The Incredible, Amazing, Super, Colossal Man!

How It Began


By Johnny M


Every office has an office hunk, and at the Townopolis Insurance Firm, it was Derek, the office manager. At 6' 1" and 210 pounds, Derek was a masculine and virile specimen. His toned and athletic body was complimented by a body wrapped in smooth, tanned skin. His face was a classic example of masculine beauty, his smile a blinding row of white teeth. A pair of deep blue eyes and a head of golden hair topped this gorgeous example of manhood.

Every woman in the office had her eyes on Derek. Even in his suit, his physical attributes were difficult to hide. His muscular butt always seemed to fill out the seat of his pants, accentuating it in an erotic, almost obscene way. His firm, large pecs would strain against his shirt, the nipples desperately trying to break free of their cotton restraints. His large endowment was difficult to hide as well, and he could often be seen readjusting himself when he thought nobody was looking.

What the office didn't know was that not all of Derek's muscles were due to hard work and long hours spent in the gym. While it was true that Derek spent a good portion of his free time working out, he always had a hard time making muscle gains. He seemed to build slowly, and he never seemed to grow as fast as he wanted. It began to frustrate him, and when he almost gave up was the day he was approached, six weeks ago…

* * * * *

While working out at the gym, Derek was approached by a large, powerful man. He had set his weights down, and when he looked up, he was face-to-face with a wall of muscle. The man stood at least six feet tall, and he must have weighed at least 250 pounds, all muscle. Derek was amazed, and when he surveyed the man up and down, he saw that the lycra pants he wore did nothing to hide his huge crotch.

"Wha…wha…who are you?" Derek had asked breathlessly.

"Someone who has a proposition for you," the man replied. He took Derek aside, to a private area of the lockers. He moved in close to Derek, and the closer the man approached, the quicker and shorter Derek's breath was, as if the man's huge muscles were absorbing his oxygen. He saw the man's face, a chiseled and handsome one topped with short brown hair, and Derek's eyes locked into his. The man was standing next to Derek now, their bodies mere centimeters apart. The man flexed his arm, his bicep swelling up like an obscene balloon underneath his skin. He reached for Derek's hand and delicately placed it on the giant bicep. Derek inhaled sharply, amazed at its smooth hardness. The man took Derek's other hand and placed it between his huge pecs. Again, Derek inhaled, sweat beginning to trickle down his face.

"You like?" the man asked.

"Ohhh…god…" Derek said. He felt a small wet spot begin to from in his jock.

"You have potential. I can help you meet it," the man said.

"How?" Derek said, his breathing slowly returning to normal as he became accustomed to this display of muscle. The man withdrew himself, causing Derek to exhale. He went to his bag, giving Derek a view of his gorgeous thighs and butt, wrapped seductively in his skin-tight shorts. He produced from his bag a small black can, unmarked except for a small bit of white text that Derek couldn't make out from his position. The man handed Derek the can, his hands trembling slightly as he accepted it.

"The directions are on the can there," the man said. "It's a highly experimental supplement, and you must make sure to follow the directions exactly. We don't know what would happen if you exceed the dosage."

"Why are you giving me this?" Derek asked, examining the directions, which told him to mix a tablespoon of the powder with hot water once per day.

"I saw you at the gym, and I thought you would be a perfect test subject."

"Test subject?"

"We're trying to make perfect men: handsome, muscular, and masculine. You've already got two out of three. You just need more mass."

"Who's we?"

"I can't tell you that. But if you take this powder for 3 months, I can guarantee you, you'll be as muscular as this." The man puffed out his chest, making the pecs mound up in an unearthly way.

"What about the side effects?" Derek asked, still suspicious.

"There are none, as far as we can tell. But we still don't know what would happen if you exceeded the dosage."

"I don't know…this sounds dangerous." Derek's mind told him to return the can, to grab his bag, and get out of the gym. It sounds too good to be true.

"Look at me," the man said, flexing his biceps again for Derek. "This is after 3 months of the powder…and the effects are permanent. And these aren't the only things that grow…" He guided Derek's hand to the huge mound between his legs. Derek was amazed. He'd never seen a package so huge!

"My god…" Derek swallowed and his breathing quickened.

"Will you do it?" The man reached out, laying his hand on Derek's neck.

"Yes!" Derek said, and in a heartbeat, he was on his knees and frantically pulling down the man's shorts to free his cock. The man's cock was already semi-hard, and the thickness of it was amazing. It was as beautiful and masculine as the rest of his body, and it didn't take Derek long to put it in his hungry mouth. The man groaned as Derek enthusiastically sucked and slurped on the massive organ. He stretched his mouth wider than he ever had in his life, his jaw beginning to ache. Derek didn't care, and his attention was diverted when he felt himself shoot into his jock, the hot cream coating the fabric. Derek groaned while still sucking, and soon the man came, filling Derek's mouth with the sweetest cum he had ever tasted. He swallowed as fast as he could so as not to miss a single drop, but he could not stop the man's lemon-sized balls from draining so fast. It poured out of his mouth and onto the locker room floor.

Derek sank back, his mouth leaking the man's thick, sweet cum. He breathed heavily as we wiped his face clean. The man placed his still dripping cock back into his shorts. He reached into his bag and handed Derek a card. It had a phone number on it and a name: Greg.

"Take the powder and my card, " Greg said. "If you have any side effects, call that number. Otherwise, call me when you're out of the powder. Remember, don't exceed the dosage. Happy growing." With that, Greg took his bag and left the room.

Still stunned, Derek sat on the floor for a few minutes, trying to analyze what had just happened. He'd never sucked a dick in his life before, but the man was so overpowering! He looked at the can, at the card, and his cotton shirt, stained with drying globs of Greg's cum. He put the can in his bag and left the gym, eager to try his first dosage. •

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