King Rex

Night Owl & Wonder Boy


By AbsMan420


Standing on a buttress overlooking Windy City, he knew she was behind him even before she spoke. He spun to face her before she'd even gotten the first words out, to let her know she hadn't surprised him. No one could sneak up on him -- he had a reputation to maintain.

"Hello, Kitty-Kat," he growled, his voice always tired, and rough. "I hope you're not here for the Chaste Diamonds."

She recovered almost instantly. If the diamonds had been her target, she'd moved to a new plan already -- she always kept her balance, this one. She was a dangerous enemy. "Oh, Night Owl, you know the jewels I'm after." Softly, she cupped his leather-clad cod-piece, squeezing ever so gently. He was glad he'd left Wonder Boy back in the Owl's Loft.

Kitty-Kat was a beautiful woman, lithe and athletic, perky, but amply-breasted. Her costume consisted of ripped pieces of black leather that she'd strung together with heavy string. It looked as if she'd sewn it on herself, that tight. He was aware of every line and secret of her physique. How could he NOT be attracted to her?

His cock was as plump as it always was when he wore the leather bodysuit of Night Owl, but the slight scratch of Kitty-Kat's claws pushed him partially into erection. As she traced her thumb along the length of it, he suddenly grabbed her forearm with his strong hand. "Not tonight, Kitty-Kat," he growled.

"Oh, Night Owl, when?" she playfully whined, leaning into him with her other palm flat to his chest. She increased her grip on his balls. He fought an actual hard-on.

"Someone stole Camelot's Crown from a museum in Megalopolis," he said, almost in a whisper. His voice horse from intensity. "Sounds like something a pretty Kitty-Kat would do."

She was unabated, continuing her massage. "Megalopolis? Why would I go all the way there when I have everything I need right here?" She gripped him hard and firm, digging her claws in just enough to highlight vulnerability. Still, he didn't allow himself to flinch -- truth was, he liked the pain. "Besides," she purred, "isn't that Superion's territory?"

The corner of his mouth raised in the closest thing to a smile he'd allow himself when he wore the Night Owl costume. "Superion isn't much of a detective. He's a little more pragmatic -- thinks with his biceps." Their lips were so close, the wind flapping his cape against the dark sky. Their leathers creaked as they rubbed together. "I thought maybe you'd know something."

She laughed low in her throat, then licked his chin with the tip of her tongue. "Arthur isn't my theme," she said. "I do cats, not knights. Well," she corrected, pinching the tip of his cock, "I'd do one Knight. One Dark Knight."

They kissed then, there on the buttress of the Windy City Museum of Antiquities. As he slipped his tongue into her mouth, as she released his balls and reached around to palm his ass, he allowed himself the erection he'd so valiantly fought, pressing it hard against her, right against Kitty-Kat's pussy.

Would the moment have gone further? Would Knight Owl have finally taken that last step and fucked Kitty-Kat, forever dissolving the sexual tension that had existed between them for years? We might've found out, if Knight Owl's Justice Club communicator hadn't suddenly started beeping on his utility belt.

He grunted, pulling away from her. "Timing," he mumbled.

Kitty was catty. "If it's Wonder Brat, tell him to drink a glass of warm milk and go to bed."

But you know Knight Owl -- all business. He had his communicator on, and his hard-on gone in a matter of seconds. "This is Knight Owl," he barked into the device, at least here he betrayed some indication of disappointment.

"Knight Owl, this is Superion." Superion's voice all right, even if it did sound a little deeper than usual, more powerful. Knowing him, he got exposed to some Red Superionite -- or something equally ridiculous -- and upped his powers somehow, becoming even more of a Boy Scout. "I've had a big break in the stolen jewel case, but I still need your help. Come to Megalopolis as soon as possible. I've already visited the Loft and picked up your junior partner -- he's wrapped up in my cape right now, because of the wind-resistance. I wish you'd been there, too. It would've made this a lot easier. But, I'll leave my Justice Club communicator on, so you can track my signal."

God, this guy was so by-the-book. Knight Owl sighed for Superion's formality. "Gotcha, Superion," he said. "I'll be in Megalopolis in about an hour."

Clicking his communicator back onto his utility belt, he turned to Kitty-Kat. "Sorry, Kitty," he said. "Duty calls." He hit the signal that activated the Owl-Jet, which rose from between buildings. Knight Owl stepped onto the top, popping the cockpit glass. "Next time," he said, strangely happy to be interrupted. Oddly glad to continue the status quo.

Kitty-Kat sighed with her hands on her hips as she watched the Owl-Jet streak away east. Just for that, she decided to steal the Chaste Diamond anyway. It was shaped like a giant blue ball.

He'd get the message.


The flight to Megalopolis afforded him a little time to think, not just about Kitty-Kat, but the oddity of Superion's message. Why did Superion go to the trouble of mentioning that Wonder Boy was wrapped up in his cape, and unable to talk? Knight Owl didn't become the World's Greatest Detective by missing details. Something was definitely odd.

He pressed a button on the Owl-Jet's com, activating Wonder Boy's personal signal device, different from the ones used by the Justice Club. Something just between Night Owl and Wonder Boy. It wouldn't ring or make any kind of noise, simply vibrate. If Wonder Boy didn't respond, there was trouble.

Suddenly, the line picked up. "Hey, Night Owl," came Wonder Boy's voice, happy in tone. "Where are you? What's your ETA?"

"Just checking in," Night Owl said simply, not betraying his suspicion. "Is everything okay?"

"Everything's great!" Again, that enthusiasm. "Superion's keeping me entertained until you get here. Are you close?"

Suddenly, he giggled. Night Owl was sure of it. He heard the boy giggle, then he heard the boy gasp. What the hell were they doing? "Wonder Boy?" he asked. "Dick?"

"Yup," the boy said, giggling again. "I'm just kidding. Superion's being... Well, how soon are you going to get here?"

"I'm about ten minutes outside of the City." Another blip. "I just picked your signal up on the scope. Engaging auto-pilot -- now. Computer says I'm exactly nine-point-five minutes out. I'll see you then. Are you sure you're okay?"

A sigh. A contented sigh. He was sure of it. "I'm very okay," the boy said. "Get here quick." Then the communicator went out -- Wonder Boy had hung up.

None of it eased his paranoia.


The signal led him to the west side of the Village, in the Cholsey District. Bright rainbow flags and triangles greeted him. Compared to Windy City, Megalopolis was a virtual paradise for the alternative set. Superion's symbol seemed to be everywhere, too -- more than once, he saw the "S" carved into the pink triangles themselves. Looked like Superion had some unexpected fans. Night Owl would've laughed, if he'd allow it of himself when he wore the uniform. He would be sure to mention it to Superion, though. Digs on the big, blue boy scout were always fun.

They were inside a church. A huge structure, clearly in the process of renovation -- framework and evidence of construction everywhere -- but still identifiable as a church. Night Owl leapt from the cockpit, diving through the evening sky as the Owl-Jet streaked away. He shot a line toward one of the nearby spears and swung gracefully to the ground, landing with a grace the Kitty-Kat would envy.

He studied the building, trying to figure the most logical point of entry. There didn't seem to be any guards. Why the alarm?

As he made his way to the rear of the church, movement caught his eye -- there, near the archway, perched on the doorframe, was Wonder Boy. He, too, was casing the church. In less time than it takes to describe it, Night Owl landed softly next to him, dropping off his line -- Wonder Boy hadn't even sensed his approach. That was gonna hurt him in his next training session.

"Hey," Night Owl said. Wonder Boy reacted quickly, surprised, then a smile, when he realized who it was. VERY unprofessional, Night Owl thought.

"I'm glad you're here," Wonder Boy said, nodding toward the church. "Superion went in about five minutes ago. He told me to wait for you, but I was just about to move in on my own."

"Smart that you didn't," Night Owl said, squatting next to the boy, putting a hand on his shoulder. Normally, the boy would've shrugged off this awkward show of affection, but he let the hand stay. "What are we up against?"

"I don't know," said the boy, his tone serious. "Superion said that the guy who has Camelot's Crown is definitely holed-up in there, but that he might have some sort of mind-control powers. Some new bad-guy called 'King Rex.'"

"Redundant," said Night Owl. And when the boy looked confused, Night Owl explained, "'Rex' means 'King' in Latin." He rolled his eyes. "Why do super-villains always work in puns and over-sized novelty props? Let's get in there. Superion might need our help."

They shot their lines up to the roof, easily ascending the wall. Night Owl couldn't help but be suspicious. Why did Wonder Boy have that silly, schoolboy tone when he was on the communicator, but act normally now? Why would Superion abandon the boy to face someone with possible mind-control powers instead of waiting for back-up? Was he really that vain? Or was there more going on here than he knew?

He chose to remain on-guard, but take Wonder Boy at his word.

They entered through an old window, open because of the renovations, and quietly slipped through empty corridors. There was enough light to see, but Night Owl was tempted to open his infra-red Owl-Goggles anyway.

No security cameras. No guards. It was as if this place WANTED intruders, it was so easy to get in here. A trap? the suspicious part of his mind asked. Be alert.

The lights in the sanctuary drew them, and they slipped into the balcony with zero noise. Not that it much mattered. Music played through the speakers mounted high in the church rafters. Excellent mix, he noted -- Night Owl had just bought a stereo for stately Payton Manor, and he had a trained ear -- whoever the music was for liked jazz. From here on the balcony, through the holes in the old wood, Night Owl could see the whole room. Wonder Boy squatted beside him, and peeked through as well.

The sanctuary, too, was being renovated, but what was finished displayed an opulence afforded only by the very rich. Whoever had set-up in here certainly had the capital. Indeed, the throne on the pulpit was so immense that Night Owl immediately knew it was commissioned -- as much of the equipment in the Owl's Loft had been. Golden, laden with jewels -- where on earth had they come from? How had such a thing been built without so much as a whisper on the street? And no guards?

But seated on the throne was the most immensely muscular man Night Owl had ever seen. Bigger than Superion. Bigger than Dominator, who'd broken Night Owl's back three years ago while pumped up on that super-steroid Venomite. Easily four to five-hundred pounds, gigantic but ripped. His muscle was so bloated and massive, like the doctored photos on the web, that if he wasn't sitting there breathing, Night Owl wouldn't believe he was real. He was dressed only in purple spandex shorts, banded at the waist and thighs in gold, golden boots, wrist bands, and cocked on his head was the Camelot Crown, lost in the magnificence of the chair, and the mass of the beast below it.

"Holy shit," Night Owl whispered. Even with his strength, would Superion be able to bring this hulking beast down?

"Is that King Rex?" Wonder Boy whispered back. "I've never seen a man that big. He's incredible!"

"He's a big boy," Night Owl said, purposefully trying to downplay the obvious awe he heard in the Wonder Boy's voice. "We're gonna have to figure out a way to take him down."

Wonder Boy nodded toward the sanctuary. "We may not have to," he whispered. "Look, it's Superion!"

Night Owl looked down just as King Rex, in his booming basso, said, "Ah, Superion. I've been waiting for you."

From his angle, Night Owl could only see Superion from the back, his cape draped over his heavy shoulders. Must be the light in here, even Superion seemed bigger than normal. The Megalopolis Marvel approached the pulpit casually, and Night Owl briefly admired Superion's attitude. Superion, who usually thought with his fists, displayed a surprising deftness when faced with the massive man before him.

King Rex only smiled. No defensive posture, no surprise. Instead, anticipation. He seemed somewhat eager. And when Superion knelt before the muscular giant and kissed the offered hand, saying, "Hail, King Rex!" Night Owl knew it was a trap, and it was about to be sprung. Suddenly, things had gotten horribly complicated.

"Oh, shit," he whispered to Wonder Boy. "They've already got Superion."

"It's worse than you know," Wonder Boy said, standing, his erection obvious in his green trunks. "They've got me, too."

Night Owl was startled. After almost thirty-years in the crime-busting business, he'd never been truly taken by surprise. Even battling the Comedian, his only nemesis that could truly be called a genius, he always knew what to expect. He never thought the boy would betray him.

And in that moment of shock, Wonder Boy struck, pushing Night Owl through the railing of the balcony. Falling. Looking back at Wonder Boy and that persistent erection as he stood there smiling. Before panic, Night Owl reached into his utility belt and pulled out a new line. Just as he fired, he was caught, and moving upward.

Superion had him.

"I've got you," Superion's deep, calming voice. "You're safe."

"What the hell have you done to your uniform?" Night Owl asked. Superion wore only his belted red trunks, his "S" shield, and his cape. "What has this guy done to you?"

"Nothing but show me the greatest pleasure I've ever known," Superion said. They were already landing on the damn pulpit, before that crazy throne. "You'll see. Hail, King Rex!"

Rex stood, towering above the Dark Knight. Night Owl barely came to the guy's chest, making him six-seven or eight. Superion held Night Owl from behind, locking his arms -- he was like a steel vise. His legs were free, but what was he gonna do, kick Superion in his invulnerable balls? No, he was trapped, and he could do nothing but wait for an opening.

"Hello, Night Owl," Rex said. "It's a pleasure to meet you. I've been looking forward to this for quite some time."

"What did you do to them?" Night Owl growled. "What did you do to the boy?"

Rex traced his finger along the Night Owl's face until Night Owl turned his head away. "Are you in that much of a hurry to find out?"

And then Wonder Boy approached, trotting up the stairs to the pulpit with his dizzy smile and ponderous erection. He had that same glazed look he had when Marcia, Queen of Diamonds, injected him with her love potion. He knelt before the King. "Hail, King Rex!" he panted, breathlessly.

"Wonder Boy, no!" barked Night Owl.

"Now, now, Night Owl," Rex said, mockingly, "don't chide the boy for a phrase you might well be shouting soon yourself." He placed his hand flat against the boy's forehead. "Wonder Boy became my subject while you winged your way here from Windy City. I promised him the body of his dreams if he'd help trap you."

"I did as you asked, Your Majesty," the boy said, smiling widely. "I'll do anything for you."

"As will I, Your Majesty," Superion intoned behind him. Night Owl was shocked to feel Superion's cock begin to harden against his backside. Disgusted, Night Owl tried to pull away, but Superion held him fast.

"You've felt the pleasure of becoming my subject, Wonder Boy," Rex said, smiling at Night Owl. "Now receive the reward for obeying my commands."

The boy shuddered, and his eyes rolled back in his head -- smiling, ecstasy. Night Owl watched in horror as Wonder Boy started to grow, his youthful muscles expanding, taking on bodybuilder proportions, leaving behind the taught gymnast that existed only moments ago. Wonder Boy moaned as his chest swelled, as the seams on his uniform popped, as his arms flexed involuntarily. Then, just as the boy swelled beyond what could even be considered remotely attainable for someone his age, he began to cum, shooting ropes of juice from the big dick that pointed straight up out of his briefs.

"NO!" Night Owl shouted. He struggled uselessly in Superion's grip.

"It is done," said Rex. "Stand up, Wonder Boy. Let's get a look at you."

The boy obeyed, stripping off the top of his uniform, torn and useless as it was, until he stood there in just his black cape -- yellow lining -- and his green briefs, laden with his heavy genitals. He hadn't grown taller -- Night Owl was almost surprised -- leaving him at five-eight, but he had packed on so much muscle that he looked like a completely different person. Where he had been athletic and lean, a wrestler, a gymnast, a fighter, he would now be useless on the street. Ponderously over-built. The thick muscle of the power-lifter, but for the rock-solid teenage abs, the narrow teenage hips.

He skin was smooth, youthful. His nipples were pink and fleshy, perched on the peak of his round, massive pecs. His jaw might've been heavier, stronger, but his neck hadn't popped his cape, although his traps were high and thick. Even his legs, with the soft hair of a teenage boy, looked youthful, even with the generous sweep of the thigh, the diamond curve of his calf.

Night Owl tried not to look at the boy's package, but he couldn't help but notice it. Even the superheroes who padded themselves would call Wonder Boy over-blown. Night Owl looked away quickly, even as the boy began to touch himself, but he couldn't miss the smile, the look of sheer joy and pleasure on Wonder Boy's face. "This is awesome!" the boy said.

"You sick motherfucker," he barked at Rex.

Rex chuckled. "You'll remember you said that," he intoned, "and you'll beg me to let you make up for it."

"You'll find my mind a little more disciplined than these two," Night Owl said simply. "I will fight you."

Rex openly smiled as Wonder Boy began flexing his new muscle, lost in his own world. "That's what I'm hoping for," Rex said. "A challenge. I was going to recruit the Psychic Saturnian first, but Superion suggested you -- seems he has great respect for your mind."

"Not to mention your cute little leather-clad ass," Superion said, sotto-voce.

"See?" said Night Owl to Superion. "That's what I mean. You're not gay. You've never been gay."

"His Majesty showed me the truth."

"'His Majesty' is controlling your mind." If he would've continued, who knows what he might've said. But he was hit by the most intensely erotic feeling he'd ever had, like all the sexual stimuli buttons inside him had been hit simultaneously. He shivered, and almost let out a moan.

"I like to hear you use my title," Rex said. "I reward that."

"He'd prefer it without the sarcasm, though," mumbled Superion, tightening his grip ever so slightly.

"One step at a time, Superion," Rex said, smiling. "Remember when you were in the very same position."

"I saw the light," Superion said simply.

Wonder Boy, flexing, added, "I have, too, Your Majesty."

Rex turned to Night Owl. "Do you see?" he asked. "They're grateful for what I've done to them. You will be, too." He gestured to the hyper-muscled boy, saying, "Wonder Boy, show your former master the service you now so happily give."

Wonder Boy solidly strode across the pulpit to them, showing off his new body, strutting, with all the cockiness of a teenager. Night Owl had great difficulty seeing the boy display his sexuality this way. He'd always been a little inhibited -- probably why he resisted the leather uniform.

But if there had been any inhibition left in the boy, he didn't show it now. With a smirky confidence, he knelt before Night Owl, hefting his muscular bulk between Night Owl's spread legs. When Wonder Boy leaned over and began licking Night Owl's boots, Night Owl yelled, "Stop it! No!" and tried to move out of the way of Wonder Boy's persistent lips, struggling uselessly in Superion's iron-grip. He actually debated kicking the boy, battling him.

"Oh, that's no good," said Rex. "Let's anchor those feet."

And with that, the weight of Night Owl's boots increased ten-fold, settling his feet on the floor. His legs weighed so much that he couldn't lift them -- for a brief second, he actually felt like he was connected to the earth -- like the weight of the earth was the weight of his legs. So he couldn't resist when Wonder Boy began licking his boots in earnest, and then started up his leg.

"How are you doing this?" he demanded of Rex, who watched the scene with his arms folded before his mammoth chest, smiling, the crown cocked on his head.

"That? That's nothing," Rex said. "I can actually transfer the weight of the earth into you. I can transfer the bulk, too. Wanna see?" He gestured, the slightest tip of his hand.

It was the strangest sensation. Night Owl's legs shuddered, then he felt a flow of energy come up through the ground -- through the earth -- up into his legs. As Wonder Boy licked over this lower quad, he felt the muscle in his legs expand, squeezing against the heavy leather. His legs felt strong. Powerful.

No! That's how they get you!

"Stop it!" he barked. "Stop it!"

Rex chuckled. "Don't worry, Night Owl. It's just a taste. First things first."

Suddenly, Wonder Boy was licking his cod-piece, kissing the leather sack of his balls. Buck as he might, with his legs anchored and Superion holding him steady, he couldn't escape the boy's effort. Wonder Boy grabbed his ass to help hold him still.

"No! No!"

"Oh, wait," said Rex. "One more thing." Casually, he reached over and touched Night Owl's forehead with the tip of his finger. A quick flash of white light, and Night Owl felt it, the trace of pleasure settle through his body. His dick twitched to life beneath the leather, beneath the boy's lips.


The boy pulled the cod-piece down, and Night Owl was surprised at how plump his cock was, how ready it seemed. It didn't help that wearing the uniform alone was a secret turn-on, but there was the built-in cockring that only he and Neumann the Butler knew about, to enhance his evenings on patrol.

"Beautiful," Wonder Boy mumbled, admiring his cock. "I've always wanted to do this." He took Night Owl inside his mouth, and as he did, Rex launched another jolt of pleasure. Night Owl valiantly resisted a true hard-on.

"Come on, Night Owl," Rex whispered to him. "You know you've always wanted the boy. You've always harbored that secret fantasy. Now you can have it. I'm giving it to you." Another jolt of pleasure. Felt so good. The boy had a talented mouth.

"No... it's not right..."

Rex was even closer to his ear. "It IS right," he said. "Feel how right it is." This time, his cock ignored him, rising to its full staff. The boy took it all the way into his throat. Night Owl couldn't fight the moan that escaped him. "You see?"

"You fiend..." Night Owl struggled to say, rolling his head back onto Superion's shoulder, trying so hard to resist the way it felt.

Sexy. Pumped. The growing tightness of the uniform. He began to realize what was happening, and in it, the trap -- as he succumbed to the pleasure, his muscles grew, and as his muscles grew, so did the pleasure.

He tried. As a matter of fact, his last thought before he gave in was, "I bet I lasted longer than Superion," but by then it was too late. He really did like having the boy suck him off, he'd just never been able to admit it before. He did fantasize about domination, about the leather, the cape and the cowl. The truth of his real identity came into focus, and he felt the heavy leather tear, unable to contain him any longer.

As he thickened, as the earth came up out of his legs, as his lats spread and his shoulders capped, his rounded ass pressed into Superion's package, and he felt Superion's massive erection pressing back. There was suddenly new stimulation, darkly fantasized but never confronted. And the ever-growing pleasure, and the ever-growing growth.

Superion no longer held his arms, he simply felt them. Night Owl obliged and let him have the flexed version, let him feel how arms as big as his felt. And then Superion reached beneath his arms and grabbed his pecs, his big, balloon-ny pecs, his gigantic, peaked nipples. When Superion cupped, he flexed. "Nice," Superion grumbled, pressing his cock against Night Owl's growing ass. The pleasure. Again.

The boy sucked him, but it wasn't enough. To be completely satisfied, he had to go all the way. He flexed his ass around the tip of Superion's mighty cock. "C'mon, you big boy scout," he said. "Fuck me."

And Superion obliged, tearing away what little leather remained clinging to Night Owl's muscular ass. When he felt the head of Superion's cock press against his hole, Night Owl couldn't believe he was allowing it, but it seemed so right that he did. Superion's mighty cock pushed inside him. Wonder Boy sucked his hefty dick from the front. Rex allowed the pleasure to flow, putting his flat hand against Night Owl's forehead.

He grew, in more ways than one. His mind expanded as his body did. Each thrust of this world's finest fuck brought him further along the evolutionary scale. He'd seen the same truth seen by Superion and Wonder Boy. For Rex to grant him this...

Superion fucked him hard, but he could handle it. Wonder Boy worked on his technique, and satisfied him. Night Owl flexed his mighty guns and roared in ecstasy. It was the moment Superion rammed his cock as deep as it could go, and came, his orgasm shoved high into Night Owl's loins.

Night Owl gave his own load to the boy, grabbing his head and driving his cock into the boy's throat. Every drop. He wanted the boy to have every drop. He threw his head back onto Superion's massive shoulder and bellowed the one thought that dominated his mind.

"Hail, King Rex!"


Midnight in Windy City. The moon had barely crested the tops of the Gothic architecture, and -- thanks to Dr. Frost and the now-defunct Global Freeze Ray -- the cool, August breeze gusted through the narrow alleys.

They had Night Owl to thank for that, too, but the citizens of Windy City -- like the citizens of ANY major city that had its own superhero -- had grown complacent. Once your city's been saved three or four-hundred times by the same person, "Thank you" becomes sort of redundant. It didn't mean they were any less grateful, really, just not well-mannered.

That was his favorite part of serving the gay community. Stop a perp in the gay district, and he was showered in thanks. Grateful victims -- and willing! Since he'd focused on this area of Windy City, crime had lowered dramatically, guys felt safe on the street, and he knew that with a little more vigilance, he could make this district as proud and distinct as Superion's turf in Megalopolis.

He landed atop the YMCA, across from the museum he was casing tonight. Not that he worried that more jewels would disappear, but since the tour was in town, he owed it to the city to keep it safe. He retracted his line and clipped it to his utility belt. Even with the alterations he'd made to his costume, his utility belt was a necessity.

The tightest of leather pants on his gigantic legs -- not the molded bodysuit he used to wear -- tucked into his high-lace black steel-toed shit-kickers, with his cod-piece on the outside. He still wore the cape and cowl, and the black gloves, but only a studded leather harness on his upper body, the Night Owl symbol landing in the middle of his massive chest, where the straps came together. Biceps bands. Dangerous and sexy. Would he stop the perp or would he fuck him? That was where the fear was. And he'd always loved fear.

Wonder Boy dropped on the roof beside him. At first, Night Owl thought having muscles this large would impede their gymnastic abilities. He was wrong. Quite the opposite, in fact. Their control over their bodies was stronger than ever. Wonder Boy wore a harness, too. His was connected to a leather thong that he wore beneath his hot-short chaps, the Wonder Boy logo now fastened to the buckle of his belt. His own boots, gloves, his black cape with the yellow lining, that hot little Wonder Boy mask. His musculature would've been considered huge if he wasn't standing next to Night Owl -- massive, powerful Night Owl.

"Are we going to check on the Cathedral tonight?" Wonder Boy asked, standing beside Night Owl and looking out over the city.

Night Owl nodded. "In a bit." In his secret identity of Brad Payton, he'd underwritten the renovation of the Windy City Cathedral, hoping to make it spectacular enough to entice His Majesty to visit, and perhaps even stay. Night Owl would love to win His Majesty from Superion's city. He would love King Rex to make Windy City his base of operation. All Superion could give him was muscles. Night Owl could give him that, plus his highly disciplined mind. His strategic ability.

Again, he found himself surprised to have given over so completely to His Majesty. He didn't think he was being mind-controlled. Rex had simply shown him the truth, about himself, about his secret fantasies.

As if on cue, the boy knelt down on the buttress before him, and began kissing his cod-piece. Night Owl loved this. Loved being serviced as he overlooked his city. The boy unlaced Night Wings leather pants without the slightest effort and took his Master's enhanced cock into his mouth.

Night Owl kept watch on the museum as the boy helped him pass the time.


Kitty-Kat hid on a ledge four buildings away from the museum. Slowly, she raised her binoculars to her eyes. There was Night Owl -- and whatever the hell had happened to him? LOOK at that muscle! LOOK at that codpiece!

Then the boy, Wonder Brat. And the same something had obviously happened to him. He wasn't as big as his senior partner, but he'd grown into the kind of man that Kitty-Kat wouldn't mind having, twice as big as Night Owl used to be.

Then the boy did something she wasn't expecting. He knelt before Night Owl and started giving him a blow job. How could that be? Since when was...? A week ago, he'd kissed HER, and he'd had an erection to boot. Didn't he? And there he was, getting sucked by an eighteen year old kid -- with the body of an overdeveloped adult -- and obviously loving it.

And then -- how could it be? -- he was looking right at her. Right in her eye. He knew he was being watched. He smiled, waved slightly, and then rested his hand on the back of Wonder Boy's head, helping the movement.

Kitty-Kat pulled the binoculars down and slipped off into the night, determined to find some help, but unsure where to look. She'd need another woman. Men didn't seem to stand a chance.

Maybe Amazon Woman... •

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