Spill, The


By Marc Stewart

Doc (as I started calling him) went to the picked up the phone by the bed and called someone I couldn't hear who because of his partner asking me the standard questions you would normally have to answer when you go to the doctor's office for a routine physical. As he was doing this he walked around me examining me as any doctor would, making the same sounds and statements till he got behind me and yelled for Doc to come over and take a look at something on my back. He ran over and they both were mumbling back and forth about it as I became more and more agitated of what he found. I couldn't take it anymore I spun around and looked at them and they had terror in there eyes as I stepped towards them demanding what was wrong, what was it that was on my back.

What I didn't know was that in my rage the rush of adrenaline in my blood had cause me to grow even more and become more muscular than I was just a few seconds ago. Doc stammered that there was nothing wrong with my back and in fact my back was perfect and that this was the cause for their shock. I didn't understand what they meant so the Doc told me to sit on the bed as he tries to explain to me what is happening and what they think might happen but they couldn't be sure until they completed their tests. It seems that just 3 months ago there was a one foot long and one inch deep gash in my back that took over 600 stitches to close was gone, completely healed without a trace of ever being there.

The Doc told me this might be from the serum but he wasn't sure, he had no idea what such a large amount would do in the human body and this could be the result of a Turbo Charged immune system but the Growth in height and muscle size was not part of it and this was the reason for the tests and wanted to keep me out of the media eye. There was a knock at the door and when it opened there was another EXTREMELY huge muscle guy there who was wheeling in a cart full of food. The Doc say eat all the food you can because for the next few days I will only be eating very light meals mostly water and protein shakes. This way I will have very little in my system at the start of the tests in 36 hours.

The guy at the door was not as huge as the orderly was but, much more defined and a slightly smaller bulge down his left leg and for the first time I noticed I was a bit turned on by it. I mean I have a girlfriend for 2 years now and she has been very satisfying, that is until now. I noticed that since I've come out of the coma my dick was boned al most all the time and the weird part of it was when there was another guy around. I just figured it was because I had gone without sex for so long that I was just horny. I decided not to tell the Doc just yet and see of the matter went away on it's own. I sat at the mini table that was in the room and the guy whom I found out thru small talk was named Brad. I asked him what was the deal with all the muscle dudes around here. He told me that it was due to the early tests of the serum and that this was a side effect, But the Doc told me that muscle growth wasn't a side effect I said and he agreed that it wasn't not anymore but that the early versions of it caused it to happen and that was the reason for the other guy and himself being so big. He told me that his measurements were perfect and from the sight of him I would agree with him.

Well I finished eating the only meal I would have for the next 36 hours. While Brad cleared the table and loaded the cart with the empty dishes I couldn't help but notice his but, how firm and round it looked. Just like a football player, or bodybuilder. GEEZ what's the matter with me I had to stop thinking like that, I'm straight and very happy with my girl. I was snapped back to reality by a pat on the back from Brad and him saying things will be ok and that Doc with find out why I am growing like this as he walked toward the door. I thought HELL if I ended up looking like Brad or the orderly or somewhere in between the two I didn't care. I been trying for years to get a bod like that and no matter what I did I just couldn't get buffed like they were and now here I was adding size by the day just from a serum MAN if I could get a hold of this stuff I could make a MINT.

The Doc came back with a little black notebook and a cloth tape measurer. He told me that he was going to have to take my measurements so he can keep a accurate record of my growth if any. I looked at him and said cool. He asked me to stand and strip to my briefs, as I undressed and was looking at myself I loved the way I looked with my new found size and was hoping that I would get much, MUCH bigger. He told me he was going to start with my neck and work his way down and that it would be necessary to take ALL my measurements I understood what he meant by that and we got started: NECK: 16.5", CHEST: 49", SHOULDERS: 25", BICEPS: 19", WAIST: 35", THIGHS: 28" CALVES: 20", PENIS: 8"x5", Hmmmm, I heard the Doc say, What?, Oh nothing just thinking how normal you are besides the fact that you are almost twice the size you were when we first brought you here. All I could do was smile as I looked in the full-length mirror on the back of the closet door at my thick muscular form. Still no real cuts or vascularity showing but I was noticeably much more muscular than I was and my waist was much smaller than it was. I'll let you rest and get comfortable. Make yourself at home at the end of the 36 hours I'll have the orderly come get you for the first test, with that he gathered up the notebook tape measurer and tape mini tape recorder and left. •

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