Spill, The


By Marc Stewart

Hi, my name is Marc the story I'm about to tell you is one of bad luck and strange occurrences. If it's true or not that is for you to decide all I can do is tell you what happened to me as best as I can remember it.

I work at UPS as what they call a Loader, that's a person who well loads the big trailers you see with the packages for shipment to other parts of the country, not the brown trucks but tracker trailers. Well this particular night I was doing my work as usual loading my particular trailers. I handle the Arizona, Iowa/Nebraska load and we get all types of packages there.

We ship all kinds of stuff in these types of trailers, every thing from Christmas wreaths to non-explosive hazardous materials, which brings me to my story and this one strange package that soon broke open and spilled all over me getting everywhere. My hair, in my mouth my legs dick I was covered in this thick bluish green goo that tasted something like a over sweet Nyquil, cuts on my arms and body from the glass that fell from the packages as it rode along the 15 foot high conveyer belt.

I passed out from the loss of blood, when I wake up it's dark and clear that I am in some kind of treatment facility if it was a hospital I don't know I can only assume that it is. I tried to get up and look out the nearby window but notice I am strapped to the bed, I start screaming for the nurse to come and release me but what came thru the door was not a female and can only be described as a what, the form was totally deformed but from what I could make out thru the shadows of the dark room was it didn't look to be in any pain from it but as it came closer my eyes widened in shock. It was a guy that had the most muscular man I had ever seen in my life Dorian Yates couldn't hold a candle to this guy. As he came closer from across the huge room it was obvious to me at that time this was no ordinary bodybuilder he was monstrous so much so his clothes were screaming from trying to hold all that muscle in check and his jeans looked as if they were painted on you could see so much definition in his powerful thighs as he walked across the floor to my bedside and down his left leg was a obscenely large bulge that reached half way down his powerful leg.

"Where am I," I asked this awesome display of maleness and in a deep resounding baritone voice that instantly excited me told me I was in one of the specimen room at Biotech Laboratories. What kind of specimen room is this with a telephone, 47' wide screen TV and DVD this is no specimen room that I have ever seen. He just stood there and laughed and said that normally that the subjects are usually willing and don't need to be strapped down and that I was strapped down because I was a total accident and they weren't sure how I was going to react once the Serum started to have it effect on me. That's when it all started coming back to me and I asked if he was referring to the bluish green goo that spilled on me at work. Yes he said and that it should have never been sent by regular delivery in the first place and that the head of the person in charge of the department that developed it was going to be here in the morning to tell me what it was that I was exposed to.

I had many questions for him but I could clearly see on his face that he was in no mood to answer them or he didn't have the answers and he picked up a syringe from the nightstand on the side of the bed and injected me with it. The room started to spin and everything started getting fuzzy and I passed back out.

I was woke up by mumbling and short comments that morning and as my eyes focused on the area of the room where it was coming from I saw the hugely muscled guy and some little nerd in lab coat arguing over something that clearly had the guy in the lab coat clearly upset. I cleared my throat to get their attention that I was awake. The guy in the coat looked over at me and had a very relieved look on his face and for a moment turned back to the other and shoving him as best he could out of the room saying "Your lucky, DAMNED LUCKY!" He walked over to my bed were strapped to and asked if I was a good boy and not hurt him he would take the straps off. I noticed that they seemed a bit tighter than they did the night before and I just guessed that the big guy tightened them a little to make sure I was not going to get loose.

I guess by the puzzled look on my face he could see I had no clue by what he meant. "O-Kay" he said, "I guess I should start from the beginning" and set out to fill me in on what happened to me as he started to take off the straps.

Where to start, Ummm… I guess I should ask you what day it is first, so I told him the 30th and he looked at me and then asked me what month, it's Sept and his eyes got kind of wind when I said that and he stopped taking a loose the straps in fact he put the one back on that he had taken off my right leg. It felt weird though heavy, thicker I lifted my head to see what was wrong but the most I could see was my foot and even that looked different from when I got dressed for work last night. He walked over to a chair in the corner and pulled it over to the side of the bed and sat down and said well the date is right but the month is wrong, it's the 2nd of December and you were here for the past 7 weeks and in a coma for that time. I lay there in shock as he told me what had happened and that for the first week I was in the ICU ward at Secaucus General Hospital because I had lost so much blood from the cuts I got from the chattered glass and that the goo was a serum they were developing to cure HIV and was being sent to there sister lab in Arizona and that it was suppose to have been sent by special currier and not thru UPS and that's the reason why he was yelling at the big it, It was his job to ship it to there other lab where they can do better testes on the serum before they started the next level of tests with selected people.

I lay there in horror at the though of now that I may be infected with HIV and all because of some jackass trying to pocket the thousand dollar currier fee. The doctor as I started to call him assured me that, that wasn't the case and in face that they were taking a different approach than normal. He told me they had been working on trying to beef up the immune system so that the body would be strong enough to fit off the virus itself and this serum was the first step in that direction. While he told me what happened I started to remember bits and pieces of what happened to me and started looking around and asked him how did I get here? He told me that one of the nurses on the night shift at the hospital worked at the lab part time and as soon as she saw my chart called him with what had happened and that he posed as my personal doctor so he could move me to the lab and keep this on the QT. I asked him if that meant I would disappear and never be heard from again, an if that was the reason I was strapped to the bed. He giggled and said no that was for you own safety we don't know what the side effects will be to a normal dose of the serum let alone how much you got. I asked him what was a normal dose and he looked at me and said that they had figured it to be 3cc's I gave him a look of "YEAH AND" and he said well lets just say half a teaspoon my eyes widened as I got worried because I remember being covered in the stuff and swallowing buckets let alone what might of gotten into my blood stream from my open cuts from the broken glass. He stood up and said "Now you see why we brought you here and why you were strapped down but you seem to be ok out side of being able to heal yourself at an alarming rate. That's what the Serum is suppose to do but we need to run tests on you to make sure your not going to go crazy or who knows what with so much of it in you.

He got up and started to take off the straps off again and he also noticed that they seem to be a bit tight and I asked why did that big gorilla make them so tight and he looked at me kind of funny and just said when I'm done you can see why they were so tight. When he took the last strap off I got up and went to the full-length mirror on the wall next to the bathroom and was shocked beyond all belief, the straps weren't made tighter as much as they had just gotten too small. I turned and looked at him and asked "another side effect?" all he could do was shrug his shoulders and quickly called a co- worker to come to my room and look at me. What I saw in the mirror was my dream, my wildest fantasy come true. I had gone from a averagely built guy 6'1" tall, 240lb, with a 45"chest, 16 ˝" Biceps and the standard all day Saturday watching sports and eating snack food gut to a lean buffed well muscled guy with the most off the chain 6-pak I only dreamed of having.

When his co-worker got to the room he stopped dead in his tracks and looked at me with his mouth hanging to the floor. This can't be the man we brought in a month ago is it, what happened? Doc looked at him and just said , "If I had a clue I wouldn't of called you", then dock asked me if I would please stay so they can run further tests on me to make sure that this wasn't going to kill me and I wouldn't case any premature media coverage before they can help me and perfect the serum. I agreed. •

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