Ty's Power

The New Day


By jumpingbassflash

Excerpt from the interactive story "Ty's Power" from an interactive story site called cyoc.net.

Mark quickly got out of bed, and went to the full leanth mirror that sat against the wall of their bedrooms wall, Mark had bought it origanly for his still pretty wife to use when she was getting ready to go out for the evening, Mark used it for possing after he worked out on their Bow Flex weight lifting system. Mark was proud of the way he looked and worked out every day, and now what he saw stairing back at him made his stomach turn, he was skinny as hell and short. His once broard shoulders were now narrow and his almost definisionless arms were rail thin with only a hint of muscle where his once big 20 inch bicepts were,even in his reduced size his once proud cock looked tiny on him, and his once powerfuly musculare legs were no more than twigs now.

Marks eyes welled up with tears again as he looked at himself, June finally said something "Its just not fair Mark you worked so hard on your body and now Ty just striped you of your streanth and size its just not right!" She said in an angry tone. Mark looked over at her and hung his head he was ashamed about forcing the sex that they just had on her, she could see he was very depressed about his present size and began to get out of bed to console her now smaller than even her husband.

June could hear the car pulling into the driveway and knew that Ty and Dustin were back, she quickly went to the window and watched as the two got out of the car. June was shocked at what Dustin looked like though she could remember that he was turned into a very hunky stud by Ty when they left and aow he was both skinny and shorter again, and his whole crotch area of his small jeans was soaked he looked like he had pissed his pants or something, he was walking as fast as he could for the front door. June looked over at Mark and said hes done to Dustin again he looks like a runt and I Think he pissed his pants to! That bastard!!" June said refering to TY of coarse.

June didnt want to be fat again so she knew not to say anything to Ty about what hed done to Dustin, June passed Dustin as she was going down the stairs, he was trying to cover his crotch area with the shopping bag and had his head hung low his face was beet red probably due to how emberrised he was about her seeing him like he looked now.

Dustin was desperate again and all he could do was run for his bathroom as soon as he got to his room, he didnt want to piss his pants again but it was already to late and he was flooding his new jeans with piss before he even got to his bathroom. Dustin was furious about it as he frantically unbuttoned and unziped his jeans, a small trickle was all he had left to get rid of into the toilet and tears of frustrion rolled down his face as he stood there holding his still fair sized cock, but that didnt last long either as he pissed the last bit into the camode he felt his dick shrink back down to a kids sized dick and now he was a kid sized seventeen year old guy with a little kids dick again. Dustin though his fist in the air and let out a loud scream! June heard it and glared at Ty she was to afraid to say anything though. So Ty spoke first, "Its time for bed June tomarrows going to be a busy day!" Was all Ty said as he walked past her with a smile on his face.

They all went to bed early that nite and Ty concentrated hard on them and put them into a deep peaceful slumber. The next day was upon the sleeping three some in what seemed like no time, Dustin woke up first, He streached his thin gangly arms into the air and yanded, he thought this was all just a dream or at leist he had hoped it was, but alas it wasent and he reached down to scratch his nuts and play with his mourning wood he had quite a hard on.

But what he felt as he reached down wasent the big cock he was used to feeling and he was freaking out even fully erect it was no larger than three inches at best, that alone was enough to ruin his day as it was but much to his own dismay he had also wet his bed while he was sleeping his underwear and sheets were soaked, and his eyes again fill with tears of shame.

Ty had fixed it so he wouldnt be aware of his size change and he had even restored some of his lost muscles as well, but nothing as well toned or massive as he was, Dustins arms were still on the thin side but he did have some size to them, they werent rail thin like they were but he would defenetly not be the super stud jock he was that past friday. Dustin crawled out of his bed and looked down at his wet bed, Ty had removed the memorys of the last four days from all of their heads, but he had left the memorys of how Dustin and Mark looked before, Ty made them think they just lost alot of weight due to some freak event.

Ty made Dustin beleive he was still a bed wetter and he made it so that Dustin would be ashamed of the fact that he was one and blame it on his small bladder that never matured past its eight yearold size. He made him think it was a genetic defect that had also cost him his once conciderably bigger muscles as well, that way when he looked at all the pitchers of him as a super jock and all the trophys he had won over the past years, they would be just painful reminders of what he used to be.

Mark was given simalare memorys as well and also the weaker bladder to go with that of his sons and he to awoke to a pissed bed and also the shame that went with it, Mark would awaken with the full memory of his former well muscled body and remember that he and Dustin had caught some weird desiease that stole their former gloyious bodys from the once former studs. Mark would also rememember that he still had a job at the construction site, only it wasent his old job, he wasent in charge of a crew anymore. But that would be all he would remember about his work, Ty wanted him to go to work and find out what his new job would be.

Dustin also would remember that he was still on the football team only that he was no longer the quarterback anymore but he to would only find out what he did on the team when he got to school that day. Ty made sure that neither thought about their dilemas and that none of the family dweld on the changes that badly, Ty just wanted to see how they reacted to their new rolls at both work and school, it would be tricky to try to see both in their new rolls but Ty would try to see them both somehow. •

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