The Incredible, Amazing, Super, Colossal Man!

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By Johnny M


Despite his remarkable body, his flawless face, and his charming smile, Derek was not always the nicest person to be around. He tended to be cocky and arrogant, and he was quick to point out his co-worker's mistakes. He was fond of flirting with people as well, and usually if he feigned interest in whoever he was talking to, his faults were easily overlooked.

One victim of Derek's attitudes was Aaron. Aaron was an insurance coordinator. He wasn't openly gay, but it wasn't much of a secret around the office. He spent most of his break time with the women of the office, but he was usually quite shy and nervous, especially around Derek. At 5' 8" and 150 pounds, Aaron wasn't the pillar of masculinity that Derek was, although he was often described as "cute." Aaron spent many nights dreaming about Derek, about worshipping and caressing every inch of his hard gym body. He imagined himself sucking on those large, hard nipples and eagerly pressing his face in-between the two firm globes of Derek's butt before ministering to every inch of Derek's large, thick cock and huge balls.

Derek knew of Aaron's attraction to him and used it to his every advantage. Derek would always subtly flirt with Aaron, adjusting his package in front of him, or needlessly stretching to display his muscles. It drove Aaron crazy, and Derek knew it.

One day, Aaron had a problem with a file. His supervisor, Heather, was out for the day, and he needed an answer to it now. He really didn't want to tell the irate woman on the phone that he had to call her back tomorrow. He placed the woman on hold and threw his headset off. He held his head in his hands and inhaled and exhaled very deeply for a few moments. When he had regained his composure, he took the file and walked over to Derek's cubicle.

He heard Derek on the phone, and he waited at the edge of his cubicle until he finished. Even from the back, Aaron admired Derek's physical form. He loved the way his back flared up like a cobra from his waist, how when Derek stretched, his shoulders looked as if they would burst from his shirt. He didn't even really hear the words Derek said as he was on the phone he was so mesmerized by Derek himself. He was brought back to reality by the click of a phone meeting the receiver. Derek turned around, and Aaron had to force himself not to react too much at seeing the full face of his object of lust.

"What is it, Aaron?" Derek didn't try to hide the irritation in his voice. Derek's hand was tapping his desk nervously, just inches away from what looked like a coffee mug with hot water in it. Aaron followed the trail of steam up briefly to see a bottle of powder in the shelf above it.


"Oh, I'm sorry…uh…Derek," Aaron shifted nervously, his hands becoming sweaty. "I have a problem with this file. The client's on the phone and she's really upset and Heather's not here so I thought maybe I could ask you about it and see if you could…," Aaron's breath became slightly quicker as he looked Derek up and down, admiring how his suit seemed tighter than the week before, how the muscles seemed to strain underneath as if wrapped in cellophane, waiting for someone to tear it open and reveal the prize inside.

"Could what?" Derek's voice broke Aaron's imagination. Aaron swallowed hard.

"Maybe you could talk to her?" Aaron's voice betrayed his nervousness. Derek was quick to pick up on it, and his face quickly shifted from annoyed to interested. Derek sat back in his chair, spreading his legs a little farther. The hardened thighs opened slowly to reveal a seductive pouch in-between, inviting and almost hypnotic. Aaron's breathing grew harder.

"Sure. No problem." Aaron stood up, making sure he stretched his torso to subtly display his chest. Aaron swallowed again, and Derek could see a small bead of sweat travel down Aaron's face. He reached forward, gently taking the file from Aaron's hands while locking his eyes with the young man's. "Why don't you just go back to your cube and send her over to me. I'll take care of it, OK?" Derek's voice dropped to a gentler register, soothing and seductive.

"O….K…" Aaron was breathless, mesmerized by the most perfect man in creation, who was only inches away from him. Aaron slowly backed out of the cubicle and returned, walking stiffly and trying desperately to hide his erection. He sat back down at his cube and slowly put the headset back on.

"Hello, ma'am? Thank you for holding. I'm sending you over to Derek, he'll take care of you." He dialed Derek's extension and turned his phone off. He headed to the bathroom and hoped there was nobody else there.

* * * * *

Derek put a spoonful of the powder into his water and began stirring. Aaron was right: this woman WAS really upset. He used his most soothing phone voice to try to calm her down. Her problem was very involved, and Derek ended up looking up several different things, grabbing numerous things from his desk to help him out. He was so involved in helping the client, that he didn't notice when he knocked the can over, causing a small waterfall of powder to fall into his mug. He absent-mindedly stirred it as he talked to the woman.

Derek took occasional sips from the water. He noticed it wasn't very warm, but he drank anyway. He seemed a little sweeter than usual, but he thought nothing of it. He ended up spending a half an hour on the phone with the woman, and when he was done she seemed satisfied. He took one final sip of his drink after he hung up, glad to be rid of the client.

He sat back in his chair, rubbing his hands with his face. The neon light in his cubicle seemed brighter than usual, and the light made him dizzy. He reached forward and turned it off, his arm feeling stiff and sore, like he had just had a workout. It seemed like the sleeves of his shirt were tighter, too.

"Stupid people," he muttered under his breath. "Why do I have to deal with such stupid people all the fucking time?" His hand curled up into a fist and he brought it down on the desk to unleash his frustration. He was surprised when he heard a crack.

He opened his eyes and saw a large crack in his desk where his fist had landed. The wood had split from the force. Was his hand larger than before? He felt warm all over as he examined the damage he had done. Must be an old desk, he thought, poor workmanship, breaks easily. He stood up and suddenly felt very uncomfortable. His clothes felt tight, as if they'd shrunk in the wash or he'd accidentally bought them a size too small. His pants, which had been loose, hanging down past his ankles, were tight and he could see about two inches of socks. His crotch, especially, seemed like it had been shrink-wrapped into his slacks.

He ran his hand down his chest, surprised at how there were now gaps in-between the buttons of his shirt, the buttons valiantly trying to contain his torso within the shirt. He inhaled deeply, his chest expanding. His intake was accompanied by a pop as a button flew from his shirt, bouncing off the wall of his cubicle.

"What the…" he muttered, shocked at how his voice seemed to be an octave deeper. His clothes seemed to be getting tighter, restricting and confining. He noticed now how he could just barely see over his cubicle walls now. Had he grown taller? He inhaled again, and his breath was coupled with a loud ripping noise. He looked down to see his the shoulders of his shirt had split open, his shoulders breaking free to become larger and rounder. His shirt untucked itself from his pants and he heard another pop of a button as his chest expanded again. Another rip and the sides of his pants broke free, giving his thighs breathing room.

He surveyed his body, and he was shocked and amazed. He must've gained 50 pounds in the past few minutes. His thighs were thick and powerful like tree trunks, and they were growing together. His calves were developing into large diamonds. His chest was expanding with each breath, the cleavage of his pecs deepening by the second. His nipples were growing larger, swollen and desperate for attention. His arms were thickening and growing, his biceps looking like inflating footballs covered with thick veins. His back widened, becoming even more of a contrast to his already trim waist, and forcing his arms outward. His muscle butt was growing as well, becoming two large orbs, each the size of a man's head. And his cock. His cock was fighting to break free of his zipper, and he could see the shape of it…thick and powerful, the head swollen and ripe. His balls were growing as well, working with his thighs to force his cock out further. Another moment and the metal teeth ripped apart violently, allowing his cock the freedom it so desperately craved. His body felt pumped all over, warm and hard, like he had just spent a week at the gym.

Derek was so fascinated by the changes in his body that he didn't notice that he had grown at least another foot in height. His head cleared the cubicle walls, and people began to notice. A small wave of hushed conversation began as heads began to turn to watch.

"What the hell…" Derek turned his head in the direction of the voice, able to see Bill's shocked expression over the cubicle. He placed his large hand on one of the walls, and it fell over easily, crashing into the floor. Derek examined his own hand, amazed by his own strength. He smiled and pushed over another wall, this one crashing down with a loud thud, sending papers flying. Now his entire body was on display, his growing, muscular form draped by shredded cotton from the remnants of the clothing that had tried in vain to stop his body from expanding. He thought he heard a coffee mug crash and shatter on the floor. He began to walk out, his large bare feet, freed from his shoes, making the floor shake with every step.

Aaron came out of the bathroom. He hated jerking off in there, but sometimes he couldn't help it…and the way Derek spread his thighs like that! He adjusted his tie and was getting ready to go back when he heard the crash of a coffee mug and felt the floor vibrating. He turned to his left and saw Derek…or at least he thought it was Derek…coming toward him. The man coming toward him was both god and monster at once, his massive muscles bulging beneath his skin, each one fighting for attention as he walked. He must have been eight feet tall, as well. And that cock…it looked as if it was as big as Aaron's arm! The Derek-faced being was now just feet away from Aaron. The young man looked up, into a pair of massive pecs. He could barely make out Derek's face above them. He thought he saw Derek grin as he grabbed Aaron's shoulders and threw him roughly against the wall. Aaron's whole body felt pain as he hit the wall, the force of the blow cracking the plaster and dry wall, sending flakes of it crumbling to the ground. Aaron watched as Derek walked out of the office, his massive muscle ass flexing with every step, his thick heavy feet pounding on the floor.

Then, Aaron passed out. •

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