Ty's Power

Mark's not the only fun in town


By jumpingbassflash

Excerpt from the interactive story "Ty's Power" from an interactive story site called cyoc.net.

Mark was trying to hold back his tears as he swept the area just outside of the trailer that used to be his office, he was so humiliated at the thought of himself as the new clean up guy. He was once a proud big strong site enginer and now thanks to Ty he was a skinny shorter nobody.

Mark was still fighting back tears when Brett Colhms came pulling up in to the parking lot, Brett was one of the newer guys that used to be under Marks manegement, but now thanks to Tys increadible mind control Bretts mind had been altered to beleive that since Marks strange and sudden loss of size and muscle due to something inexplicable concequence, he now out ranked Mark as far as the construction sites higher arkey went, and Marks mind had been altered to beleive this also. That in its self wasent a problem, it was the fact that as forman over Brett, Mark was a rageing asshole towards Brett, mostly because Brett was the new guy and Mark was both older and bigger in both height and weight than Brett was.

Brett was twenty two years old and in great shape, but he was not as seasoned as mark was and Mark was way better built than the younger guy, and out weighed him by thirty pounds easy. and didnt mind letting the young upstart know it either, Mark was a tyrant towards most of the crew under him, as far as they were concerned Mark was an asshole.

And now thanks to Ty things had changed dramatically, Mark was now the smallest guy there and about to become the brunt of just revenge, thanks to Tys changes in the once formadable stud, Mark was now a has been in the eyes of his old crew, someone for them to boss around now. Ty had worked it out so that the whole crew beleived that Mark had contracted some weird ailment that left him both weaker and shorter but still perfectly healthy for his present size, just deserves, was the general feeling of the once tormanted crew.

Brett walked up to Mark and staired down at him, "Whats up runt boy! Tom found ya some work I see." Brett said laughing, "Man look at you man! Your pathetic! I guess theres a god after all aye!!" Brett said and pushed Mark back as he walked by him, Mark almost started to cry but he held it back. That was just what this punk wanted him to do, and Mark wasent about to make his day no matter how much things had changed, and things had defenetly changed, now this young upstart out weighed Mark by at leist sixty aht pounds and was three inches taller than him easy, Mark was no match for him now.

Mark managed to not be pushed down by falling against the wall of the trailer. And Brett didnt even look back to see if he fell. Mark just hung his head down and sniffeled his nose was runny and his eyes were wet with near tears, but he refused to cry. Mark was determind to gain at leist some of his lost weight back and when he did this guy would pay for it, he thought as he gathered his composiour and went back to sweeping with thoughts of vengence in his now less confident mind.

Ty had stripped Mark of both his stature and his pride, he was now a pathetic defencless 98Lb weakling compared to his old well exorsized and musculare 198Lbs, Marks full pouty lower lip quivered as he fought back tears of shame at his present helplessness.

Tom came out of the trailer with Brett close behind him, "Hey Mark!" Tom said loud enough to get Marks attention. "I want you to go with Brett here and do as he says! Got it!" Tom said and laughed and shook his head. Brett smiled and lifted his hand up and again he as Tom had done just used his up turned index finger in a come with me gesture, Marks heart sank he was now being treated as just a leeser employee and an underling to this young punk as Mark used to think about him when he was the one incharge.

Mark didnt know what else to do but to follow this punk, Ty taken away Marks strong will to lead and replaced it with a weak followers mind, and he also placed a thought of the dire need to do whatever was needed to be done to keep his job no matter how bad or degradeing it was. But deep in Marks mind he knew this was all wrong, but what could he do. Mark hung his head low and followed him.

Ty had managed to spilt from his school without being seen, he used his new found mental powers to do it and used them again to get a ride, Ty stoped a guy by concentrating on him and the young driver pulled over to the side of the road and let Ty get in. He was a handsome specimen of a man to say the leist, he was in his early twentys and well muscled, he was dressed in jeans and a tank top and there was a hard hat in the back seat along with a tool belt and a pair of safty goggles as well. He was wearing a backwards faceing baseball cap on his jet black hair, his face was handsome and with an angular stong jaw line and slightly dimpeled cheeks, and stuble from not shaveing the day befores growth off, he had a pair of sunglasses on so Ty didnt know what his eyes looked like. His body was well toned and his legs looked thick and well muscled in their tight jeans, he looked like he had a decent package as well from the size of the bulge that was promininent on his upper right hand side of his crotch, his arms were bare from his strong bulging shoulders to his powerful 18inch bicepts to his formidable almost Popey looking forarms to his stong big working guy hands.

Ty couldnt help but be impressed as well as jelouse about the way he looked. And thats when it hit him, Ty figured that he could do just about anything he wanted with his powerful mind, and it dawned on him. Why be jelouse of him why not the other way around, let this guy be my size and Ill take his size. Ty thought it should work he thought again as he got in the passenger side of the guys car.

Ty smiled at the guy, and the guy who didnt know why he even stoped in the first step just looked over at Ty wrinkles of confusion over his own actions formed on his strong forhead as he looked over at Ty, all Ty could see was the wrinkle of surprize on the guys sunglassed face.

Ty thought about how strong and impressive the guy looked even thogh Ty knew he was in his early twentys his well toned body and good looks gave him an air of confidence and subtile authority to him. Ty thought about that and decided an age transfer was also in need if he wanted to look as respected as this guy looked. But if he took his age then the guy couldnt drive him where he wanted to go, Ty didnt know how to drive a car yet, sure hed watched Dustin do it and Mark and June but he had no experience doing it himself. So Ty would need this guys driveing abilitys as well as his age if he was going to trade places why not take the guys time earned skills as well.

"Whats your name mister?" Ty asked calmly as they sat there on the road side. "AHH Mike, Mike Fareday!" The guy said as he reached up and took off his sunglasses and staired down at Ty with his clear blue eyes with a look of puzzlement on his handsome face. "UHM Im not quite sure why I, AHH stoped to pick you up kid?" Mike said in a deep baratone voice, he reached up and played with his thick mustash and shook his head in confusion as his hand moved to his forhead were he massaged the deep vertical confusion lines between his thick dark eye brows.

"Your going to give me a ride to my dads work Mike!" Ty said with a smile and began to concentrate on poor Mikes mind and started to extracked his driveing abilitys from him. Mike shook his head and looked forward as he rubed his forhead and closed his eyes tightly amsll wrinkles formed as his eye lids tightened under the strain of Ty draining his mind of his adult expeirences, and abilitys.

Ty was diabolical in his ways leiving the poor guy with enough of his memorys to know how old he was right now, but little else of the things the guy had learned from the fourth grade up would be left in a very short period of time at the rate Ty was draining his mind, the poor guy was rapidly becomeing a dumbass with a mind that was on the fourth grade level of intelegence, this would leave the guy both stupid and manipulative by the time TY finished with him.

Mikes expersion went from a look of intellegent curiosity to a look of confusion and then ultimatly a look of stupidity as his minds intellegence level sliped to below that of a sixth graders then a fifth graders and ultimatly that of a below average fourth graders mind set.

"Can you drive Mike?" Ty asked knowing the ultimate answer, "AHHH, UHHMM, Yea I I tink swo? AHH Nwo! I cwants!!" Mike said as he desperatly searched his emptyed mind for the skills required to drive his car. Ty laughed as he lisened to this still muscular guys deep baretone voice talking in near childlike refrences and speach patterns. Poor Mike was an imbusile now he couldnt evwen speel his name if he had to, Ty smiled and just watched as the look of stupidness changed to a look of helpless confusion and deep dispair as Mike relized he was now an idiot at best, his mind was left with the thought of once knowing all the stolen things and ultimataly the knolege that the skills were gone now. "What dwid dou dwo two mwe??" Mike asked in a deep frightened tone, "Ah well your basicaly a dumbass now Mike!" Ty said with a smile. Mike looked down at his body and staired with wide eyes at his still impressively built body, and then back at Ty,"WHHAT" Mike said as he tryed to think of what to do next, "Why why you do dis two mwe!" Mike said as threw his hands up to his head and knocked his cap off as he wiped his hands through his thick black hair and scratched his head in confusion and fear.

"I I CWANT DWIVE! I CWANT DWO ANY TING I WUSED TWO DOU!!Mike screamed as he desperatly tryed to remember things that were now erased from his mind and asorbed into Tys waiting brain, Ty would now need his size and some of his years as well to drive the car without fear of being pulled over as a under aged driver.

Ty watched as Mike fumbold for the door handle and fould it he quickly got out of the car and looked around in a state of dumb panic for anyone who could help him, there was no one he was alone and now terrified, his ultimate panic led to a rise in his addrenilin level and that led to his involentary loss of bladder control that often times follows complete and utter fear, Ty shook his head in discust, this wasent supposed to happen, Ty would need the big guys clothes after he stole his size, Ty looked at the guy guessed his height at about 6'3 and his weight an easy 220Lbs, and just began to concentrate on him as he relized he was pissing in his pants and grabbed frantically for his crotch to stop the flow, it was way to late for that though and the muscled mans pants darkened quickly with the liquid piss that steamed of the crotch of his still tight fitting jeans crotch in the cold air that was created by Tys powerful mind surrounded his body as Ty drained his body of both size and age.

Ty watched as Mikes tight fitting jeans grew looser on him and his powerful bicepts shrank in both size and streanth, Mike could fell his muscles getting smaller and he frantically grabed at his now looser tank tops bottom area, "OH GWOD NWO!!" Mike said as he began to grow both smaller in size and age, his thick mustash grew thinner as did his face as the stuble disapeared and his mustash turned into peach fuzz his now piss soaked and ultimatly heavyer and looser jeans began to crawl down his thinning thighs, as his bodys muscuclare dimentions dwindled from his frame his jeans left his waist and upper thighs and came to rest all pooled up around his now over sized and heavy work boots, Mike was trying to walk backwards away from the car and triped in his own jeans now confineing his thinning upper and lower legs movements traped in the still belted and buttoned jeans waist line, his legs that had just recently filled his jeans legs to capacity were dwindleing fast as was the thick dark covering of hair that was so prominent on them just moments before, as he youthened his thighs got smaller as well as his waist and his piss waited boxers followed his jeans to his thinning calf area, he still had sufficent height enough that his now way looser tank top did not cover his genitile region and Ty could see his pubic hairs and dick deminish in both size and amount till there was little of either to realy call there.

Mike was rapidly becoming younger as well as smaller and positivly skinny, it seemed Ty wanted to make more than an equale swap of size with poor Mike, Mike on the other hand although greatly diminished in his mental capacity was still fully aware of both his loss of muscle and his loss,of to him only height, he had no real clue he was also getting younger as well, his mind was to diminished to comprehend this fact.

Ty had been busy getting undressed so he could asorb both Mikes age and strong body and still be comfortable and it was occureing as he undressed, Ty was near nakedness with only his now super tight fitting underwear as his only sheild against total nudity by the time the process was complete, poor Mike on the other hand was now not only skinny he was both young dumb and totally expossed with only part of his now way to big tank top covering his lower now adulecent abdominal regeion of his much frailer torso, his cock was now child size and childlike as were his facial features and body hair. Mike was a total mess.

Ty quickly ran out and helped the now 12 year old Mike to his feet and pulled off his tank top to cover his own now well built powerful pecs and six pack abbs hed stoolen from Mike, Mike looked so thin gone was the tight six pac and tight broad chest and shoulders that were his, his mighty legs were but small thin appendeges that looked to frail to even support his now greatly diminished frame, he was positivly bony, with a very visable rib cage and simarly exposed and vertabrea covered by a now skinny taughnt layer of epidermial skin. no muscles what so ever were visable on the once proud and intellegent stud.

Ty on the other hand was now the massive body builder he so enveid and he was so big and had taken so much that he had to shrink his own frame just to steel the now mind dryed clothes he had stolen from poor Mike. Mike was now as small in frame as his mind was in intellect and that made it easy for Ty to quickly put the small child like man in the car and proceed on to marks work with his now stolen ability to drive.

Ty got to Marks work just as the two men (Mark and Brett.) were walking towards were Brett was working , Ty looked so diffrent dressed in mikes now form fitting tank top and jeans that although dryed by his powers still reaked of Mikes own urine, Ty sparyed himself down with some calone that Mike had appearently kept in his car to mask the smell and got out to go talk to the guy leading mark towards were ever they were going, Ty didnt have to fear being reconized anymore because he was now a twenty four year old muscle bound stud, he had taken some of poor Mikes looks as well leiving the once super fox in a 12 year olds body that had a nose to hate now and a weak chin to match his body.

Ty walked up to Brett and ask if the company was hirering, he got an imeadeiate responce and contributed it to his size and now very good looks, it seems a good looking person can get a job a hell of alot easyer than an average looking person can. And before to long Ty was useing his stolen skills to get the job from Tom and it worked, he was to start imedieatly, and he promply did.

Ty was going to have some real fun in this new and improved body of his, that is of coarse as soon as he drove his now adopted son Mike back to Mikes apartment, and put him to bed. Ty laughed as he got back into Mikes car and told Mike his plan, Mike didnt know what he was talking about due to his loss of intellegence but he did know Ty was crazy and that he had somehow stolen both his size and his brains. •

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