"

So three fingers invaded that hole, then four. When the butt relaxed enough to accept all five teasing his prostate to delirious distraction, Gino pulled out and lubed his whole hand uo to and over the wrist.

"Sure you can take this?"

"Try me, but DO it!"

Gino gave Jarod a big whiff out of a small brown bottle which took off the top of his head, thus allowing the whole fist to move in withotu difficulty. Jarod gasped as it passed the first sphincter and started to nudge at the second.

"Man, I donít think -"

"Oh yes, you can! Can and will!"Ginoís jaw became set and hard as he started to punch fuck Jarodís hole. His own dick was as hard as steel and he was interested to see that, in spite of the ordeal his butt was going through, so was Jarodís mighty instrument. A few urges of the fist, and another good whiff of amyl, and the second ring opened wide to let Ginoís hand in up to the wrist. Slowly he twisted it round and round, Jarod almost screaming in ecstacy.

Gino leaned forward over Jarodís face. "You know what they say: the first guy to fist-fuck you will own your soul forever! Ready for that? Now comes the good part - this is what I really enjoy! And so will you."

As he clamped his mouth over Jarodís wide, thick panting lips, he pulled his fist out just far enough to allow his own dick , self-lubed with plenty of pre-cum, to slip inside his fist. Now Jarod was accommodating both Ginoís fist and his dick as Gino started to jerk himself off inside Jarodís butt.

"Uuunh! Uunh! Unnnnh!" groaned the ecstatic biker around Ginoís demanding tongue. Without releasing Jarodís mouth, Gino slowly slipped his fist out, leaving a very greedy dick well-embedded up his willing victim. He stood up slowly, grabbed the clips off Jarodís tortured nips, seized the nips, twisted them - causing Jarod to scream in ecstacy - and proceeded to a merciless jack-hammer fuck.

Remorselessly ramming in and out, full length out, full-length in, Gino gave Jarod the fuck of his life - actually Jarodís first fuck! - and didnít he enjoy it? Even the experienced Gino was impressed with the bikerís enthusiasm and apparent insatiability.

Suddenly, after what seemed like half an hour of fuck, he jammed the amyl up Jarodís nose and yelled "NOW! CUM, DAMN YOU, CUM!"

And both guys splurted their monstrous torrent of gism - Jarod into the air and all over Ginoís face and chest - Gino into the very depths of Jarodís body. Gino collapsed on top of Jarod, both guys with their superb arms wrapped round each other, Ginoís fuckpole still imbedded in Jarod. Jarodís eyes were shining.

"Man,. That was something else! When can we do it again?"

"O insatiable one! Soon enough! But you have to learn to play both parts."

He stood up, tugged his massive, still hard dick out of Jarod and immediately rammed the butt-plug back in. "Now you just keep that i there until youíve completely assimilated what Iíve just given you."

"Man, I never want to take it out!"

"The first dump, you will! Now letís shower and clean up."

A long, sensuous shower (plenty of that gel) gave both guys plenty of opportunity to discover and caress every part of each otherís great physiques. Eventually they were joined by the magnificent Mark and the toothsome Tony whose curiosity couldnít keep them out of the picture for long. With all four of them mauling each other it was soon impossible to separate the steam, the cum and the gel.

When they were really cleaning up rather than jerking each other off Mark said, "Pity about poor old Eddie!"

"DonĎt worry", said Gino, "heíll be here soon, I guarantee!"

Well, we all know that was true [ See Part One of the original tale! ]

When Edward (now the transformed Eddie) staggered out of Ginoís office after what had been his first fuck on the receiving end, he found Jarod, in full leather, waiting for him at the juice bar.

"Hey, Tony! Better give this mutt a protein pick-me up. Looks as if heís been through the wars."

Eddie couldnít help but slide a hand across Jarodís leather second-skin quad. "You can say that again!"

Tony grinned and fixed him up with a mighty protein shake, laced with a few other "supplements".

"Like the leather, do you?" demanded the unshaven Jarod when the shake had gone down.

"Hey, man, canít help feeling it. Never felt another guyís muscles through a skin of leather before! Feels great!"

"Look out, Eddie! Heís just setting you up!"

"Want to feel more?" Jarod flexed a huge bicep through the sleeve of his jacket. "Why donít you lick it?" Eddie felt the amazing muscle through the leather - "Can I?"

"After youíve cleaned my boots - I promised you that the other day, remember?" He grabbed Eddie by the nape of the neck and forced him down to the floor. Eddie spat on the shining boot foot and began salaciously to slurp his tongue all over it, then up the leg till he almost reached the bulging leather crotch. He put out his tongue to lick it only to have his neck forced down again to the other boot. When heíd finished cleaning the second boot he was allowed to nuzzle the huge crotch with his face and chin until Jarod impatiently forced his worshiperís face onto the covered thickness of his outsize dick.

"Now lick!"

Eddie tried to grab the leathered dick with his teeth. It wasnít easy because Jarod was holding both his wrists together behind his back. When the codpiece was soaking with Eddieís spit, he was pulled up to meet the flexed bicep that threatened to burst the seams of the leather sleeve.

"Now, kiss it!"

As Eddie did just that, Jarod got up and dragged the guy down the passage and flung him into the sling room. "Be out of that lycra by the time I get back!"

He marched back into Ginoís office: "Hey, Gino - think Iím gonna need some help with this one. Got a moment?"

"Training your toy-boy, huh? Sure, letís go!"

The naked toy-boy was shivering more with anticipation than with the cold and his eyes widened when both giants stormed back into the room. Gino stripped off his tanktop and Jarod stripped down to his harness and cockstrap. Eddie, though considerably more muscular than he ever had been, quaked when he saw the magnitude of these two studs, so obviously determined to teach him a lesson heís never forget.

While Jarod lubed up a massive black dildo Gino grabbed Eddie by the neck and stuck his face close. "This is going to be your initiation into your new life as Jarodís muscle-slave - are you ready for it, toy-boy? Whenever youíre not on duty in the aerobics studio you will be servicing your new master - and whomever else he is prepared to share you with. Got it?"

Wordlessly, the now incredibly nervous neophyte muscle-man nodded, his eyes darting from one giant to the other, wondering what was coming next. He didnít have long to wait, At a nod from Jarod, both guys picked him up bodily and flung him onto the sling. Gino fixed his wrists into cuffs half-way up the back chains while Jarod did the same with his feet and the stirrups in front.

Jarod produced the amyl bottle. "No," said Gino, "he needs to feel it all without any special help."

"Hey, guys - " but the slave was silenced by Ginoís hand over his face before he could get out any objections.

Three of Jarodís fingers lubed the butthole well.

"Just opening you up for business", Jarod grinned at Gino who stuck a couple of fingers in Eddieís mouth for him to enjoy.

Then the outsize dildo was thrust up Eddieís ass. He had only recently experienced Ginoís dick up there, but this thing was twice as long and thick. He gurgles fruitlessly around Ginoís fingers. In and out the dildo went until Jarod was satisfied the gates were well opened.

The dildo and Ginoís fingers came out of Eddie at the same time, leaving the toy-boy panting - partly from the effort of accepting the twelve-inch dildo, partly from expectant desire. Jarod came closer to his face so that his victim could witness his new master encasing his mighty fucker with an outsize condom. Slowly, tantalizingly he rolled it up the huge shaft till it was fully encased and almost ready for action. He waved it up and down in Eddieís face for a moment, then passed Gino the tube of gel and allowed him to lube the fuckpole till it was shining with gel.

Jarod turned away and slowly moved to the foot of the sling, his giant batwing lats and striated glutes flexing as he went..

"Please, Jarod - "

"Please what?"

"Please Master Jarod, fuck me! Please stick that huge dick in me and fuck me!"

"No problem!"

And in he went - one huge thrust that took Eddieís breath away, one huge thrust right down to the root of the twelve inch monster dick. While Eddieís gasping mouth was still open, Gino shoved his beercan dick into it. Eddie choked around it but couldnít, wouldnít resist it.

For the next half hour Eddie was fucked at both ends almost into the next world. Though he wasnít allowed any amyl, the two giants used it liberally to encourage their dicks and their libidos into yet more merciless action in Eddieís orifices. Eddie was soon thrashing about, but his pinioned wrists and ankles would only allow his rear end to crash up and down even more violently on Jarodís dick and his head to swallow Ginoís almost as far as his stomach. Jarod felt Eddieís glutes squeezing his dick increasingly unmercifully. This just caused Jarod to start fucking him with even heavier, deeper demanding ramming thrusts till finally he erupted.

In fact, the two guys flooded Eddie at both ends simultaneously. When they had unloaded completely, both guys pulled out, allowing him to yell and scream in ecstacy.

"For heckís sake, shut him up!" laughed Gino.

So Jarod pulled off his cum-laden condom, which stretched almost to the floor with his two loads, and emptied its cargo into Eddieís slurping mouth. He kept his hand over the mouth till Eddie had stopped choking and had swallowed the lot, even sucking the condom dry.

Jarod straddled all the muscle lying in the sling. "Now clean me up, boy!" Greedily Eddie sucked on the still rampant dick, so demandingly that Jarod was soon forced to cum again.

Now that the muscle-slave had received both loads, and from both guys, Gino was the only one who knew exactly what was about to happen. Even Jarod was surprised as Eddieís muscles started to swell. Nothing he could do could control his spasms as each area of his musculature bulged, flexed, swelled and grew. Jarod and Gino released him from his bonds and pulled him to his feet. They couldnít resist feeling and squeezing the muscle as it grew under their hands - delts, pecs, bi and tris, abs, quads, you name it and they were at it. Slurping, stroking, kissing, biting, they surrounded him from both sides with their still superior muscle until the amazed Eddie had stopped growing. Then they allowed him to look in the mirror.

Eddie had still not cum but, now he saw what he had BE-come, he finally splurted out his load. Gino and Jarod caught most of it in their hands and massaged it into Eddieís now-over-stretched skin, lubing it so that it was able to accept the new growth. Jarod kept a fistful for himself and used it to lube his dick as he started to jerk off again. Soon all three guys were at it. Although Eddie was now almost (but not quite) as big as he was, Jarod still let him know what his permanent function was as his toyboy when he forced Eddie to his knees and made him blow Jarodís next load.

And so it continued. And the gym continued to flourish under Ginoís enlightened direction. The Four Muscleteers, now reunited, continued to enjoy going on their Gay Way, but always with Eddie chained to his masterís command - not that Jarod didnít let them all enjoy him once in a while.

And Eddie couldnít believe his luck. •

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