Ty's Power

Power Transferred


By Elliot Briggs

Excerpt from the interactive story "Ty's Power" from an interactive story site called cyoc.net.

When Frank Griffith awoke, he knew right away something was not quite right. His body felt very light, and for some reason he was so horny, his morning wood would not subside. When he pulled the covers back to begin relieve the tension in his calvins, he began to realize the difference. He thought at first that he was still dreaming and tried to rub the nightime fuzz out of his eyes, but he kept coming to the same sight. His body was not right, he looked down and saw a nice tone set of thighs, but they were much different from the thick beefy legs he was used to seeing, and his large calvin briefs fit much more loosely on him than they did the night before. These developments alone had Frank wide awake. "What the fuck?!" he said in a much different voice than he was used to. Frank sprang to his feet to see what was really going on. In front of the mirror over the dresser, Frank saw whole other guy staring back at him. Frank was 26, and a Seargent in the Army, but the reflextion staring back at him, couldn't be more than 17 or 18, high school age. Frank was 6'3" and at least 235 pounds of muscle, the twinkish relection in the mirror had to be about 5'9" 160 pounds toned. The reflextion was not at all unattractive, a very good looking young man, but still miles away from the muscular body Frank had prided so strongly, and used to build his career and intimidate his subordinate Privates and Corporals. He couldn't take his eyes off the mirror and the new reflexion that stared back. He couldn not believe it. He was in a state of shock. What happened to me? Where's my masculine gym body. Even with the realization of this sudden and unexplained transformation, Frank's new erection was still screaming for attention. Before he could rationally think about what had happened, he needed to take care of the wood. He pulled down his already loose calvins to expose a nice straight 7 inch hard on. As he continued to check out this new body he had been placed in, he blew one of the best loads he could ever remember, and it didn't take long. The change that had occured to him overnight had somehow also affected him eroticly, because the realization of the change had him so turned on. Frank had always been decidedly straight, went through women like he went through loaves of bread. He had a different girl each week, and was always a bit of a ladies man, but now he was so turned on at looking at a reflection of a man in the mirror. He was so turned on by looking at himself, it was weird.

With his primal urges taken care of, Frank decided it was time to deal with what had happened to him. Before he could even clean up his spunk, the phone rang... When he answered it, "Hello" the voice came out the phone, was much younger sounding than Frank had previously owned. On the line there was a short hesitant pause before the caller asked if Seargent Griffith was there. Frank also paused, not quite knowing what to say and then he sputtered out that Frank had stepped out for a few minutes, "Well", the caller said, "this is Seargent Schmidt, tell Griffith he is late for drill practice." Frank hastily hung up the phone. "Shit!" He saw his fatigues hanging on the barracks door knob with his name Griffith stitched on the front chest pocket, there was no way he was going to be able to convince anyone he was Frank Griffith in this body and had no idea what to do. Guess he would be skipping drill practice today. He opened the dresser and pulled out some of his civilian clothes. He figured they would still fit him, and they sort of did, but they hung very loose on him, the T-shirt he wore all the time to the gym and used to hug his body so tightly was now fitting much more loosely, and his jeans were now about 3 sizes to small both in the waist and inseam for this twinkish body he had inherited. With such a baggy fit, he looked like a high school skate punk, who just happened to be wearing Frank Griffiths clothes.

Frank needed to get out of the barracks and fast, that was first and foremost. As he left his room wearing his old clothes in his new body, Staff Seargent Ralph Pierce from across the hall saw him. "Hey Boy, where's Seargent Griffith, and who the hell are you?" Frank had no idea what to say, " Um.... uuuuhh... I think Frank is at drill practice", Frank muttered, " and, um... I am his younger brother Fred". "Fred huh," said Pierce, You better not be lieing to me boy, or I'll have both you and Frank's ass in a sling". Frank snaked past Pierce, who used to be one rank above him, but who now seemed much more above him in his new high school body. What a huge cock, Frank thought as he continued down the hall.

Before he could make it to the door and to his freedom from people who were supposed to know him, Frank heard Pierce grunt and gasp behind him. As Frank turned around, he saw Pierce grabbing his crotch. "Oh my God! Holy Shit....." Pierce looked like he was fighting with himself, no.. he was fighting a growing bulge in the crotch of his fatigues, and as Frank watched, this emmense bulge began to snake down the leg of Pierces fatigues and began to tear at the seams around his fly, then down the side of his leg. What finally broke free, put both men on the ground in shock. Pierces penis and ball sack had grown to inhuman proportions. What split open Pierces fatigue trousers like a shredding machine was what had to be an 80 pound cock, as thick around as a small beer keg, and extending to the length of his ankles, maybe three feet in length. His ball sack, was for the most part still encased in the remains of the seat of his trousers the size of a large beanbag chair, looking like a large growth had grown out of his asshole. Pierces ball sack was large enough to use as the beanback chair it so resembled. 'What a huge cock' indeed. And it was still flaccid. •

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