Ty's Power

Make up with Dustin, get back at Mark


By Ventrego

Excerpt from the interactive story "Ty's Power" from an interactive story site called cyoc.net.

Ty was lying in his bed pondering what had happened earlier when he heard a quiet knock on his door. Dustin came in, his hands behind his back. Expecting some sort of trick, Ty sat immediately upright and braced himself. "Um...little bro..." said Dustin, looking around like he wasn't sure he was supposed to be doing this. "I don't know what you did to me, but I've been thinking...Mark and June always treat my like I'm they're favorite, and you don't...you don't...well, I guess I don't make things better for you most of the time. So here." Dustin held out his Game Boy Color, a present he'd received for his 16th birthday. Ty had wanted one also, but his foster parents had insisted he'd have to "wait and see". After Ty took the proffered gift, Dustin noded solemnly and left the room. Ty turned the toy over and over in his hands, not quite believing it was real. He played with it for about an hour and realized he should thank Dustin. The noise floating up from downstairs meant that Mark and Judy were settled in front of the TV for the night. He walked along the hallway and stopped at the bathroom when he heard the shower running. He pushed the unlatched door open and walked in. Dustin was standing in the shower, hugging himself and rocking back and forth. As Ty approached, he heard quiet sobbing coming from behind the glass shower door. "Dustin?" he said. "Go away!" sobbed Dustin. "I just wanted to say thanks...what's the matter?" "Go away! I don't want you to see me like this! I look like a little kid!" Suddenly Ty felt bad. Dustin hadn't been nice to him, but he knew what it felt like being underdeveloped. He wished Dustin back to his 16-year-old self. Dustin almost fell over as his body shot back up to its six foot height. The hair under his arms and on his legs grew back quickly, his strengthening build returned, and his dick grew back to its larger size. "Holy...holy crap!" said Dustin, surveying his recently-regained form. He was recovering from his shock when he saw Ty quietly to leave. "Wait!" Dustin cried out, sliding open the shower door. Ty froze, wondering if he was going to get beaten up again. "How'd you do that?" Dustin said. Ty didn't move. "Ty, I know I've been mean to you, but I promise I'll stop. Come back over here. Please." Ty turned slowly and walked towards Dustin. "How the heck did you do that?" Dustin said. "I don't know," Ty said, "I just can." "Well...can you do it some more?" Dustin asked eagerly. Moments later Dustin was three inches taller and looked strong enough to play football. Hair was sprouting all over his body as well as his face, and his meat had grown to full adult size. His jaw dropped as he saw the new bulges his muscles made, as well as his substantial package. "This is great, Ty!" said Dustin. He seemed to be feeling his crotch, but he kept rubbing it too long to just be feeling for changes. "I gotta ask, Ty, what're you planning to do next? Are you getting back at Mark and Judy?" Ty shrugged. "I dunno." "Well, there's one more thing you can do. I've wanted to be a defensive tackle in football, and now I'm strong enough for it. The problem is, I have to be fat to be heavy enough, and Mark won't let me do it. He says he'll never have a fat kid, and he's been giving me grief about my baby fat for years." This admission stunned Ty; he'd assumed Mark fawned over Dustin like June did. "So if you want to get back at him, make me fat. Really fat." Ty hesitated, but Dustin's encouraging look gave him confidence. He wished mentally for Dustin to weigh three hundred pounds. Dustin watched in awe as his remnants of baby fat swelled. In seconds his abs had disappeared underneath a growing spare tire. His entire body beefed up, and soon he was a three hundred pound fatass sixteen-year old who could've passed for eighteen. He felt his new bulk, and started rubbing his crotch again without realizing it. "Thanks, Ty," said Dustin. "This is going to drive Mark nuts! Now get out of here, twerp!" Ty winced, but looked up to see Dustin smiling at him. Dustin reached over and ruffled Ty's hair before shutting the shower door. Ty went back to his bedroom, almost overcome by the changes overtaking his life. As lay back on his bed and drifted off to sleep, his head swam with half-formed plans for Sunday. •

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