Not So Average Day, A

By Conjag2

Jason was an average freshman at an average community college. He was not the best looking guy or in the best shape. He worked out some and tried to eat right but, the college lifestyle of having eating on the run and drinking too much beer had taken its toll on his body. He was thin and a little pudgy. He wasn't even lucky enough to be a tall at 5'6''. The schools athlete's worked out at the same local gym as did Jason. He never really thought much about being gay. He was pretty much asexual. He noticed that watching the guys at the gym really turned him on. He would go home at night and beat off thinking of the jocks and would always climax thinking of Tommy. Tommy was on the basketball team. He was not so tall only 6'. He had a lean toned body and an extremely cocky attitude. Jason never understood why he would be turned on by such a jerk. Once in the shower Tommy noticed Jason checking him out. He just smiled at Jason and said "you want this big dick faggot and grabbed his cock with both hands and shook it in Jason's direction. Jason quickly retreated. He was so embarrassed that he quit going to the gym when he knew Tommy was going to be there. Several months went by before Jason saw Tommy again. Just his luck they were in English two together. He stilled dreamed of Tommy but, his fantasies had changed. Instead of wanting to succumb to Tommy, he wanted to be the one in control. Tommy would always give Jason those "I know what you did last summer looks" that would further his embarrassment.

One night while surfing the web, Jason came across a site that had stories about men drinking potions or popping pills and growing the bodies they wanted and getting the men they wanted. Jason read the stories with disdain at the absurdity of the situations. Men growing into muscle beast and dominating their former bullies. That night Jason had the most erotic dream of his life. He dreamt that he, by sheer will had grown into a beautiful muscular 7' man and was more than Tommy could resist. He fucked Tommy with his now huge member. Forcing the 12 or 13 inches into Tommy's tight ass. He notice that Tommy's ass was tightening around his dick and realized that he was shrinking Tommy. Tommy lost musculature and became a pathetic little wimp. Jason woke up to wet sheets and a raging hard on, although 8 inches short of the monster cock he had in his dreams.

He laughed off the dream but, everytime he saw Tommy after that he was reminded of the dream and couldn't help but to get a boner. He wanted the dream to be true and became obsessed with it.

A couple of years went by and Jason forgot his dream. He did not see Tommy that much and the novelty of the dream had worn off. He had been working out and had made improvements. He was not quite the stud that Tommy had always been but, he was doing OK. He began exploring his sexuality. He went out and made a few friends. On a vacation to New Orleans, Jason ventured into the French Quarter. Anyone that has been to the quarter would understand his virgin experience. He was offered drugs only fifteen minutes after going into the club and most of the night was a blur to him. A guy asked him to dance and later to go home with him. The guy was a couple of inches shorter than him but, well bit and cute. Jason invited him to his hotel room. They didn't talk much on the way. Back in the room the guy was good to go, he quickly undressed himself and Jason. Standing nude Jason was looking the guy eye to eye but, thought it must have been his shoes. They kissed, it was electric, Jason felt like he had never been kissed so deep. He worked his way down the guys tight stomach to was a suprisingly nice cock, a nice 7". He sucked the stud for all he was worth. With each responsive convulsion of the studs cock, it felt a little bigger. Jason realized that it was getting harder to suck and that he was having to straighten his back to reach the guys member. He opened his eyes and looked up to the stud.

The studs cute little face had an expression of sheer ecstasy on it. Jason fell back and stared in shock. The stud was in fact getting bigger. Jason stood up and was now a full foot shorter than the stud. His shoulders were expanding, his arms bulging out. Every muscle in the guys body was swelling, his abs were now an awesome 6 no 8 pack and growing and tightening. His arms were so huge and pumped that Jason couldn't even guess how big they were. His legs looked like tree trunks and his ass like a mountain of muscle. His once 7" cock was now a monster 14". The stud looked down at him. "what's the matter little man." Jason stood silent. "I think you better get back to work." Jason didn't think twice, he was back on the guys massive cock in no time. Working it as best he could managing only to get the head and a couple of inches in. The monster started to grunt and push the back of Jason's head forcing him to take more of the mammoth cock. With a final thrust he came, shooting what felt like gallons of cum down Jason's throat. It was too much Jason's throbbing cock shot a thick wad. The muscle monster smiled down at Jason, "you like that big cock little guy?"

Jason was too exhausted to answer. The stud picked Jason up with one hand and brought their mouths together, kissing him again as deeper than before. "I have given you a gift little man. By drinking my cum you have the power to not only alter your form but those around you." he continued, "Be careful with your gift. You can give it the same way that I have." With that he laid Jason on his bed. Jason passed out.

The next morning Jason woke up with a terrible hang-over. He dismissed the night's fuck as a fantasy brought on by his horniness and the cute little drugs he had taken. He flew home and back to his average life.

A few days later he was back at the gym. With his new schedule he was going pretty late at night. He usually was the last guy out. When he got there the parking lot was pretty empty except for a few muscle heads talking about the bitches they had fucked that weekend. He showed his card to the girl behind the counter and went straight to the weights. The gym was completely empty. He liked working out without eye candy to distract him. He had a great workout and went back to hit the shower and change. While showering someone came in and yelled out "we're closing now but, take your time I'll be a little longer". "OK" Jason responded. He was in no rush, not five minutes later the guy was back. "hey dude, I said take your time not all night," the voice was approaching. "could you hurry it up, I do I have plans." The voice was right behind him now. Jason turned around to see Tommy standing there with his gym logo tee-shirt on. Apparently he was now working there. Feeling flush with excitement and embarrassment he replied "sorry I'll be only a few minutes, can't the girl let me out." "No she has already left", His faced began to change, "do you usually get hard for guys or just me he asked." Jason hadn't even noticed but he was hard. "dude what's wrong with you?" Tommy asked "you don't have to flex those little muscles for me.............."

Tommy's face went white. Jason was confused. He wasn't flexing and Tommy was looking at him like their was an ax murderer behind him. It finally sank in when he started to look down at Tommy. He looked at his body and to his disbelief he had grown not only taller but, his muscle looked like those of a pro bodybuilder. He concentrated and suddenly his growth spurted he was now 7' tall and built like a tank. His dick was now bulging out to 13.5 inches. "you want this big dick faggot?" Jason asked as he pulled Tommy to him. Tommy began to suck him off with reckless abandon. Jason concentrated on Tommy's body. His tee-shirt that once was tight across his built chest was hanging loss. He was no longer on his knees but ,standing and bending down to suck Jason's dick. Jason began to shake and sent a massive load down Tommy's throat.

Tommy looked up at the muscle beast before him and stared with amazement. "like what you see stud?" Jason Asked , "but I guess you are not much of a stud anymore." Tommy realized his now diminished size. "Oh my god what did you do to me, please put me back to normal." Jason looked down at him " I don't know, maybe you should learn how it feels to be a small guy for awhile. Maybe then you will realize the hell you put me through." Tommy looked sick, " Oh god I never realized, I am so sorry." Jason was not a truly evil person and felt he had gotten his revenge. "OK but, I hope you have learned your lesson. With that Tommy began to fill in his clothes. His shirt stretched back to its taut former state. Just to make sure Tommy would forget his lesson he stopped his height an inch short of his former 6'. Though Jason had stopped concentrating on Tommy's growth he continued to grow. Jason remembered the warning, fuck, I won't be the only one having fun in this town I guess, Jason thought. Tommy's shirt pulled up and started to expose his stomach. His abs were developing into thick cords of muscle. His arms and chest were stretching the fabric of his shirt to the max. His shorts were inching up his legs exposing massive thighs of ripped muscle. "This is awesome, I feel so alive, keep it up." He didn't realize that Jason was not doing anything. His chest busted free of the shirt, the striation of his muscles was insane and his nipple looked like silver dollars. His arms were the size of most bodybuilders legs. His shorts, which now looked like a bikini, started to rip up the seam. The waist was not any tighter but, they could no longer hold his thighs or his massive member. He was not quite as tall as Jason yet but he definitely was bigger. His shorts ripped and his cock flopped out, completely soft it was as big as Jason's. He passed Jason in height and stopped growing at 7'4". He was much bigger in everyway. "I am a god. Thank you, errr what is your name?" "I am Jason" "Thank you, thank you, thank you." He began to kiss Jason's neck. "I am so sorry for embarrassing you." He continued " I never meant to, in fact I always thought you were kind of cute. I was never sure you were gay and was harassing you, I am sorry." "Well this is an interesting turn of events. You only have yourself to thank, by drinking my cum you now have the power to alter other people as well as yourself."

Jason and Tommy reduced themselves back to semi-normal states and now live happily together fulfilling each others fantasies every night. Maybe one day the will share their powers with another? •

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